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Goalies and keepers: by the numbers

3420 – Minutes played by Szcezsny*
38 – Games played by Szczesny
49 – Goals conceded by Szczesny
8 – Goals conceded by Arsenal against Manchester United
16 – Percent of total goals allowed by Arsenal in just that one game against Man U
14 – Goals conceded by Arsenal in their opening five games
29 – Percent of total goals allowed by Arsenal in their opening five games
35 – Goals conceded by Arsenal in the final 33 games of 2011-2012
133 – Shots on goals conceded by Arsenal in 2011-2012
27 – Shots on goal conceded by Arsenal in their opening five games
84 – Saves made by Szczesny in 20122-2012
13 – Saves made by Szczesny in the opening five games
63 – Percent of all 133 shots on goal stopped by Szczesny
48 – Percent of the first 27 shots on goal stopped by Szczesny
106 – Shots on goal conceded by Arsenal in the final 33 games of 2011-2012
67 – Percent of the 106 shots on goal in the final 33 games stopped by Szczesny
5 – Own goals scored by Arsenal
4 – Penalties awarded to Arsenal’s opposition
1 – Penalty saves by Szczesny

How did Szczesny compare to other keepers?

(Sorted by save percent from worst to first)

Some notes on this chart:

Most data came from Opta via this blog post.

The line on Wayne Hennessey denotes those keepers with 70% save rate or better on one side and 69% or lower on the other side because I think 70% and higher is the number that Szczesny should be targeting.

The last column represents the number of goals that each keeper would have let in if they had faced the 133 shots that Szczesny faced. It’s easy to see this column and say “Mignolet is 24 goals better than Szczesny” but the danger there is that not all shots on goal are created equally. For example, de Gea faced an unusual number of speculative shots from distance (especially early in the season) as he had come to England with a reputation for problems dealing with long shots. As you can see, that reputation turned out to be unfounded as he only allowed 4 goals from distance. So, his numbers could be artificially inflated because of that.

There are also structural differences in the defenses of all the teams in the Premier League. Thus, Arsenal might allow the opposition to have clearer chances than other teams do and this could also account for Szczesny’s low save percentage. One or two players on defense are often blamed when a goal is scored but as anyone who has ever played the game knows, defense is a team effort.

The point of including that column is to show how important save percentage is and to show that Arsenal need to work on increasing that number by a combination of defensive changes. If Arsenal saved 70% of the shots on goal that came to them they would have only allowed 39 goals this season which would be good enough for third best.

Simply plopping Simon Mignolet into the Arsenal goal probably wouldn’t change much. However, working on the rotation in midfield, keeping the center backs’ minds in the game, pressing high up the pitch to limit the long balls over the top, working on Szczesny’s positioning, and balancing attack and defense are the only things that will change any Arsenal keeper’s save percent.

Finally, the 13 clean sheets is good enough for 5th best in the League and shows that despite some deficiencies, Arsenal’s defense can get the job done when needed. However, they achieved those clean sheets by only allowing 22 shots on goal in those 13 games. That’s an average of 1.69 shots on goal per game in those matches. Arsenal’s season average is 3.5 shots on goal.


*All stats are Premier League stats ONLY

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1- beer drunk by Szcz at the emirates this year (Against chelsea i think)


That was a great picture.

(Though he did admit he put his finger in it so he wouldn’t drink any, because he was afraid it was Chelsea p1$$).


He didn’t actually drink it cus he thought it might have something in it.. Smart boy lol


Well…at least he’s still better than Paul Robinson!


Think we should replace Fabianski with Hennessey. He was brilliant against us at the grove. Wolves have gone down and he’d want to move. He’s home grown too and very talented. Would keep SZCZ on his toes.


Shit, just read that he’ll be out for six with ACL injury. :-/


Craig Gordon on a free

Gearoid Kelly

Yeah, we were strongly linked with Gordon when he was at Hearts. £8m, was it?


Hennessey is awful. Reflexes are comparably slow for a Premier League keeper. Let in a lot of soft goals this season.


He saves when he wants


The rest of the time, he just doesn’t care? 😉


Jussi seems the ideal back up.

Goals conceded by szcz do him no justlce. Defensive errors and the occasional vermaleen slip ups?. Oh well….


I agree, but you don’t have to blame the back four (even though that makes some sense since we wnt through part of this season without any fullbacks). We have a more offensive style of play and because of that, these stats don’t do our big pole between the poles justice. I’ve got big hopes for our young keeper! Go SZCZ!


So your saying its okay to slip and make defensive errors and get away with it just coz we play attacking football?………please!. It’s a matter of collective responsibility within the players such that when you see one going forward, you are able to think “ah he’s attacking, let me cover his number”. Arteta I think is our most disciplined player.

Example: wigan game, first goal 9 players were past the halfway line!

Cheers though as bouldy is coming in.


Anyone replacing Almunia is good but reality is in the numbers. He must improve his positioning for long distance shots and ball distribution which is inconsistent at best. He is far away from top 3 and will increasingly get more stick unless he improves quickly.


“The line on Wayne Hennessey denotes those
keepers with 70% save rate or better on one side
and 69% or lower on the other side because I
think 70% and higher is the number that Szczesny
should be targeting.”

Sorry, i dont speak “goalie”.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Drogba to win it for Chelsea………..hahahaha Spurs are shitting in their pants right now………….hahahahaha

And chelsea have won………….hahahahhahahahaha, I fucking hate Chelsea, but its impossible not to laugh at Spurs right now.

Why is my name required

Fuck Chelsea. the sight of them winning it is disgusting. it makes me sick

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I know man I am at some level gutted that they won, totally undeserving…….but my hate for Spurs is kind of taking over……….it feel going out on the streets, finding Spurs fans and laughing in their faces, and asking them to mind the fucking gap………

The fuckers said they were the best team in London…………hahaha


Meh. I’m not inclined to seek happiness in someone else’s failings or sadness in someone else’s success, rivals or not. I’d like us to be the best team in Europe. We should look at ourselves and how can we achieve that, not worry about Chelsea.


What game are you talking about? Never saw it, never happened

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Damn now that it has sunk in I fucking hate that the cunts at Chelsea won…………….even the Spurs thing is a very small consolation.


Spurs are cursed. They should sacrifice that fucking chicken on their badge.


Fuck. Chelsea won. On the bright side, Spurs won’t have CL football next year.

Still gutted though… =/


Robben was a cock when he was at chelski-
some things never change eh?
Anyway,fuck the chavs,hope the spuds enjoy their Thursday night trophy until they meet a proper team!


Oh yeah!


My thought at reading the first part was Szczesny seems not to be that good. It’s just that we have so much worse keeper that a decent GK looks to be our saviour in our GK problem. Plus comparing their save percentage ratio to other keeper and put him one top three of the worst keeper make it more so. Then i read the explanation from Tim, looking at the clean sheet record, and now pretty sure that he is our saviour in GK problem. Sadly, the “however” part makes me come back to reality. Great post Tim. And for… Read more »


Ok, there’s another consolidation that Di Matteo might be hire full time. He is like Rafa Benitez part 2, making Chelsea a cup teams and when they have a trophy drought, they will succumbs just like Liverpool. But really, i hate the feeling that our 3rd achievement this season is not so great now when wee see a 6th ranked team in the league won a trophy. At first, i really thought that 3rd is like a trophy, now it’s just a position and the real trophy is the one that Chelsea just won. Damn it, sorry guys for pouring… Read more »

Ray Charles

It doesn’t look likethey are 3rd really. They still looked like 6th even as that game went on. Even Stevie Wonder knows they fluked that one.


Er, what do Chelsea have to do with ‘North London’?

I thought they were a small club in Fulham.


Boring shit game. Negative Chelsea won it because Munich couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo. Chelsea’s name was on the cup. At least Spurs won’t be in the CL next season. Pissed off that we now won’t be the first London club to win it.

By the way: Is fourth still a trophy?

Fuck Chelsea.


Interesting stats – and slightly depressing. What I’m wondering is how they compare with last season and the season before: have we improved just a little?

Truly dreadful day with Allardyce and West Ham’s seedy owners back in the Premiership and Chelsea winning the CL. Can’t help hoping, though, that Wenger reflects on how that pretty awful Chelsea team did it against both Barca and Bayern. Poor football that won’t win them any friends and admirers but very cleverly worked out tactics.


They have a will to win that we don’t seem to have as a club.
Bet Cahill is gutted he never came to us for our third placed trophy. Makes me fucking sick to think we are about to sell our captain and best player yet again and will be even further away than ever from nights like the Chav fans have just had. Sick.


While Wenger and Kroenke control our club then we are going nowhere.

We need a new manager and/or owner if we are going to lift ourselves from third to first. While we fans are sick and angry, the 7-million-pound-a-year man and his boss are very happy with the profits that we are making.

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

Fathead goner…..which fans are you talking about……..oh wait…its the AAA, Wenger-out plastic fanboys who take every possible and unrelated opportunity to whine endlessly about…guess who: Wenger,Kroenke and the Board! Get a life you losers!


Off-topic, cut and paste job. Again. You really can’t be bothered can you Fatgooner. You even bore yourself.


Blame Gazidis and Kroenke not Wenger. Because of how the latter pair handled last summer and seemingly this one so far I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Wenger comes out – if we lose VP – and says this season will be his last. He threatened as much last year.


I’m no fan of Kroenke’s, but let’s wait for the summer business before we start throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Call me an unwarranted optimist, but I feel things will be a lot different this summer than last.


@induct- it’s time to put your crayons away & climb the wooden hill now,you’ve got special school tomorrow…

Frode Grøtheim

It should be noted the statistics indicate we have just about the weirdest defense in the top 5 leagues of Europe. We let in the highest amount of goals due to personal errors, and we also have the highest amount of last man tackles. As pointed out in the article, we also let in a much higher percentage of the first shot on target. The numbers are really quite absurd, and there are no certain answers as to why. The leading hypothesis is maybe that it’s due to playing a high line without pressing properly. What I would love to… Read more »


Fats, if we sell rvp and it looks like he won’t be signing now then fuck em seriously.
Arsene said last season that we can’t be classed as a big club if we sold cesc and nasri what then does it say if we sell rvp this season.
We are a selling club and the board and arsene need to start being honest. Next walcot then scez then jack etc etc when does it stop.


Totally agree. Maybe it will take us dropping out of the top four before everybody wakes up and smells the coffee.


I’ve long wanted a change in the boardroom, Silent Stan has yet to make an impression, does anyone know where we’re headed? If we lose RVP we’ll officially be labelled a selling club. I’m worried but I have faith, but its running out. Am I the only one who demands atleast the FA cup next season?


But we have the moral satisfaction of Kroenke’s commitment to being self-enriching – sorry, self-sustaining – and I see Dein (who was quite rightly sacked for wanting to bring Kroenke in) is now involved with Liverpool which I’m sorry to say will improve them considerably. Pity there was no one to sack Hill-Wood for doing what he sacked Dein for. Dein has certainly been guilty of misjudgements but at least he commanded respect throughout Europe and, unlike Gazidis and Law, he knew his stuff when it comes to contracts and transfers. What’s the betting we see last summer’s cock-ups all… Read more »

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

Wow the AAA Queen has arrived! You know very little about Kroenke and even less about Wenger and the Board’s methodology so why don’t you wait until the new season begins before writing off the Gunners?


You do know RVP didnt want to negotiate the contract until the end of this season. And end of last season there was doubt by some people that renewing his contract would be wise since he only got back fully fit for 6 months(and banging goals).




If RVP goes then fuck HIM. He’s been quite happy to stay with us through most of his injury plagued career, then gives us one good complete season. I really hope he’s just using his position to pressure those responsible for it into getting the squad fixed up. I will lose any respect for RVP as a person if he actually does leave. I hope it doesn’t come to that, as I’d rather think he’s a great guy who knows to repay people when he’s been looked after. Talk is cheap – who cares if he says he loves the… Read more »


I agree, though I will also say screw the Arsenal management/Wenger if they don’t make him an amazing offer he can’t refuse. (And, of course, keeping RVP will be dependent on making some SOLID signings.)


I absolutely fucking hate chelsea. I fucking despise them, fuck cole who couldn’t let it go and had to take a swipe at us. Fuck terry, wish he was there for the penalties though-they then won’t have won shit!.
Fuck me for cursing too much.

Pssst!…….fuck chelsea.


Yeah well, it’s sickening, can’t argue with that, but on a brighter note, isn’t Kalou out of contract? Wenger likes Kalou and he’ll like even better the fact that he’s free.

Wouldn’t be such a bad signing and with a bit of luck it’ll free up some money for M’Villa – assuming we don’t screw up the negotiations like we did with Mata while Kroenke contemplates whether the fee for Van Persie is enough to enhance his bank balance for this summer, and assuming M’Villa picks us over the other offers he’s got.


Took us about 6 months to get podolski in wiith absolutely no competition. Our criteria for signings seems to be “if he loves arsenal, he’l sign”………..well fuck it!. I don’t know why but somehow the chelsea win got me in jitters. Third seems alittle less massive now. I get we had the worst possible start but still!. Loosing rvp (hope it never happens) will just be the tip of the ice berg, I feel if this happens the locker rooms would be loathed the most. The big club mentallity among the players and the zeal to play for a win… Read more »

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

I thought the title of this post was Goalies and Keepers NOT ..Hey AAA and anti-Wenger morons, let’s hijack this blog to whine about AW and the Board!
Szcesny needs more experience and training but he’ll improve next season as he is only 21 and that is very young for a keeper. Normally they develop slowly but around 25-26 begin to dominate, if they are at all skilled.
He needs to be backed up by an experienced EPL and International stopper like Reina, Vorm, Hennessey or whomever is available in that mould.


Could we possibly have a stat for punches and catches and goals from corners and crosses?


Does Chelsea go straight into the group stages for next season’s CL, or do they have to qualify?

Eric Irish gunner

I dont give a fuck harrys on channel 5 next year and the chaves will win fuck all


We all go straight into the league proper. We’ll say all that excludes spurs of course who now play on Thursdays.


Miranda – are your pro Usmanov like Fatgooner? In fact, are you Fatgooner?

Tim – quality stats and table. Best yet in terms of insight. thanks. Shame you’ve been hijacked by the chavs and the agenda driven Usmanov lobbyists.


No, I’m not Fatgooner and something tells me you’re not actually asking what I think about Usmanov either, so giving you an answer would be a complete waste of time.


For those who blames Wenger for selling the players. Have you guys ever thought that he doesn’t have the absolute power in sales of players? His vision was the youth to play together for a long time, but each time they are gelling, an important integral part of the team gets sell off and he has to restart again. Somehow, some Arsenal fans seems to think he is this depressed guy that just loves to keep restarting the process and enjoys the pain of bringing this players through/gelling them together. No man in the world is crazy enough to do… Read more »


Why do you blame Wenger? If he’s that bad the board would suck him, but as long as he stays it means that the decision to sell star players is not from him, but from above powers. The club has goals ahead of the start of the new season; top four finish, quarter finals in the CL, a run-in the cups, etc. The priority could be a top four finish to guarantee a CL money, and to achieve that you should sacriface the FA Cup and Carling Cup for a top-four finish. If Wenger achieves the club’s goals he’s here… Read more »

North Bank Gooner

*sacked 😉

sorry to pull you up on this, but your spelling TOTALLY changes the meaning.

cheered me up after last night though, i guess thats how roman gets so many managers to sign. thought it was cash………….

[…] there many, the main man 7amkickoff looks at goalies and keepers and net-minders and ball fisters over on Arseblog News. Some interesting stuff in there, go […]


Didn’t we concede 10 goals to Manc Utd over the two league games? Shameful either way but just saying because it makes the numbers even worse 🙁


Some stupid comments about Chelsea being lucky.Have you forgotten the Copenhagen final and the fa cup final in 2005?

Knocking out Barcelona with 10 men in the Camp Nou is not luck its as Gary Neville said its about spirit.Sadly something this Arsenal team lacks


Do you class winning 8 games from loosing positions as lack of team spirit? Or do you class two world class players missing penalties as team spirit?

Think you need to sort you definitions out mate.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] BY 7AMKICKOFF 本文系Arseblog中文网原创翻译,转载请注明出处。 […]


i can’t take this shit.the chavs call themselves the pride of london.that kills me.i don’t care about spurs anyway.
we seriously need to fucking win a trophy.
COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!!!!!.let’s be the loudest fans next season.


Fatgooner, Somersetgooner, Miranda, Voldermort

You should you that you can’t criticise Arsene or the board. The mindless on here – while getting all the thumbs up YAY – get away with throwing base insults and getting your posts blocked out by their negative feedback.

You’re not allowed to care for the club and you’re certainly not allowed to think what’s best or have any kind of financial or business acumen. What you are allowed to do is bend the knee, bleat sycophantic lines and know fuck all about football.

Cue thumbs down and abuse.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I love you Northerngoon.


Boo hoo, people don’t agree with you. And then you criticize people for abusing you while you do the same. Hypocrite.

If you’re looking for approval, why not go somewhere else? There’s a ton of blogs out there filled with angry people like you shouting ‘WENGER OUT’ whenever something doesn’t go our way.


Oh and Scz stats are so shite because of a wank defensive team game. Blame Walcott, you normally do or Ramsey ye him too. Not Song, he’s nothing to do with helping defend. Neither is Vermaelen.

Any of my aforementioned folk on twitter?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Please expand on this. I don’t understand who you’re angry with or why.


I do agree that it’s popular to bash on some players while giving others a free pass when they mess up. (Vermaelen, in particular, comes to mind.)

But don’t get me going on how I don’t think Ramsey’s an acceptable starting lineup choice for us right now.


Northerngoon, what always gets me on this site, is that when you say that we need players or the squad is not good enough or selling rvp will send out the wrong signals etc etc or any form of criticism other people assume that you never go to games or are some sort of new fan that only came to arsenal in the wenger era. I don’t give a fuck about the thumbs down personally but get pissed off when people assume that because you want and expect better from a club that charges me over £1200 quid for my… Read more »


I really dnt care about the amount of thumbs down I get for this….you alll can sit on it for all I care…but last night was jst the last straw….I look at ma team and ask if d̶̲̥̅̊€¥ can evn win any kind of trophy not jst the UCL and I cannot confidently say we can…..Chelsea won the UCL last night and Arsenal(or Assnal as we r now called)was trending in Nigeria….this team needs massive investment nd if the Silent stan cannot do it,then he shld fuck off and let Usmanov take us there….iF wenger feels a top four is… Read more »


I guess you all know why we were trending(trophyless)

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yep, it’s because we had to compete with other teams in all those competitions, and some of their teams played better than we did over a period of time. That is the basis of competition. One winner, may non-winners.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Why all the Arsenal manager/owner/board hate today? What did Arsenal do wrong today to make so many people hate them all at the same time? What great emotion has been stirred up today and who did it?


LOL.. good joke.


Lol. Good one. Cheer up gooners. UTA.


Careful Tim – early stage Stockholm Syndrome methinks 🙂


Although I dig the statistics, I’ll trust one thing more than them, and that is my eyes. I could make some argument that we played without most of our defense for the entire season, that we let 8 goals in at Manchester and that’s exactly the kind of aberration that makes statistics the devil’s plaything, but I don’t really think we need to. I think everyone who’s watched this season’s games can see that SZCZ is our best goalie since Jens. I don’t think my eyes deceive me when I see him play and think “yup, that’s a quality premiership… Read more »


The statistics are interesting, but I don’t feel they paint the whole picture. We had an absolute miserable start to the season and had all fullbacks out for a decent stretch. I wish there was a way to tease out “quality” shots from the shit, slow dribblers that come in at 10mph. Also, I’d like to see our stats versus set pieces this year. I used to get the butt-puckers when teams like Blackburn would earn a corner vs Almunia. And what about his dashes out of the box to clear the ball from occasional striker who broke free? NEVER… Read more »


Whoa! Where did you find that rare picture of Luis Suarez diving?

[…] guy and a huge Gooner but he’s not a great keeper. He may be a great keeper one day, but right now he’s one of the worst, statistically, in the League. You can say that stats don’t matter, that the Arsenal high line is to blame, that the […]

[…] if you have been following any of the data-driven posts I have written about keepers either here or on Arseblog News then you will know that Szczesny’s saves percentages are, well, they are terrible: Szczesny […]

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