Friday, March 1, 2024

Wenger: victory prevented ‘crisis’

Arsene Wenger says yesterday’s 1-0 win over Man City, during which $amir Na$ri did football’s most uncanny impression of the invisible man, has prevented any talk of crisis at Arsenal.

Despite winning seven in a row before the defeat by QPR, the loss at Loftus Road was like picking at an old scab and finding some bloody, oozy bits underneath. Arsenal had to react, and did, something the boss is happy about.

“This was a very big result and we have to have another one on Wednesday against Wolves. You know how easy it is to have a crisis at a big club. If you lose you have to win again straight away and that is why I am so happy we did that.

“We have 61 points now with six games to go so overall I still think we can make a decent total. Let’s really go for that.”

And after such an impressive victory, it was put to Wenger that it might have felt like some kind of revenge as the Manchester side have shopped so frequently from us in recent seasons.

“”You can take that both ways,” he said with a smile. “Maybe they’ll now want some others.”

Maybe they will, but they can want in one hand and shit in the other, and see which gets full first.

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The invincible arse

The oil wells are drying up soon.


has anyone been following piersmorgan’s tweet exchange with the citeh army specially na$ri?..thats y nasri is such a c**t


I think P. Morgan should shut up and f off. His name should not be mentioned in an Arsenal blog.


whatever…but i wud welcome any tweet that winds up $amir the c**t

Naija Gunner

They aren’t getting anything here either!

Glory hunter

I never thought it’d be possible to hate another team as much as United(5pur2 is beyond hatred) but I really really can’t stand anything about Man city especially Na$ri, and now he claims he’ll win a trophy before Arsenal!!!
The fu*cking chinless cunt, that should be our motivation for next season, ramming his words down his cunt licking mouth and finally giving him a chin!


I still hate Piers Morgan


It really is amazing the depths some of these cunts will go after losing. Laughable really.
5pur2 are still convinced of getting 3rd yet there form is mediocre at best.
As always we’ll have the last laugh as we tend not to brag without results.

Up The Arsenal!!!!!!!!


If they want some more, they can get Chamakh, Denilson and Squilaci. Park can also be part of the package. In return, Kolo Toure should hug Arsene Wenger and Pat Rice.


Let’s also add NB52 while we are at it. He would fit right in with the rest of the egos


Wo-Mancini. I’m having a laugh. Its not everyday people get as detested as the Spurs, Mancity is making the battle gallant.


So city spent almost 2hundred million and they’re going trophyless. Lol! With how people talk about spending millions, you would think it guarantees trophies….

Old man grape

heres a short hand equation for you

city spend 207mil + liverpool spen 100 mil = 1 carling cup and an averege league position of 5th
welldone big spenders!



What a collective bunch of outright MUGS!

They deserve everything they get.


The results speak for themselves. Class is permanent & can’t be bought! Now fuck off back to Manchester and deal with another year of Man United owning the bragging rights. Shows what can happen when you have a proper manager (all respect to old bacon face for dealing with his mediocre squad the way he does). Mancini will be fired and City will begin a yearly revolving door for managers like Chelsea. Try all you want to buy success… if you don’t have a manager and players that can play well together you’ll win fuck all! oh and Na$ri’s still… Read more »


Speaking of old bacon face, did anyone see how red and veiny his nose was in the post match interview yesterday? There is a serious problem there – just a matter of time before it gets out…


And that’ll be around the time he has just retired…..


I’m sorry, but I must be the ONLY person, other than Raffaella Fico, who actually likes Mario Balloteli. Anyway, I pumped my fist so hard when Arteta scored, you wouldve sworn I had scored the goal. As someone who adored Na$ri, him leaving was depressing, however when he dissed the club afterwards, I was already tying my shoe laces, and getting ready to walk over to England, and smack an actual chin onto that motherf*ckers face! I dont care what anyone says, the abuse Na$ri recieved from our supporters for me, was as good as winning a trophy, and denying… Read more »


What!!! Splutter!! Cough!!! Ballotelli has the brains of a rocking horse. All great players are blessed with both skill and brains, Ballotelli’s skill is only on display for 10% of his time on the pitch. His ignorance is permanently on display – on pitch, on the training ground, in the dressing room, on the street, etc. Dont be fooled by the video clips on the Internet, Ballotelli is overpaid and over rated. Now for Na$ri: what is there to like about a player who has only been “brilliant” for 2 months of his professional career. He must have borrowed Mario’s… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

Balotelli is just an idiot, having watched the game again, I’m convinced he wanted to get sent off. I couldn’t believe the number of times his studs up ‘tackles’ went unpunished, then there were the handball and kicking ball away incidents. Only man city could spend all that money and win bugger all. Hopefully with financial fair play they have missed their opportunity and things will start to level out a little now.

Naija Gunner

Na$ri is still a big fat chinless-cunt, she should be used as a whore for the sheikh’s body guards!

Midfield Corporal

She has shown her true character this season. Bitching about Arsenal fans, blaming other for last seasons collapse and failing to stand up and be counted in his 2 appearances for citeh at the Grove. Spineless as well as chinless.


Its funny…whenever any Wenger related articles are posted by blogs its always accompanied by pics with AW in complete annoyance/disappointment/infuriation/exasperation, etc etc..Coronary’s not too far away at this rate eh.. Anyway brilliant performance by the lads..

One Nil to the Gunners..


‘They can want in one hand and shit in the other. And see which gets full first’. Comedy gold. And yes, 1-0 to The Arsenal!


I am SOOO over Na$ri..

I’ll probably never get over Cesc, but I really don’t care any more about that Samir…
what’s done is sone..

and Piers Morgan is probably as big a douche as Nasri is..


The same for CF. At least the chinless showed up before he’s sold.

The same cannot be said about that home sick coward.

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