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Wenger: Gervinho 80% likely to make Wigan squad

Arsene Wenger has confirmed that both Kieran Gibbs and Gervinho could return to the Arsenal squad for Monday’s clash with Wigan and that the rest of his squad escaped from Wednesday’s win over without any new injuries.

Giving an update on the health of his team to the Arsenal website, Wenger revealed:

“From the Wolves game, no. We have the usual bumps and bruises after a game of that intensity, but overall no I don’t think anybody has a problem.

“There is a possibility for Gibbs [to play against Wigan]. It is 50:50 that he will be available again. He is improving day to day and has been practising but not with the team.

“Gervinho is a strong possibility to face Wigan, he is 80:20.”

In further positive news, the boss also confirmed that Francis Coquelin, who has been nursing a hamstring problem, and Abou Diaby, who has been nursing a Diaby problem, would likely return to first team training next week.

“Diaby will not play against Wigan. He is alright though. Diaby and Coquelin will come back into the squad next week for full training.”

With three days of training before our next match, let’s hope nobody limps out of action due to some London Colney shenanigans.

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Would be nice to see Mr. G. Vinho go on a run of form before the end of the season and get a couple of goals under his belt.


It would be nicer to see him get a bloody haircut.

Eric Irish gunner

No way could you imagine the size of the forehead then


“Gervinho 80% likely to make Wigan squad”

Did I miss a loan move


‘A Diaby problem’
Its so saddening!


Diaby problem – combination of every possible injury you could suffer to your leg occurring either simultaneously or one immediately following the other.
Fear not though, we can rebuild him! We have the technology!

why is my name required

i hope Gervinho doesn’t turn into Arshavin version 2.0. We need him to be the guy which helped lille become champions


Completely different player to Arshavin (who was never really suited for our style on the wings). Gervinho is hard working extremely pacey and very direct, he has had a bad 2012 so far due to the ACON but I see him making a turnaround pretty soon.


Also, he’s a Gunner through and through.

Pat Rice's Reactions Lenses

Man I love Coq!!

Wes Mantooth

Can’t wait to see the gay playing with the Coq again.


Of all this comebacks, i welcome gibbs’ the most. Santos for me is so full of himself and his confident level on the ball betrays his performance. I want a l.b with a cool head on his shoulder and that’s gibbs.


He always seems pretty down to earth to me, even when his fitness isnt at its peak he runs his arse off and contributes extremely well in attack. Sure his defensive performances have lacked at times but I would say he has had more good games than bad. Give him a chance, he was looking very solid before his injury and has only just come back.


what a load of bollocks,on what basis are you even making those comments? Stop listening to commentators hating on arsenal players they are usually just grumpy bastards who for some reason or the other have a grudge against arsenal. Santos is NOT a bad defender, its his FIRST season in the english league and he’s done a fucking exceptional job setteling in so well, not to mention the obvious work hes done on his fitness and weight trimming. Don’t say things that make you look like a complete tool!

Lord Teddy Ears

You speak the truth Goonero I feel the arse is strong in you padwan !!!!


I have absolutely no idea what you’re going on about? Andre Santos was tired after the 1st 15 minutes of the Wolves game, but he ran his ass off for 92 odd minutes. Defensively it wasnt his best performance, but that it was his first start since his injury, and because Gibbs wasnt available for selection, I think Santos could have easily slacked off in both attacking and defending to preserve his energy, but he ran from the 1st minute to the last. Did anyone else notice that attempted shoulder pass that Santos did, that failed? The only other player… Read more »

Rad Carrot

I like Gervinho, he adds a certain quality down the left side. His decision making needs to improve but I’d like to see an extended run of him on the left in front of Gibbs, we haven’t seen much of that this season. For a player learning the pace of the Premiership he’s done alright, but I expect more from him next season.

Henry's beard



If Gervinho learns how to hit the back of the net on a consistent basis people will love him, ATM I would have rather kept eboue, he pose to be playing really well ATM


eboue was never a bad player, he was a top quality right back, just not a right sided midfielder arsene wanted him to be, Gervinho’s got pace and acceleration to take him past people as well as decent dribbling, he’d be a fucking tank if he could finish and improve his final ball.


Really? You would rather have a semi-competent RB then the Forehead? Thats like saying i’ll take wayne bridge over aaron lennon. Silly

Lord Teddy Ears

Thats nonsense ilya !!!

Old man grape

reason for comparing the two???

master floda

i wouldn’t mind yossi starting against wigan, he had two excellent performances and works hard in defense, which is important if santos plays at left back. he has his weaknesses defending and needs support. though we can’t expect a player to come back from a long term injury as good as new (except sagna, who is simply awsome), the more games he gets, the better he will play.


I would like to see Yossi for the run in (obviously minus Chelsea) he is exactly the sort we need on the pitch in these last few fixtures. He keeps a cool head and knows exactly what to do in tense games.


I like Gervinho. He can’t hit a barn door with a banjo but he does make things happen. He will be a welcome addition to the squad. I would like to see him start ahead of Ramsey: neither can score a goal, but the Forehead’s passing and pace makes him a better option than the Welsh net-misser.

By the way: I just hope they don’t underestimate Wigan: that win over Man United was no fluke – if we don’t give it 100% then we will drop points.

Rad Carrot

Agreed. Wigan are a dangerous team, I’d rate our next game as the second hardest we’ve got left, just below the Chelsea game but above Pulis’ bullies. I just hope they don’t underestimate them like they did QPR. If they set their stall out to attack straight off and get a couple of early goals, then we should be fine. Still maintain Ramsey is a good player, but we do need a proper winger on that side – it’s amazing what we missed when we had all four full backs out, so to not be playing with two true wingers… Read more »


if anything, the fullbacks allow for Wenger to put Ramsey on the wing, because Gibbs/Santos have the fitness to provide width the whole game. If you’ve noticed when Ramsey is out on the left, he almost always receives the ball and cuts in. He’s able to do this because Gibbs/Santos is overlapping providing an option down the left wing.

Rad Carrot

Right, but that’s like saying that as long as Walcott is on the right wing, he doesn’t need Bacary.

Ramsey cutting in is no problem essentially, but we still need these crosses coming in. His play on the left hasn’t worked, saying nothing against the lad, but I miss the crossovers between Gerv and Theo, when they’d swap sides and the opposition would shit their pants.


Sigh – I agree with FatGooner again. Damn you FatGooner, damn you.


Gervinho – 80% more forehead than anyone else.


Harsh, but fair.


He should score more headers. Just saying. 🙂

Cynical Cunt

This Diaby thing is ridiculous. The Anderton, Hargreaves, Dyer hybrid


Trite comment


What do you expect from a cynical cunt?

Rectum Spectrum

where’s the ox?! thought we’d see a lot more of him.

gevinho is a good player, room for improvement but a) its his first season and
b) the ACON hit him hard


Good point. If we are not winning by the 70th minute on Monday then I would like to see the Ox make an appearance. We’ve got a terrific young player, we should be using him more.

Rad Carrot

I think Wenger is trying to make sure the Ox doesn’t go the same way as Jack – overplayed then injured. I’m literally creaming my pants thinking about those two playing together next season – I’d say the Ox could move into centre-field, and we just need to get another winger, like [insert overhyped and overpriced douchebag name here].

Seriously. I’ve creamed my pants. They’re hardening now. Send help.

Tony Soprano

Can d real gervinho pls score some goals dis weekend. N ramsey too. I trust dis team. They will be champions soon

Rectum Spectrum

hey Tony – we speak english on this blog.


Sometimes its a struggle to read txt speak. Give us more words and less txt abbreviations.


But guyz seriously, if ramsey starts in the wigan game i might as well catch the game on cartoon network. Coz that guy is a complete and utter joke.


Xav must have become an arsenal fan this year, sounds like he missed pre-injury ramsey…or he’s just one of the many arsenal ‘fans’ who like to dismiss players after a few poor games. In reality these kinds of people are the complete and utter joke

Rad Carrot

Yeah, those passes he did on Wednesday were utter bollocks, weren’t they? Even though they split the defence open time and time again. And how dare he come in from the left and score against Marseille, I mean, haven’t celebrities been punished enough?

God. He’s so rubbish, you’d have thought that he was young and had his foot separated from his leg.



Hey, douchebag! above, i said “start” he might even come on on the 5th minute but please dont let him start…so stop lecturing me on my allegience to arsenal, i’m a gooner through and through.


Ramsey is a “complete and utter joke” eh? 21 year old captain of Wales national squad a season removed from a horrific leg break? Yeah, clearly he’s rubbish, a little perspective would be nice.


What a complete and utter clot.

Clearly wasting a substitution just so Ramsey doesn’t get the satisfaction of starting is a good idea.


he’s not lecturing you, he’s just telling you to fuck off.

and he wont be the last if you keep up will that nonsense.


I hate americans


Wow! He’s the captain?, just goes to show how deluded the entire wales team is!


Don’t be bitter just because Bale didn’t make captain, buddy.


Hey, camila i think my name suits you quite well!


Thats like saying “My name is FatCunt, i’m a giant faggot like Xav, now I’m gonna project my negative self-image on Camilla… because she is a female.” Some people are truly shit, unfortunately those people have the internet and when they’re not abusing their bodys, they come here to air their dumbass points of view in hope that someone will tell them how obnoxious and pathetically stupid they are, this gives them a sick sense of relevance that they can’t have in the real world…and the cycle continues. Trust me, the above statements are fact, I am a doctor


Agreed. FC = tired case of Troll-hausen Syndrome with a nasty infected Oedipal mysoginy don’t you reckon Doc Ilya?

Rad Carrot

I wish that the Government would impose an internet regulation whereby it states the age of the person posting any comment. YouTube would go silent, and this fucking waste of space would go back to sucking dick.


FatCunt? More like Sam Allardyce to me


Hey doc, now what did i do??, where did i come in in all this?, but i have to admit you were really describing me until the “abusing themselves”part. Well done.


Lol Tomc, I know this isn’t very professional coming from a doctor, but I could totally see him wanting to fuck his own mother, the inbred prick. Should be FatCunt complex instead of oedipus haha. Xav, I like your reponse but be honest we all do a little self-flaggelating once in a while, its just some (ex. FatCunt) make it a competitive sport


Clearly you are a gynaecologist. Lol


No way, I’m just a humble psychologist specializing in deviant behavior and therapy for emotionally stunted man-boys, couldn’t imagine staring at a bunch of old vaginas all day long, gynos must be true perverts. I wanted to be a psychiatrist but they told me writing perscriptions solely for one-self is not good business


I’m starting to like you doc.



Rad Carrot

You guys are like HeavyRiff, that fucking twat from Kent who claims he’s a Man City supporter.

If you’re not committed to the Arsenal, you can go away now.

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