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Wenger: let’s help referees

Arsene Wenger says the introduction of video evidence is long overdue and will only serve to help referees. Despite the reluctance on the part of the governing bodies to make use of technology, the Arsenal boss believes the inherent conversatism in the game is now a real hindrance.

Speaking at his pre-Wigan press conference, the boss said, “Football is the first sport in the world today but we have to accept we have the most conservative approach to the game, more than any other sport, It can be a strength but on the refereeing side, I think it is a weakness.

“It is time for us to help referees and finally opt for video technology. Video will help the referees not to have their authority questioned, it will give them more credit, more authority and less mistakes.”

And Wenger was not holding any truck with those who suggest video technology will slow the game down.

“Instant video replays on the demand of the referee. It would not stop the game — it would sometimes give a bigger flow to the game. Why? Because if I am a linesman and an offside situation is a 50-50, I am tempted to stop the game. If I know I have a video behind me, I am tempted to let the game go if I am convinced it is a real 50-50.

“It would improve the flow of the game because you could then check afterwards. Referees talk to players sometimes telling them ‘look, next time, I will have to punish you’. That stops the game. Or goalkeepers who take 30 seconds or a minute to take a goal kick, that stops the game.”

As well as using the technology available to all of us, the manager would like to see an improvement in the standard of refereeing and wants the FA to increase the number of referees in its select group.

“I believe that maybe we need to promote young talent that comes to the game,” he said. “The higher the basis is quantity-wise, the more chances we have to produce top level referees.

“We need to think about how we can promote young talent because it is a difficult job. There should be many more in the Select Group.”

All of which makes absolute sense, whether you’re a football person or not, so you can be pretty sure that none of it will happen because the people in charge are dinosaurial luddites who grow fat on fine food and wine with the money they siphon out of the game.

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Refs don’t help themselves by being spineless little fuckers. They show no consistency and constantly shy away from problems.T hen you have the opposite and refs that just love the power. I dont know how some of these people ever make it to reffing games in the best league in the world.

Runcorn Gooner

I still cannot get over the fact that an official saw Song’s leg almost being broken and decided it was ok plus 2 linesman in line with play fail to see 3
clear offsides.Absolute mockery.They should put promotion and relegation for
officials in place because I sure that standards have dropped.Whilst some players notably Suarez and Young make it harder for a referee I think that
refs should take a few seconds to think about a decision unlike Quick Draw Lee Mason at Man U (He was also awful at Everton v Arsenal a few weeks ago)


Someone needs to establish RSPCR (Royal society for the prevention of cruelty to referees). Save our refs! Over 3 refs every weekend get abuse for making shocking (but understandable) decisions because of lack of support from the FA. You can help by donating one pound a month and you’ll get your very own Martin Atkinson doll…


Like it! 🙂


I hope the recent increase in critisism directed at the FA and some blatantly bad refereeing will actually have some sort of an influence on them. I doubt the FA can function as they have been if they’re getting shit on everyday by every media outlet, there must be something good that comes out of this. Even the fact that the Wigan-Chelsea ref got sacked is absolutely a step in the right direction and bodes well for the possibility of some positive change.


It REALLY is about time the officials where put in a position where they are unable to put their collective head in the sand about how low the standards have sunk with regards officiating.
Lets hope it expands from the FA out to FIFA/UEFA also.


I agree that technology is needed but not so sure it wouldn’t slow the game down a bit more. And if I am being honest, a poor offsides decision or a ball that looked to have crossed the line but didn’t get called a goal or a handball in the box that prevents a goal can add to the drama of the game. In situations where a player’s well being is at risk though, I feel it is necessary for video technology. Although if we are on the poor end of any of those calls, then video technology is 100%… Read more »


so what you saying is it is okay for people to get cheated out, as long entertainment is there. come on that is just silly

Andy Mack

The FA will use MUFC TV facilities whilst UEFA will use Barcalona TV facilities…..;-D

Henry's beard

Nice little dig at Tim Krul there. Oh Wenger you scallywag!

josh Gooner

‘Let’s help the referees, cos they’re fuck!ng shit!


Video tech would be great but what if the ref is masimo bucasa or some other cunt.


The problem is deeper than that of just video replays… it is essentially a lack of respect for referees fullstop (whether they have made a mistake or not). Football needs to adopt the rugby approach to reffing.. if you get too close, you say something out of line, you moan, you do something that essentially undermines the man in black – you are in the sin-bin for 5 / 10 minutes. The amount of time it takes for a ref to shoe players away, speak to the supposed offender, get a medic on the pitch etc etc etc.. the 4th… Read more »


Refs also need to be 100% impartial. Then, perhaps, players etc may start respecting them more.
As it stands that may be a bit of a ‘big ask’ though.


Putting aside that Wenger is right: The perfect balance is between video assistance that let’s the refs take a second look at contentious incidents but preserves the flow of the game… …I am going to take a pen and jam it in the eye of the next whinging fuckface who complains that a referee should be decapitated because they didn’t use their godlike psychic powers to see every incident on the pitch from every angle. Newsflash: The reason you didn’t get all three points in the game isn’t because Mike Dean is taking brown envelopes from Alex Ferguson, it’s because… Read more »


Err, Louis Saha miles offside and allowed to score a goal last season? RVP red carded against Barca for kicking the ball 1 second after the whistle was blown for offside? Ashley Young’s pike followed by a half twist to get Derry red carded? Sometimes it has nothing to do with how well you play. If the ref decides to side with the other team, you might as well be playing against 15 rather than 11. You cannot simply play if the ref allows the opponents to grab Szcz in a headlock, throw him to the ground, then he give… Read more »


WAAAHH!! Saha was offside! We should’a won that game 2-0 instead of 2-1. WAAAH!

Was he more offside than Drenthe was in the same fixture the other month?


You whinging git.


I could never blame an official for something marginal that, at full speed, could be missed. The point of my argument is that officials sometimes make decisions – like the Saha offside goal – that they can never justify. The formal response from the FA/UEFA/FIFA is to threating managers and clubs with financial sanctions if they dare ask a question about the desicions. You need to pull your head out of your arse and smell the reality that if a ref does set out to be biased, there is nothing that can be done about it and he can make… Read more »


Oh yeah, every week referees get up and think “Today, I’m going to fuck over Wigan because… hell, just because I can.” Do me a favour.

I’m going to need you to provide me actual evidence of any referee displaying this bias you speak of… unless to you “bias” means “made decisions I didn’t agree with”, in which case, never mind.

Old man grape


referee’s son?


Your comment is simply retarded tamck. Newsflash: refereeing this season has been horrendous, have you seen any of the hundreds of decisions that have fucked us over on a regular basis? Yea I guess we deserved to get penalised because Bale is a great diver or maybe we just don’t deserve to get blatant penalties since the refs are always right and cannot be questioned. I guess we’re all just whiney bitches for complaining about unfair calls that influence our team negatively while ManU is consistently benefiting from the same poor calls. You’re the only fuckface here that needs to… Read more »


I’ve seen them, I just don’t give a fuck.

Because I know in the long run teams win games because they play good football, not because referees are incompetent and corrupt.

And also because I’m not a moaning child.

Old man grape

@TAMCK you’re not a moaning child, you are an angry one. good job shouting down someone with a very valid point. corruption exists on a very large scale in world football and the best way to deal with it locally is to try and achieve as much transparency and accountability as possible. if you think its all hot air. maybe you should read up about the massive Italian scandal just before they won the world cup. or find out how marseille won so much 30 years ago. or maybe ask why a Brazilian ref that had been banned twice for… Read more »


If you don’t give a fuck then why have you been blathering on about your dumbass perspective this whole time. You deffinitely are a moaning child, seeing as how your angrily complaining about others complaints haha. If you had the ability to analyze your own statements you would just shut up and fuck off, unfortunately for the world, you don’t. Hence is the reason everyone in your life hates you. Think before you speak or shut the fuck up. I don’t care that you’re 12 years old, someone needs to tell you these things, obviously your parents are neglecting their… Read more »


‘I’ve seen them, I just don’t give a fuck.’

‘ I’m not a moaning child.’

Very mature response to important questions.

BTW are you actually even interested in football or just trying to prove what a brainless cunt you are?

Good Omens

As an ex soldier..believe me unfortunately they would include him and his type in those that give the orders. Think F.A you’ve got MOD.


“good job shouting down someone with a very valid point.” What, with my 10 word reply? What exactly is his valid point? Can anyone show me any concrete evidence of systematic corruption in the EPL? Show me the stats that show Arsenal have been done out of more points than any other team. Show me how the refs have basically handed Man U more matches than their nearest rivals? Do you lot have anything beyond “Oh that player dived in the box and the ref didnt give it, therefore Fergie’s probably paying him off”? Didn’t think so. You’ve got nothing… Read more »


Look at the decisions table, Arsenal and Liverpool are tide for the most against, but it World not change the table.

I have to say, in a game where One decision Can change the outcome -Refs should use video to get it Right


I think we can all agree that Bacary Sagna would be the best referee of all time.


There wont be video tech introduced into football until Blatter and his cronies are long gone. Corruption is rife, referees are bought (Busaca is now head of the UEFA refs???) and video evidence and post match analysis would highlight some very disturbing occurrences that Fifa and UEFA would rather not have to explain. The FA could independently introduce it. but i guarantee they have been warned off it, with threats about never hosting another tournament or Euro cup final.
If you don’t think there is corruption, please explain to me the merits of Russia and QATAR, host a WC.


Russia is the biggest country in the world with a decent domestic league so whats wrong with them getting it? some people are really up their own ass

[…] it down any more than your common Tim Krul taking 45 seconds each time there’s a goal kick. He said: It would not stop the game — it would sometimes give a bigger flow to the game. Why? Because if […]


I’m back mo’fos, now who should i tick off first?, anyone?


Due to unavoidable circumstances, howard webb (THE 12th guy on the pitch) won’t be available for the villa game. Good luck cunts!

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