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Santos: someone had to put Balotelli in his place

When Andre Santos came on against Man City last Sunday, he picked up a quick booking for a fairly innocuous foul on Mario Balotelli.

When Balotelli got up, Santos gave him the ‘Shhhh’ gesture and had a few words with him. As he’d only been on the pitch a few minutes it was hard to see if anything had happened between them, but Santos says his actions were a consequence of Balotelli’s behaviour throughout the game.

Speaking to ESPN Brasil, he said, “In the first half Balotelli almost broke Song’s leg, than he harshly tackled Sagna. Someone had to be hard on him, put him in his place.

“Someone had to say something to him because he was doing what he wanted, and that’s not how things work.

“I was watching from the bench. When I was on the pitch I’d have the job to mark him, and that’s what I did. It’s part of the game.”

The Cuddly Maverick has come back into the first team after spending 3 and half months out with an ankle injury and he’s beginning to regain his old fitness.

“I’m much better, the pace is different, but I’m good physically,” he said. “I’ve trained a lot, I played with the reserves, Man City was my fourth match on the bench, the second I’ve come to the pitch. I’m feeling a lot better, ready to be back to the starting XI.”

And in his absence the team have overturned a large T*ttenham gap, and Andre believes Arsene Wenger’s calm nature has played a part along with the team’s hard work.

“Today our target is getting more within reach with each match, we have to keep working to hold on to this 3rd place. It’s very hard to get to 1st, but our target is to be in the Champions League.

“Arsene Wenger is a very calm and mature man, he always deals with situations in the same way, whether we are winning or losing. The supporters like him very much, he has credibility at the club.

“I think it was this experience that he has that made us to turn it around”.

I love this guy.

Tip of the hat to the fantastic BrazilGunners for the translation.

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strong candidate for coolest motherfcker in the prem

D arsenal

i love this guy too!

Cygan's Left Foot

Excuse me, It is gay not guy. The English dictionary is wrong because The Holly One never make spelling mistakes.

He spells as he wants…

John Livermore

There is something very loveable about our defensive left wing playmaking forward


And just wait ’till the SZCZ gets a red card and Santos blocks for us…

Marion Cronin

I didn’t think it was possible to love this lovely man more. But I so do.


I love this gay.


What a fucking legend.

I’ve got serious bromance for Santos.


What he said. Santos is just awesome.

I think it was Jim Beglin and Lee Dixon slating this guy early season. I lost a lot of respect for both of them that night for what they was saying. Oh how he’s shown them.

Great guy, great player.


Excellent stuff from Andre. *swoons*


I loves this gay

Wes Mantooth

Is this our new Eboue? Or should I say… Ebou-gay?


What a lovely chap, does he come in other sizes?

Midfield Corporal

No, only XL.


hahahahah, medium large that is


Quality player, great gay. Really glad to have Andre Santos at Arsenal. His competition with Gibbs for the LB spot will make them both better players, and that can only be a good thing for Arsenal


Should have punched him in the balls when the referee was ‘partially’ watching.


Top man. Im turning gay for this gay.


Yep. Santos is defo one of the good gays in the prem. 😉

Wes Mantooth

This gay will be be playing with the Coq next week…


And long may it continue!

Jack M

Top top man.

International Gooner

what a G!


This is the kind of fire the team has needed for some time. A teammate who sees his mates being bullied and is willing to even the score.

“Someone had to be hard on him, put him in his place. Someone had to say something to him because he was doing what he wanted, and that’s not how things work.”

He constantly gets criticism from television commentators about his “lack of defense” and him being a “liability” to Arsenal. Players who don’t fight for their teammates are liabilities.

The Cuddly Maverick is a-okay in my book. Lindo maravilhoso!


Totally agree. Love players that “set the tone” and let opposing players know they won’t get away with being dirty. And even if I didn’t agree, you still get a thumbs up because you have the best name ever


Hah! Thank you! It’s a nod to the FIFA players out there… and I hope “it” finds its way into FIFA13.


It better be. What’s best is when you say it and realize your playing with gibbs.

ud gunner

Boy, I like this guy for this. He won’t allowed our players to be bullied again becauase those wild guys will know that there is a certain Santos to even matters. The “Big Brother” of the team. Welcome.

Adam, Watford

He is fast becoming a favourite for me. I have a very good feeling about this collection of players if this is representitive of the mood in the dressing room.

Don’t mess with Arsenal or Santos will mess with you !

Cygan's Third Leg

This is the kind of gay I want to have at the back.


u mean, up your back…?


Now that we have our top gay and our Coq back, things are going to get really fun .


One of the local sports channels here in NYC replays the arsenal matches on thursday nights (don’t know why, but I’m not arguing as I couldn’t watch on Wed). There was one passage of play in the first half where RVP plays some one two on the left with Ramsey and ends up on the left just outside the box. He squares the ball into the box and who is located centrally about 12 yards out to receive the pass and shoot on goal? “Left Back” Andre Santos of course!! Why can’t he back up RVP instead of Chamakh?

Red Cannon

Because if we played him as a striker he’d be camped out 30 meters in the stands past the goal where we were trying to score.

Rectum Spectrum



Which local channel? Not fox sports, right? I only ask because that way I can catch up on my Arse fixation without resorting to streams unfit for human eyes.


I assume he means YES Network


Cult hero status already, unbelievably likeable gay!


The Brazilian Godzilian

……..Ok I know it was crap but work with me on this……..


My favourite gay :->


I’d rather he focused on defending than kicking Balotelli up the arse and conceding a free kick from which we lose the game. Typically Arsenal player, more concerned with his ego than doing what he’s paid to do.


What are you an espn pundit?

Old man grape

Sorry, did I miss something?
We lost game?
You seem more concerned with fiction than faction 🙂


I live on planet Pete and I agree – our squad performance is shambolic!! We have only managed to get 27 out a possible 30 points in out last 10 games. This is not good enough. It doesn’t matter if it is the best results in the Prem – it is not perfect.
How dare Santos, show character at a time of crisis. Black bin bags in. Wenger Out. Santos Out. Rice Out. Gunersaurus Out


Why the fuck would we through gunnersaurus out?!?!? ridiculous statement.


Frog, is is so unlike you to miss the intent. Or maybe its me missing yours. Still laughing my head off at Pete though.

sat·ire   [sat-ahyuhr]
1. the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.
2. a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule.


Isn’t Pete actually Lee Morgan’s mother? I remember reading about the family on one of our earlier stories a week ago. There had to be a troll on here. It’s like they lend balance to the universe, only they don’t and are too pig headed to understand. And that is doing pigs a disservice.

Midfield Corporal

I remember the day they discovered Gunnersaurus under the old North Bank, that was a great day in our history.


Ya, I got it. I was kidding.


Damn you Frog, you out-satired me. 🙂


Got to agree. Gunnersaurus out. When was the last time he scored? Contributes less goals than Park.

He is just taking up wage money and a squad position.

Sure at his age he ads experience and a little fear factor but now Santos is enforcing the law we dont need him.


You must be Tony Gale in disguise


I detect 5pud2 in the area….


Naaaah, you’d notice the smell of piss if there was…. *sniffs*


Paul Walsh bummer


Tony Gale, I mean. Poor Gunnersaurus – he knows more about football than most…


He’d get in the Spurs team


What a Gay!! Onky this gay could have given that gay so much 😉


Santos though is a little bit liability in his defensive position, but he is a top player. he likes to steal the ball from opponents just like what AC and GC did in the past. I hope he can be converted to left-sided midfielder because i think he is better in this position and i love his samba style of football.


“Someone had to say something to him because he was doing what he wanted, and that’s not how things work”
Is someone else reading these lines with the voice of the Godfather as well?

Kenyan goon

Can sam1 please explain the gay jokes. Thanks.


It started on twitter, Andre said something along the lines of “have a great day gays” so now whenever we say guy, refering to Santos, it’s changed to gay.


Beat me to it!


Santos made a mistake on Twitter. Meant to write “guys,” but typed “gays” instead:


Sure. But first can you explain what sam1 means, Or why you would chose to not just type the correct word.


He was asking me, but you gays beat me to it…


@Kenyan goon,

It was a mistake in typing. He meant to say guy but typed gay. It’s been down hill in the jokes from that point forward.


Let us not forget that Song also stood up for Van Persie in the game against Wolves after Richard Stearman (defender) rammed him down off the ball.

It is truly exciting times to be an Arsenal fan!

Ace McGoldrick

He did and then Tony Gale nearly burst a blood vessel saying it was nothing to do with him.


That’s because in his spare time Tony Gale likes to eats the cheese off dead tramps bell ends. The guy is completely anti Arsenal and a total c**t.


thats the kind of ” you dont fuck with us” attitude the invicibles had, its somewhat been lost since but these guys seem to have rediscovered it!

Adam, Watford

I don’t know about some people’s keyboards but my ‘ a ‘ key is not next tp the ‘ u ‘ key.
Is it possible to check your spelling when wanting to use the word ‘ guy ‘ ?

Sorry, what was that ? Oh, I see, you actually meant to type the word ‘ gay ‘ . How very disappointing. I am so sorry, I didn’t know.

Adam, Watford

typo alert : ‘ my ‘ a ‘ key is not next tp the ‘ u ‘ key ‘
should read

‘ my ‘ a ‘ key is not next to he ‘ u ‘ key. ‘

This is obviously a deliberate mistake . . . ahem.


Shrugs shoulders and walks away………

Rad Carrot

Do you have someone looking after you, Adam from Watford?

Rectum Spectrum

Some gay pops in from time to time…


Top man! I love it! Just like Joey (the cunt) Barton, someone needs to put him in his place. Doesn’t mean we want to purposely do anyone an injury, just means come in on a clean tackle, flatten the man and tell to STFU and get up.

Andrea should be the spokesman for Arsenal cause every time we hear from him we love him more.


We all know Marios place, fighting for the league title.


Nope. Actually Mario’s place is sitting in the corner while the non-suspended members of man city launch a last gasp (yet inevitably doomed) attempt at the league title.


@ Kenyan goon. AS had a hilarious tweet a while back that said something like “hello gays” instead of “hello guys”. Note the unfortunate spelling error due to his poor english.

Kenyan goon

Ok, i get it. Haha. Thanx gays!


After seeing Arsenal kicked and bullied around for the last few years, it feels great to have some enforcers in there that will push back against the Stokes and other physically reliant teams or players. Keep it up Andre!

Old man grape

Andreas Santos lebowski?


Someone needed to put that Balotelli gay in his place!


Great feelin 4 dis gay


Santos is just another coksuka like Balotelli, who thinks they can do anything they want. This just proves nothing but that fact and the fact your a joke., well done Arseholeenal for you just keep inbreeding young and pathetic ego’s. you have nothing to shout about, other than a past achievement achieved by past players who no longer play or play for you. Your a joke, this just proves your a joke, you’re even more arrogant than United fans and that is an incredible feat alone. With a bit of luck Spurs will beat you to second place, despite the… Read more »

Glory Hunter

Beat us to 2nd place???
The defeat at the Emirates has turned you senile.


2nd place? Oh, well. Typical glory hunter.


Horrible. The above reply was aimed to @CityBlue cunt.


mmmm. sweet arrogance.
guess thats why me and the arse are a match “made in heaven”

we are the arsenal, we are the best,
we are the arsenal, so fuck off the rest

H.P. Arsecraft

So you think that Chitty will finish fourth or outside the CL spots? Spuds second and the Arsenal third. With that kind of intelligence and self-awareness you must be that moneygrabbing cunt I keep hearing about. I tried to figure out who you were, (I do like cunts and was exited to see you if you were brazilian), when The Arsenal beat the shit out of chitty. I could not find you! Then someone told me that you were indeed invisible and mostly sat on the bench and thereby becoming a smellier cunt to attract the elusive Ball`s Balloon or… Read more »


‘well done Arseholeenal for you just keep inbreeding young and pathetic ego’s.’

Who you then spunk millions of pounds on. Who’s the joke now?

Old man grape

woke up on the wrong blog and spewed all over his keyboard.
poor lad


Man City will always be the comedy act in the Premier League Variety Show. This season you had a brilliant double act in Mario “I don’t give a shit about the team, just me” Balotelli, and Carlos “I just want out of here” Tevez. Throughout its history City have always been able to produce the best laughs, the difference this year is that they will also be the most expensive. Somehow you have managed to fail to win the league despite dropping just two points at home all season and thrashing your only rivals 6-1 at their place. You have… Read more »


Not enough good gays there… surprising, since the club’s name is Man City.


Listen, cityblueoysterbarn, son…

You spent 200 million and won fuck all. We bought Park and still feel we’ve achieved more. Now jog the fuck on.


Guy’s ignore the cunt he’ll soon slither off somewhere else.


You need a girlfriend. Try eHarmony.


Ooh, we’ve been joined by haters!!! Oh dear @cityblues, don’t you have your own blogsites to patronise?? It’s a bit of a pointless exercise coming here to declare your hatred for our club. Jog on…you still have to post on Man U and Tottenham sites….busy night for you…


Andre Santos aka the custodian, love that gay.


fuck u, u fucken motherfucker cityblue!

[…] saw this posted on Arseblog, from ESPN Brasil: Speaking to ESPN Brasil, he said, “In the first half Balotelli almost broke Song’s leg, than […]


There’s something about this Arsenal team that I adore, the willingness to fight for each other and stand up against the c*nthammers of the premier league (essentially every other team). From Vermaelen giving his stare of death while shepherding off Van Persie from the Newcastle rabble, to Alex Song standing up and having a few words with Richard Stearmann in the Wolves game, it seems there’s a lot more unity. As if its an offense to them when another of their team mates gets ‘bullied’ – a real “all-for-one and one-for-all attitude” which i just cannot get enough of! Hoping… Read more »

The Rookie

Very interesting player. Unconventional as hell. Does crap on the field that really makes you wonder, confidently and concerningly turns his back on play frequently, and is kind of fat. But a really effective player. Perfect Arsenal player because of his attacking abilities which exceed those of either Gibbs or Clichy. Looks like a guy who has achieved his success through experience and loves to play. Fun to watch. Important to have someone like Arteta around him.


I hate santos…this gay guy. I dont think he ranted at balotellis’ face, i think he said to him “shut up and meet me later in the locker room”.



Shouldn’t that read ‘CHAV’?


It’s basque for “chav.”


Oh, John Terry, awfully nice to see you back.

Fivehead's foreskin

Shitteh Blue shitcunt remember this?

Suck on it.



I will admit it. Reading those quotes got me hard.


When he retires, I want him to become the president of the FA.


Won’t happen. He has a brain that functions normally, courage to stand up for what’s ‘right’ and numerous other qualities that don’t translate into being a cunt. With the way the FA is run, it’ll sooner be Tony Pubis or Na$ri.


Oh wow, i REALLY like this guy. I don’t do names on shirts usually, but i’m seriously considering getting a Santos one next season!


Was thinking the same thing. But not if Nike give us that abomination with the black bits that’s been doing the rounds


I’ve been considering for a while too, was waiting to see how he’d do after coming back from injury.

His attitude has convinced me to go for it!



If we sign Vertongen then this crazy motherfucker can play left wing. Would pay to see that!!


Or back-up to van persie!

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