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Denilson set for São Paulo exit, brief Arsenal return

On-loan midfielder Denilson has failed to reach an agreement with São Paulo, with whom he is on loan, and could return to Arsena this summer.

It’s likely that his return will see him sold or loaned elsewhere as Arsenal have considered him surplus to requirements for some time now. Unable to reach agreement over his sale last summer to a number of Spanish clubs, he was eventually loaned to the Brazilian side where he has had a patchy time.

Speaking to ESPN, the midfielder said, “I’d like to stay for another 6 months, but it’s not my decision. I have a contract with Arsenal and I have to stick to it. I will not be unhappy in London since returning to one of the biggest clubs in the world.”

Such optimism seems misplaced though. Already down the pecking order last summer, he’d now find himself behind Wilshere, Song, Ramsey, Rosicky, Arteta, Coquelin, and even Diaby, not to mention any further midfield signings we might make.

Which is probably why his agent is quoted as saying, “At the moment, Arsenal is demanding that the player returns. But football is unpredictable. From the talks we had, São Paulo will keep trying to extend Denilson’s loan.”

The likelihood is that Arsenal will lower their asking price for a number of players this summer in order to move them on. Denilson is one of them, with a move to Spain on the cards, along with Carlos Vela (wanted by his loan club Real Sociedad) and Nicklas Bendtner, with suggestions that the club could even allow them to leave on a free in order to get them off the wage bill and free up space in the squad.

In the meantime, Denilson wants to end his spell in Brazil on a high.

“‘We had an unbeaten sequence, playing well and with a chance of winning Copa do Brazil [similar to FA Cup] and State Championship,” he said.

“In these 2 months I have left in Brazil, I want to win both titles for the club of my heart. I think this way I’ll leave with duty accomplished with myself and the supporters, who have always been behind me’.

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Not a good lans.
Dont we have pic showing arsenal fans surprised at this rather than him. I know he likes Arsenal but i dont see him playing with us next season.
So not a lans.


City is traditionally fond of Arsenal players, maybe we’ll get another 10M?


Find himself behind Ramsey?

Prefer Denilson to deluded Ramsey.


You’re in Denile son.


How is Ramsey deluded???
He is not playing that well agree but thats a confidence issue he is not forcing through balls when you know it wont come through. But he is not deluded he is just lacking confidence .


Well the point is all the boo boys have decided to take on Rambo now. First, they were behind Arshavin and Theo. The first one has gone on loan so cant boo him the other one found net few times so decided not to boo him even though he has been ineffective most of the games. So now they have decided to take on some one else and shatter that person into pieces. Well, I hope they don’t succeed and for Rambo it works as reverse psychology and he cleans all of them away.

Glory Hunter

No way in hell is Denilson better than Ramsey.
Think about it this way Ramsey at his best vs Denilson at his best.

Actually im not so sure anymore!!!

Merlin's Panini

I thought Ramsey did alright in the second half against Chelski.
I still think he’ll score at Stoke. Needs a bit of time. He has way more talent than Denilson and showed that before he got mangled, and even in a period after he came back. He’ll get there again I’m sure.

Cygan's Right Foot

Denilson has been away from the club so long that people actually think he’s better than he is.
Ramsey is being played in an advanced position, that isn’t his natural position due to the injury to Wilshere and the Arteta purchase/form.
Please tell me what make Denilson better? His ability with the sideways/backwards pass matches Ramsey and lack of decisive pass in the final third is worse.



I’m not saying one is DEFINITELY better than the other, but to say Denilson has no value whatsoever is totally off the mark.

Saying that, I’ve been disappointed with Ramsey’s post-goal celebrations for a long time. I like to see players samba dance, or do humourous choreographed routines or fold their arms and look pissed off.


Denilson was similar to Arshavin but for different reasons. He didn’t seem motivated to do his job well, probably because he thought it was easy for him, and all he had to do was nip in with a couple of interceptions, and make a few easy passes. I think he thought that because Arsenal decided to pay him 50k pw, that what he was doing was worth 50k pw, when we should have given him less money and incentivised him to improve. There’s no doubt there is talent in there somewhere. As I say, it was like Arshavin – a… Read more »


Above comment was meant to be @TAMCK


That was one of the best celebrations. Bendtner looked good there as well, beating his man -something Walcott is not very good at. Given the lack of playing time for both Young and chamahk, Bendtner really might have been useful this season, too bad his ego demanded a move elsewhere due to limited playing time while Robin had the run of his life from Jan 2011 to the present. back to Denilson, he was useful but his form went off and was not good enough for arsenal. If Ramsey does not improve he will become Denilson part 2. I don’t… Read more »


this was meany as a response to the Denilson clip…


I reckon Denilson would be better than Ramsey in the attacking position. Wenger played him in the Song position. Prat.


Ramsey knows he needs to work hard, and, judging by his comments, doesn’t believe he is playing like a world class midfielder. They way denilson used to stroll around and not track back (despite being a bloody defensive midfielder) gave the opposite impression. So if either of them is deluded, it’s certainly not Ramsey.


Ramsey is getting disgraceful treatment from a certain section of Arsenal fans in my opinion. Yes, he’s been fairly poor this season, whether its down to the injury or being overplayed who knows? But people forget so quickly, he looked very promising before Shawcross happened, and the fact that he doesn’t hide on the pitch and keeps trying and asking for the ball says to me that he’ll eventually come good again. Often a big reason with players turning into a shadow of themselves after a bad injury is the mental side (think Eduardo) and it seems like that isn’t… Read more »


If I pay his wages can we send him to the cunts next door? Actually I wouldn’t wish playing for those twats on anybody, except for that prick shawcross.

Ace McGoldrick

You have a spare 50 grand a week lying around? Impressive.

Master Bates

Didn’t your read the name , He is Rick Ross


Oh no


Didn’t he bash the club after he left on loan saying he never wanted to come back? He’s not a LANS, he’s a scrub we do not want. He’s up there with David Bentley in my book

Cygan's Third Leg

Denilson is an average player.

Bye bye.


easy now don’t get carried away.. he’s abysmal.


best sideways passer since…. well ever. GET RID


the only difference between denilson and a bucket of shit,
is the bucket…..

Of All I Believe...

Can we sign a Petition to stop this?




bet you haven’t even see denilson play recently, he’s not some deluded welshman that got his leg broke by going in weak and now cant play

he’s actually decent and doing well in brazil

Old man grape

you are a fucking disgrace.


Yea ‘in brazil’!!thats the thing he is good enough to play in brazil but not good enough to play in premier league especially at a club like arsenal. i rate coquelin above denilson. And now that we have arteta,wilshere,ramsey,diaby and coquelin we do not need someone like denilson!!


“doing well in brazil”
That’s like being less of a cunt than John Terry.


“got his leg broke by going in weak and now cant play”

Blogs, can you ban this guy permanently?

Fellow gooners, can we disown this Arsenal “supporter”?

Asian Gunner

Well done blog..!

Cynical Cunt

Denilson in ‘Fuck me he’s Shit!’ shock factor

Ezigbo onyearse

He isnt lucky or Arsenal isnt. In my own book he is better than ramsey and about averageness, Theo isnt up to that..and in barca Xavi is average but consistent,apart from rooney and evra, who else is a world beater in manure .Denilson is a good player period and I will support him in our shirt


“Xavi being average but consistent” kind of wrecks my head.

Cygan's Right Foot

Ah, have a dig at Walcott even when he’s not mentioned in the blog.

Also, Xavi is the player that make Messi look better and should have won the ballon d’or for his ability to set up the numerous goals Lionel has scored

Ezigbo onyearse

P Cygan, here in Nigeria we watch games on TV live not bbc or skysports match report..Our boy denlison is a less consistent Xavi,our boy FAB has proved it


Xavi is average!?what world do you live in!? Xavi is the powerhouse of this barcelona team. He is as important as messi or anybody else for that matter in that team.


This is the problem when you pay such good wages to shit players, they won’t take a drop in salary and other clubs won’t pay a fee plus thier wages because they know they are not worth the total outlay.


Can we have a car boot sale?


He must be itching for a reunion with the class of 2009.Almunia,Vela,Bendtner,Diaby…


I’m totally wetting myself putting that XI together. Throw in Silvestre, Gavin Hoyte and post-cornrows Adebayor. Wow. What a team.


Ok lads, I’ll solve the Denilson v. Ramsey thing for you rite now. Denison is isn’t good enough for a place in the arsenal midfield as it stands today. Ramsey isn’t good enough for a place in the arsenal midfield as it stands today. Now shut the fuck up.


I usually get thumbs down and I understand why. In this case, not so much. Of we look at it objectively, would Ramsey or Denilson have a place in any of the other top 12 teams in Europe? I don’t think so. So why is it wrong to say that at the moment, neither is good enough for the arsenal midfield? Everyone say we need to buy a playmaking midfielder rite? Well puts Ramsey out of the squad no? That would me I front of Ramsey we have : arteta, jack, diaby, new guy, maybe song and the ox, and… Read more »


Fucking iPhone spellcheck. Sorry for that. I hope you get my drift. Edit button please blogs.

Master Bates

Is there a team better at hating their players than us?

Cygan's Right Foot

Every set of fans is the exactly the same and will always have favourite players and also players that they know won’t make it/can’t be bothered to make it

Master Bates

I said ‘hate’ , the stuff we say about our regular player is disgusting , you’d never hear the Liverpool say the shit we say on their players and they have useless donkeys like Andy Carroll and Downing

Asian Gunner

Yes, and look now where they are on the table.


I agree, gets really outta hand sometimes…I don’t think that a majority on the blog share their sentiments. Could be the same lot trolling time and again.


We seem to be able to support young British players really well through their developmental growing pains. Walcott got about three years of us chanting his name with glee while he generally ran around like a chicken with his head cut off. Lansbury routinely gets mentioned as a possible great; JET was going to be a beast for us; Kyle Bartley, Kieran Gibbs, the list goes on. Even Ramsey has his committed apologists. But a young Brazilian? No patience. He’s rubbish. Shit. Doesn’t deserve to wear the shirt. 20 years old in his first full season? Go fuck yourself, he’s… Read more »


Well put…


Yeah he was in the first team, his form dipped, all the fans turned on him an he lost all his confidence. Sound familiar?

Cygans middle foot

Denilson was bad at tracking back, but he had some good moments. If he did not go on loan, he soul have been useful in Aug 2011, when we we fielding reserve players. We had too many players going out last summer than coming in. Anyway credit to Wenger, he exceeded our expectations after that poor start…he is the best. Next season might b our season


I cannot in my life imagine Denilson giving the tiniest fuck to help us out during the nadir of August.

Arsene Wenger

I think I can solve this Ramsey vs Denilson debate . Ramsey is by far a better player . Apart from his amazing workrate and fantastic engine .he also gives a fuck .Those atttributes alone should end this discussion. Like the rest of the squad he has shown great Mental strength ,When those two cunts(yes I call them that) left this summer and with Wilshere’s injury I had to depend on Arteta,Song, Ramsey and lately Rosicky to get us back in the top 4 ,And they have done just that . I hate it that he sometimes plays with handbrake… Read more »


Denilson, Ramsey and others suffer by comparison with Fabregas because he perhaps the only “improbably young and inexperienced Arsenal midfielders catapulted into the creative role and trusted to be the epicentre of our attacking play” to actually not suffer a serious bad patch/loss of confidence/attack of nerves/crippling injury/opprobrium of short-memory impatient fans. Denilson, at his best, was Fabregas-lite; too similar to the Catalan genius in style and not smart enough to make himself useful in another role. Fabs has shown this year, with his sacrificial efforts for Barca, that good playes are smart enough to adapt to a new role,… Read more »


“Fabregas because he perhaps the only “improbably young and inexperienced Arsenal midfielders catapulted into the creative role and trusted to be the epicentre of our attacking play” to actually not suffer a serious bad patch/loss of confidence/attack of nerves/crippling injury/opprobrium of short-memory impatient fans”

Oh I don’t know – I remember a lot of ‘Fabregas is shit/lazy/not trying/already a Barca player’ comments last season – especially after his cocked-up backpass that led to the Barca goal and his performance at Ipswich away.


People are suffering from ‘absence make player better’ syndrome.I had the same feeling as some here but then I remembered those slow jog backs.
No thanks.

M kuri

Guys you dont have compare the two,because they differents players interms of ability and their positions of play..ramsey kinda plays with the ball around him and pushes forward and has ability to track back whilst deno is more of passer but defends poorly


Hardly surprising. What club would pay Denilson’s £60k a week wages? Wenger has destroyed Arsenal with his farcical wage structure. And he’s still doing it e.g. Djourou. There are about 15 shite players at the club on £50-60k and we can’t offload any of them. Why people sit back and accept this utter financial incompetence is bizarre. Including this blog, which has never even bothered to analyse it.


reply function not working properly, obviously


Denilson may not be up to your / our standards, but we–all of us Gooners–acted completely disgracefully towards this young player while he was playing for us. He was 20 years old when he got thrown into the lion’s den following the departures of Gilberto, Flamini, and Diarra. And our only response was to make him the scapegoat for everything that went wrong in the next three seasons. Have a quick look, and you’ll see that Denilson played because Wenger put him there, and because at that stage–and arguably since–we have not replaced quality and experience with equal or better… Read more »


To Nick’s credit, he’s done ok at Sunderland. Not great, but not bad, either.

But clearly, I’m still too good for him, so our separation will continue!

Oh, and if you think we harshly slag off our players, then clearly you’ve never overheard sp*rs supporters have a conversation about Sandro or Gomes.

Les Bleu LaGoon

John Terry is a cunt.


He hates you if you’re black, he knees you in the back, John Terryyyyy…


i will always remember his funny little celebrations.

Good luck to him.


He did score some crackers for us


Everybody slags off denilson for his sideways passe I’m sorry I seem to be forgetting but can somebody remind me of those 40 forward passes viera Gilberto and flamini used to make behind my back?


Ask Moyes or O’Neill if they want him on loan.


I cant believe that a story about denilson has just turned into another dig at ramsey opportunity. whatever anyone thinks ramsey has been there nearly all season he has certainly earned his corn more than can be said of wilshire diaby frimpong squillaci almunia fabianski and the list goes on. for a 21 year old he.puts in a bloody good shift and until rosicky awoke from his 3 year coma was virtually the only player we had for attacking midfield even though it is not really his position. as for denilson he was no worse than gilberto or flamini for… Read more »


But I thought he was already here…..Ohhhhhh wait, I’m thinking of his British twin Ramilson! Hahahaha! Hahahaha!

Doc Brody

Last year I just assumed Denilson would disappear into obscurity, playing in Brazil for the remainder of his career, never to be heard from again. Having said that, I’d love to see him return to the Emirates and make fools of us all. It will never happen, but what a great story it would make. It’s not entirely inconceivable either. I seem to recall quite a few people calling for Rosiky’s head on a platter not too long ago. Where are they now? Like it or not Denilson does have some ability. With some maturity, more experience, a little dose… Read more »


Is this thread dead?


Oh fuck, another ramsey

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