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Wenger: It’s evolution not revolution in the dugout

Arsene Wenger insists that the decision to appoint Steve Bould as his new assistant manager is part of a long-standing tradition at Arsenal which has seen the club always try and promote coaching staff from within their own ranks.

While the likes of Martin Keown, Dennis Bergkamp, Tony Adams and Jens Lehmann were all tipped for the number two role in the Emirates dugout, each having had much-feted careers in N5, it is Bould’s experience schooling the Gunners’ Youth team which appears to have most appealed to Wenger.

Speaking to the media ahead of Sunday’s final league game of the season at West Brom, the boss spoke for the first time about his appointment of Bould.

“His qualities are that he has experience of the top-level game, he has managed here, he knows our football philosophy and therefore there will be a continuity.

“He has also chosen after his playing career to coach here at the Club and we always want to give an advantage to people who know how we work, how we want to coach.

“A very good coach is the most important thing, no matter where you played.”

It is has been mooted that Reserve team boss Neil Banfield will also take up a first team coaching role ahead of next season meaning both his current position and Bould’s job of heading the Youth team will both be up for grabs.

The club are due to release an official statement on further changes to the backroom staff very soon.

Place your bets.

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Midfield Corporal

Maybe Keown will take the youths or reserves?


or Dennis 🙂




Well I still think it’s a Bould move.

Ah come on. You were all thinking it.


You’re a braver man than me……. but here’s a thumbs up to get you started


Cheers Chrispy. Have one yourself.

Midfield Corporal

Go to your room!!!!!


Pah. I guess there goes my career as a football punned it.

Midfield Corporal

That one’s a straight red I’m afraid mate.


Love it, as much as I love the club and pat rice, we really need changes in the back room staff, lets get back to defensive days of the invincibles

Cygan's Right Foot

I think Lauren and Campbell are a little too old now….


we can rebuild them, we have the money, oh wait nevermind


Holy sh!te….. Bouldy DID have hair once.

Cygan's Right Foot

It’s a wig


Wow, looks even better than the pubes Rooney borrowed.

Cygan's Right Foot

Having another long serving Arsenal ex-player to take up the position of another ex-player can only be good for the club and will allow continuity and consistency throughout the club.

Quite a few of the young players will have been trained by Steve, so he’ll have a unique view of them and will also aid the consistency throughout the levels.


Bring in Dennis!

Adm a

Wenger will not allow Bould to touch the defence. I’m not sure why Steve wants this job, and I don’t think he’ll want it for long.


What makes you say that?

Adam, Watford

I imagine that Bould will be tasked with the defensive training, maybe with input or even a suggested guidance but I would hope it would be a combined outcome from productive discussion.

Surely Wenger must realise there are some deficiencies to be ironed out. I am equally sure that Bould wouldn’t take on a job where he felt restricted, after having a relatively free reign with the youth teams.


Wenger doesn’t seem to have realised it for the past few years. From his words he’s emphasising continuity rather than Bould bringing in any new input. He could have said something along the lines of ‘Bould will bring something fresh to the coaching’ but he hasn’t. I think Wenger is making it clear he’ll not allow any changes.

Old man grape

lol…inside info or just plain old fantasy?… place your bets.


Wenger does not want anyone interfering with the coaching side. It’s common knowledge that he was pissed off that Keown got so much credit for coaching the defence when Arsenal got to the Champions League final. After such a successful stint in that role, why was Keown not given the job full time? As Wenger says, evolution not revolution. ie. nothing will change, just a new man sitting in the dugout to act as a bridge between himself and the players. I don’t think Bould will want to do that job once he realises his input will be minimal.


Stevie, Stevie Bould
He got no hair
But we don’t care


Your the first person I think to put that up since it’s been announced! I like you.

That is all.

Midfield Corporal

Not wishing to be pedantic, but I will be, didn’t the song go

Stevie Bould
Stevie Bould
Stevie Stevie Bould
He’s got no hair but we don’t care
Stevie Stevie Bould

I think you over egged the Stevie 🙂


While the appointment of an accomplished defender in the position may be an acknowledgement that the defensive side of the game has been lacking recently, I can’t help but think that bringing in someone from outside the Arsenal set up would’ve gone further in changing some of reoccuring issues with the team and brought with them some fresh thinking.

“Continuity” is only good if you want to continue doing what you have been doing and, frankly, the recent 5-odd years haven’t been great.


Rice was an accomplished defender – defence did not improve because Wenger did not allow him any input. Same with Bould. You need to realise that Wenger is a dictator and has everyone in his pocket at the club. This is no exaggeration.


No exaggeration, eh? Wenger must have a pretty big pocket then.

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

Obviously you wouldn’t know exaggeration if it hit you square in your ugly mug! How do I know you have an ugly mug…well the same way you know AW is a dictator and has big pockets….pure, ill-informed speculation just like all the AAA and anti-Wenger/Wenger out morons. Stick to internet prono mate…it suits your personality better!

Cygan's Right Foot

The term “dictator” is generally used to describe a leader who holds and/or abuses an extraordinary amount of personal power, especially the power to make laws without effective restraint by a legislative assembly. Dictatorships are often characterized by some of the following traits: suspension of elections and of civil liberties; proclamation of a state of emergency; rule by decree; repression of political opponents without abiding by rule of law procedures; these include single-party state, and cult of personality – Strangely enough, I thought Wenger was our manager and not the owner of the entire club. Obviously Adm a or Adma… Read more »


Not really related to the article, and literally no-one else cares apart from perhaps the Gooner-faithful that grace this site, but I just saw Ogzyakup! 😀


I hope to see him on the pitch soon! High hopes for him


if he’s got as much potential as his name is hard to spell he could be quite the player

Michael Hawkins

Am I the only one thinking “God that man is gorgeous with a full set of hair!” No?


Any clue as to who’ll be in charge of the reserves and the U-18s? Liam Brady?


If it’s the liam that left us for juventus then nooooooooooo!.

Midfield Corporal

I bumped into Steve Nould in the sainsburys near London Colney, he was sat on the coffee shop with Liam Brady and two other guys. I just stood and stared for a few seconds wondering what I should do , until I realised they were all looking slightly uneasy at my presence. In hindsight I should have asked if I could touch his beautiful bold head which provided so many flick ons (one in a 4-1 spanking of forest in 1988 was my particular favorite) and cursed Chippy Brady for leaving the very next game after I started supporting The… Read more »


Who’s Steve Nould?

Midfield Corporal

Call yourself an Arsenal fan, Steve Nould was a great player, very similar to Steve Bould I suppose.

Justin Ashbee

I hate to put a bit of a dampener on it but………….I doubt Bouldy will be allowed to change Arsenal’s style of play or philosophy and probably not have too much input on what personnel are bought. We need more defenders who play in the style of the proverbial brick outhouse with character and who will hoof the ball into row z and just defend when necessary (a la Bouldy) – not defenders who love to try and play total football in their own half. Hope I’m wrong but I think ‘continuity’ is Arsene’s aim and just as that can… Read more »

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

You mean like the true British spine that has done us so famously in International and CL football? Why don’t we just try the Stoke model of rugby Football and kick anything that moves into the stands while at it?
After all we’ll NEVER be able to compete with Barca and Real according to you…lets revert to what English Football is all about…boring,boring Arsenal!


Leave it yeah!

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] BY ANDREW ALLEN […]


i think gatting will get the under 18 job. as for the reserve league with us now being involved in the next gen series i can see us pulling out and making the first team squad larger. basically under 19s staying with gatting for next gen and fa youth cup under 18s also with gatting for their league.


Is Wenger putting his successor in place?

Good Omens

No, I don’t think so, nor do I think that Steve Bould would want the hot seat – who knows who it will be but SB, i doubt. When the time comes , i wouldn’t be suprised to see someone like Roberto Martinez, nice style of footy, better players..who knows; just putting it out there.


Adma, an excellent insight into the relationship between Wenger and Rice. Thank you very much for that. Did they mind you sitting in listening to their conversations over the past 15 years? Or are you typing out of your Arsenal?


Bouldy is a confident guy, and will no doubt have an effect on this Arsenal team next year.
The players already know him, and respect him, so i’m sure his work on the training ground will reap benefits.
Personally i don’t share people opinions about us having a shit defence, i think they’re pretty good. if you take out the first few games when we conceded a lot, our record isn’t bad.


Coming from one of the richest club in the world…

I think the Profits and Greed of the Board are revolutionary…


Poor mans version of Kevin Bond…

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