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Agent asks Fener to consider ‘unhappy’ Diaby

Abou Diaby is ‘unhappy’ at Arsenal, according to agent Roger Boli who has urged Fenerbache to make a move for the midfielder.

The Turkish side have shown an interest in out of contract former Gunner and mercenary Mathieu Flamini, but Boli is quoted in the Turkish press as saying “Consider Diaby. He’s unhappy at Arsenal. If you like I could help.”

Quite what Diaby is unhappy about at Arsenal remains to be seen. The club have stood by him through a litany of injuries which stem from the shocking tackle by Sunderland’s Dan Smith, but last season was a total write-off for him. Arseblog News suspects that it’s agent talk in some respects but this is not the first time Diaby has been linked with a move away from the Emirates.

Last summer the club rejected a £10m offer from an unnamed Turkish side in the hope he’d be fit for the season ahead, but two surgeries and barely 90 minutes of playing time saw those hopes dashed.

Clearly a decision has to be made about his future this summer and while Arsene Wenger is a huge believer in Diaby’s ability as a footballer, his inability to play football very often may well be the deciding factor.

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This has got to be a joke right, unhappy at arsenal after all we have done for him. Just hope this is a false story. If not then football really has gone mad.

Master Bates

Maybe he doesn’t like at the quality of our massages at the medical center and the nurses and stuff


I was going to tell you a joke about
Voldemort… but nobody NOSE it.


“unhappy” = “available to buy” It´s simple agent talk.

Glory hunter

If i was Diaby, i too would be unhappy at Arsenal!
He got injred playing for Arsenal and cant seem to get himself fit.
Its like asking Eduardo if he regrets coming to Arsenal, the injury wasnt anything to do with Arsenal but the simple fact is if he never joined Arsenal he wouldnt have got his leg snapped by M,Taylor and likewise Diaby by Dan Smith.

This is probably just agents speculating cos who would seriously buy an injured playeer??

Cygan's Left Foot

I would take bad massage and little pain when I run sometimes if I only get 2 grands a weak let alone 60!!!!!!!.

Do you know since Diaby got injured he has picked around 10 mil in wages????.


It does seem slightly bizarre as all he’s doing at Arsenal is sitting on his bum on the treatment table and picking up a mint! Not sure why he’d want to move to somewhere where he’d no doubt get less money seeing as he never plays anyway!? Good news for Arsenal fans I guess if he does go though, so much potential this guy but its beyond time to move him on sadly, ridiculous paying out £50k a week to someone who’s played about 5 games in the last 3 years.

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

This is all talkshite from a greedy agent…………..nothing more………..don’t be so gullible!!!


Diaby is unhappy?
First of, he has no right to be unhappy, I think we arsenal fans should be and not him.
Good fat paycheque for playing fuck all and he’s unhappy?.

Cygan's Right Foot

Why does he have no right to be unhappy? Having to just do more and more physio to hopefully cure a problem that may mean he has to write off his entire career early? Just because an agent has said he unhappy at Arsenal doesn’t mean it’s true but he as a person is allowed to be unhappy that doing the thing he obviously enjoys has been taken away from him. Also, being unhappy somewhere doesn’t automatically mean that he’s unhappy with that place or the people. My car broke down, I was unhappy at home but didn’t mean I… Read more »


Ofcourse he’s allowed to be unhappy, but please do it elsewhere like say at his house, at his doctors place, at his missus place but not at arsenal. He can complain there all he wants while we wait on him to get back to full fitness.

Cygan's Left Foot


Chamack unhappy because of the quality of shesha at The Arsenal!
Park unhappy at The Arsenal because they don’t serve dog meat!.
JD unhappy at The Arsenal as the bench where he sits is too small for his arse!;
Squillaci unhappy for not getting a contract extension for 5 years like Denilson!.

Dave Gooner

I sincerely doubt the truth of this. Arsenal have nursed (and paid!) Diaby through a series of dreadful injuries. From what I see, he is nowhere near ready to return.

This is off season mischief making. But if it is true – even remotely – then we should sell him, and throw in the crutches and wheelchair as a sweetener.


Now even hospital bed diaby makes it to arseblog news,i’d rather hospital bed sagna or arteta news. They’re more productive and each of them wants to get back on the pitch.

Naija Gunner

It’s better if we let him go, even if he becomes the best footballer in future. He got his ankle damaged playing for Arsenal twice and we’ve shown him some good love.

I think he either listen to the manager or leave, and to be honest with you all I’ll prefer he leaves for his own sake, and play in a league less demanding than the English Premier League.


right then, I’m going to assume this is bollocks and get on with the day…


Entice clubs to make a move?…….even more hysterical. Hahahaha.

Goon Era Dam

Why would Basile Boli’s brother lie though?

kevin doyle

could you add a link to the article directing is to the agents quote please?


He’s unhappy earning more than Luka Modric while making barely any appearances at a club that believes in his ability to the extent that they are willing to wait for him to recover from an obscenely long run of injury problems ? Wow, if he’s unhappy I must be suffering from severe depression.


I am surprised that people would take this seriously as Diaby having said he is unhappy. We know what agents are like by now, he could of come out with this for a number of reasons so lets not jump on it!


I may be wrong but I understood that clubs have all the players insured against long term injury/death etc.. so in Diaby’s case we would have claimed and been compensated. It might not be all Diaby’s salary but a fair proportion of it. This would also answer the question as to why we are in no hurry to move him on.

Tom C

Still taking up a squad place…


How can he be unhappy? We have him the chance to kick john terry on the head. And paid him for that!
Can you imagine how many of us would pay and how much we would pay to kick racism out of football?

Greedy aunt. His agent, that is


How can he be unhappy? We have him the chance to kick john terry on the head. And paid him for that!
Can you imagine how many of us would pay and how much we would pay to kick racism out of football?

Greedy cunt. His agent, that is


Just shows you the madness of the transfer window. This is just the agent looking for some extra commission. Ugh wake me up when August comes.

I really hope we keep Diaby tho. Even when he’s not on form, he still impresses me with his performance. If he could only last a full season, I believe he can pull a Van Persie and show the world what a world class player he is.

Jimmy the Saint

Stupid agents and their lying scheming ways! Always wanting more and more for themselves,


He’s probably unhappy because some of the best medical professionals and doctors on the face of the earth provided him with the best care possible.

Or because the club continued to pay him, what is it, £50,000-a-week? Despite the fact that he’s failed to put in a full 90 minutes since god knows when.

Or maybe because the club and his supporters have stood by him during his time out injured and given him all their support.


That’s unfair. He’s a professional footballer that has by all accounts, worked very hard over the past few years to get healthy and has been unable to do so. If you have any pride in your profession, you’ll be unhappy with such a situation. We may dream of being paid huge amounts of money to not play, but it’s not the dream of a real professional. Diaby clearly isn’t upset with the club, but he has every right to be angry with how his career has gone since the tackle and I have no doubt that he has thought a… Read more »


I hope this story is true. Let’s all just move on. Not his fault but really he is a joke figure. Try it….say “Diaby” to a mate and see if he laughs.

Glory hunter

No mate didnt laugh! he,just didnt know who i was talking about!!


wait we rejected a £10m offer for him?!? I’ve never been his biggest fan (too lazy out of possession), but for someone with his injury record and the 25 man squad rule shouldn’t we have bitten their hands off? I know everyone will now remind me of us sticking with RVP through his injuries but with respect RVP always played around half the season, Diaby can’t even manage a game. As for his ‘unhappy’ comments, (lets assume they’re true for a second) – maybe he’s unhappy in that he needs a new environment. After all his injuries you can’t blame… Read more »


The clue is in the agent saying, not the player … 😐


Easy to over analyse “unhappy at Arsenal”. Just like Eduardo, probably better for Diaby and the club for him to try fresh pastures. Spending so much time in rehab can destroy the soul.

Gunnin Sean

Comic Relief I Say from all d transfer window madness. I think Diaby’s Agent feels left out and so decides to pop one. Even Abou must be havin a gud laf. Bollocks


DRB, My lord!
D R B!
DRB, My lord!
D R B!
DRB, My lord!
D R B!
oooh lord.


actually I like this, all you thumbs down-ers can go F K F


That clearly is NOT Diaby’s agent, just some greedy Mr 15%er trying to make some easy money.

Rikard Kahn

I can understand how he could be generally unhappy with how things are going at the moment due to his ongoing injuries but I can’t imagine he’d be unhappy with Arsenal. The club and Wenger have had faith in him for so many years despite all of the setbacks


is this a fucking joke? is it april fool’s day?


It’s the pain killers talkin’.

But naah, pretty sure it’s agent talk.


Maybe Diaby just shared his drugs with the agent?


In all fairness, a lot of Gooners have probably got to the stage where they would like to see the club sell Diaby and bring in a comparable player that will realistically play 30+ games a season for us.

Hudson Hornet

The fact that we rejected a 10m is scandalous for a club which tells us constantly of financial prudence yet keeps Diaby.

Its like someone offering you trade price for written off car. Yes you may love the car, but just go buy a better one for goodness sake.

Incompetent management.


The flaw of economics is well reflected in your comment. The rationale choice would be to sell him of course. But we are not robots. Common sense would tell us to look at his potential and his undeniable talent, instead of just his worth. I would have kept him despite his injuries if he showed the right attitude. Just trust Wenger.

Dick Swiveller

Only, a better car isn’t really available for the money we have, far better off tinkering with the engine to get an old Jaguar running than make do with a Skoda, if that hasn’t stretched the analogy past the breaking point. Seriously, the damage Diaby could do for us, especially in the Premiership, warrants a little bit of perseverence and given he was supposedly having a miracle operation to balance him out in the Summer I think it was worth one more shot; pretty sure he’s now going to be up for sale though, it obviously didn’t work so clear… Read more »

Hudson Hornet

Well I respect the loyalty shown but in this day and age the players have betrayed on far too many occasions. I say fuck that. 10m buys you Arteta. Who says there is not better than Diaby out there for that type of money + the wages saved. That is lazy. I fear his absence has transformed him good/average to Vieira again. I have not seen anything from him to warrant the hype. Yes good player but hardly a Van Persie. Someone we done well to wait for. Because we all seen the talent. Diaby, unlucky guy. But this aint… Read more »


Maybe he thinks (like many do) our fitness/physio coaches are shite and thinks he’ll get better treatment elsewhere!

Merlin's Panini

I would rather have a fit Diaby playing again than sell him but as things are i wouldnt be surprised if we cut our losses. Not sure who would seriously consider buying a player who’s been permanently crocked for the last few years. Whatever happens I do feel sorry for him despite him wearing his Younes Kaboul Sp*rs shirt at home.

Merlin's Panini

In fact don’t Sp*rs need a new permacrock after getting rid of Leadknee King? Sorry just an excuse to use that name. I wouldn’t eant to see Diaby go there

Merlin's Panini

*want. Not eant. Whatever that means


Whoever turned down £10m for the lanky, glass ponce needs to be sacked! He is simply NOT VERY GOOD.


Not worried at all. IF he’s unhappy and wants to leave then please by all means go. It’s a spot on the roster we can fill with a healthy player who’ll put in more than 90 minutes/season. Arsenal have been nothing but loyal to him, just like we were for the 3 years RVP couldn’t stay healthy more than 18 games of the season.

Maybe he wants to be able to wear his Spuds shirt outdoors?

Chris g

Its such a shame that nob dan smith had to wreck his ankle with that tackle because on form diaby is an outstanding player.he can play all over the midfield and score and tackle like a true world class player,we can only imagine what we would be like now if he and players like eduardo had 2 full seasons behind them


Agent talk. As usual. But the agent doesn’t start a fire without a spark. Either Diaby is really frustrated(he should be frustrated with himself for being injured) or Arsenal has put him up for sale thus the agent “whoring” him to clubs.

No need to look further than Djourou. Loves the club but agent has been whoring him to Italian clubs with Arsenal reportedly “open to offers” for him.

Merlin's Panini

Djourou has said he won’t go, he’s been at Arsenal for 10 years and he’s committed, so I guess he’s staying.


And my knowledge on euro-zone crisis.has no complaints.
Please stay djorou and educate my feeble mind.


“in out of contract former Gunner and mercenary Mathieu Flamini” … hold on a minute .. Is Flamini out of contract at Milan ?? .. So he did it to them too ..

what more does this guy want ?


What Voldermort said.


Like diaby i too have hardly worked in the last 3 years due to illness and bad health. Whilst some of you might think that is a bundle of laughs i can tell u its not. sure i dont get the salary that diaby gets but unhappy i certainly am. i hope he goes and if arsenal get an offer aroumd 6m they should take it. give his place to lansbury he cant do any worse.


Unhappy at Arsenal does not mean unhappy with Arsenal. I imagine that I would be unhappy if I had been kept out of work through injury for so long. Maybe he feels he’s let Arsenal down and doesn’t want to carry on doing that. He might just feel like he needs a change of scenery.


Please someone buy him, waste of a squad place, always injured and when he does get on he continuously dribbles into dead ends. Bad luck with injuries but even without I never had high hopes of him becoming the “next Viera”.


I don´t believe for a second that he´s “unhappy” with anything (other than his fitness issues), although I wouldn´t be surprised if he´s been told by the club that he´ll be allowed to leave if anyone is mad enough to make an offer (how could he even pass a medical?). It´s a shame really, because for all his languid performances, he is capable of something different from deep-lying midfield positions, in particular his ability to ghost past people and his ball-retention skills. Larry White (the French National Manager) went on record the day he announced his Euro 2012 squad as… Read more »


UNHAPPY!! WTF has he got to be ubhappy about? Let him go to the Turks and sit in their treatment room whilst picking up his 60k a week off of them. Ta ra mate….


we were offered £10m for him last summer and didn’t snap their arms off??


This to me is Good news, never like Diaby, I remembered Wenger mention him being the replacement for Vieira…well that never happen and he’s too inconsistent plus maybe he thought of himself like Messi, always trying to dribble his way forwards and once he faces a “wall” just randomly pass the ball to wherever….seriously i would be really happy if he’s gone from Arsenal once the season start, and c’mon he dare say he’s unhappy after all the club done to him, no gratitude at all…


A case of the tail wagging the dog, or just the usual whoring by agents? Either way, Arsenal would not be worse off, whatever the outcome.

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