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Bartley ready to fight for Arsenal chance

Kyle Bartley says he is determined to break into Arsene Wenger’s first team squad next season when he returns to the club following a second spell on loan with Rangers in Scotland.

Overcoming injury to make 19 appearances for the SPL side, Bartley stressed that he is returning to London a much stronger player despite the threat of Rangers going into liquidation leaving his loan spell in jeopardy for much of the last two months

Speaking to the Evening Times, the 20-year-old paid homage to the efforts of Ally McCoist and the Glasgow side’s coaching staff during a turbulent period.

“It has been a really difficult time for everyone and I think the manager has done a remarkable job to make sure that everyone stayed upbeat and kept their minds on the job.

“Ally is a remarkable character. He’s always up and always keeping everyone on their toes and you can’t really begin to imagine the pressure that he has been under since the club went into administration.

“He has taught me so much and given me the chance to play. If he gets the chance next season to think only of the football then I think we’ll all see the best of him.

“There are not many young players who will go through what we have all been through as players this season at the club and I think I’ll be able to deal with anything in my career now.”

Eyeing participation in Arsenal’s pre-season tour of Nigeria and the Far-East, confirmed that he had not given up hope of featuring at the Emirates despite being a long way down the pecking order.

“I have loved my time here at Rangers. The fans have been brilliant with me and the club itself is massive.

“I want to go back and join pre-season now with Arsenal in July and fight for my place, but Rangers has definitely made me a far better player than the one who arrived here.

“I have learned so much from being able to play regular first-team football.

“I’ve made a lot of friends from my time at the club. I don’t know what will come next for a lot of them but I can only say that I have loved my time at Rangers.”

While Seb Squillaci’s departure seems inevitable, the chances of Bartley forcing his way into Arsene Wenger’s plans still seem slight. Indeed with Johan Djourou signing a new deal recently and the likes of Thomas Vermaelen, Per Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny all tied down to long term contracts and looking settled, it appears the best the England youth international can hope for is Carling Cup minutes alongside Ignasi Miquel. Perhaps another loan spell, this time in the Premier League, could be a more suitable option.

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The only way I could tell that was Kyle Bartley and not Carl Pilkington is the “KB” initials on the headrest.


Oh my God…

…he actually does have KB on his headrest.

I bet his mum still sews his name into his £2000 shiny Armani suits, too.


It looks like “KL” is visible. Maybe his initials are KLB?


Bunburyist you obviously didn’t know what he lookks like!!!!


Clam, you obviously don’t understand HUMOURRRRRRR!!!!!!!

the only sam is nelson

we all need monogrammed head rests in out 4WD SUVs


At least he hasn’t written an autobiography yet, has he?


Not the sharpest tool.

Frank de Boer

But a tool all the same.

I kid. I hope he does well despite the fact that he doesn’t appear to be someone I’d get along with personally. Like most footballers, I suppose.


well come on guys, he captained us at under 18 and reserve team level so he must be a decent bloke, or at any rate a good leader enough to be recognized by TWO of our new first team coaches in banfield and bould…


SPL is on par with League One.

Silly hat, classless car seats.

Oh, and tweets defending a convicted rapist and calling women ‘stupid’.


Ha ha Vile Fartley.


Honestly speaking, not even close to Steven Caulker…….. yes from Sp*rs.

Cygan's Right Foot

In terms of playing for a shit team?


He’s only 20. He will improve.

Ray Bandana

Not really sure where the abuse is coming from on here. I always thought he seemed like a pretty decent player.

Frank de Boer

I made fun of him but I think so as well. I felt terrible when he scored that own goal in the Emirates Cup. He seemed pretty broken up about it.

I just cannot figure out what posses him to do that thing with his eyebrows. He isn’t alone in that, but why?

Ray Bandana



Anyone who has seen him play at Ibrox this season will realise he is no better than Championship quality. Another who can safely be shown the door.


Best way to sort that out would be a loan period with a Premiership team.


Not to ‘playa hate’ or anything, but the fact that 20 year olds can drive around in cars with embroided head rests is fucking ridiculous! I’m about the same age as that guy, but my transportation is 2 legs, and a shoe for each of the feet connected to those legs. Not that I’m complaining or jealous or anything. I know we cant dictate how footballers spend their money, but fucking hell, a 4th choice, injury prone 20 year old kid with embroided head rests? Call me old fashioned, but hell, that’s not right. I guess I’m just an analog… Read more »


you mad bro?


Cut the kid some slack–maybe it’s not his car.

the only sam is nelson

must have taken him ages to find someone else in glasgow who could afford that motor *and* had the same initials

Good Omens

Whos is it then ? Kate Beckinsales ? If it is, I’m cutting him all the slack he wants, good form son.


It probably is Karl Pilkington’s car. It wouldn’t surprised me if his monogram didn’t actually match his initials.


Why don’t you go into football then?? Defender maybe or striker probably safer midfield!!!


The point it that you’re not a footballer. The people who run the finances at Arsenal seem happy with what he earns, so that’s fine with me. It’s not my place to even care what he earns. Plus, I could afford to have some stitching done in some upholstery, and I’m no fuckin Lorenzo de Medici

Cygan's Right Foot

Wait, are you telling me you have feet attached to your legs? You lucky son-of-a-bitch. I just have Pascal attached to mine….


Bartley has loads of upside. If he can stay focused he will be a success. Big and athletic. Just what we need to replace Squillaci.


He like Lansbury needs to be shown the door I doubt he will make it at us the only thing I would say is he is 20 so he wouldn’t take up one of the 25 squad places but he really isn’t the answer and the biggest question is would he be better than our 4th choice Centre back Djorou i highly doubt it


I have a soft spot for lansbury ever since he scored his debut goal against sp*rs


I can’t see him breaking into the first team squad. Even assuming Squillaci departs, Bartley would expect to begin preseason as 6th-choice, safely outside the 25-man first team squad. Consider also that Wenger is just as apt to play Song at CB as he is to pick his 4th choice off the bench. Another loan spell is probably in his future. Although the club may decide to sell him instead.


OK, so he does not take a spot on the 25-man roster since he is only 20. But my reasoning otherwise stands.


Completely agree with smartie he simply isn’t good enough to post for the arsenal


He sure does a mean Ben Affleck impression.


He could be a late bloomer, chill out I say keep him at the Emirates and let him prove himself. He hasn’t even been given a chance. And so what if he drives an expensive car, everything to do with football is outrageous -> ticket prices, player wages, agent fees, signing on fees, transfer fees. Unfortunately its part of the game. Also, don’t slag Lansbury of, I rate him highly let him prove himself as well. He’s dynamic and hardworking and could turn out to be a good squad/rotation player in the years to come. Patience is a virtue gooners,… Read more »


But is that why Lansbury has hardly featured for West Ham this season and they have been given the platform to prove themselves thats why they were shipped out on loan to show that they could do it elsewhere and give them consistent playing time and they have barely done it elsewhere


I believe that Lansbury (who has 22 appearances in all comps this season) “hardly” featured for West Ham because their manager is Sam Allardyce who would probably play Emile Heskey instead of Lionel Messi because Heskey does more defensive work.


He could come good, the reality is, we don’t really know how good he will be at this point.
If he’s good enough to compete for a place in the first team then great.
If not then loan him to a premier league team, or sell him with an option to buy back for reduced fee!


Good point! He’s a CB and right now we’ve got Koscielny, TV5, BFG and lastly Djourou. If he can make the argument that he’s better than DJ then good on him, I welcome it. At 20 years old he’s got plenty of time to mature and grow into a quality CB. Defenders, especially CBs tend to age like wine (till they sleep with their team mates women and show they’re racists) so he might not be ready for a few more years but if we can keep him and loan him out who knows. At least he wants to fight… Read more »


The head rest does it for me. Loan him to Swansea or Blackpool where he can learn humility.


Let’s be honest, if he can struggle to get into a shit defence like the one present at Rangers, I very much doubt he’ll be able to do the job for us. That said, I’ll be more than glad for him to prove me wrong.

Cygan's Right Foot

Out of 33 matches he played in 19, so playing over half doesn’t seem like he struggled that badly to get into the team.


Plus,I don’t like his face in that pic, with his mouth open with the baseball cap.

I think this is a valid reason enough 🙂

the only sam is nelson

he looks like he’s listening to the noise gary neville made when torres scored in the last minute against barca


To be honest, if he wants to break into the first team, the best he can do is go on loan for another Premier league team and prove himself like Jack, Ryo, etc.

Gunsen Gurner

On that note, has Jack actually called his bet in???



Cygan's Right Foot

They tried to send us ‘Arry but were told he wasn’t worth the same value unless he can twitch enough to power the stadium.


Christ. What a bunch of moaning gits!

One of our youth players has just said he’s going to give it his best shot to break into the team, and some people think its a good moment to knock him.

I haven’t really seen him play for Rangers because I don’t give a fuck about the SPL, but remember him looking promising when playing for us. Some of you need some other hobbies..


A CB he might be but his appearances for rangers ha e been at RB and DM as right backs go he is as good as jenkinson. As CB he is a decent option and with vermaelen hopefully zwitching to left back he could still get match time. we need 12 defenders for a serious assault on 4 fronts and he is certainly worth a place in the 12. Lansbury is also worthy of a place in the 25


Didn’t have as good a season with us as in his previous spell. Seemed to lack the same strength, aggression and skill we’d seen from him before. To be fair to the lad though, he did pick up an injury which ruled him out of much of the first half of the season and then struggled to get a place as CB in our ‘shit defence’ as Anton put it. Four experienced internationals were ahead of him in the pecking order but he still managed to rack up a creditable amount of game time. With the troubles, we’ve had this… Read more »

Willy young

The Only decent PR Arsenal have is hyping up there youth players. The expectant fans believe we have future world beaters only to be unveiled in future years as Bendtner and Denilson Mendez Merida etc. Some fool for it and but Bentley for £15m great business. In truth the players at 20 who can’t get into first teams at below Championship level need moving on surely Bartley Lansbury Murphy Eastmond Watt Galindo Boateng To name but a few. Sell them and buy 1 real quality player please!! No harm in a youth system Jack W etc but we have 70… Read more »


Agree with most of that list but lansbury and bartley would have.given us far more than diaby and squillaci this season. i am all for improving the squad but with dogs like those 2 and almunia denilson park chamakh and fabianski drawing 3 times their salaries i certainly wouldnt have bartley and lansbury at the front of the queue


Looks like he’s driving a London taxi to me.


Bloody good player, after seeing Vermaelen turn into a centre forward who can’t defend, like Song, I’d give this lad or Djourou a shot any time. He reminds me of our old school defenders and we need that. Would be good for him to learn under Bouldy.

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I rate Lansbury, every time he plays for West Ham he makes something happen. I’d love to see him given a shot at the ACM position.


Bentner could do with taking a leaf out of Bartley’s book!

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