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Campbell: Bergkamp and Vieira would ‘love’ Arsenal job

Former Gunner Sol Campbell says that Arsene Wenger should look to his most decorated former players to replace Pat Rice this summer and believes both would jump at the chance to come back to the club.

Rice will be hanging up his shorts and dark glasses after spending almost his entire career at the club, leaving Wenger with a big decision to make ahead of next season.

Speaking in his new column in The Guardian, Campbell ruled himself out (for now) but said the boss should appoint someone who will both freshen things up and challenge his ideas.

“I rule myself out as a contender for now and instead look to Patrick Vieira and Dennis Bergkamp, both of whom I know would love to be offered such a role and, who knows, could replace Arsène whenever he does quit as manager and, ideally, takes up a role upstairs.”

While it seems like an ideal solution, and a fan’s wet dream, Sol is unonvinced that it will happen due to Wenger’s desire to be in full control.

“Sadly, I cannot see this happening. Arsène is a single-minded leader who does not like to have anyone around who could threaten his authority, either by challenging his decisions or by being the person that will eventually take his job. But hopefully he proves me wrong and makes such an appointment.”

Although Vieira would seem something of a long-shot due to his involvement with Man City, Bergkamp is currently in a coaching role with Ajax and anyone who read his interview with Alan Smith will know this is a man who is capable of keen analysis and who understands both Arsenal and Arsene Wenger.

The only real impediment to his appointment – should Arsenal want him and he want to come – would be his unusual travel arrangements, but if that’s something we could cope with when he was an important player it’s certainly something we could live with now.

It’s clear that the appointment this summer could be just as crucial as any player purchase, and Campbell says, “Next season is going to be Arsène’s most important at Arsenal since he joined in 1996; a make-or-break campaign as the fans will not be appeased by another year in which a trophy is not won and all they have to fall back on is Champions League qualification.”

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too many options for the assistant job but who will it be?


It’d be great if Bergkamp came but as mentioned above his unusual travel arrangements would seem weird. Imagine if we qualify for Champions League and Wenger has his 3 match ban reduced to 2 and if Arsenal get a match somewhere where traveling by road is not possible, who will guide the team?


I’m slightly confused, why would he be restricted to the roads?


DB has a phobia of flying


Geez man,,,,I must be getting old


Steve Bould would seem ideal, but he’s already said he wants to stay in his current role.

You also have Liam Brady internally with some limited management experience.

Tony Adams anyone? Perhaps no coincidence that he and the club seem to have made up recently.

Ivan Drago

Dragan Stojkovic maybe?


I think Stojkovic will be the next manager and he’ll stay in Japan until the job opens up. I’d love for Bergkamp to get it, same with Adams.

Ivan Drago

That’s what I was thinking too, so they might get him in to get ready for the full time position? Didn’t Bergkamp say that he’d never be a full time manager because it takes up too much time?


Yes. Lets ask all of the Invincibles, the whole lot, to join the management, and make a ‘The Invincibles’ management team. Brilliant idea.

Runcorn Gooner

DB would be great but if he won’t fly he could not possibly groomed as a manager
of a team regularly playing European away games.


we could have bergkamp hop on theo’s back and he could run him to all of our games

master floda

he wants to continue his goal scoring career:


Thierry Henry! perfect in every way


Dear Pat Rice,



i think bergkramp can be for arsenal what cyruff was for barcelona(hopefully!)


Arsene Wenger is to Arsenal what Cruyff is to Barcelona.

why is my name required

Arsene Wenger is the last invincible left if Pat retires ..

Master Bates

what about Peter Hill-wood


Well, Chamakh has been a number two all season!


People have been saying ‘next season is make or break for Wenger’ for a few years now. It hasn’t been and it won’t be. Also ‘fans will not be appeased by another year in which a trophy is not won’. Again, we’ve heard it all before. No trophies and a CL again in 13/14 will be sufficient again for the board and enough fans.

Dirty Turkey

Isnt it obvious that Martion Keown is going to be the new Assistant Manager next season?


I would love Tony Adams as the assistant when Pat Rice retires at the end of the season. Tony is a born leader and with his statue at the Emirates it goes to show how much he means to the club, he will also be a strong platform our defenders because he’s been there and won titles with the club.

Naija Gunner

Waoh! The coaching job at Arsenal….mmmmmmmmnh.


Love to see Tony Adams back at the club in any capacity. Not sure about him being manager one day but his love for the club and his will and drive to win could prove a master stroke if given pat rices job.
Sadly can’t see it happening though.


Dennis is soooo damn dreamy

Darkened Son

DB10 for me

Jesper Tengquist

Would love to see Bergkamp as the number two, but difficulty with attending away matches in Europe may be a deal breaker, especially since Wenger is hated by UEFA and gets banned every five minutes. It’s a shame because Dennis fits very well with the Arsenal philosophy: intelligent, technically superior football. A lot of people have suggested Tony Adams, and although I was skeptical at first I’ve kind of swung around on this one. He might not have the sharp intelligent analysis of Bergkamp, but then it struck me that maybe that’s not what we need for our number two,… Read more »

H.P. Arsecraft

I would be the best assistant in the world. I would do whatever Wenger asks of me, keep my mouth shut and bide my time until he retires. Then I will be what Wenger has been for the Arsenal and I will punch Platini in the face when he suspends me. Well thats done and dusted! Next problem!


Pat Rice’s main responsibility is to absorb Wenger’s fury when things don’t go right. That’s it. If you ask me, the only interview questions that need answering are the following: a) Do you look like an aging GP? b) Are you amenable to wearing shorts with white socks pulled up? c) Do you mind being yelled at for 90 minutes? d) On occasion, are you physically able to stand up, cup your hands to your mouth, and yell things to nobody in particular?


Since Vieria took the job at Man Shity he has no chance. Loved him at Arsenal but can’t forgive him. He’s also recently spoken out of his arsehole and has been slapped in the face with a wet fish by. Shows the upmost of inexperience!


*By Fergy


Wenger’s number two is actually a very important job. If you look at Man United, one of the reasons why SAF has been so successful over the years is that he has always had a strong man beside him. From the likes of Brian Kidd to Carlos Queiroz to Mike Phelan there has always been somebody whom Sir Alex can turn to for advice. Wenger’s had Pat Rice. A nice bloke, but… An intelligent ex-pro with a strong enough personality to stand up to Wenger would probably be a massive help. But would the arrogant Frenchman listen to anybody who… Read more »


Finally an article that mentions bergkamp


I think we should hire that fine Portuguese chap Andre Villas- Boas. He was a legend at Porto, then I don’t know what happened to him. Maybe he stepped away from managing. I just find it strange that such a fine prospect could fall off the face of the earth.


In re Bergkamp’s fear of flying: The NFL once had a good coach who would not fly (John Madden of the Oakland Raiders) and took his private bus to every away game. I’m not certain how Bergkamp could make it to most European ties by surface transport, but perhaps in those games he could keep in touch with his assistant by phone while he sat in front of the TV. But that’s probably too clunky an arrangement to be practicable.


fuck vieira, he’s a city boy now


I take Bergkamp without question. Travel arrangements can be made.

If not, how about Lee Dixon? Nigel Winterburn? Both are smart and relatively personable. Maybe not for grooming to take the lead job, but good to liaison with players in the dressing room.

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