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Ryo: I want to become Arsenal’s best player

Despite suffering relegation with Bolton, Ryo Miyaichi has got ambitions. Big ambitions. And ones that don’t involve making a terrible rap song (probably).

Speaking on his return to Japan ahead of what’s likely to be his full debut for the national team against Azerbaijan, the flying winger told reporters of his desire to become an important cog in the Arsenal side.

“I want to become their best player and be the sort of player who can carry them in games,” he said.

Miyaichi’s loan spell at Bolton started brightly but ended poorly as the Trotters went down on the final day of the season with the Japanese youngster unable to contribute because of a shoulder injury.

“I wanted to be on the pitch and help Bolton survive the drop so it was really disappointing,” he said. “Now I have to get ready for the Olympics and World Cup qualifiers if I’m selected.”

As Arseblog News told you two weeks ago, Miyaichi will take part in the London Olympics, but has his sights set on the senior national team too.

“It has been my dream to stand on the pitch representing Japan since I was small,” he said. “My biggest weapon is speed and when I get the chance I’ll show exactly what I have.”

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The Gun

Nothing wrong with his ambition. Sayting anything else would just be wrong. Just what we need! This young man can become something special.

Go Ryo!

Hamburg Gooner

At least he has this ambition. And maybe, just maybe, he will not be the only japanes guy in the team: when Dortmund were celebrating their cup triumph over Bayern on a TV show on saturday, Shinji Kagawa was asked about his future. He was very diplomatic about it, but in the background some other players were whispering the name of Arsene Wenger (not kidding!). Here´s hoping …

The Gun

Is this true? Wow, great news! 🙂


That would be great news…. apparently Man U have been interested in him for a while…. Time to beat them in the transfer market as well as on the pitch me thinks!


That’s fantastic! I don’t suppose there’s a video of the Internet up online?



It seems like Kagawa is asked about his future with Dortmund around 17:43. Someone, probably a teammate (although his translator is sitting just on the ste below him), clearly says the words “Arsene Wenger” at 17:55. I don’t speak German, though, so I can’t really speak to the specific context.


Arsene’s German seems to have brought us Goldi Poldi… no reason his Japanese wont bring us this one… We could really use a player like him…


Sorry to break the bubble guys…but after the team mates said arsene wenger…they also said ferguson….so lets not look into this too much


Wenger does speak Japanese, no? He managed there for many years. Isn’t that a potential draw for Kagawa along with the presence of his countryman Ryo?

That is, if we’re even interested in buying him.


Correction: Wenger doesn’t really speak Japanese that well as far as I can surmise. I think he used English when he managed there.


I know in an interview he had learned some Japanese.


he might not become our best player, but just the fact that he wants to be makes me proud to have him as an arsenal player


This should be the goal of every player who puts on the red and white!



Uh you missed a few… >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


His name is Ryo and he dances on the sand…


If does Become our best player –
He’ll be ‘Big in Japan’


I want to become Arsenal’s best player too… *sigh* 🙁


Nothing wrong with your attitude, now you only need the footballing skills 😉

Mohd Hairil Affiq

Now THIS is our FUTURE!
Not THAT shite who leaves us for MONEY and talks bad bout us!


I love this kid. If he puts the effort in to become our best I can definitely see it happening. The guy has a lot of drive and talent. Very proud to have him on our team!


Since he was small?

Not that long ago then.

Only messing around, having seeing him week in, week out over here in the Ere divisie last year, I can definetly say that the potential is there, a year at the trotters will have done him no harm either.

It’s now up to him to push onto the next level.

Good luck Ryo.


Beat me to it, point for point! 🙂


great attitude.

will be a star.


Hope he gets a chance to use that greatest weapon of his to leave Terry flat on his ass again.


**Flat on his face


***both, multiple times in as many games as possible.

Gandalf's Kebab

Whats the difference?

Nick Drew

Hopefully we get to see some of him in pre-season provided the national team allow it.

I can imagine he will go out on another short term loan, unless Benayoun and Arshavin don’t come back, I’d like to see him pushing for a place and playing some cup games.

Gotta love his ambition!

RVP's Right Foot

I have the feeling this kid will be astonishing.
I rarely have these kind of feelings as I am normally a realist/sceptic. But I think this boy can indeed become our best player.

I can’t justify it; it’s a feeling.


Is it just me or is Frimpong concentrating on everything else other than football? Its getting on my nerves.


Frimpong has had an injured knee for months and hasn’t even been playing football – nor will he until past the start of the new season – so yeah, it is just you.


No it isn’t just you. The bloke’s an idiot on Twitter, he should leave it behind and concentrate on his career.


I can’t believe a 19 year old uses Twitter to chat shit with his mates.



leave it yeah……. you’ll get frimponged !!!!!!


He is still a work in progess but with his talent and attitude he can go far

Needs to go on another short term loan to another PL team.


Maybe to Southhampton next term since they’ve just been promoted and are a talent nurturing side. Bale, Theo, Ox all came from Southhampton youth academy.


Yea actually southampton would be a great place for him to earn some valuable experience. That club has a good history of guiding some good young players and helping them reach their potential.


I’m sorry, but I only see a bright ass future for our club. We now have players who are willing to die for our cause, and that in itself makes me happy. We dont have players who run to the fans, kiss the badge, then fuck off to Barcelona. (sorry Cesc) Who else focused of Kos’ face after he scored, and literally SMASHED his left peck, with the crest on it? That guy had nothing but sheer determonation plastered on his face, which literally made me cream pants. That’s the kind of attitude we needed in past years, and we… Read more »


Think it’s fitting Kos got the goal that sealed our CL place, he’s been terrific the entire season


IMO Ideal goal order would have been:

1. Van Persie
2. Arteta
3. Koscielny

That would have been poetic fucking justice.

St. Totteringham's day

4. pat rice?


Thats the spirit!


Go on son! Do it.


If Coyle had used Ryo more in their last few matches their outcome might have been very different. It certainly couldn’t have been worse. If Ryo impresses AW both in training and in the early Carling matches he might get more chances. But a lot depends on how the transfer window goes – first in terms of sales – and then in terms of who’s available. If Arshavin, Benayoun, and Park all go then there may be room to buy another attacking player. If Bendtner and Vela also go – which can be expected – then that diminishes the ‘squad’… Read more »


Have not watched the so called most wanted players so far: Kagawa Hazzard (sounds like another na$ri to me) seen a bit of Goetze -dribbles alot, I’d prefer we get a classy passing CAM instead if theres such a player left these days, too much of push and run ala CR & Messi& Robben for my liking, maybe the modern game doesnt permit it? The players that gets me drooling is that Lavezzi guy (heard he fought with the President of Napoli of something) & Xabi Alonso ( this guy is a pillar ) But tell you what, that Oezil… Read more »

Nicklas Bendtner

wait. you forgot about me. as long as i live, you won’t be the best.




The future is indeed bright…imagine this as a front line in a few years: Ryo Miyachi Joel Campbell Wellington Silva I dont know if any of you have seen Wellington or Joel Play. If you havent check them out…this year Joel was at Lorient and the kid is only like 18 but he was single handedly destroying defenses……and this boy is BEYOND clinical some of his goals you look at and you think OMG WTF he is 18 and he is scoring goals Messi and Henry would be proud of. Everyone knows of Ryos exploits……..and Wellington is like a Brazillian… Read more »


Yeah, Wellington is so good a mid-table Spanish team decided they could do without him for all but 20 minutes of the entire season and then shipped him off to some side in their second division.



That was because they didnt get along, not because of his playing quality, he is happier at there and he is thriving.

Bobby Jockstrap

well said sir. I’ll be honest, haven’t been able to see much of Campbell or Wellington this year – let’s hope they can 1) get work permits, and 2) deal with the added difficulty the PL will bring.

Ryo will be pushing Theo and Gervinho for starting berths with that attitude combined with the mad skillz he has shown at Bolton (sorry).


I think we can be excited about Joel Campbell and Ryo. I’m not so sure about Wellington Silva, though, and this is coming from a brazilian. Not very disciplined in seems, thinks too much of himself (he’s the one who compared himself to Ronaldo in the first place!) and has not impressed so far (not even in his brazilian side, he didn’t rerally play much before leaving). I’d love to be proved wrong, though.

Gus The Fox




Cygan's Right Foot



A Japanese

He didn’t say such thing, but he just said he want to become a special player in Arsenal . A Japanese poor Mass-media “Sports Nippon” seems to be illiteracy..

The accurate article about this interview is


Hey, it’s the thought that counts!


I think can become a big player for us, especially with that kind of attitude. But then again, I’m not sure I’m the born talent scout. I bought a Vela shirt a couple of seasons ago thinking he’d be the next big thing…


Vela could have been but he is too lazy and self obsessed to be truly successful. His attitude in training stunk he didnt train hard enough to get a 1st team call up and all he did was mess around and party……hence why he wants to leave arsenal he has life easy there and doesnt need to train hard and has a party lifestyle. It is a shame because if he had dedication he could’ve been a world beater but he is too stupid to realise that, he just wants the money and an easy life with a party atmosphere……contrast… Read more »


I really got to find out where people get all this access into the private lives of players…


You’re on fire today, TAMCK.

Bobby Jockstrap

No one chips a ball like Carlos tho. Don’t ever forget it.

Simao Segunda

You’re not alone there mate, I bought one too. But at least it’s the yellow away shirt, so I rarely wear it.


Ive not really followed Bolton news this year but from what I have seen on here and other sites, he has been highly praised by the Bolton fans and manager, Hopefully his time at Bolton helped him the same way it helped Wilshere


Bolton were robbed in their final game. Neither of Stoke’s goals should have been allowed. The first was a foul on the keeper, and for the second a penlaty was given on the presumption that Crouch would have got to the ball, which he never would have in a million years.


I was sorry that Bolton couldn’t pull off the win. If they had, QPR goes down and we get rid of Joey Barton.


He is definitively the RYO-DEAL!!!


Hey, i watch the ‘big cat diary’——-love it.

Bobby Jockstrap

you can stil see how big Per’s ankle is.. and how manky Ger’s feet are!!


fuck! I laughed so hard! After seeing them, I took my socks off just to make sure they werent the same, as he and I are of the same ethnic group


Bolton fan here – He started off pretty well but got worse with every game… His problem was partially that he is so predictable – knock the ball down the outside and get tackled. Taylor of Swansea laughed at him for example and by the end he wasn’t getting picked.

Long way to go. You could easily see the class of Wilshere and Sturridge, but not quite so in this case. Chung-Yong Lee came over as an inexperienced player of similar ilk and he looked far better.


I think everyone is missing something very, very important here (including that Bolton fan). About a month into his loan spell, Coyle transferred Ryo onto the right wing from left wing. According to an interview, he had never played there before, so not surprisingly it was difficult for him to adjust.

Watch some highlights from his loan spell at Feyenoord. Had no problem cutting inside from the left.


Mostly agree with this – the amount of times I found myself screaming at him to cut inside for a change… …on the other hand, it’s not commonly known that pretty much all managers plan out players’ behaviour right down to the smallest move, so they fit into pre-planned routines. At Bolton, dashing down the outside and crossing it onto a big man’s head is about 200% more successful than running into the box and waiting for the rest of the team to catch up with you. Ryo could probably have expected a bollocking if he’d tried a bunch of… Read more »


Owen Coyle isn’t Sam Allardyce mate.

Ezigbo onyearse

Just taylor is laughing a him,mouth breathing ingrate.What of ivanovic of chelsea,zabeleta of manshit and kolo toure after later was stretched out..Ryo is a real deal!I dont need match report to acertain that, every EPL game is on TV live here in Nigeria,so learn to enjoy and appreciate your now!


I like it when he says he wants to become Arsenal’s best player, instead of saying that he is the best, as certain others do. *cough* Bendtner *cough*

Cheers, Ryo!

Naija Gunner

Bring it on RYO!

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it’s really great to see the mutual respect between arsenal and a gunner i am very sad to see bolton go down.i wish qpr or stoke had gone instead of is bad for premier league and for football in general.atleast we have southampton coming up next season and swansea in the league.that’ll be exciting to watch.
as a gunner i follow clubs playing our football style in europe and watching the likes of ajax and borrusia dortmund is great i must admit.


whats wrong with me this season, i dont seem to hate Bolton, was hoping they stayed on the last day , fook QPR.


What have ryo eastmond frimpong galindo podolski wellington all got in common? Relegation

El blondo

Think TGSTEL might have something to say about that young Ryo 😉 go for it son high hopes for you & if you’d not bust your shoulder at the end of the season Bolton might even have stayed up.


Hey arseblog please bring up something on $amir cuntri!, i’ve been practising on some insults and there burning inside me so badly! I feel this is just about the right time to unleash them.


I got bored of reading about a half way through the posts when it became painfully obvious none had watched Myagi-san play. The lad’s phenomenal. I was dubious at first and then watched him play.

There is no reason if he carries on as is that he cannot be one of the very very best.

Igor Stepanovs

Sounds like someone have been talking to Bendtner.


It’s joy to read about Ryo wanting to be Arsenal best. Must confess…Wenger has eyes sharp as an eagle to note this guys. Pray injury don’t snap him like it did wilshere.diaby ,ramsey. GUNNERS COME WHAT MAY.

Paige Diak


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