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Wenger: we want three points on Sunday

Arsene Wenger says that defeat against QPR was an ‘accident’ and has challenged his side to respond by taking all three points against title chasing Man City on Sunday.

If results go against them, Mancini’s Mercenaries could be 8 points behind United by the time the game kicks off, while Arsenal could be playing catch-up on the filthy Sp*rs if they win away at Sunderland tomorrow.

City have hardly been expansive on their recent visits to the Emirates, but their need for points will result in a much more open game, according to the boss.

“Both teams are in the same situation – a draw is not good enough,” he said.

“Man City could be eight points behind United at the start of the game. We will be in a situation where we want to win the game so it promises to be a very offensive match. In recent seasons, Man City came to Arsenal playing for the draw and I feel that this time both teams will go for the win.

“I say on our side it is a ‘want-win’ game more than a must-win game. We love victory and we want to win. On the table side of course you want these three points.”

And the manager says the defensive mistakes of QPR won’t be an issue this time around.

“We wanted to win the QPR game so much and sometimes when you cannot, you at least don’t lose it.

“That is where we were a bit guilty of nervousness, especially defensively, and we forgot our priorities. They were to defend well, attack well and we wanted to attack so much that we forgot to defend well.

“To finish the season well demands a complete focus on our performances and that is what will do.”

“Man City are in a situation where they will have to win. They are in a position as well where one point is not good enough and that is why it will be a very exciting game. It is a game where everybody will give absolutely everything.”

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Do you think Nasri will be too scared to play?

Oh long Johnson!

Well he can’t be Frimponged today, so who will be the one to become ‘adjectified’ and get stuck into Nasri? I’d like to see him get bac’d by sagna..


Wouldn’t mind seeing him SongBillonged.

Oh long Johnson!

That has a nice ring to it!


I hope he gets Verminated.


He is vermin after all.

why is my name required

he will feel the wrath of our supporters. how dare he say we aren’t passionate. what a filthy scumbag.


These quote: “That is where we were a bit guilty of nervousness, especially defensively, and we forgot our priorities. They were to defend well, attack well and we wanted to attack so much that we forgot to defend well.” Seems to be one of the explanation of why in the second goal of QPR, Arteta and Song didn’t track back. They believe that Vermaelen might take the ball and both of them feel more wanted to counter attack than to defend. And the last quote: “Man City are in a situation where they will have to win.” Is for me,… Read more »

Moo Moo Toure

We WANT it more..Do you really think those Mercenaries care about their fans and a Title ? All-they care about is the Paycheck at the end.

Oh long Johnson!

I hope our boys go into this match thinking this is a MUST win game. After our slip up last weekend we are only above Sp*rs on goal difference, I really don’t want to have to catch up with them again especially after all the hard work that’s been put in. Plus If we don’t win and Chelsea do then they will be to close to us for comfort.
I have faith we can secure the 3 points, I would really like to see .Ox get a start
..predictions anyone?

why is my name required

Arsenal 3 – 0 Man City

Sonny enokela

Arsene should knw dat this is a must win game,he sounds as if man city needs the points more than us.We are third,but just one match away 4rm fifth,lets not 4get to look back @ chlse,spur nd nwcastle.

bob's your uncle

I think he is trying to put the pressure on them.
ofc he knows we need the points. he is just doing a bit of a Fergie.
the league slipping a way must be a massive weight on the city players, so Arsene is just trying to break their backs a little.
good man.


I think there’s a problem with some of the vowel keys on your board mate. They only seem to work half of the time.


I want more then three pints on Sunday.


Anyone else notice he’s avoiding specifically mentioning that were fighting for third?
Hope the players dont fob off with any vague want-win nonsense.
It’s absolutely mustwin and I’m looking forward to us putting up a cracking fight.


Midfield Corporal

I think the reason we are susceptible to poor results which we put down to complacency like the QPR one, is the lack of a really dominant character at the back. As footballers I love Kos and TV, but like most of the squad they seem like decent guys who just want to do well. A character like Tony Adams would have gone mad at song and Arteta on Saturday, he demanded high standards of himself and those who played with him. I don’t want to see silly Man Cityesque tiffs between our players, but I don’t think it would… Read more »

Oh long Johnson!

I feel TV can be this presence maybe, due to his slipping, he was was reluctant to have a go at Song or Arteta. I must admit, I cringe a little when the ‘mental strength’ line gets brandished so easily but I think though we have showed we have the characteristics, we were lacking of this last weekend. There shouldn’t be an issue of complacency as were are still in the middle of an important battle. We would do well to finish 3rd place after our unfortunate start but we are still not far from being 5th so we must… Read more »

Oh long Johnson!

Oh and about your prediction, I wouldn’t be able to handle the nerves of the first 92mins! Lets say a early OG hatrick from nasri within 5mins then a black hole materializes just beneath him and pulls him into purgatory..

Midfield Corporal

That would be more preferable I guess, wonder what odds the bookies would offer.

Los Polandos

That’s a dream that shows serious shortage in imagination department. I dreamt about nasri getting decapitated by a giant, pinkish frisbee thrown from the sky by a Zeus’ hand, a mere minute after rvp managed to complete hat-trick with single volley – feat that made john terry’s single brain cell collapse, and made ‘Arry pronounce his immediate retirement. Unfortunately i wasn’t able to dream the remaining 89 minutes of the game. Had to Get up and go to work.

Oh long Johnson!

Well maybe Arsene Wenger will do a ritualistic tribal dance from the ancient goonar species, a species of human beings kept as pets by gigantic reptillian entities in the ancient land of sumer, this dance will bring forth an invisible rain that will absorb into every player who is not a heartless mercenary. It is said that the recipients of the rain shall incur godly powers and also gain the wisdom of the goonar tribes shaman elders, Roberon Pixeles, Thor Adamas, Denthroth Bergenkampmuhn and Thieosiris Henritaur. Mancini city will be of no match for possessed gunners players, they will run… Read more »

Oh long Johnson!

ahahah and you were talking to midfield corporal not me…7 mins of me life i just wasted !

Los Polandos

Dear Oh long, I wasn’t actually refering to YOUR lack of imagination, which you obviously have abundance of. I i just may add – having all these godly powers at gunners’ disposal, wouldn’t it be approppriate to send one of the subs with a kind visit to our neighbours? And maybe Stoke too, while he’s at it? And this most ungentenmanly character joey barton, who must be cuddling with his manager? Just please don’t send Squillacci. He might get something slightly wrong.


Please lets win this one….okay? And wenger, please stop that and focus on this one. I reckon rvp will rediscover his goal-scoring touch and bag a brace…i hope!!. Up gunners.

Red & White Stripey Socks

Can’t have spurs finish above us! 3 points please. Nasri og would be very nice, or a broken nose!

As if he’ll play much. He’ll just leave the field in a huff to all the boos. Nasri is a boy who can’t face the negative consequences of his actions.


Come on Seb, bang 2 more in against the scum today!


I thought it was Saturday today.. I’ve been drinking too much.

Midfield Corporal

It’s Sunday you fool……isn’t it?


Just read this after today’s blog, strange sense of déjà vu!


Well of course we want it, mancity wants it , every team in the bpl wants it but the question is are we going to work for those 3 points during the course of 90+ mins on the field, run our socks off, give a 120%. that’s the question arsenal will have to answer and while i cant predict the answer, i am confident arsenal can, and will give us if not a win, a performance to remember, as i quote “Perfection is being able to look your friends in the eye and know you did everything you could not… Read more »

Ayoola Tope

“Want to win”is too soft a sentence to me.”Must win”sound combative and breeze confidence.Let Nasri feel the heat big time.Will like to see an atmosphere of that night when we hosted Barcelona last season @ Emirates.Let the crowd roars…so intimidating!…Go,Go,Go Gunners!

Oh long Johnson!

I like the sound of ‘we will win!’

Master Bates

Yeah Three points are awesome ,I love three points


Wins are a must now and we really need to take a stranglehold on 3rd place. As if we finish 4th we may still not qualify for the champions league if Chelsea manage to do the unthinkable and win the champions league this season. Now i know the odds are stacked against them but crazier things have happened in football and we really shouldn’t run that risk so I really hope this team give it there all till the end of the season.


no time for silly tactics, Arsene. For me, Ox and Theo on the wings – not Aaron. Rosicky, Arteta, Song midfield. If we play at a high pace and defend from the front like we’ve been doing, we’ll win!! COYG!

Tony boy

Off topic. I dont know if I am the only one that is having this dilemna. I dont know who to support in the champions league semi-final. My most ideal situation would be for chelsea to pummel barca and then for chelsea to get pummeled in the final. However, this is risky as if in the event, Chelsea were to win the champions league, Arsenak would definitely need to get 3rd position which is 50-50 at the moment. From an arsenal point of view (most important), the best thing would be for Chelsea to get knocked out and then for… Read more »


Shut up you cunt! We all want Chelsea to get stuffed 6-0 at home and 6-0 away.

Fuck those blue cunts!


Just come out with it FG. No sitting on the fence now.

Tony boy

What are you on about? No need for hostility. Just stating my opinion. Personally I detest barca more than any other football club in the world. Think of all the things they have done to us (arsenal) in the past and it is not difficult to know why. Henry? Fabregas? Hleb? e.t.c. Baskets!


We can effectively end Man City’s hopes for a title this year.

I would hope that this would be a very big motivating factor to everyone on the team and saw players like Nasri walk out on us, saying we had no ambition or passion.

Win it for the fans, win it to get 3rd place, & win it to deny the mercenaries!


wouldnt it be beyond amazing if arsenal was the one to end citys title hopes thus making nasri look like an incredible prat for having left us to win titles

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