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Arsenal 1-0 Man City: By the Numbers

We paid HOW much for that?

Player Weekly Salary Annual Salary
Aguero £200,000.00 £10,400,000.00
Nasri £160,000.00 £8,320,000.00
Y.Toure £159,000.00 £8,268,000.00
Tevez £127,000.00 £6,604,000.00
Dzeko £103,000.00 £5,356,000.00
Balotelli £103,000.00 £5,356,000.00
Kompany £90,000.00 £4,680,000.00
Clichy £90,000.00 £4,680,000.00
Zabaleta £90,000.00 £4,680,000.00
Hart £90,000.00 £4,680,000.00
Kolarov £90,000.00 £4,680,000.00
Barry £87,000.00 £4,524,000.00
Kolarov £87,000.00 £4,524,000.00
Lescott £79,000.00 £4,108,000.00
Millner £60,000.00 £3,120,000.00
Total £1,615,000.00 £83,980,000.00

14633  – Pounds earned per day by Eden Dzeko²
1066 – Pounds earned by Eden Dzeko while watching Arsenal beat Manchester City
5.356 – Millions of Pounds Mario Balotelli is paid per year to play football
103,000 – Pounds Mario Balotelli earns per week to play football
0 – Key passes by Mario Balotelli
1 – Shots by Mario Balotelli
6 – Number of times Balotelli was dispossessed*
3 – Number of times Balotelli turned the ball over**
5 – Number of times Theo Walcott turned the ball over**
4 – Fouls Martin Atkinson called on Mario Balotelli
25,750 – Pounds Man City paid Balotelli per foul he committed
618,000 – Pounds Mario Balotelli will³ earn during the last 6 weeks of the season while he’s sitting out suspended for his two red cards earned today
6.6 – Millions of Pounds Carlos Tevez is paid per year to play football
127,000 – Pounds Carlos Tevez earns per week to play football
9 – Minutes of football Carlos Tevez played this week
14,111 – Pounds Man City paid per minute for Tevez to play football this week

Rosicky v. Nasri

7amkickoff Rosicky Nasri
Shots 2 0
On goal 0 0
Passes 52/67 27/32
Attacking 1/3 26/36 11/15
Forward 27/41 13/17
Key Passes 1 1
Dribbles 3/4 3/5
Tackles 2/2 0/0
Interceptions 1 1

Match Facts

440 – Completed passes by Arsenal
224 – Completed passes by Man City
153 – Completed passes by Arsenal in the attacking third
53 – Completed passes by Man City in the attacking third
5 – Shots on goal by Arsenal
6.3 – Shots on goal per game average by both Arsenal and Man City
– Shots on goal by Man City
78 – Matches (all competitions) since Man City last had zero shots on goal (Arsenal 0-0 Man City 5 January 2011)
21 – Tackles won by Arsenal
4 – Tackles won by Vermaelen and Zabaleta (of 4 tried each)*
3 – Tackles won by Sagna (of 3 tried)
2 – Tackles won by each of Koscielny and Rosicky (of 2 tried each)
1 – Tackles won by each of Gibbs and Santos (of 1 tried each)
13 –Perfect tackles by Arsenal
1 – Tackle by Benayoun in the box which was fucking brilliant
11 – Tackles won by Man City
14 – Clearances attempted by Arsenal (8 successful)
43 – Clearances attempted by Man City (21 successful)
12 – Aerial duels won by Arsenal
13 – Aerial duels won by Man City
100 – Percent chance that “Man City” would be a great name for a gay bar


*Leads all players
**Leads just his team

1. Source Futebal Finance
2. Leap year, 366 days
3. Do players earn their salary when they are suspended for being insane? Also, I may be wrong here but I think he automatically gets 1 match for the two-yellow card red, PLUS an extra match for the previous red card, plus three matches for the red card that he should have gotten for the foul on Song, PLUS an extra two matches for that being his third red card of the season. Seven match ban?

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Master Bates

1 – number of fans who managed to join the group hug goal celebration. Lucky Bastard

0 – number of trophies won by Na$ri at citeh

99.9% – chance that Na$ri will be loaned to sp*rs


Yeah, I noticed that lucky dude too, he must have had the time of his life with Arteta, Santos and his gays 😀

Master Bates

Santos is a really nice gay , I liked how shushed that scum Balloteli , no need to be a nice gay to him

Cygan's left testicle

Did anyone else watch the stream of the game, when Balloballbag finally got ( deservedly) red carded, A transparent caricature of him ghosted on the screen with him holiding up his tshire..it read, “why always me?? Because Im a F*$KING SCUM BAG!!” I’m 100% serious! Did any one catch it?? I taped the game and can show you if your interested!! It lasted on on the screen for a minute or two, it was oddly, a little freaky!


yeah i noticed it, but i was sooo hungover i couldn’t believe my eyes. odd moment for sure 😀


“0 – Shots on goal by Man City” What a bunch of mercenary piss-takers.

This has to help our chances of keeping RVP but I wish those oil guys would take their money the fuck out of football and get into something different like, I dunno, sand-sailing.


Wait just a minute here…I think Aguero’s header was, ahem, heading in if it wasn’t for Szczesny’s fingertip touch. Surely that counts as a shot on goal!?!?


Take another look, it was clearly going over the bar.

Midfield Corporal

I was going to say the same thing, but checking the replay it looks like it would clip the bar.

Master Bates

“I know. I know. I thought the same as you, that it would surely be counted as a shot. But it wasn’t.”

By who? the Stats Gods ? You should stats counting for yourself Tim


What were Arteta’s numbers? I think he had an amazing game even if you take out the goal.

Also, we averaged 62% possession last night. It seems to me that this year we generally don’t cross 60, even against weaker teams, and generally end up with 50-55% possession. Do you know what our season average possession is?

And IDK if it matters how many games Balotelli is suspended for, his City career is most likely over xD

Eric Irish gunner

Spot on arteta is a consistant player who gets on with it and to think if i heard right he took a pay decrease to join the gunners and showed the wanker na£ri how it’s done makes it even better, we played them of the park and with wilshire back next season and a bit of added class we should be going for the title, I’m back over for last home game norwich and can’t wait to celabrate harry twiching himself silent, Newcastle for fouth would make it even better UP THE GUNNERS


How many passes did he complete & attempt?


And at HT he had covered the most distance of any player, and he kept on running until FT, so did he end up completing the most distance?


“100 – Percent chance that “Man City” would be a great name for a gay bar”


Master Bates

oh! that’s Na$ri joined them ,I heard he is a lesbian

It is what it is

and the mother of all cunts….effin chinless dyke


Always LOVE this column.. But it’s funny when reading it I always read the facts and then if intrigued will check the number. I’m backwards:(


Yossi tackle – awesome
Man City – name of gay bar – hardes I have laughed in a long time


Na$ri will date with Reddnap 4 sure. A great c*nt 4 Sp*urs.


“78 – Matches (all competitions) since Man City last had zero shots on goal (Arsenal 0-0 Man City 5 January 2011)”

And how many matches before that since another team held City to 0 shots on goal? What I take from that is: Mancini is scared shitless of us. When Toure got injured, he replaced him with Pizarro. Don’t Barry and Milner pretty much make Pizarro redundant at that stage? It made them extremely narrow, I don’t remember them once attacking from the wings. But maybe that’s because the squad players who cover for Silva and Johnson are overpriced shit.


After this game it looks as if ALL Man Citeh players are shit!

So much for the “New Invincibles” eh? 😉


Question still stands – how many matches before that since another team held City to 0 shots on goal?


Seems you misunderstood my question. Prior to those 78 matches, when was the last time City was held to 0 shots on goal? As in, how many games has it been since a team other than the mighty Arsenal held City to no SOG?



That would be January 2007 — The old Joey Barton era at Man City.


Didn’t have time to count all the matches.


0 shots on goal. Amazing! Of all the money they have, they are still shite. We have outplayed them all day long.


Arteta goal was briliant I knw he wil b4 am so hapy that we celebrated the easter with with man city a our back yard



Rad Carrot

“Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?”

I’m trying to decypher what you mean, but I’ll just go with “Arteta’s goal was brilliant, and I’m happy with the win.”


@ Red Carrot: Many Gooners speak another language that is not English. Thanks for having the tact to correctly decipher what an excited Gooner is trying to say (0;


1 – Tackle by Benayoun in the box which was fucking brilliant

I fucking got so excited at that tackle. I love seeing Benny fly around the pitch like that.


3- number of times it took walcott to realise he couldn’t out-sprint clichy.
Not being negative or critical of theo but personally, it was so good to see clichy back at the grove. It felt even better after we won and theo gave him stick as they went down the tunnel


4 – Number of times I vomitted thinking we may have helped Man U to the title.


Would you rather help Man City to the title?


Catshit or dogshit, which tastes better?

Gotta say I prefer Man Utd winning though.

Midfield Corporal

Catshit………er apparently.


man city spent millions to get to the third place while arsenal can do the same if their wasn’t any injured players and we might have the title next season!!


What, though, you would honestly prefer a bunch of extremely boring FA cockmunching cunts that seem to have the ref’s help every time the going get’s tough for them and that absolutely embarrassed England at the CL(and EL haha), thus proving they’re a very overrated team when not shielded by the ref? I really really hope to god that Arsene really can gear up this team for a title push next season. Fuck Utd I can’t believe they’ve won the league four times in the last five seasons.

Runcorn Gooner

Hate Manure but have to respect
Hate Man shitty full stop
No style no history and a bunch of talentless mercenaries led by a man who is
obssesed about playing his love child.
Question. Why play for a team in blue when your favourite colour is red!?


Man City have been a club longer than Arsenal have. What do you mean “no history”?


no history as in they haven’t and won’t win anything important, and sucked absolute monster tits until they were bought by the sheihk

Stephen parish

Cant stand man u but they do things the right way compared to shitty or chelski. .i cant believe that ginger headed cunt is gonna win another medal….still I think he made all the difference.


I got my crystal ball out, and it told me we will catch man city and finish 2nd behind united, only for united to be found guilty of cheating, match fixing, paying off referees and penalized 20 points leaving us lifting the cup. Let’s hope, so excited about the tremendous performance and sung from Australia the loud chants that could be heard on the tv from the crowd. Great support from the home fans


100 – Percentage chance if I’m paid much more I’ll be fat, lazy, arrogant, chin-less and Dench (Hope my boss dont read By the numbers).


It would’ve been cruel and unfair for us to have come out of that game with anything other than a win. Arteta’s pure class…that shot was just sublime. Would’ve liked RvP to have driven one in and end his 3 match goal drought. Despite Vermaelen’s goodwill gesture to block out Robin’s header and another couple of shots on the framework, we were still able to win. Twas brilliant.

Oh and Balotelli’s freaking insane…and Nasri missed a great learning opportunity on the bench…


City fans are more passionate than Arsenal fans and I joined Citeh to win trolling. I bet the Poznan just showed how passionate Arsenal fans are, you thundercunt!!!


what about Arsenal’s player salary. I would love to see this comparison


I always love “by the numbers”!!


but aguero’s header and balotelli’s shot cleared by rvp r not counted shot on goal?


No, they count (somewhat bizarrely) as a block.

IIRC it’s not a shot on target unless its a goal or the GK saves.


or a clearance off the line


Incidentally, does the Van Persie header blocked by Vermaelen count as a shot on target?




It counts as 3 shots on goal

It is what it is

Third game in a row against shiteh, that we’ve made them look average at best. Overpaid underachievers.


Honestly, i don’t think they need our help to win the title. They refs have that covered. They are the barcelona of the EPL when it comes to decisions from mike fucking riley’s boys. That makes me hate the fact they are winning it (plus evra). But the alternative is worse THAT CUNT (plus bollocksteli).

Bob the Gunner

Lee Mason has just been added to the Man Utd starting XII.

Bob the Gunner

0 – expected points for the visiting teams to the Emirates.


Lol. Its honestly a tough one. I don’t know! *runs off crying*


I had a boner watching that tackle from yousi


3- number of times balotelli should hav seen a straight red
1- number of times balotelli should have seen red for two bookable offences.
Mario should have seen red 4 times. Wow


Fellow Gunners, You play the sweetest soccer! If the team was ever serious like yesterday, would’nt you have won the tittle??? yesterdays match was supposed to have ended 3-0. Anyway you guys are very great.


why dont u use “we” instead of “you guys”, you sounds like manure fans.


Naah … he can’t be a manure fan … too sensible and mild-mannered a post …. 😉


I think the Aguero/Zabaleta header looks like it’s heading wide. I can understand why it’s called a block though. Zabaleta header looks on target takes a nick off aguero and heading over till chezzer touches it. BUT WHO CARES?! We just owned the oil rich overrated Man $hitty.

p.s I think Balo”i am insane” telli need a freaking psychiatric review.


10 – The number of times I’ve rewatched Arteta’s goal this morning and still hit the roof!

The Emirates was absolutely incredible yesterday, I’m still on a high from it.


Na$ri looked very, very ordinary yesterday. Maybe Mancini doesn’t understand that he is not to be overplayed. Give him a full season on the bench to see him transformed into Messi.
Man City have more money than sense. Na$ri had one good spell lasting 2 months in his three years in the Premiership and when he left, his play was ordinary again. Other than Kompany, Lescott, Hart, and Aguero, the squad is very ordinary.


4- number of arsenal players currently at citeh;kolo toure, adebayor, clichy n na$ri. 2- number of arsenal players that mancini played against arsenal. 1- number of goals man city conceeded at emirates. 0- number of shots mancity have at goal at emirates. 37- number of yrs mancity have not won a match at emirates(since 1975). In arsene we trust; we dont need na$ri, we’ve got arteta.


The Emirates wasn’t even sponsoring club kits in 1975.


Fly Emirates, not the UAE


Kickoff, it’s a brilliant joke, but I think that “Man City” isn’t the best name for a gay bar. If you’re the owner of a gay bar, you don’t want your name being associated with not being able to score.

The Law

Fucking brilliant!

Robin Van...wait for it...DARY..wait that's not right..

Bahahaha I see what you did there….


Best laugh I head in years after the brilliant line with Man City would be a great gay bar name,you just nailed it!Bravo!


* had obviously


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[…] Match report – Video – By the numbers […]


15 – names of Arsenal players who took to the field plus AW jot down by the Sheikh as his summer dream to overhaul the City squad plus manager

0 – chance of that happening


455 – mcfc fans leaving in the 87 minute
11- fan still watching in the stands when balotelli got red carded
1-MCFC supporter at the end of the game,crying (parents forgot him)


1- We’ve only got one song


The 1-0 scoreline really flatters Man City. If all the nailed on chances in the game were scored, and we’d been awarded the stonewall penalty in the first half and converted that too, then the score would have been 6-0. Possibly 6-1 if Aguero’s header had gone in. That’s how dominant Arsenal were in that game.


Breaking: Nasri filling up his coffin with the hard earned cash. The same coffin turns out to be slightly small for a trophy any side up.

The invincible arse
Handbrake Off!

‘why dont u use “we” instead of “you guys”, you sounds like manure fans.’

Or use “you gays” like the rest of us gooners.

Great Win Gays


1 – smug cunt i feel this morning. . . . .don’t you?


Small error: while Man City is profligate in its spending on transfer fees and wages, I don’t think Kolarov is taking home two pay-cheques (listed as receiving both £87,000 and £90,000 per week).


speaking of salary, why dont they pay yaya 160k , why 159k?
by the way, think we won cause of me , called the arteta goal right after the van persie miss.
was even specific its gonna be a screamer.
welcome gents..

seriously …why 159k…


2 inches – size James Milner’s penis feels when he sees the salary list above. . .


One minor point – Kolarov is in that salary list twice


Please Gooners, will you welcome me back? I promise to be cleaning RVP booths and his house everyday

Midfield Corporal

Kickoff, how about a stat relating to the number of our players who are subjected to unacceptable levels of abuse by idiot keyboard warrior ‘fans’ who don’t understand shit about loss of form or learning the game. I’m ashamed of some of our fans when I read the nonsense they spout about Ramsey at the moment. Before him it was Theo, then Rosicky was also written off, but none of these so called experts ever acknowledge their mistakes/ignorance. For fucks sake the boy had his foot separated from his leg and has come back to play more football than he… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

Rant done!


don’t see how stats will help here, but I totally agree. would have loved to see ramsey hammer it into the top corner, but the game was over anyway….not so much for vermayoun’s double-sitter not converted…

Midfield Corporal

True, I guess some people always want someone to blame, a physchiatrist would probably put it down to penis envy.


These people should just ask themselves “Are they working at the top level of their chosen field? And are they amazing at their job 100% of the time?”

If the answer is “no” to one or both, then maybe they should consider STFU.


I don’t see the problem with people discussing the perceived merits and deficiencies of the team, do you? If I go to the pub with some fellow Gooners and we discuss Ramsey and I say he’s been fairly average this season, it turns into a discussion rather than a litany of invectives. I don’t see why anybody here should be alarmed by so-called “keyboard warriors.” We’re all keyboard warriors here. Like a pub, we gather here and in other online areas to discuss our team, and most of us can distinguish between a stadium and an online discussion in terms… Read more »


The game was priceless! There’s something so satisfying about a 1-0 to the Arsenal win over that scum. I would’ve been happy to thrash them 7-0 don’t get me wrong, but the only “by the numbers” that truly matter in the end are 1-0. Priceless images from yesterday: Joe Hart staring at the City bench asking WTF was Balotelli still doing on the pitch when he finally got his loooooooooooong deserved red card. Santos shooshing Balotelli Arteta’s screamer & the 1 fan who made it past security to celebrate with the Gunners The look on Ramsey’s face when he missed… Read more »


0 – Na$ri’s FIFA Ballon d’Or so far
0 – Na$ri’s FIFA Ballon d’Or in the future


Na$ri didn’t even play yesterday.Did she??


Did anyone see the fan that threw something on the pitch (I was to high up to see) and then he got thrown out of the stadium. YES he was a Man Shity fan.

Eric Irish gunner

94- the amount of minutes city got destroyed, the wankers will proberly try to buy half our team next season,great blog also


we can chop off Squllachi’s chin and offer him to the for 20m

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