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Coquelin: Wenger trusts me now

Francis Coquelin says his selection for last weekend’s crucial game against West Brom is proof that he has earned the trust of Arsene Wenger.

The manager left regular starter Aaron Ramsey on the bench, choosing instead to bolster his midfield with the more defensive minded Coquelin, and the young Frenchman believes his hard work is paying off. And after 17 appearances this season he’s happy with the progress he’s made.

“I am satisfied,” he said. “I feel that the coach trusts me more and more. He showed it by making me play in different positions, be it on the right or on the left. As it happens, this weekend too.

“During training, I felt good, but Sunday was a game with high stakes, a game to qualify for the Champions League. He made his choices by having me start in the middle. I think it’s proof that he trusts me. It was, for me, the most important game I played in this season.”

And while admitting it was a season in which the pressure was high from the word go, Coquelin says they always believed they could achieve the augmented goal of securing Champions League football.

“It’s true that there was a lot of pressure at the start of the season. Recruits arrived a bit late. We went to Manchester and conceded eight. A lot of people were sceptical but we were all confident in ourselves.

“We had a series of victories and it put us back into the race. We also had a difficult start to 2012. Few people saw us qualifying even for Europa League. We turned things around and we are happy, because for the club, it’s important to play in the Champions League.”

As for his own future, having extended his contract he’s looking forward to next season with the Gunners where he knows he still has plenty of work to do.

“I have extended my contract by two seasons in January. I am tied to the club until the end of the 2015 season. I will therefore come back for pre-season there. I will thus be at Arsenal next season. It’s also my job to show that I can be a starter in the team.”

Merci, Ollie

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thats the spirit coq !!!

Master bates

In Coq We Trust

Why is my name required

and we know he won’t make a Coq up


If Le Coq had made the block Kieran Gibbs made, would it have been a Coq-Block?


To By The Numbers team, please draw a comparison between Arteta and Cashri and rub it on the asshole’s face!!! Put the worthless infected piece of crap in its place!!


I like Coq. Up The Arsenal.


Wenger likes a Coq once in a while, as proven this season.




I thought it was funny.


Love a bit of Coq.


Just a little bit?


Just the tip.

Ace Windu

I like this guy as a player. A lot.

Kano Gooner

Le Coq.!
Keep on working hard and being humble and patient.


My Coq is much bigger than yours…


I gave you a thumbs down just in case what you say is true. 🙁


Haha was listening to a song with this lyric whilst reading the article, couldn’t help but comment it!


System of a down: Cigaro?


Mine keeps you coming back for more.


Wenger knows when he should be using his Coq.


After a lot of pressure, the Coq is now “satisfied”. That’s a relief! OK, I promise that was the last one for a while.

In other news, has everyone seen that now Le Cunt has slagged off Alex Ferguson? Perhaps it’s just unfair of us to wish a man with no chin would keep his mouth shut…

At the very least he seems to fit in perfectly with the likes of Tevez, Balotelli and Adebayor. Not in skill, mind you, just overall cuntiness.


AW knows it’s important to have a Coq up his sleeve




Better to have ‘Le Coq’ than ‘La Cunt’ Eh?


the Coq is looking a bit tasty

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Are you trying to say something about le coq? Come on. Spit it out.


its on the tip of my tongue


When it gets tough, Le Coq shows up!


” I will therefore come back for pre-season there. I will thus be at Arsenal next season.”
Quite the wordsmith our Coq, eh?

van persism should b a religion

This is a boy dat i believ will make a big difference next season with his passion and enthusiasm. We’ve got an ox and le coq. Thats a good thing


Everyone here was waiting for some coq news werent you?

Fuck this shit

YAY I LOVE HIM!!! I’m going to knock one out on the tissue!! YAY 🙂 (THUMBS UP)

*says it in a mongy spitty voice*


Robin’s contract has been decided by now. They were at Arsene’s place yesterday.


Not that I’m worried.


Well, the fact there was no announcement yesterday gave rise to all sorts of utter nonsense from the The Sun and its ilk. “Crisis” and “talks break down” and “tired of being potless” etc. Nary a quote from any source!


Ah, yes. The Sun. Owned by the same people who own Faux News and who once hid the voicemails from a missing girl’s phone from the police and her parents. Top people. Top people, I tells ya! Very trustworthy.


No i don’t think it was decided. it was most likely not going to be decided in one meeting anyway. proposals could have been made and everyone probably went away to think about what was said… more negotiation side than deciding side.. maybe they had a nice afternoon tea and laughed about sp*rs and talked about how much they all hate na$ri. i’d say it’s all very chill indeed… while us supporters are quivering in the fetal position in a dark room wearing nothing but our RVP underpants


More worrying is what’s NOT been decided. Of course he’s going. Haven’t you guys learnt anything from the past? Just because you’re happy to follow a floundering team with a floundering manager does not mean Van Persie is. He didn’t get where he is today by being a pussy.


Do you ever stop whining?


No, ADMA he got where he is today by Arsenal having faith in him during an injury record which would make Jack himself blush. Hope he signs but im not hopeful on RVP. Seems to me the buzz in players circles is that Arsenal is a fucking nursery, and any decent established pro has to leave. Wenger needs to do something to stop the rot, but then again i think hes happy to finish top 4


His versatility, energy, and passing range remind me of Flamini. Excellent squad player who could one day make an impact in the first team.

Oh, and here’s my obligatory Coq joke: The Coq’s versatility means he can slide into the middle, or into right back.

You know, I wonder if he knows there’s a group of us online who devote entire comments’ sections to Coq jokes?


Yeah dont mess with the coq he will get right back at ya.


And he’s so hard when he slides in.


He goes in for a tackle….HARD!

Anyway, a coq a day keeps the goal scorers away.


Espescially when he’s in the box…

Arsene's bottle of water

The Coq is growing into some player alright!

Cygan's Middle Foot

haha so many creative coq jokes. i love arseblog’s people


He looks like a young Thierry Henry.

Or a young Lenny Henry.

Ol' Big Bear

I think anyone who gave a thumbs down to this comment doesn’t listen to Alan Davies’ Tuesday Club podcast and is unaware of his Louis Walsh impersonation.

I liked it Carson, well done.

Good Omens

Only getting to use your Coq 17 times through a whole season must be quite frustrating.


But when he pulled it out, it stood up tall.


Have to admit I feared the worst when he went limp after feeling a tug and getting pulled off against Leeds. Glad to see Coq standing tall and proud these days in the first team. He can certainly go deep but I wonder if he’d go just as well ‘in the hole’?


The best one yet 🙂 keep em coming! Not as imagiitive or creative so I will just come out and say it…. I love the Coq!


Not only Wenger we all thrust you coq.
Its a two way thrust alrite.


The league might be full of c*nts, but we have the Coq 🙂

big dawg

The coq is growing.
Ps spurs are shite. Really shite. Just thought I’d point it out.

RVP's Right Foot

I like his cocky attitude.


Spurs. muahahahahahahaha. they finished under the coq again.


off-topic I know, but, what is going on with the RVP situation? They had talks yesterday, didn’t they? Maybe a statement from club or player is in the offing, but I hope we’re not gonna face another Nasri saga.

All the board has to do, is refuse to sell him – who cares about a missed opportunity to sell? Its not as if we made the best use of the bucket-loads we received last summer on Cesc and Nasri etc..


Fucking love this arseblog family! Am in the library trying hard not to burst out laughing at all this coq jokes…..


In all seriousness, he’s garbage. You know it, I know it – why not just say it instead of this fake bravado. Coquelin will never amount to anything, and if this is supposed to the calibre of DM that is going take us into the future and compete for trophies then Wenger is deeply sick in the brain.

Nothing against the lad personally of course.


You have no idea what you are talking about.

Good Omens

I would suggest Argonaut, just never replying whatsoever to anything Adma says at all, no plus no minus, nothing at all. Clearly he just wants attention.


Good Omens, you are correct. In future I shall ignore him.


It’s just an opinion. No need to get your knickers in a twist.


Adma have never posted a meaningful comment here. Pity.


@rsebloog, Adma always seems to be negative and his comments make it look that h’s just trying to rile us up . Probably he’s just a troll, can’t you block him?

El blondo

Twat! Give the boy a chance


We will sure get more from Thr Coq if we use him more at night. UCL here we come!


I thought coq is the one who gets up early.


People are desperate to sign M’Vila, but if you watch how he plays and compare it to Coquelin, you’ll see they play in a very similar way. Both are defensive, no nonsense, technical players that distribute well and don’t hog the ball like Ramsey. They win the ball and pass it on.

That’s not to say we couldn’t use M’Vila, but don’t write Coquelin off.


No nonsense hahah. You pro-Wenger freaks haven’t a clue. Vieira was no-nonsense, Keane.

Coquelin? Haha.


Is today one of the few days in the month when you’re allowed to step out of the asylum and pretend to be all normal and sensible? If so, I have a tip for you – you’re doing it all wrong. You must wake up every morning thinking that you’re going to die, but then when you survive the day you’re so busy getting upset that your prediction was wrong you can’t realize the positives of actually being alive. Coquelin may not be no nonsense yet but as for now Adma is All-nonsense. And he’s so envious of Wenger, he… Read more »


Just hope he doesn’t spend any more time crying on the ground with the leg beating the turf. It’s pathetic!


Keep working hard Coq and the results will cum…

I rate this guy and I hope he gets a chance to play in his proper position for a few games.


Personally, I fell in love with him during a match, which for the life of me I cant remember (apologies Coq), but I noticed bags of potential. He moved forward with pace and endeavour, he dribbled like a beast, he defended with enthusiasm, he tried his hardest. He is a truly talented kid, as he is above average in defending and above average in attacking, and has bags of stamina, and has quick feet. He’s currently playing as a defense mided player, however, he’s talented enough to be molded and sculpted into whatever Arsene wants him to be. This guy… Read more »


Heheh. You said he’ll be “huge for us.” Well played, sir. Well played.


Unfortunately after reading the comments, I think the golden era of Coq jokes is over 🙁


Can we call it the “GoldenRod” era?

Chocolate Leg

The meme has hopefully run its course.


Le Coq has done well for the Arse this season


I love it when le coq thrusts repeatedly into the (dirt) box

Save 75 cents

He’s more useful than Ramsey.

Simao Segunda

It was sad to see the Coq go limp-ing off the field earlier in the season, because the Coq did such a good job when we had to press him into the back.

Hopefully, Song will work with him in training so he can soon play penetrating balls from deep.

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RVP situ will be dragged on as it give Arsenal FC good publicity, will he or wont he, same pattern with all the others from Viera to madrid to the eternal henry to barca then cesc to barca crap. its a marketing coup we get lots of coverage in press and tv all over the world as a result. its a pattern and keeps the interst in the club trending. a lot of fans dont get how the machine works those that get lots of publicity get the higher sponsorship contract as the brand will be flashed along with the… Read more »

[…] And finally, Arsene now has no worries about deploying his Coq in midfield. […]


My one critique of le coq is he flails about whenever he’s tackled, kinda like eboue


Blogs, please can you add to the posting rules no more Coquelin knob gags. They’re getting rather limp.

Damn, got me at it now…


Don’t worry. The longer it goes on, the harder it’ll be.


Keeping it up gets harder with each post….


It could be worse. We could have Coquelin AND Seaman in the same team.


I still hope we buy Gotze. Incredible pun scenes.

Lord Teddy Ears

I really like the kid !!!

In fact I would go so far as to say I am coqahoop over him !!!

Igor stepanovs

We trust u too, General Coq.


In Coq we thrust.


Even i’m a cunt so I do know how hard le coq can be.


next season we should use our coq to really get in their faces

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