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Bendtner and his pants hung out to dry by UEFA

Nicklas Bendtner has felt the full wrath of UEFA’s disciplinary committee after being handed a €100,000 fine and a one game ban for his ‘ambush marketing’ stunt which saw him celebrate his goals against Portugal by pulling down his shorts to reveal Paddy Power pants.

While the Dane’s actions were crass, stupid and, despite his protestations to the contrary, obviously not an accident, the punishment dished out by European football’s governing body certainly suggests that they are more worried about their official sponsors being offended than they are about dealing with bigger issues. In a tournament pockmarked by racism on the terraces it’s impossible not to think they’ve got their priorities wrong.

How else can you explain the fact that Bendtner’s fine is five times more than that imposed on Porto (€20,000) after their fans were adjudged to have racially abused Mario Balotelli in the Champions League earlier this year. Incidentally City were fined £25,000 for taking to the pitch 60 seconds later than they should have done after half-time in the same fixture.

While fines, no matter how big, are unlikely to educate or reform racist morons, the fact that UEFA choose to penalise international football associations in such token terms leads to inevitable comparisons when cases such as Bendtner’s arise.

Bendtner has three days to appeal the decision, it remains to be seen whether he can be bothered…





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Absolute disgrace. Knowing Wenger has bitten him on the arse.


am on the way to the mall to get my pair of paddy powers

the only sam is nelson


That’s remarkable. €100K fine for an individual doing some ambush marketing, quadruple the fine handed out to a whole organisation for the racist behaviour of their fans.

UEFA are a horribly fucked up organisation, aren’t they?


I agree on the lack of fines for racism and poor behavior when in comparison.

And I’m also positive p***ypower (<–see what i did there) had a provision in the contract to pay any fine for the "free" advertisement , which was quite effective considering how many people around the world were watching, read about it, or viewed the photo on their favorite arsenal blog.

Tom C

Interesting that professional bookmakers bet on Bendtner scoring. Maybe he is TGSTEL


I’m a person of colour and I got sad after reading your comment 🙁

But then I see a video of Bacary Sagna referring to Spuds as ”the enemy” and I’m happy again 😀


Not to wheel out an old chestnut, but:



Someone just got added to the list.
2. Allan pardew
3.sam allardyce
4.john terry
5. Uefa.

What total cunts!!!!!.


Uefa needs to top anyones list of cunts. Cunts with power are the worst kind!


You forgot Adebayor.


Adebaywhore you mean.
@jag…..yeah you’re right.


I thought about Adebayor at first but then despite the fact he’d sell his gran for a bag of chips he has a lot of feeling still for us. The fact him of all people wouldn’t celebrate when he scored against us says a lot. Whereas Na$ri and UEFA would shout from the rooftops.


Seriously adebawhore is as a big of a cunt as Nasri. Will never ever forgive him for that celebration/taunting when he scored against us.


Surely Pulis is a bigger cunt than Pardew

Merlin's Panini

I like to call him Alan Mildew.


I think you mean Tony Pubis.

But yes he is a massive hat wearing, excuse making, goblin faced cunny

Merlin's Panini

or Alan Pardon-you, because he has the guilty look of a man who does silent but violent farts.


Surely VDV has to be in there as well?

Merlin's Panini

yeh, he’s a big cunt alright. I really hope he fucks off to Germany like the papers have been saying.


Shouldn’t someone generate a list of c*nts from an Arsenal perspective to save time next time. I would add the following to the list:

Teddy Sheringham
Sir Alex
Anyone related to Sp*rs eg Daniel Levy
Fabregas (controversial I know, but he did f*ck us off last summer)

More please, I must have forgotten someone.


Clive Allen


Ashley Cole (what was I thinking).


Cesc is an Arsenal legend, not a cunt.


Noel gallagher?, yes?




And to the poster above, I disagree that cesc is a “legend”. Yes he was a good player for a few years, BUT, he won fuck all with us and then left us high and dry when we needed him and he was under contract. In my book, he will always be a cunt.


That stupid Scottish? pundit guy on ESPN. Tommy Smyth? God, if I ever see him in real life I would smack his face of this Earth.


xavi could be on the list. he’s a great player, but he certainly has the dna of a cunt


I know he’s not a footballer, but can we put that go compare guy on there? Every time i see that advert I want to kill him even more. Seriously I want to find where he lives.


@DiewrekT: Spot on man! Cesc was a phenomenal player, but never had Arsenal running through his veins. Keeps on talking about us and how he wants RVP to say and yet he never followed what he preached a year before. I’d take a player with full blood Arsenal DNA over him anytime of the day! Up you Gooners!

Mental Strength

Phil Brown has got to be in there.


You forgot Cashley. I know it’s been a few years but, come on, he’s still a total cunt.

Also Adebayor.


Piers Morgan. ‘Nuff said.


Who did you add? Everyone on your list has been on mine for a good while


See the other list above that is being added to. I’m just trying to get a definitive list. Keep up.


@Vick you forgot Sepp Blatter/FIFA.


I like blatter didnt he suggest tighter tops and shorter shorts for ladies football? legendary stuff. he could add an extra 15 minutes at half time for a spot of housework and compulsory shirt swapping at the final whistle. no twat like an old twat.
As for cesc he is no legend he was just a homesick schoolboy who couldnt help us win anything


In other news about players I don’t care about, a story about Nasri came up on my feed…because the press likes to remind us that he used…USED…to be an Arsenal player in which he said he is staying at Man City. It has my favorite Nasri quote ever lol “I spoke with Brian Marwood and everyone at the club and they want me to stay in Manchester,” Nasri. I can totally picture him talking to literally EVERYONE at the club. Comes up to the groundsman and asks him if he thinks he is going to stay. Every time he speaks… Read more »


Seriously, UEFA seems to do nothing to stop this racism. It’s all good to say it, but actions speak louder than words. Puny fines are like dust to this big organisation. As much as I have my dislike for Bendtner, the fine he receives is ridiculous. Just admit it UEFA, you rather protect your sponsors. A bloody sell out of an organisation. Another reason why I think FFP will not be enforced.


Pathetic that players can’t have their own sponsors on show full stop to be honest.

Uefa thinks it’s a dictatorship.

the only sam is nelson

to be fair if they did that, they’d completely devalue their own sponsorship offerings, and as we all know it’s all about the money, so that’ll never happen the trouble is that it’s not proportionate. if they’d fined Porto €10m and TGSTEL €100K then nobody would give a shit, after all Bendtner would still have change from a fortnight’s wages, and he’s a cock. more importantly, Porto would be seriously wounded by such a fine and have to *actually do something* about racism amongst their fan base and at their stadium. UEFA are saying that commercial relationships are much much… Read more »


Precisely. All the campaigning “stop racism in football” but UEFA are doing nothing. Oh wait, the world’s governing body FIFA as well are doing nothing to stop it. €20K for a club is laughable. The reserve players make that in a week. All talk no action.

Ah well €100K for Bendtner is just a scratch. He can make that up in 2 weeks.


Cashley Cole and Joey Barton didn’t make the list of cunts?!


Joey barton is a cunt- yes, but he’s an irrelevant little fucking cunt so we don’t really care about his shannanigans.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Merlin's Panini

It’s alright. I heard he won £200,000 with a bet on with Ladbrokes that he’d do the stunt. Obviously they didn’t believe he would
A) score one goal let alone two
or B) be so moronic to actually do that afterwards. He got pretty good odds.


“I’m very pleased for Theo and Alex,” Mertesacker told “They were both in and out of the team, but then Theo scored and it was a special moment – it always is when you have to wait for your chance and then play like that. ..“I’m very happy to see a lot of the players doing well, but I would like to see Laurent play for France too,” he said. “I think we are in the same situation – not playing at the moment and having to be ready for our chance.” – Per Mertesacker I would strip all… Read more »


If thousands of racist fans merits at fine of thousands, if his under crackers said “White Power” instead of Paddy Power can one assume he would have been fined €10?


I think €1 would be more exact.


How about the story on Skysports…I love it.

French team “We want le 50 to 60 million for Girourd!”

Wenger “I will give you 13 million. WHAT?!” *Take off pants and throws arms in the air.

French team “………okay you can have him.”


And yet they fined the Russian FA 90,000 euros for Racist chanting?

I see a pattern developing here…


Looks like UEFA caught him with his pants down. *sorry, couldn’t resist*


Do you think Nicklas screamed, “Pants!!” when he saw the size of the fine?

Chris g

Cunt list in no perticular order-pubis,fat sam,adebayor,two bob allan,nasri,pardew,mcliesh,dna loving barca faires,taggert,van der vart,teflon terry,cashley oh the list goes on and on….


This Bendtner ambush advertising could be the start of some thing. How about Wenger advertising Optrex? Or John Terry plugging Durex?


He is without a doubt, one thick twat !!

And before any poor little soul starts crying and blabbing and stating how unfair it is – are you seriously telling me that it is not the case that all players in this – or other tournaments so reliant on sponsorship money – are not told, in no uncertain terms, that they are not to associate – read promote – with any company, that is not part of the tournament deal ?

Pull the other one …….


Someone didn’t get the point. The problem isn’t that Nicklas got fined, the problem is that things like racist chanting, which are much, much, much more serious offences are getting fined a fraction of what Bendtner got.


List of cunts
2. John Terry
3. Ade
4. Nasri
5. Wolfgang Stark
6. Barcelona


+ Cesc Fabregas
+ The knobs over at Le Grove


+ Shernigham
+ Liverpool’s fans whining at Alan Davies
+ Robbie Keane

Lord Teddy Ears


The club, players, staff and the area


They should double his fine now as he has probably shit his pants at the size of the fine!


according to french sport daily paper L equipe giroud is done and dusted ,transfer and contract accepted just need giroud be free from french duty to pass medical and actually sign the contract


BBC reporting the same.

[…] UEFA have fined Nicklas Bendtner €100,000 and banned him from one competitive game for wearing Paddy Power’s underpants. When you look […]


Some remarkably fickle comments here regarding Cesc. I realise that football is tribal, but some of you really are just massive knobs.

RVP's Right Foot

People really consider Cesc a cunt? I was as pissed as any of you when he left but the boy gave us EVERYTHING when he was here for 8 (8!) years!
Everything! He wanted to play the day his grandfather dies, played through injuries, celebrated like crazy when we scored the winning goal against his BOYHOOD CLUB Barca . The list goes on and on and on and people put him on the same list as Nasri and Pubis?

Arsenal are about class; have some.

PS ((He also threw pizza on the biggest cunt in English Football).


Any player who forces a move when a club needs him badly is a massive cunt. Cesc took the side of Xavi and Pujol, thus, his a direct proportional cunt to Na$ri and Ade.


Grow up.


Cesc is a cunt. End of story. Signs a big long term deal, wears the arm band, then crys like a bitch that he has to go home to join up with the mega twats in barca? That my friends, is damn near the definition of a cunt. Yes he gave us some good years. That was after barca SOLD him to us because they didn’t think he’d ever be good enough. Then Arsene got the best out of him and he turned and buggered arsene when he needed him. Cunt cunt cunt. He’s higher on my cunt list than… Read more »


Cesc Fabregays = Lebron James of Miami Heat Similarities: 1. Fab swore allegiance to Arsenal during his stay but turned silent after Barca wanted him back again. Same with ‘Bron and the Cavs. 2. Forced his way out to Barca to rejoin his boyhood club where whom he has their DNA etched in his blood. ‘Bron ran his contract out but televised his “decision” to join Miami resulting in fan outrage. 3. Needed the aid of other players to help him win titles (Cesc = Barca shiite, Bron = Wade and Bosh, although he hasn’t officially won the NBA title… Read more »


I was being provocative when I suggested Cesc. I loved him when he was here and still think he is a great player (see assist to Iniesta last night). There were rumours that he behaved very selfishly to force the Barca move (see the Wenger comment on ‘I could write a book about it’) despite signing a contract for many years with Arsenal. However, on reflection, I can’t justify him being in a list with Na$ri, Adebayor, Cashley, Clive Allen, Tottenham, all total c*nts..

Maybe we should have a c*nts list and a ‘total c*nts’ list.


Cesc broke many peoples heart but for the time he was here, he did great for us and some gooners are way too ’emotional’ to get over it, but i guess thats just my opinion


Why no feature in Arseblog News about the Giroud signing? This is exciting news!


I’m guessing because it’s not official yet. And after they put up that piece about how we signed that M’villa guy a bit early, they’re going with a bit more of a cautious approach. You know, this isn’t


The great dane may not be arsenal class but he is a genius!

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