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Wolves 0-3 Arsenal: By the Numbers

827 – Passes attempted by Arsenal
745 – Passes completed by Arsenal
626 – Passes attempted by Barcelona v. AC Milan
549 – Passes completed by Barcelona v. AC Milan
103 – Passes attempted by Bacary Sagna*
95 – Passes completed by Bacary Sagna*
100 – Passes attempted by Allez Song
90 – Passes completed by Allez Song
98 – Passes attempted by Mikel Arteta
92 – Passes completed by Mikel Arteta
97 – Passes attempted by Andre Santos
85 – Passes completed by Andre Santos
48 – Percent of Arsenal’s passes attempted by Sagna, Santos, Song, and Arteta
24 – Percent of Arsenal’s passes played by Santos and Sagna
100 – Percent chance that Arsenal REALLY missed having wing-backs during the month of January

223 – Passes attempted by Arsenal in the Wolves final third
179 – Passes completed by Arsenal in the Wolves final third
190 – Passes attempted by Barcelona in the AC Milan final third
152 – Passes completed by Barcelona in the AC Milan final third
235 – Passes completed by Wolves
68 – Passes attempted by Wolves in the Arsenal final third
37 – Passes completed by Wolves in the Arsenal final third
30 – Passes completed by Aaron Ramsey in the Wolves final third*
6 – Passes completed by Michael Kightly in the Arsenal final third**
18 – Crosses attempted by Wolves
12 – Number of those crosses by Jarvis and Kightly
2 – Number of those crosses that Jarvis completed successfully
1 – Number of those crosses that Kightly completed successfully
0 – Shots on goal managed by Manchester City v. Arsenal
2 – Shots on goal managed by Wolves v. Arsenal
1 – Brilliant saves by Szczesny to keep Arsenal in the match and keep the clean sheet
4 – Long balls attempted by Szczesny
23 – Long balls attempted by Wayne Hennessey*
8 – Accurate long balls by Wayne Hennessey
11 – Accurate long balls by Mikel Arteta* (of 12 attempted)
8 – Interceptions by Ronald Zubar*
4 – Interceptions by Thomas Vermaelen**
3 – Blocks by Johan Djourou*
5 – Aerial duels won by Djourou* (of 6 attempted)
3 – Fouls called on Kevin Doyle*
8 – Fouls called on Wolves by referee Neil Swarbrick
3 – Number of penalties Swarbrick probably could have awarded Arsenal if he wanted

I’m just going to leave this here and let you figure out what it means

My Amazing Career By Captain R.v.Persie

129 – Career goals for Arsenal by Robin van Persie (all records below are for all competitions unless otherwise noted)
8 – Seasons that Robin van Persie has been with Arsenal
16 – Goals per season average for Robin van Persie
12 – Goals per season average for Robin van Persie’s first six years at Arsenal
28 – Goals per season average since 2010-2011
56 – Goals by Robin van Persie since the start of the 2010-2011 season
55 – Goals by Robin van Persie since 1 January 2011
34 – Goals scored by Robin van Persie so far this season
43 – Percent of his career goals that Robin van Persie has scored since 1 January 2011
26 – Percent of his career goals that Robin van Persie has scored this season
0 – Percent chance that it was horse placenta that turned his career around


More of this type of stuff plus other insanity over at 7amkickoff.com and on twitter @7amkickoff

*Led all players in this category
**Led his team in this category

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Fuck barcelona…
that is all.

Old man grape

which one is supposed to be wolves? barca or AC milan?

Midfield Corporal

7am, just wondering if you could clarify what constitutes a ‘shot on goal’. Cheers mate 😉


I think that they set up the system in a such a way that GOALS=Shots on goal – saves


But what are saves? Is a goal line clearance a save? Is a block from 4 yards out a save? Was the Vermaelen shoulder block to Van Persie’s header vs City a save? Is it a save if the GK “saves” it but it was going out?

Never thought I’d be questioning what a save is 😀

Jim S

Saves are only saves by the goalie for shots where teh ball would have been between the posts. Anything wider tha goalie saves is not a shot on goal or save. Any defensive player goal line clearance and blocks are not shot on goal. For example. RVP’s header that hit vermalean and then hit the crossbar was not a shot on goal. It would be listed as a shot, but not on goal. When figuero cleared the chelsea shot off the line, it’s not a shot on goal, just a shot. That’s why there is always a confusion between shots… Read more »

Jim S

Continuing above…. It’s actually the same method used to determine own goals. If the players shot was originally goal bound and it deflects in, the goal is awarded to the offensive player. If the shot was going wide/over and deflects off a defender and in, then it’s an own goal. Own goals are used to describe when a defensive player redirects the ball goalward and into his own net.

Old man grape

ones that don’t go out for a throw-in


I heard the FA has a new rule that they can review shots on goal to make sure the stats are correct. Unless one ref partially sees part of a motion that could be one of shooting. Then they’ll hide behind a wrongly interpreted FIFA rule and make me want to go in studs up into mario’s groin. Two footed of course (one for each ball)… wait what were we discussing?

Good Omens

Quite frankly anything the FA have got their collective grubby mits on we can fuck in the ear. They get whats right , wrong and vice versa. New Rule ? New idiocy.


Horse placenta, aaaaaaah those good old days when Robin used to get injured.


Why the hate?


Jixiest jinxy jinx of all time


5- number of games harry joked he needed to win to finish third.
100% chance he knew sp*rs would finish sixth.


St Toteringham’s day is in sight.

Carson Wells

Is that graph Us vs Man United?


It’s us vs all the teams we’ve played over the last 11 games.


i.e us versus cunts 🙂 except for bolton, gooner all the way through but since jabba the same allardyce left them they’ve I don’t think their cunts, and for nurturing jack and ryo too…


The graph shows number of passes attempted… or completed – it doesn’t say which.


Looking at the previous stats for the wolves game it will be passes in the final 3rd completed.

Old man grape

us v the teams we played at the time

Nabeel Jafri

The graph is us versus the cunts.

Which cunts you ask? I’d say Spurs well because, you know, they are biggest ones.


Unless you have a team with 11 Na$ri’s!


If I ask you who is the best opposing player you’ve ever seen?
I don’t want to hear shit about Danny Blanchflower, they are all “cunts”.
7Am Kickoff is referring to all opposition as cunts. Are you an Arsenal fan?

Master Bates

Glad RvP scored , I was afraid someone would start to posting tweets like “Robin van Persie in the last 5 games has the same number of goals as Manuel Almunia”


only two words i should say…. MIKEL ARTETA


djourou almost had all the headers in the game.the lad did well and he has one more game to prove himself as a decent back up.

The invincible arse

1- Number of Arsenal players in the North London XI , according to some pundits.

9999999999999- Number of humble pies they are going to eat.


The words of Paul Merson really stuck in my bloody throat when he previewed that game we won 5-2 (5 fuckin 2 by the way) against some bunch of useless cunts. Sp*rs are a million miles in front of Arsenal now. His exact words. Now I used to love Merse as a player, absolutely loved him, but he should forever hang his head in shame for uttering such unadulterated shit, and issue a full and frank apology to all Arsenal fans. Oh and the bastard jumped the cab queue after the player of the year do at Ally Pally one… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

Don’t take too much notice of what Merse says, he’s the worse kind of pundit, just talking for the sake of talking. Great player but never the brightest spark.
When you think about what he said, it’s really quite ludicrous. In a 4-5-1, you would say only Bale on left is a definate. Parker over song? No, that’s like choosing Pam St Clement over Natalie Portman.

Old man grape

”Sp*rs are a million miles in front of Arsenal now. His exact words.”

turns out that a million miles is equal to 12 points.

what gap was that spuds?


You’re right Corp and I generally don’t listen to what he says. But that did get right on my wick.

I’ll stick to Keown and Dixon in the future.

Good Omens

Really ashamed to say it but I’ll stick to Neville too…the lad talks some sense, and with fairness. Almost hate myself for liking his insights..but I do.


Read it again mates, an entertaining peace of shit! This Paul Merson is an oracle, an augur.

Barnet Gooner

That pundit had a webchat today, in which I asked what does he now think of that article. And as I guessed before posting, my question was moderated.


Why did u write Alex Song as Allez Song? Anyway, always love this column..


18000: the number of times ‘arry twitched after we scored the third goal.

Master Bates

30 – Passes completed by Aaron Ramsey in the Wolves final third* Ramsey made the MOST number of passes in the final third than any other player on the pitch ,yet people say he can’t make pass and losses the ball so often . Yes the kid needs to speed up his decision making and finishing but he is not useless ,infact he is very useful, that graph shows that we make the most number of passes in the final third and Ramsey has featured in more than 75% of our matches this season Yet peope don’t appreciate him and… Read more »


I remember trying to defend Denilson many years ago based on his stats. Did you know he was our highest ranking OPTA player for 2007-2008? He was also rated the 5th best midfielder in the PL in a season in which several midfielders were playing the best football of their careers (Lampard, Gerrard, Essien, etc.). He was also praised for his 100% pass success rate in a game against West Ham, I believe? So I ask you: Were you defending Denilson like you are Ramsey? Or is it perhaps that we judge players by more than their stats? If all… Read more »

Master Bates

You are already assuming that I see Denilson as a shit player . The thing about numbers is they don’t tell the whole story ,but then again even Statement and experts opinions don’t tell everything. In my post I said people say he can’t make a pass ,or he sucks at passing ,or all of his passes are useless . In that aspect I can use numbers and they’s fudging tell the whole story . You say he is careless passes ,I’ll show that h most of his passes reached the intended player buy COUNTING!!!! The league is decided is… Read more »

Master Bates

Sorry I can’t find OPTA stats to measure their attitude and mental strength. But Numbers can end a debate on his passing .


Youssi and Rocisky over Ramsey to START …key word START in important games.
Games like wolves , sure why not ,,to appease the Ramsey appologists, so they can spit out more positive stats, If RAMSEY is thrown in the 70th, once we have a rhythm going with Arteta/Rosicky sorting out the midfield, thats fine as well. Sorry in advance if im not doing the usual chest thumping/get behind your players routine, theres enough cheerleaders in here for that.

Master Bates

Don’t , Don’t call us Ramsey apologists , that’s makes us Arsenal Apologists , Rosicky Apologists last season (when everyone wanted him out) , We just like Arsenal players ,especially if they play a lot (he’s started more matches than Rosicky this season), Don’t make this a Rosicky vs Ramsey . Rosicky wins . we just appreciate him.I remember Ramsey started many difficult games before Rosicky found his form ,Infact he started ALL GAMES ,were you a Rosicky apologist when when we hammered Chelsea ? Sorry in advance for not being an ‘objective’ fan, I think it’s an oxymoron ,… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

I seem to remember a certain Spanish midfielder struggling in front of goal for a while as well, his finishing came good in the end, and as for everything else he’s accused of, there’s a severe lack of scapegoats since players have started actually pulling their weight so Rambo gets the short end of the stick.

Old man grape

if you’ve seen the movie you know Rambo wins in the end!

….or gets fat and has loads of plastic surgery.. can’t remember which.


Agreed, Mr. Swiveller. The fact that Ramsey being a bit average is allegedly Arsenal’s most serious problem right now reflects very well on where the team is.


Always believed in Arteta. Still not convinced on Rambo being a starter for us NOW, but believe he will be ready soon enough. Needs more time. Seems much less confidence when it counts, but then too confident sometimes in doing silly tricks.


Okay, let’s all stop with the “toughest league in the world” please.

Once Ramsey starts finishing all the chances he grabs, he’ll easily score 20 goals a season.

Master Bates

Hope Fernando Ramsey starts scoring ,he gets so much stick for not finishing his chances but never gets praises for even getting in those situations , Ramsey attempts so many shots you’d think he is a striker ,Get him in the game even in the last 5 minutes ,He’ll get him in a scoring position(and shoot at the fans) .

Hope he fixes we could have our very own Stevie G


Well, numbers can’t end that debate either, even IF they were to divide passes into neat and tidy columns like “backwards pass”, “pass to the right for 5 yards”, etc, right?

Right now Wenger saw more talent in Ramsey than he did in Denilson and I’ll take his acumen over the stats.

Master Bates

Yes they can!!! ….to some extent If you say Ramsey is lousy passer ,I’ve give the completion rate ,that should end . yesterday he had 91% one of the better passers . If you say all he does is “pass to the right for 5 yards” , I’d give you the Long balls count , he attempted 5 longball ,completed 3 . we are not Liverpool or Stoke City ,so that;s acceptable , Arteta had 11 .(MY GOD HE IS GOOD) ,he plays in deeper position they don’t count backward and sidewaypasses exclusively , But they count Key passes (possible… Read more »


Well, that’s my point exactly – “to some extent”, or in Disraeli and Twain’s words – Lies, damned lies and statistics! They just can’t tell the whole story

By the way, we agree on Ramsey being a good player. I’m making the point that Denilson was a mediocre player whose statistics were misleading. It’s one thing to complete 5 short side-way passes, a la Denilson, it’s another thing entirely to pick up a player running down the middle and needle thread a pass behind defenders, which I think Ramsey is quite adept at.


if Wolves did not go down to 10men, Arsenal would have struggled with Ramsey. the team is not fluid when he plays.
I would love to know how many misplaced passes Ramsey had.

Pedantic Dave

Doesn’t matter. It’s a squad game. Ramsay came in, allowing Rosicky to have a breather and we won 3-0.

That’s all that counts


really not liking this new hate on ramsey bandwagon some of us are jumping on. If any of you can remember the kind of magic stuff he was playing before his injury you’d know he’s only just starting to get back to his best having missed out on a whole year of developing. Rosicky is a WORLD CLASS experienced and recongized creative midfielder and look how long it took him to get back from his injury? But when he rediscovered his footballing feet look at what he does? Give the kid a chance ffs!

Old man grape

..”I would love to know how many misplaced passes Ramsey had.”

why don’t you just fucking count them and stop boring the world with your ideas on ”what could have happened”.

it actually makes me hopeful about this squad that a player of his quality is everyone’s ”worst player ever” right now.
27 points out of 30 and ramsey is killing us!


Why do I get the feeling that “Liverpoo” isn’t actually misspelled?

[…] blog today, shot my wad all over Arseblog News with my By the Numbers post. See you all tomorrow! Bookmark It This entry was posted in Arsenal, Premier […]


Tim, where do you get your stats from? IIRC you swear by Whoscored.com, but I can’t seem to find any detailed stats from there :O


Okay, thanks 🙂


I always enjoy By the Numbers Tim, and this is the best one yet. If there’s a wrap-up version of Numbers at the end of season, it’ll be “massive.”

Runcorn Gooner

Why weren’t Liverpoo fined for the ridiculous appeal against the Doni sending
off.They are just a bunch of desperate tossers.King Kenny ….are you aving a

Master Bates

WOW! they do count sideway and backward/forward passes , Do they count how long a player releases the ball ? the speed of the pass?

Anyway these stats just show that he is not THE backward passer ,the other gays do that too . This is Arsenal , we play possession football and that’s who retain the ball

Master Bates

*how to


Thank you. Now, these are some juicy stats. Now, can we stop hating on Ramsey and applaud him for a good and much improved performance yesterday. God knows he deserves it considering the shit he takes when things go wrong. I was quite impressed with his passing yesterday, especially considering he plays further forward than Song and Arteta- those are good numbers.


To anyone who’s going to say, “Look, proof that Ramsey is shit and only(mostly) passes the ball backwards and he’s shit”. Ramsey is playing much more advanced than Arteta/Song so he is going to have less forward passes as he has less options and more square/backwards passes as it is much is easier to retain possession.


I think the way ramsey has continued playing after the death of his close friend and mentor is admirable for a 21 year old. lets not forget gary speed called rambo every week to check on him when he had his injury then as soon as he became manager of wales made him his captain. apparantly ramsey looked up to him like a father figure. it must have cut him in half and has coincided with his drop in form. he will bounce back and when he returns to his proper position not attacking midfield he will give wilshire and… Read more »

Old man grape


We also need 17 first choice keepers , and a bucket of floor and some eggs.


Has anyone else noticed the very slight formation change over the last few weeks? 4231 has been changed to 4132 not a massive change but with the return of our attacking full backs wenger has abandoned wingers playing song more defensively with 3 attacking midfielders and walcott further forward alongside rvp. i think this is why rvp has more assists and less goals lately and it could be an insight into how we will play next season. especially when you consider the closest thing we have to a winger is the ox who prefers to come inside anyway and ryo… Read more »


I noticed this too, I had to double take a few times because I saw Walcott in places I don’t normally see him in, or maybe I just don’t look hard enough 😉
Also I love seeing Van Persie assist as much as scoring, he’s an incredible all round playerQ

[…] Some bonus reading for you this morning: Tim Stillman’s new column – Video’d kill the referee Tsar and from , Wolves 0-3 Arsenal By the numbers. […]

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I really want to share my views on the Ramsey debate……….let me but it this way, I think he is rather slow at times, and has had a negative impact on us in some games and there is really little ground for argument on that…….I have really no problems with him missing his goal scoring opportunity against Man City I mean he is primary job, but I did have a problem with him doing what he is supposed to do, in the past few Arsenal games, especially at QPR, where he was caught in possession too many times……..and I think… Read more »


A loan next season may be realistic with Jack, diaby and Coq adding to the competition but i really hope Rambo quickly proves that he is our long term replacement for Tomas.(and Jack for Arteta even though they can both play in either position which is great for AFC).


Agree — loan for the lad. Rather not see him in our starting XI just yet. Isn’t meriting it with his recent performances. Admire Arsene for trying to rebuild his confidence, but he’s not ready yet. A loan would do wonders, esp. at a mid-level club like Villa, Everton, Fulham, etc.


i think that everyone doubting ramsey just needs to remmeber one thing, wenger still believes in him, now im not sure if any of you are one of the most successful managers in the world with an excellent record in the hardest league in the world with over 25+ years of experience and known to have a knack for buying and nurturing exceptional talent but if youre not then i suggest keeping faith in wenger and his decisions regarding players

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