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Wilshere to undergo knee procedure

In a slightly worrying turn of events Jack Wilshere is set to go under the knife again – this time to fix a problem in his knee.

While Arsenal insist that the procedure is ‘minor’ it does throw into doubt the midfielder’s own aim of being back with the first team for the opening day of pre-season training on July 9th.

A statement about Wilshere’s latest setback on reads:

“England international Jack Wilshere is continuing to recover very well from the injury to his right ankle which ruled him out of action for the 2011/12 season.

“However, his ongoing rehabilitation has seen a long-standing slight issue with his patella tendon in his left knee flare up.

“As a result, Jack will travel to Sweden for a minor procedure on his left knee in the next few days.This procedure is not expected to significantly affect Jack’s comeback ahead of next season.

“On returning to England, Jack will resume his rehabilitation with the Arsenal medical team over the summer.”

Fingers crossed the Swedes look after Jack and he does indeed make a speedy recovery.

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Its a conspiracy.
Go overseas for an operation means no call up for The Olympics.

But being sensible Jake will be fine, its a minor operation.

Our old friend Nasri has a similar operation 2 years ago and he was back in 3 weeks.

Cygan's Right Foot

Who is this Jake you speak of?


Nasri who?


What did Nasrat undergo? A personality transplant?

Cygan's Right Foot

He got his teeth reduced…


no nasri got his dick cut off to make room for more mony to shove up his ass/new hole

Trex d' Gunner

I guess you mean Nasri got his chin removed so as to look reasonably human

H.P. Arsecraft

What is a Nasri? A cunt?


Diaby v2 🙁

Master Bates

Diaby get injured while playing , Wilshere get injured when injured

Steve Mankin

Why does this comment have so many thumbs down? It’s a possibility and we need to realise this. Any constructive criticism posted on arseblog news is automatically given an unbelievable amount of thumbs down… It’s not as if it’s offensive in any way either.

Master Bates

It’s not Constructive criticism or even criticism at all , it’s just predicting sh*t


I don’t think that’s true. There is plenty of constructive criticism that doesn’t get the thumbs down treatment. It’s when it’s over the top, reactionary or just plain wrong that people react negatively to it. Jack has had a serious injury, and the comeback is taking a while. That’s it. To immediately jump from that to comparing him to diaby who has been almost solidly injured with a vast array of different problems for 3(?) years isn’t particularly rational. The cases are completely different.


Hoping it’s more like Rosicky and less like Diaby (we have so many long-term unexplainable injury situations to choose from?)


LANS in September 2013

gunn cabinet



When is he coming to Sweden!? I’ll meet him at the airport!!!!!!


To all those who are complaining, give the guy time! Show him your support, instead of impatiently moaning about things beyond our control.

Remember, we are supporters!


Probably a gimmick by the medical team to make sure he “recovers” in time for the season’s start but not for Team GB


im really starting to worry now


It’s a very minor procedure and will not unduly affect any recovery time or Jack’s preparations for next season.

Chill out.


I’d rather have his legs all sorted and every thing now, even if it takes a few weeks extra, than have him playing through pain with a little niggle for months, and then relapsing into another major injury.


His lower limbs will never be the same again.the brighter side is when he starts playing and doesn’t recapture his high standards,we already have two excuses for him:his year long injury and missing one year of his development. Just the usual excuses used in ramsey’s shoddy output.but i’ve this strong feeling wilshere won’t give us ramseylesque arguments.wishing him all the best.


That’s the spirit!

Master Bates

players recovering is not excuse ,he fucking had his leg broken playing football


That’s a good point. I remember all those times Van Persie got injured. And this season he was utter shithouse.


Yeah, Ramsey is shit. Fancy using having your leg smashed to pieces by a troll as an excuse for not being the best midfielder in the world when you’re 20. The twat.


Sell him. Sell the manager. Buy Kenny Dalglish and Michael Owen and we’ll be set


OT, but it does raise a question in my mind–where the hell is Kenny gonna get a job next year?


Sweeping the streets from the job he gets from the Job Centre



You’re a prick.

Jack & GaryTwitter

Not promising. Should spend less time on twitter and mouthing off to media. Needs to concentrate on training and getting back playing. If only his appearances on the pitch matched his number of twitter posts would have played every match.

Ray Bandana


If there’s anyone whose commitment cannot be questioned, it’s Jack. Also, I’m not sure if you know how twitter works, but it doesn’t take 90 minutes to post something on there.


Or the use of an ankle or knee. Thumb, maybe.

He posts during his time off from the rehabilitation on his ankle that he does daily. He can’t train properly until he’s completed his rehabilitation and he can’t play until he is fit to play after training and but please, don’t let stop you from mouthing off and being a dick with clearly zero knowledge of how injuries work


Aye, if he hadn’t strained his Twitter tendon we’d have won the league this season


Hey blogs! that’s one thumb down for you, just to give you a taste if your own invention. Hehe!
Now let’s have the thumb downs in this direction you thumb down warriors. Keep’em coming.


Ah yes, the return of the mouthbreathers favourite: “From my perspective – sitting in my bedroom gazing at a computer monitor at a gossip site, I have determined that [footballer] is not 100% focussed on his job because instead of spending 24 hours a day at the training ground, he occasionally goes on Twitter to chat with mates and family. How DARE [footballer] eat at this restaurant! He should be down in the gym getting nutrients pumped directly into his arm! How DARE he give an interview to the club”magazine! Arsenal should be run like a Soviet work camp! Barracks!… Read more »


God! Plz give this guy a break why so much skepticism. Show your support to him. All we can hope is for him to recover soon.

Merlin's Panini

fucking hell. Poor guy. Come back soon Jack. Not in “8 weeks”, if you know what I mean.


He’s coming back early next season so what’s the fuss about?

Not just LANS, like a £40m motherfucking signing!



LANQS-like a new quality signing

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] BY ANDREW ALLEN […]


Has anyone checked to see if Jack’s middle name is Vassiriki?


Ive had surgery here (in Sweden), might not be a EPL footballer, but I had my cruciate re-attachaed and meniscus removed, due to ruptures, so yes, it will go well.




I suspect a smoke screen to put any advances made by Pearce and his olympic team..

obviously having missed the whole season, wilshere doesn’t want to play in the tournament so soon without a proper reason from his actual injury, and saying No publicly to Pearce and england/GB isn’t a wilshere thing.


Joey Barton has the knees of a cunt.

a gunner

See its the comments that are poorly rated – that explains the truth in Arseblog posts….they say the truth hurts…truth is bitter

Trex d' Gunner

Which truth is that, pessimistic statements about a young man that has had an horrific injury? Sometimes I wonder if some people that post on this site are true arsenal fans


Sid,go get more vocabulary so you know how to express yourself without being obscene

Cygan's Right Foot

There should be a space between ‘Sid,’ and ‘go’ while you need an ‘and’ between ‘go & get’. If you want to claim a moral high ground on vocabulary, then make sure yours is right beforehand….. GRAMMAR NAZI AWAY!!!!!


You say he should increase his vocabulary so that he can limit his vocabulary?



You’re a pathetically miserable and bitter prick.

That do ya?

Tom C

He who trolls trolls should take care lest he thereby become a troll

– Friedrich Neitzsche


Ahem – nietzsche – how many thumbs down do I get for that?


Greetings from sweden…. if u let me know the clinic i will go there and make sure the doc does the job properly

Cygan's Right Foot

I don’t trust you….. Larsson


Mr Foot,

That was smart, and fucking funny.

Thank you.


Fuck this is worrying time. I hope its just minor thing. Here in states ESPN saying van persie’s talk wenger yesterday end up with out reaching any agreement. That’s another worrying time.fuck I don’t wanna hear any negative news.

the only sam is nelson

my source in the club tells me that Wenger didn’t have any Sumatran coffee, leaving RvP facing a choice of Peruvian blend or Kenyan beans Apparently Sheikh Mansour not only has every kind of coffee the planet produces (including that funny one that is made from beans that monkeys poop out) but he has a fucking amazing coffee grinder made of gold and the machine that spits out the black stuff doubles as a fairground carousel and that, my friend, is fucking “worrying”. Not what you hear on ESPN but what you hear from REAL SOURCES at least Grant Holt… Read more »

Didn’t they have the fire up too high and it starting melted his chocolate leg, at which point Robin hobbled out?

Master Bates

our club totally lacks ambition , they should have been prepared by now , he talked about the coffee months ago , panick buying again

Master Bates

I suggest Wenger arranges a meeting with RvP and sings this


I don’t totally trust ESPN, but I suppose we can say no news is good news.


Wishing Jack a quick recovery. Also we now need a world class CAM. Not because of this little setback but with TR7 turning 32/30, yosi gone(or not), ramsey probably being a couple of years away from top class it will be a disaster if we relied on the fitness of diaby and hoping jack comes back and plays 20 or more without a setback besides with everyone fit competition won’t be a bad thing. We all know AW tried to get mata and even failed with a loan bid for lucho gonzalez( last summer). It will be sad to get… Read more »


We still own Andrey Arshavin, you know.

…why are you laughing?


Agreed on the need for experience at attacking midfield. We certainly have enough potential there to sort us in a couple of years, but it might be nice to bring in some experience to help that potential grow and allow it to be eased in (ie, Wilshere, Ramsey). There are those who are calling for Clint Dempsey to be signed this season, and at first I thought “Fuck him, he’s a cunt…” like I would for any non-Arsenal player, but thinking objectively, it could be a perfect match. 29 years old, PL experience, essentially the face of US soccer (monies… Read more »


Gents, if you want to call each other names, please leave your Twitter usernames and do it there rather than here. Thanks.

Cygan's Right Foot

Aye aye, sir


I’ll start.

I’m not sure who exactly, but I’d be willing to bet one of the accounts is:


Jack is coming to the Sports Medicine Clinic in my hometown Umeå for surgery and we will certainly look after him! Gooners everywhere!


Top quality sports medicine, Meshuggah… is there anything Umea isn’t good for?


This better be a damn joke!!!! If this is our away kit next year I say Nike are not our kit makers anymore!


Reminds me of the Cheshire Cat in Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland”.


yuck. I fear I agree with the aptness of Wenger’s facial expression in that picture.

Adam, Watford

Is this serious ?

I doubt it would ever have passed even our clubs quality control for shirts design, and they have set the bar pretty low in recent times !


My first thought – That must be a fake or a training shirt or something. I thought we only bring out new strips every two years – the current away kit is only one season old.

Ahmed N. Ibra

Recover well, Jacky. No rush man, your health is the highest priority.

Clock End Mike

Too many pessimists here. OK, I can see why, but I’m always an optimist.

So, let’s look forward to having a bionic Jack in the team when he comes back in September, able to play 50 games a season without even raising a sweat. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Like the once-always-getting-injured RvP, who played every PL game this season?


If the procedure is so minor, is it that necessary to go to Sweden? England doesn’t have competent enough surgeons?

Cygan's Right Foot

Have you seen an NHS waiting list? We’d be lucky to get him back by 2030….


It often happens that a particular facility has a surgeon that is the best of the best at a particular proceedure or specialises in one particular part of the body or injury. So he’ll get referrals from all over the world.


I really don’t think we should be too worried. If Jack needs another op, however minor, he will still need a small amount physio etc to get him back in pristine condition. Would you wait until you were confident his ankle is going to be ok to fix his knee or treat it at the same time? I think physio treatment has to be more effective when concentrating on one joint, so I am looking at this as a minor inconvenience, but optimistically, as there is obviously confidence that his ankle troubles are pretty much behind him.


Not surprised by these kind of things anymore.

I fully believe that his career will finish prematurely due to the stress of top level Football.

It’s clear his body is not even responding to slow and patient rehab.

He showed promise but unfortunately this is the end of Jack’s career.

He will not make an appearance next season either

North Bank Gooner

Maybe he’s getting some nice wooden troll protecters installed to stop Pubis lot shattering his legs next season.

oh bugger, though you said Ikea……….. 😉

7 Year itch needs scratching

I done my patella tendon on me left knee nearly 3 years ago….Went through all the physio etc worked my way back up to running and playing footy again, its not painfull anymore, but its not the same as it was….Still cant kneel down on it fully……Obviously Jack will be getting better treatment than I got, but I hope with Jacks age he can overcome this one cos if I’m honest the way Jack runs he is going to encounter a lot of knee and ankle problems, very bow legged player.

Good luck Jack lad, best of luck kidda.

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