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Henry: It’s my dream to manage Arsenal

Thierry Henry says that it is his dream to coach Arsenal in the future, although he questions whether he yet has the credentials to manage at the highest level.

Returning to North London in December to maintain his fitness during the MLS break, the Frenchman embarked on a fairy-tale two months in the capital which began with the club unveiling a statue of him commemorating his achievements at Highbury and ended with him signing on loan and scoring three goals in seven substitute appearances including winners against Leeds in the FA Cup and Sunderland in the Premier League.

Hailed as an Arsenal hero by Gunners fans old and new, it appears Henry hasn’t given up hope of a third return to the club he loves with a position on the coaching staff firmly in his thoughts.

Answering questions from MLS fans in USA Today Henry responded enthusiastically to the notion of being a manager:

“You know what? I might. Now do you think I would be a good one? You can never tell. I actually don’t know if that would be an option. I know I will be in the game for sure. Why not? Sure.

“Everyone knows the love I have for Arsenal Football Club, so you know it goes without saying where. That’s a dream.”

The Frenchman also took the time to reflect on his amazing ‘debut’ at the Emirates when he came off the bench to snatch a late winner against old adversaries Leeds United.

“It was the first time – put the national team aside – it was the first time I scored a goal as a fan of the team [I scored for].

“You know especially the love I have for the club and the love I have for the people working at the club, I said it, I never felt what I felt after that goal in my whole entire career.

“It’s too much to describe. I know I’ve never felt that before.”

Will Thierry end up in the Emirates dugout? It’s certainly a mouthwatering thought. That being said, given Henry’s lack of experience, the notion of him being a direct successor to Wenger appear very slim at this moment in time. Of course, anything could happen in the next couple of years, only time will tell…


Thanks again to the terrific @RYO_cleverfish for the heads up


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henry should be wengers understudy or coach as pat rice is leaving and then groom him to be manager, he oozess class and every player would want to play for him and you just know he wont take any type of shit


Henry for player / manager


What a coincidence: my dream is the same as Thierry’s.


I think i just came a little…


Will be Wengers number 2 when we start up in August.


I would probably cry with happiness.


It is my dream as well!

No player in the world would want to disappoint Titi and face that stare!

Alex Song's Chipped Through Ball

Henry as manager with Dennis as head coach.


DB as manager and henry for head coach.

Asian Gunner

Henry King of Gunner..!


Sadly he won’t be Assisstwb in August as he is still under contract, I like to believe he will come back to arsenal after he is done there and come through the ranks to eventually manage us!

why is my name required

i love it.


Sign him up!!!!

Merlin's Panini

It’s inevitable isn’t it?

Merlin's Panini

I would be happy with him understudying and following Wenger. Also, who the hell wouldn’t want to play for Thierry Henry?
He would be a bit of a player magnet. So many kids at the right age idolised him.

Cygan's Anal Beads

This makes my peepee rain!


That’s an unusual name…


Henry: it’s my dream to manage arsenal—————are you in my head or what?


Henry as arsenal coach? Jackpot!!!


I would say let him manage reserves at first work his way up, can maybe see bould moving up to No.2


how about mourinho ?

damien joyce

he might hav great record winning trophies but like we get nowt for finishing top 4, he gets nowt for finishing top cunt over and over again


As accomplished a manager Mourinho is, he is absolutely the wrong fit for Arsenal. He is a good manager who has achieved plenty of success – that much has to be admitted – but has nevertheless benefited above all from having huge transfer budgets at his disposal at Chelsea, Inter and Real Madrid. Even if Arsenal decided to open the cheque-book a bit more, he certainly wouldn’t have anywhere near the same level of freedom.

Also, and much more importantly, he is a supercilious, self-important twit.


When I loaded this page, it had 14 comments – Heh


It’s been my dream to manage Arsenal for way longer than him. I haven’t even had one little article written about me.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Hear Hear! It would be too quick to have Thierry Henry become understudy to Arsene Wenger next season.

Appoint George for 2012-13 and in December Henry can join as Number 3.


Well, you can play Football Manager 2012 and your dream to manage Arsenal will come true.
What more, you’ll have articles written about you too


Sign him up as Wengers understudy! I’m not sure how long Henry has left to play (in MLS he could probably play for 5 more years & still dominate) but I know fellow Gunner fans around the world would welcome him with open arms as a coach. How better to start that than under Wenger?

Barca has called a press conference today where it’s pretty much known that Pep will be stepping down after this season.


Why would he leave Barcalona? Is he bored of winning all the time*?

*Almost all the time.


In my opinion I think he wants a challenge. A new challenge. Lets face it, he inherited the team he has (for the most part) from Rijkard. He cut Eto’o and the locker room mercenaries that were causing problems. Zlatan wasn’t his choice.

Irony, Cesc wanted so badly to play for childhood idol and now he’s leaving after Cesc’s first year.

Cygan's Right Foot

That champions league medal still eludes poor old Cesc….


Don’t worry, UEFA will find a way to give Barcelona the CL trophy this year. They’ll put in some new clause that prohibits 2 non-Barcelona teams from playing the final.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Give Cesc one more year to try to win the CL with Bastardlona, and when we lift the trophy, somebody can go over to the losers area and quietly remind him of the DNA splice performed on him while he was with us.

We will then sign him back from Bastardlona for 50p and a bottle of Gilbey’s (exploiting his Arsenal DNA and love for the club at which he discovered that top footballers and managers aren’t all cunts), and he can help us retain the title the following year with Henry as Wenger’s number 2.


Just imagining him now in a suit with his lil’ beard…what a prospect!! :O



[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] BY @RYO_cleverfish & ANDREW ALLEN […]

Dave Gooner

What about the incomparable Liam Brady?

I’d like to see Liam pushed to the top of the order. The bloke is a footballing genius. He is a top ‘don’t fuck with me’ grouch. There’d be no shite tolerated.

Proper Arsenal man. Get Liam in the dugout.


Top man! Arsenal Man! Don’t Fuck with Me Man! I like it.


It’ll be brilliant…full circle for Henry…don’t really know how he’ll perform in managerial capacity (in the event that he does get the job) but it’ll be electrifying (for players and fans alike) to see him on the sidelines…
And if he gets pissed off with our ‘handbrake on’ play, he could probably slap on a kit and show ’em how its done eh…lol


My money is on Dragan Stojkovic, current manager of Nagoya. Some quotes: “…My wish one day is to work in England. Arsenal would be perfect after Arsene. Wishing is one thing but reality is another. One day, one of my dreams is, if Arsene agrees, I could become a special advisor and sit on the bench. I like their style, I like how they play. It doesn’t matter about titles or if they win or lose but the style of this football and beauty they produce every week is amazing, absolutely amazing and everyone in the world should agree that… Read more »


Wouldn’t be too surprised…he’s had a more than decent run at Nagoya Grampus…however, the Premier League is altogether a different beast in comparison to the J League…then again Wenger was the predecessor at Nagoya….
He certainly would be an interesting pick


And it if ever came down to it, he can slot them in from the half way line.


I think we should revamp the whole coaching team. with rice boro peyton and banfield moving on. Adams lehmann bergkamp and henry brought in.

Old man grape

good job your opinion doesn’t count for anything then.

Cygan's Right Foot

I don’t even know where to begin with your idea, i mean it’s ridiculous

the only sam is nelson

don’t get the obsession with ex-players moving into management all the evidence suggests that the best players make the worst managers – roy keane, alan shearer, tony adams, kevin kegan, bryan robson, terry butcher and dare i say it Liam Brady @ celtic :((( even average players aren’t exactly brilliant – paul ince, steve bruce, mccleish the orange testicle, mick mccarthy, sam allardyce, steve coppell, etc etc it’s only when you get to players who were mediocre or had their careers curtailed by injury that you start to see another pattern – clough, ferguson, wenger, mourinho, and coming up from… Read more »

Cygan's Right Foot

Throw in Francis Jeffers as your attacking coach and we may be on to a winner


Well said. I was going to post something similar based on my observations of American sports. Superstars invariably disappointed in management positions, while the best managers invariably had mediocre playing careers.


In 15 years Niklas Bendtner is going to lead Arsenal to ultimate glory.


Now does the players opinion of his own greatness/talent have any bearing on the mentioned observation? Cause if so, boy is that plan gonna bite us right in the keester…


I could be wrong here, but I’m pretty sure Mourinho never played professional football before becoming an translator/assistant manager at Barcelona.


What about guardiola at barca, only 1 yr experience, that was at barca’s B team, klinsmann with Germany, raijkaard with barca, beckenbauer won the world cup with Germany..there’s no rule at could could thing for sure though is that it’s very hard, & not cut out for everybody..


I’m not sure it should be suzdisibed by taxpayers (am I understanding that correctly?). I did work for a company that relocated from Morris County to Jersey City and within the company a group of people leased a van and shared the cost, independent of the company. There is a cost to working and part of that cost is the commute, which should be a factor in determining where you work/live.


DB10 has also stated he would like to manage here…………..ahh legendary midfielder or legendary striker….who to choose,who to choose?

Cygan's Right Foot

Who’s the legendary midfielder? Bergkamp and Henry are/were both strikers


yeah but i always saw bergkamp at his best as a really high attacking midfielder just because of his style of play, never a pure striker like henry was.


What would happen on European nights?


Would so put him in my team even with his tie on. I’m sure he’d still kick ass. Nothing NB52 would sadly ever come to experience. Lol


His hairstyle and legtnh of hair on video of interview and at the time he got passport is the same. So is his dress, same shirt, same necktie. I would guess the video was made on the same day.


Bring him in to replace pat rice. And if we are struggling he could always throw on his boots too.


At the risk of a million thumbs down, I just wondered if anyone else is a bit tired of Henry’s constant assertions about his love for the club?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy, total arsenal legend n all and I’m not calling him a liar, but sometimes it seems as though he just wants to bask in the adulation that such statements generate amongst his fans (see pretty much every comment above). This irritates me somehow. Wondered if anyone else feels the same.

Don’t hate me!


It’s not as if he’s posting this stuff on Twitter is it? Journalists ask him in interviews and he gives an opinion and newspapers report it.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I don’t hate you, you jaded, cynical old bastard you 🙂 At least he’s not one of those two-faced, shallow badge lickers that “always supported the club as a boy”, “Love the club” the day they join, and “Never got any respect from this club so I want a transfer” when some rich bastard flashes his wad at him. Why is it so hard to believe/enjoy the idea that an ex player would have the same feelings towards our team that we do. Surely some of the people that have played for Arsenal must have noticed a few of those… Read more »


What a coincidence, Theirry! I also share this dream of yours of one day managing Arsenal Football Club! Wait, no I don’t. I’d rather manage a team I dislike… so that I can surely send them to the drop.
*cough* spuds *cough*
However, I’m all for Henry taking on some responsibility with the team, just not in Wenger’s chair too soon. Attacking players promoted to first-team manager too early end up like The Scarf (Mancini), or Old Elbows (Hughes)- out of their depth.

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