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Arshavin linked with Fulham move

Andrei Arshavin is set to be offered a London lifeline this summer with Fulham looking to bring the Russian forward to Craven Cottage.

According to ‘Soviet Sport’, the West Londoners are ‘seriously’ considering a move for Arshavin who spent the end of last season on loan at his former club Zenit St Petersburg.

Arshavin’s family stayed in London during his loan spell and he said that he would return there to decide his future after Euro 2012. Speaking last month he told reporters, “After the Euros, I will study my future, think about it. And I would like to talk to Wenger before I make any decision.”

Funnily, if you consider such things funny, Arshavin ended the season with a title winners medal as Zenit topped the Russian league.

It’s clear that Arsenal are open to offers for him and now that he’s got used to not being allowed park wherever he wants and all the women drivers, the Fulham option might well suit him and us.

Arshavin would join fellow Russian Pavel Pogrebnyak at The Cottagers if the deal did go through.

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*if the deal does go through.

If he does move, I somehow fear some fans would boo him, though I’d rather applaud him for a while and not mind him for the rest of the time. He’s done decently, but no doubt we’d give a much warmer reception to players like Benayoun.


This is worth a top post. I think EVERYONE is forgetting one key element here. Fulham has by far the tightest jerseys in the EPL, those Kappa numbers that leave nothing to the imagination. Almost Robben-like tightness. Will Arshavin really want to appear in one of those week in and week out with the current state of his figure?


LOL… clubs AA23 should never play for are Fulham, AS Roma & Olympic Marseille based on fitment.


Why would they boo him?


lets swap him with Dempsey. hopefully:


Great call, part exchange him.


You beat me to it! That was my first thought upon seeing this headline.


Yeah, let’s get an American in the Arsenal squad.


Would be gutted to see our pint-sized russian in a fulham jersey. I still love the guy and his once in a while sublime through passes.

Clock End Mike

Agreed. I’ve no idea what has been going wrong during Andrei’s time with Arsenal, unless it’s that he didn’t like still being played constantly on the wing once he’d settled in. I’d be sorry to see him go (though I agree there’s no point in him staying if things didn’t change). I’ve got a soft spot for him, I admit; I love his quirky humour, his honesty, his flashes of brilliance, even occasional hard work, but he just can’t seem to score these days. Most of all, I’m worried that if he went to a rival team, even Fulham, he’d… Read more »


Agree with you worry there but remember we had the same concerns with Bendtner… No correlation between the two but you get my drift.

Aaron Yeung

uhh… I feel putting Bendtner and Andrei in the same sentence is a MASSIVE disservice to Andrei.
But I agree with Mike… I have a soft spot for him, but can’t understand where it all went wrong. Bad feeling he comes good at Fulham… or at least against us. don’t want to see him booed though.


I love all of his funny faces he makes when he scores, like when he scored 4 vs liverpoop, I might have to watch fulham just to see his little russian head


Sh*,t Arshavin in part exchange for Dempsey – so thats £10 sorted (perhaps we can chuck in Bendtner / Denilson / Diaby / Djourou / Squilachi & Fabianski and then find the balance!).


I hear anzi are just about to bid £45 milli for rvp…….i reckon the board got their heads turned for a second there.

Take the cash buy 2 world class players(say hunteelar and mvilla plus the usual wenger teenager)

Stick with our influential captain and hope that he personifies the rosicky age mentality.

come on, its better to sale to anzhi than a rival club.

Or…….or fuck me! ….(Either way i’m just exploring our options)


I dont understand why people think Yann’Mvilla is World Class.


Or why we NEED M’Villa when we have Song, Coq, Wilshire, Diaby and Arteta who are all in contract and capable of playing in that part of the field when required.


Oh god Chelsea won a CL before us 🙁


To be fair, they are clearly the best team in Europe. The way they have dominated every team on their way through the group stage and knockout stage has been a testament to their quality.

Abramovich would be stupid to replace Terry as manager really.


football is a funny game, we go from 17th to third and win nothing, Chelsea go from 3rd to 6th and win the CL and Fa cup, where is the fairness in this worlds

Sancho Panza

we will be winning everything if we assemble a good team ASAP and not wait till the end of the market !!


Who cares? Spurs end up in 4th and still not in Champions League! 😛


The fans of FC Douchelona wanna have a word with you..


No one won the CL this year.

Dirk Doodleston

What’s an champion’s league?


Fulham? Can’t help but feelin’ sad. Wish him all the best tho. 🙁


aint gonna happen.

Borneo Gooner

It’s like a disease that when a player leave us, they win trophy. It’s sickening, really!

Sancho Panza

yeah and the russian league is the toughest in the world where 5 teams bit each other for the top 2-3-4 spots !!


They only win trophies because the a large portion of the refs in the EPL are against us.
And FOR Chelsea. And Manchester Teams…..
We would of won easily by now if we had Chelski’s luck.

Mr. G

It is highly unlikely that he will stay. A few moments of brilliance coupled with general laziness and inconsistency. Shame though, he had talent. I’ll miss his humour too. But he’s too far down the pecking order these days.


Progrebnyak isn’t under contract with Fulham next season, is he?

Amadhila Dashing

this is our chance to finaly get our summer target(Cliet Dempsey)cz swp deal whch wil c dempsey cum in n arshavin goim th othr way


people who type like this make my brain bleed


let us all pitch in a dollar so this poor poor man can finally buy a keyboard with all the letters on it.

Le sausage

Stop typing like a spurs fan, we are all very intelligent, very literate here. We are Gooners.


I was gonna say Liverpool fan, but yeah, Spurs fans are illiterate, too.

(Guess with the dreadful season Liverpool’s had, it isn’t even relevant to mention their fans now!)

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

Your composition skills are less than sterling mate and obviously your idea of the English language is taken from the Spuds dictionary.

Dirk Doodleston

I’m not sure I want to “c dempsey cum in arshavin”


[Resists urge to do some copy-editing on all these posts]


Good Lord, I see that proper english is no longer a priority here… That being said though, this guy has played over 100 games for us, and it’d be a shame for him leave, really. If only he had some kind of work ethic, as personally, I absolutely love this tiny gooner. If he would just play with as much endeavour as Yossi, he would be even better than he was for us, as he’s blessed with the superior talent, yet one gets the feeling that if Arshavin vould hang off of trees and shit, he’d pass for a sloth.… Read more »


Oh, and for those who are wondering, vould is like could, only spelt vould…


sorry blogs.i got out of control.

Jimy Cricket

dis comment policy is outragees


Uhm, wat a world of futbal? Wenger just nid 2 tak a bow and go, any where he feels like. Do we wait until AFC goes 2 relegation? Dsame problem 4D past 6seasons. P Viera said it all. If RVP leaves dis season, song N walcott next and wilshere N ox in 2yrs time. He is so shrud N stubborn. Now CFC are crowned champs, wat do we do? Kudos Arsene, U just have 2go, just lyk Pep.




Hey Moha, I agree (I think). And further more, D F QD WD M8 Lol GT 2 BLAH BLAH!
What do you think Moha?

Old man grape


..rolling on the floor laughing my ass of while reding the local newspaper in the buff.

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

Is that Swahili or something mate because it isn’t any variant of English I can decipher….even the Yanks speak more clearly than you write dude!


comparing that illiterate blather to an english speaking nation? interesting choice there


Will always have a soft spot for the crazy little bastard. Hope to see him stick around in the prem, just not with the Arsenal anymore. Best of luck Andrey!

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why is my name required

why are some people still using text language?


Same reason that some people sit in the home end at Three Point Lane.


Same reason people don’t bother to capitalise the starts of sentences.


If arshavin goes to fulham, fulham will be fighting for top four finish. I know how arshavin is. He is a wizard on the pitch when he is in form. I remember the day we defeated bacelona, the guy was untouchable. So i wouldnt want to see him in a fulham shirt.

Justin Ashbee

One match in thirty he’s on form – that’s nothing like consistent enough. His work-rate, application and motivation epitomises too many of the current Arsenal set-up – for god’s sake he makes Walcott look like Mr Consistency! As for Fulham – bottom four more like (it’s not like their manager has ever managed a top club)!


Are Fulham really going to pay his 75k wages…?

I wouldn’t be surprised by a loan deal.

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

I didn’t know Fantasy Football manager gave players’ salary figures! Where did you get the 75K wages figure Hurley? I think I know…..out of thin air (meaning between your ears!!!


I guessed.



I’ve accepted the fact that he has to go, but I’d rather not sell to an EPL club. It would be fantastic to see him score four* (sigh of fond memory) for Juventus against Roma, or maybe in the Spanish League. But the problem is that if you sell him to another English team he might have two or three games of sheer brilliance, and with our luck it’d probably be against us. I want to keep that memory of Arshavin against Liverpool intact. And we all know Arshavin is a better fit for La Liga than playing for Fulham… Read more »


I was gonna tell a gay joke, butt fuck it.

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

Are you a vaseline queen Xav?


I think Arshavin should go. It would be good for him and good for us. Yes, Arshavin is a wonderfully talented player BUT he seems to have choosen to give it half measures because he wasn’t being played in his favourite position. Last few seasons we had Cesc – surely he must have appreciated that Cesc was our best creative midfielder and that a Cesc-Arsh midfield pairing was a non starter. Great players give it the full bananas regardless of what role they are asked to play – Le Coq, Ox, Rosicky, Benny are good examples. Sadly Arsharin seems to… Read more »


I still believe an Arsha in good mood is our best AM.Sadly he seldom is in the zone more so while playing on the flanks.I truly believed that Arsene would play him in the middle this year what with Cesc departing and Jack injured(not even thinking of $CuntRI). but well it was not to be.~sigh~
But he will always remain a maverick who can produce a moment of sheer brilliance out of nowhere…

Arsene's bottle of water

I can’t for the life of me seeing Ramsey ahead of him? Ramsey is not ahead of many people to begin with.

ceejay naija

is arsenal curse or is arsene wenger d cause? Even wit our beautiful futbal we cldnt win anyfin 4 7yrs nw…chelsea won d champions league..gosh..dis is a 9t jst nt hapi wit our team..any player dat leave our dear club wins trophy…i wont blame v.p if he decide 2 leave…nt jst hapi




Dis is a ninety mare?




seems like a lot of Arsha type people (read LAZY) in the thread related to Arshavin

Trex d' Gunner

Learn to spell dude!!!

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

Ceejay, why don’t you leave, take an English composition course and have a brain transplant while you’re at it then you could support the spuds.


How are we going to be more competative? To challenge for the prem league and the CL. Reports don’t look good for us holding on to our captain (again). Did RVP tell Arsene he wanted to leave a few months back and as a result we bought in Podolski!
Are we just a selling club now?
Is our only hope of silverware for the future, Usanov ?

Midfield Corporal

Important Notice- Due to the death of football last night, Midfield Corporal or any of his associate personas (Lee Morgans Mum) will not be posting any comments whilst they observe a 7 day period of mourning.

Midfield Corporal

Footnote- you are asked to respect his privacy during this difficult time.


You say that Arshavin has ended up with a title winner’s medal, but I doubt that. Yes, Zenit did win the title, but if the Russian League is like the Premier League, players have to have a minimum number of appearances in the league to get a winner’s medal.

Don’t know what the rules are in Russia but in the Premier League you need 20 appearances and Arshavin just appeared in 10 matches in their 44-game-long season

Alex Song's Chipped Through Ball

You need 10 appearances in the Premier League for a medal. Not 20. Russian League, I have no idea.

Sancho Panza

btw Spuds ppl r going nuts and cursing ‘arry and levy for missing UCL spot !! wankers !! 😀

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

Oh Happy Day!

Chocolate Leg

Its obvious to me that Arshavin does not have the heart for the fight. And then I remember Rosicky and wonder whether Arsh has it in him. Regardless, letting Arsh get away with his below par effort this season would in truth just symbolise the arsenals culture of non-accountability, and I thing Arsene needs to set an example here.Loved the little guy, but I’m sorry, but if he can’t fight for the arse then he does not belong at the arse. I would prefer to see Ryo unleashed next season – the kid is a proper talent, fuck me.


Most illiterate comment thread ever, I’m a little offended as the topic is close to my heart. What am I going to do with my AA23 authentic arsenal jersey which cost me a fortune? Whenever people ask about it, I’ll just say ‘oh he beat barca for us’, or ‘he scored a ridiculous goal when we beat Manure couple years back AND he played as the main striker that game!”. Anyway, its really unfortunate how his career turned out here, his stats were never bad but he projects too much negativity for english people to like him, I think lots… Read more »

Ryan Shawcross

Clint Dempsey is amazing, so why are you giving him grief? Look at the amount of goals he’s scored this season. Correct me if i’m wrong, but aren’t goals what decides who wins or loses a game? Dempsey scores many of them. Don’t bash on him. He’s good.


He’s had 1 great season, he’s almost 30, he’s slow and we play with fast wingers so wouldn’t work with squad, he’ll be expensive and there’s way better options out there. We’re trying to compete with better teams so we need to add to our quality not keep the same level


Rvp is almost 30 and had one good season…….your point is?

Midfield Corporal

Didn’t we lose the game against Man U when he scored that beauty? Think Almunia and Diaby buggered it up that day.


Actually, I think most people who like him tend to like him for his personality more than they do for his performance on the pitch. Arshavin has shown flashes of brilliance, but he’s not exactly a model of consistency.




How has Arshavin performed for Zenit? Anyone know?


They played him and they won the league.

So I’m gonna say “good enough.”


What happened to selling him for 200 million dollars to Anzi Makakakakakakachkakala? I remember The Sun running a story on that in January… Hmmm….


Arshavin could do well at Fulham. With no great pressure, and knowing that he’ll probably play every week, he might blossom at the Cottage. And if Hughes can get him fit and properly motivated then he could become a real star there.

But any transfer deal must include Dempsey moving in the opposite direction. We’ll need Clint’s goals next season.


Hughes is at Qpr, I think you meant Jol my friend 🙂


Sorry, Robin, you’re dead right. By the way, please stay – we need you.


I would venture to say that Pogrebnyak is pulling for an Arshavin move, if not directly trying to orchestrate it. Those two had a bang up season together in 2007 at Zenit, if memory serves.

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

Andrei is missing mother Russia and doesn’t like england as it is tooooo cold for him……LOL

[…] 12 times for Real Socieded and is interesting a range of Spanish clubs, while Andrei Arshavin, linked with Fulham, is still enough of a name to command a fee if/when we decide to move him […]


Andrei can stil play 4 us


Tell moha to fuck off to the bridge if he thinks that’s the way to go we don’t need people like him at the grove


Whats with dempsey and his goal scoring record. Yes i know even he hates stoke but just for that two reasons i dont see us putting a bid for him. And who was the top scorer in league two seasons ago berbatov?? And how many games did he play for united last season?


“Shut up Eboue…”

James Hutkins

So, today on the way to work i was awoken by this woman sitting on my lap… I was half confused/ half aroused at the same time. The arousal quickly went away when i realised she was in the mid-60s. I queried what she was doing on my lap and she said she just wanted to “feel” how my trousers felt and that she didn’t think that they felt how she “thought they would”. Disregarding that fiasco, the rest of my day has been alright. When i got to work i had a cup of coffee and two ginger nuts.… Read more »


That was pretty awesome. Thumbs up from me. And from the old woman, I imagine.


Would hate to see AA go–too many fond memories. His decline has been a strange one; it almost seems as if he took on some bad habits in training and outside life and then they caught up with him on the field. Can’t help but wonder, if a nucleus of strong players and good leadership were re-established, would Arsh return to form? Might be worth the risk… As for other transfers and, importantly, those coming in, I’d love to see an ‘Arteta’ approach across the board (sans the last minute of things, of course). Let’s get some lads that know… Read more »


Would expect him to go back to Russia full-time.


The goal is to send out the non performers and bring in quality performers who will make an instant difference.

With the track record of crocknote attacking midfielders, I think Van Der Vaart is ripe for the picking and would slot in nicely to the system plus would be a good magnet to keep VanP, as they know each others games and quality from internationals.

Imagine a front four of podolski, robin, Walcott and vdv. Ox, Dempsey and Gerv subs


Dempsey has skill, mentality and the ability to produce magic from nada… who in our midfield has this package… Ramsey? Benny?Song?Jack?Walcott? None of these guys can win a game, literally score a goal when the chips are down. I have only seen RVP and Henry pull this off for us… We don’t more need fast kids a.k.a bunch of jack rabbits eating up the grass, we need more men like Arteta.


Arshavin in attacking midfield or just behind the striker were Dempsey and Ramsey play, he is better than both in tht position and could arguably be as effective as rosicky, YES he sucks on the wing but a swap for dempsey is stupid just play him in his right position thats were you get the REAL arshavin watch the euros this summer alot of ppl writing him off on here will want him back.
Fulham? no offence but he is better than that tactically arsene shud no better

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