Sunday, April 21, 2024

Win Bendtner’s underpants!

Well, not exactly ‘his’ underpants. That would be weird and creepy. And slightly unhygenic.

But Paddy Power have given us 5 pairs of Bendtnerpants to give away. If you want one, simply answer the following question:

Nicklas Bendtner is: a) The Greatest Astronaut That Ever Lived b) The Greatest Horsewhisperer That Ever Lived c) The Greatest Striker That Ever Lived or d) All of the above (which are to the side rather than above but you get what we mean).

Answers to: [email protected] and the 5 winners will be selected at random on Friday. .

Remember: you can sign up and bet on Euro 2012 with Paddy Power who will give you up to a £50 free bet. Click here to register.

Competition is open worldwide, we’ll post underpants anywhere. Pants are one size fits all. Arseblog News makes no guarantees that pants will fit.

No Bendtners were harmed in the making of this post.

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Honestly not sure if I should answer c or d

Los Polandos

Shouldn’t there be e) the greatest entity that ever graced or ever will grace our universe (and two neighbouring)? I suppose competition would be too easy then.

Basil is a Gooner

Was it “super” nic that wrote the question?


must be..only a genius could come up with questions like this!


Hopefully, I can win one of these. I will then sell it to UEFA for €100,000 and make a handsome profit!


The answer is clearly A. He spends most of his time up in the clouds!!

Goon Mate

Pink underpants would have suited our World greatest striker more.

Gunner Paddy

Is it through that Bendtner’s digestive system is in fact the Large Hadron Collider and every time he speaks or poops a new universe is born.

Our survey says…

Gunner Paddy

Oh jaysus early morning post.

My spelling’s almost as good as Sagna’s :p

Merlin's Panini

I had a feeling this was coming.

Ray Bandana

That’s what she said.

*Gets coat*


D. Why is this even a question? Keep the pants though, I got tons of them! Paparazzi can’t get enough.


What’s fabregas doing here?


cesc is a cunt!


O Bendtner! How did thy Suffering Start? Why doest thou suffer UEFA to live? Bendtner is powerful in His Miracles & His Holiness Bendtner is the Lord’s New Concept of Power Bendtner is Powerful in accepting Death and Unlimited Fines. Bendtner is Powerful even while Being Arrested For Jumping on People’s Cars. He was Powerful during the Trial He was Powerful during His Crucifixion & Death He was Powerful in His Death He was Powerful after His Death Bendtner Hid His Power from the Devil and Barcelona and Whoever We Were Playing When He Missed Like Six Open Goals. Bendtner!… Read more »


So your a catholic then?



The answer is obviously B.


I’m going to go with b) as well. I saw him doing that once with van Nistelrooy AND I have a friend (of a friend really) in the football business who’s also keen on b). Clearly it must be b).


Got to say a for space connection. We need more hot girls and guys in scifi.

John Terry

is it satin ?? my wife wants satin undies !!

Merlin's Panini

don’t you mean someone else’s wife?

Cygan's Right Foot

Unless John is admitting he’s like Papa Lazarou and takes peoples wives for himself, then the comment would be correct


I hear Calvin Klein – are worried – about any Bad Publicity – brought about by Uefa – Fining another player for showing their Underwear – and have recommended players – switch their brand, to this far more Uefa friendly Brand – By “Fruit of the Loom”×300.jpg

Cygan's Right Foot

Why have you used so many hyphens?


Why can’t UEFA brand their own underpants?
Problem solved!


e) TGWTEL. The greatest wanker that ever lived.

Mountain WAG

If the court permits, I believe there was an error in the question. It should read, “Nicklas Bendtner *believes* he is:” This changes the answer entirely. It is now, easily, D.

Tom C

I went for C with the disclaimer that this was because he, as far as I know, hasn’t tried either of the other two occupations. If he had, d) TGHWAASTEL


Bendtner doesn’t need to even try something to be the greatest at it.


Carefull, he’s omnipotent you know…still a pair of Bentnerpants might be handy. They would keep your ankles warm in winter and in summer your can pop them over your glass to stop anybody adding twat drops when you’re not looking


‘Bendtnerpants’ that’s got to be a new word!

He isn’t omnipotent though, not in the same way Bergkamp is.


I think Paddy Power should wear UEFA pants to bring balance to the universe.

Just think about it though, if they fine some bloke €100,000 for wearing stupid pants, just think what they would do to a club or player that was found to be racist!

I shudder to think!


guys lo and behold make money and bet it on paddy power


Not sure if it’s spam.

Or just a guy who’s passionate about surveys and betting.

[…] News in conjunction with Paddy Power of course, launched a competition with five pairs of Bendtner underpants up for grabs. All you have to do is to answer the question […]

[…] 还有的就是关于本特纳内裤有奖活动,错过了这条村就没这家店啊!这可是史上最好的内裤。 […]

N16 Gooner

Surely he’s [start Jeremy Clarkson voice] the best all round player in the world ever.

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