Thursday, February 29, 2024

In the crazy world of the FA …

… this is worthy of a red card and a 1 match ban.

Whereas this, despite the referee/official claiming to have seen the incident, is not worthy of either a red card on the day or punishment after the fact.

A linesman who gets an offside decision wrong is demoted, a referee who has seen a potentially leg-breaking challenge and not even given a free kick gets away without a harsh word.

The idea perpetrated by the FA that they are prevented by FIFA rules from further punishing an incident once the referee has seen it is utterly false.

Further comment and detail on tomorrow’s morning edition of Arseblog.

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Henry's beard

And everyone wonders why grassroots football in this country is so fucked. Look at the message the FA send out to kids! Diving: fine. Potentially breaking someone’s leg: that’s fine too. Does the name Ben Thatcher not mean anything to them?

What utter, utter cretins.

Runcorn Gooner

What a weekend for the so called officials of our beloved game.Chelski get 2 offside goals,one so obvious it begs the question of bias or cheating.QPR player sent off when the official who was in line with the play should have flagged and prevented the fiasco that followed I.e. Quick Draw Mason sending off Derry for a minor touch resulting in Young falling poleaxed. A referee admitting to have seen a potentially leg breaking tackle and doing nothing about it. The whole situation beggars belief.On Top of this apparently this is the 3rd time this year that the head of… Read more »


I find it hard to believe that any PL referee would be so incompetent as to let such a challenge go unpunished.
So in his defence,even if the linesman on the far side caught a glimpse of the incident,or the ref had an obstructed view,the FA can’t take action.
In my opinion it is this retarded rule at fault more than the referee.

Midfield Corporal

I understood that italy has used retrospective punishment even when officials saw the incident, I understood it was only a guideline not to use it by Fifa so as not to be abused and undermine officials. It annoys me that the FA then try and protect Atkinson by saying’if one of the officials sees the incident no action can be taken’, so in effect they put up a smokescreen to insinuate it might be a Lino that saw the incident, not the ref, so we don’t know who to blame. I bet if it had been Rooneys leg and he’d… Read more »


This kind of garbage is soooo frustrating. Its tough enough for Arsenal to put up with blatantly biased or categorically incompetent officials without having to worry that the national governing body is basically encouraging the type of behavior thats ruined the careers of 3 of our 1st teamers in 5 years. I honestly think that we get at least 12 points stolen from us each season while ManU is consistently gifted them. The most frustrating part is that, beyond switching leagues, there’s absolutely nothing the club can do to fight this unfairness. And no the bad desicions never even themselves… Read more »


If I missed a call that bad I would at least say no one saw it so the FA could then punnish the player. His season should be over


Whats wrong with saying “yeah i saw something but didn’t realise it was that bad and he deserves to further ban”?


Mm, ridiculous rule. If you “see” the incident but do not “see” Balotelli attempting to diabyise Alex Song’s leg, then one wonders what on earth the verb “to see” means in the universe of the FA.

Hopefully Mancini, knowing that the title is effectively out of reach anyway, will stick to his pledge and not be tempted to pick Balotelli for the remainder of this season (or ever again, for that matter).


Exactly. What exactly is the difference between ‘the incident’ and ‘the full extent of the challenge’? They are the same thing; the incident that the ban would be for is not a generic collision, the incident in question is the violence; the ref did not see that, therefore he did not see the incident.

Lets imagine somebody tackles another player and then gouges his eye as they lie on the floor in a concealed position, as happens in Rugby. Is this disqualified from future review because the refs saw the two chaps crashing into each other?

Beyond ludicrous.


fa is just the same bunch of idiots that you can find in uefa or fifa. On completely unimportant matters, like if they get criticized, they’ll act very determined and hand out ridiculous bans. They are not so enthusiastic or decisive when it comes to real problems like racism and other forms of discrimination or players committing tackles that could end the careers of fellow professionals.
To me it seems like they don’t care about the game, only care about there pockets


Looks to me like the FA

*Puts on Sunglasses*

Has done sweet F.A.





why is my name required

This is shameful and disgusting. Were they waiting for a leg to be broken? So this is why more thugs are in football. My god the all of the FA and especially that ref who saw the nasty challenge needs to be jailed


What the fuck? Nothing? Seriously? Because one linesman saw it and did fuck all about it?



11 cannons

Even worse, Derry’s appeal was rejected under the same lame excuse making, while the same governing board apologized to Wigan for the decisions against them at Stamford Bridge. They will review Ivanovic’s punch because it wasn’t seen but won’t ask questions of an official [who could be looking nowhere else, given Balotelli was dribbling the ball just a moment before studding Song] who saw a straight sending-off infraction and did nothing. This is the self same governing body who would not review the Barton-Gervinho incident because he was booked even though there is no way the official saw how he… Read more »


It’s worth noting, it’s not actually the FA that make this rule, it’s FIFA. FA are hand-tied. The other two incidents ARE different, based on the FIFA rules around post match punishment. I agree, the FA are elfin useless but at the same time, they have only followed the FIFA directive on this one.


ok the FA can hide in the shadow of the rules of Fifa but cant they see there are so many bad refs out there. And then some come out and say hey the FA doesnt hire the refs some other company does but doesnt this company was given the contract by FA in the first place. And for once i do wanna see big giant screens in the stadium itself showing these unsited refs the clear things that has happened. Yes the television rules are not there but again i place this point if howard webb sentoff gerrard solely… Read more »

Les Bleu LaGoon

Darren? Darren Bailey?


Utter disgrace. The FA don’t realize how much they shame themselves when things like this happen. Nobody should be above question in terms of their performance. The officials shouldn’t be immune to punishment for having a shocker in the same way a player shouldn’t be immune from a tackle like the one Balotelli did on song just because he wasn’t carded for the incident during a match. It’s bad enough when you play one Manc team you are essentially playing 11 men + the referees who always call the game in their favor (*cough Howard Webb* cough) but now we… Read more »


As said before look at the above link and now tell me they don’t have the powers to do anything like they keep going on about, they have half pushed it onto FIFA based on their statement


Absolutely right, they make the choice to do nothing and then try to blame their uselessness on FIFA. They have no balls and must be as corrupt as the Ukrainian government (this is fact I’m from there). One more question; WHO THE FUCK IS GIVING THE ABOVE COMMENTS THE SINGLE THUMBS DOWN???? Whoever you are grow some balls and come out and explain yourself. Either way, you are a dumb fuck and you should cunt off to another site


Fuck me! Nothing?? Really?!




I apologize for the double unbelievable, that’s probably a 1 game ban for me.

Johnny D

Fucking Arseholes FA by name FA by nature………. a truly unbelievable decision made by a panel of geriatric old farts living in the past. As a grassroots coach I spend a lot of my time explaining that there is no place in the modern game for that kind of challenge, the FA in making that decision have totally undermined not only myself but thousands of grassroots coaches across the country. In refusing to take retrospective action they are condoning a leg breaker tackle and for that i am disgusted with them. I feel so strongly about this that I will… Read more »


Balls and guts like that have no place in the FA anyway. You must be a sheep who only bleats when bleated to.

Jase Emmerson

I truly believe that as with many other fields and important public roles in this country, those fuckin idiots are taking lovely little back handers!! If they take the approach of having a replay via camera they will be exposed and made to look like the twats they are!!


Every other major sport has used video replays – glad someone else thinks it stinks of corruption. There can’t be any other sane reason for them not allowing it. The ‘disrupting the flow of the game’ comments are nonsense IMO.


The trouble is all our anger about this is being directed at each other rather than the faceless cretins that make up the FA.


Its the FA sticking by their gutless useless officials. If Wenger saw it then surely the 4th official must have seen it, so why can’t he say “Fuck me, he’s took him out at the knee” but he won’t say fuck all because he has no fucking balls to stand up for his own opinions.

Jim Jimminy

Is there any way, and its a big ask, fans could get together for some sort of protest? Tomorrows game is probably too soon, but the one thing that unites fans (other than a tragedy) is the incompetence of the FA. Today’s decisions make no sense and completely contradict each other.

North Bank Ned

Shaun Derry was putting United at serious risk of not winning the game with his reckless disregard of the need for visiting defenders to give away clear penalties when playing at Old Trafford. No wonder the FA has come down heavily on him.


12v11 or 10 at any given time it seems for united..

Andy Ward

Can the FA be charged with bringing the game into disrepute???

Red & White Stripey Socks

The FA are a joke.


This English fa lack ball!. They just dont know what they want. They simply said Balloteli tackle and doubious diving from Young are acceptable. I can’t just understand them a bit..they know how to twist and retwist rules very well so as to get their dubious result. Large number of managers and fans cannot trust them to make right calls anymore…i hope fa will not bring end to football in England!…shame on them


The only good thing that comes of this; Balotelli may now face Newcastle after his suspension, which means there is a chance he goes studs-up into Pardew’s face.


I smell corruption, wouldn’t put it past the scum that run football in the country to take a bribe from city.


I wonder how much of Citeh’s money greased this non-decision by the fa. If this were an Arsenal player, he’d be getting the ban, and then Wenger would get one for questioning the decision.


So…the useless cretins at our FA can’t punish that lumbering idiot retrospectively because one of the officials saw the ‘tackle’?Really??
One of our premier league refs/linesman SAW that assault & deemed it acceptable??!What a joke,the clown in question should be Balotelli’d right in the nuts & banned from football forever…the twat.

Midfield Corporal

The FA can fuck off, I’m withdrawing my application for the England Managers job in protest. Cunts!

Midfield Corporal

Just thinking, who did FA chairman David Bernstein used to be chairman of?


Whilst this is a ridiculously stupid decision, it’s worth noting that it doesn’t mean anything. Ballotelli won’t play again this season, and has already screwed himself out of City.

Maybe the FA knew this and where trying to protect their ref because of it?

Na, actually, they’re just cunts.


I’m not like you lot, I am not dissapointed. It is impossible for the FA to dissapoint me because I do not expect anything good from them. Next time learn to expect less from a house where we have got Fools Aplenty.

Rad Carrot

What an absolute farce. Heard about this earlier and still raging, haven’t been this angry since the Ramsey attempted murder. So angry I’m going to have to get cunted on a Tuesday just to calm down. So, yeah. Take that. What I find absolutely amazing is that we cannot punish him through law. If I ran up to that fucker Balotelli and kicked him in the shins, I’d be put away for GBH, which (if my understanding of British law is correct) is punishable by up to five years in prison. He can do it in a Man City shirt,… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

You’ve got my vote Rad.

Rad Carrot

Why thank you.

You can be my Chancellor of the Exchequer, and king of Belgium.


Why would you demote TV5?

Pat Jenning's Gloves

What do you expect from an association that appealed Rooney’s England sending off….spineless and hypocritical. Funny Song got done for the Barton stamp (i dont condone that either) but they can’t do anything about this, nonsense

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Ok, so what the fk is going on here……….are the FA trying to break some sort of an internal record of the most refereeing, howlers in one weekend. I mean seriously wtf did the FA just say……..that one of the officials saw the challenge………..then y of y in the name of all the finest Scotch in the world did that particular official do nothing about it………..I mean I am at an utter loss for words……… When this official saw the challenge what was he thinking to himself………ooh Mario Balotelli his hair, its so sexy……..I can’t get enough of it……..if I… Read more »


Fifa,uefa and the stupid fa or what ever they cal themselves they are stupid including the fifa,footbal as turn to politics this days which i knw we never paid money to win a match jst lyk the other teams do,Blatter is corupte while Platini is a devil;->,al what he knw is jst to suspend wenger 4 no guinue reason infact this two parties hv spoil footbal acros d world


The standard of refereeing in the Premiership this season and the spineless administration of the game by the FA really is beyond a farce. The future has to be a referral or challenge system (as used in cricket or tennis), so the power reverts to a team (via the captain) to challenge a poor on-field call. Make the conditions of use similar to cricket, i.e. you must challenge within 15 seconds of the incident (or the next ball out of play, for example, to prevent it being abused). Give both teams 2 challenges per match, which are used up every… Read more »


I remember hearing Graham Poll explaining that if the official has seen the incident but acknowledges in hindsight he would have acted differently then retrospective action is still an option. I appreciate it came from Graham Fucking Poll but if that’s right then the official has to show some balls and do the right thing. If not, then this is SURELY a clear sign that the system is flawed and a rule change has to be made. Fucking bullshit.


Apparently the FA are considering banning Song for ‘simulation’…& Wenger for not seeing it & being French.

Rad Carrot

And Sagna for booting the ball into touch after the whistle had gone, that’s got to be at least an eighteen million game ban.


Meanwhile Rooney’s ban for the deliberate kick against a Montenegro player is an act of utter injustice which requires the FA to appeal. What a joke organization.



It seems like it will take one of our lads to break their leg everytime for the ref to actually get the red card out of their damn pockets!


Blatter is the devil.Platini is the Antichrist.FIFA,FA,UEFA et alare their minions.Thing won’t get better till Jesus comes back.All we can do is make sure we call them out for what the are:

Swedish Gooner

Oh my… This is so wrong in so many ways. Doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. He’s not even an English player. I’d understand it if it were someone like Shawcunt or Barton, FA have shown before that they have different rules dependig on where you’re from, not that it’s right, but they have… Maybe this is some kind of fu*ked up way to show they’re not racist or something? I dunno… He actually saw it, or ONE of the referees

Swedish Gooner

…saw it, and still? Hard to believe they’re not having some sort of agenda against Arsenal after this… Disgrace, there’s no better word.

Matt F

In the individual case, I can’t think that this makes any difference. I’d be amazed if Balotelli played again this season, and, in the possibly unlikely situation that a club wants to sign him, he will not play in England next year. In general, this is a fucking joke. This was a worse tackle than those on Eduardo and Ramsey. If Song’s stance had been slightly different, or his studs slightly more firmly placed against the turf, we could be weighing up the probability of Song ever recovering from a double leg break, dislocated knee, ruptured ligaments, etc. That a… Read more »


Can Arsenal appeal this decision??


FA = Fucking Asshole


FA should go and take a leaf out or rugby rule book and allow teams to cite opposition players for dangerous play not seen or punished properly by referees during games.
Flawed Actions by FA.


I’m a little confused by all this. As I remember, earlier in the season Alex Song stood on Joey Barton’s ankle, unseen by any officials though visible to all on television (to the great pleasure of Arsenal fans). Our naughty boy escaped in the game but the league later punished him with a 3-game suspension. I’m not certain what’s the difference between these two occasions, save that an official saw Balotelli’s offense and chose to do nothing. If anyone would clarify this for me I’d be grateful.


You’re absolutely right, Song got punished, the mercenary from middle eastlands will go free. I’d love to help you out but you’ve asked for ‘clarity’ regarding a decision by The English FA. That’s like asking a Spud to show intelligence. The FA have their priorities wrong and while almost all my best mates are British and I grew up a Gooner, this is in many ways one of the major reasons why England never do well in international competitions. They’d rather have 10 clones of Terry and a Shawcross rather than balance the cunts out with 5 or 6 really… Read more »


As blogger points out other assoiciations hand out extra bans regardless of weather the ref see it or not. Point in case Kevin muscat got an extra 3 weeks iirc on top of the 3 for a straight red he got for a horrid tackle so if little old FFA can do it here in his why the fuck don’t the fa.


F.A = Fucking Arseholes


It comes to us very clear that Refs decide who gets the silverware who is relegated and who needs to be in the mid-table. Lets cut to the chase people, team performance is not the only thing that matters from here on. And what really bugs me is that talented players like Ashely young are having a second thought that there is always a way to turn up a game even the actual play doesn’t go on our way…..well cheat !!!!


From today’s blog… “maybe they don’t want to deal with the administration/cost of reviewing incidents”

There is the answer. It’s all about money.


That’s the thing though, it has nothing to do with money. Every player that picks up a card in this country is given a fine. When it comes to the Premier League, the FA hand out ridiculous fines that range from £10,000 to £40,000. If anything, handing out cards, bans and fines increases their income. They would have already fined Balotelli for his red card and they could just fine him again and slap a further match ban on him. The problem is that the FA is full of senile old men who won’t change. These are people who grew… Read more »

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