Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Confirmed: Arsenal withdraw from Super League

Arsenal have confirmed that OUR club is withdrawing from the 12-team group that announced plans for a proposed European Super League on Sunday night.

The decision marks a humiliating climbdown for the Kroenke family who had signed us up for the breakaway competition behind the backs of supporters, club staff, players and the coaching team.

In a conciliatory statement released on social media, Arsenal said:

The last few days have shown us yet again the depth of feeling our supporters around the world have for this great club and the game we love.

We needed no reminding of this but the response from supporters in recent days has given us time for further reflection and deep thought.

It was never our intention to cause such distress, however when the invitation to join the Super League came, while knowing there were no guarantees, we did not want to be left behind to ensure we protected Arsenal and its future.

As a result of listening to you and the wider football community over recent days we are withdrawing from the proposed Super League. We made a mistake, and we apologise for it.

We know it will take time to restore your faith in what we are trying to achieve here at Arsenal but let us be clear that the decision to be part of the Super League was driven by our desire to protect Arsenal, the club you love, and to support the game you love through greater solidarity and financial stability.

Stability is essential for the game to prosper and we will continue to strive to bring the security the game needs to move forward.

The system needs to be fixed. We must work together to find solutions which protect the future of the game and harness the extraordinary power football has to get us on the edge of our seats.

Finally, we know this has been hugely unsettling at the end of what has been an incredibly difficult year for us all.

Our aim is always to make the right decisions for this great football club, to protect it for the future and to take us forward. We didn’t make the right decision here, which we fully accept.

We have heard you.

The Arsenal Board

It remains to be seen whether the Premier League and/or UEFA decide to punish the six English sides for the disruption. Right now, that’s a secondary concern.

The u-turn in the Emirates boardroom comes after Manchester City pulled out and Manchester United announced that CEO Ed Woodward, a major powerbroker in the negotiations, would be stepping down at the end of the season. Liverpool and Sp*rs have followed suit.

It’s been a frantic 48 hours. Well done to all the supporters who have made their voices heard.

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SB Still

If he & his clan did it would be great. What will make them?


kroenkes not the problem, its the board!

Maul Person

There is no board. There hasn’t been since Kroenke bought up all the shares. Signing off that statement as they did doesn’t mean there is one; it was a cop out.


‘The Board’ is Stan and Josh. Vinai might not be entirely innocent in this but he isn’t the problem – like Woodward isn’t at Man Utd.


Woodward definitely was part of the problem at Utd, his resignation is him being scapegoated




The above is what they wrote. Below is what they meant: The last few days have shown us that our supporters, who we didn’t really think about, can make a lot of noise. We didn’t care if we caused distress, but thought that after a while you guys would shut up and we could go on with the business of making money. And if you didn’t, there are about 100,000 people on the season ticket wait list, so if the current season ticket holders were all to fuck off, we really don’t care. I guess at this point we should… Read more »


I think those season ticket waitlist numbers are more the work of the PR department than the sales department.

Either way, here’s looking forward to many more humiliating climbdowns by ‘ownership’.

Johnny 4 Hats

I would have gotten away with it to if it wasn’t for you stinking legacy fans.


Wondering if the 3 that downvoted this are called, Stan, Josh & Vinai?


There goes our dream of watching us play the likes of Real Madrid in near future.

Non - flying dutchman

That dream could have been fulfilled on merit by winning the Europa league, still can despite all that the owners have to jeopodise this.

If you truely crave guarenteed marches against Real Madrid then i sugest you instead asopt a la liga club as your team. Legacy fans would sooner we still get to play Steau Bucherest if that is eho we are honestly drawn against.

Johnny 4 Hats

Finally I can now enjoy the Jose sacking.

*Deep breath*


Toure Motors

I was actually a tiny bit sad when he was sacked. It means those horrible c*nts have a slightly improved chance of competing in the near future and one of the reasons to laugh at them is gone


You went a bit German there towards the end.


I kind of liked him in Tottenham. Kept the things I dislike close to each other…


Only manager to be sacked from the super league. With Spurs bottom of the table!

Johnny 4 Hats

I heard a ‘probably not true but hope it is’ rumour that Spuds had sacked Jose assuming that money from the super league would be readily available and now they are in a bit of a financial quagmire.

God I hope that’s the case.


Get this cunt out

Protests at the Emirates

Friday 6PM

Paul Roberts

Thumbed up for the name.


The go and protest to reform or even cancel UEFA. Money is earned by clubs, so they belong to them and they should decide what to do with it.

Naked Cygan

Why u mad at kronke? This was all an April’s fools prank which was released late. This prank also made spurs panic and fire Jose, so they can get a manager who can manage. Chill…


You’re entitled to your opinion, but in all honesty I’d save your breath mate.

You’re in the tiniest microscopic minority ever if you back the Kroenkes now. There are millions of Gooners worldwide who want him gone for good.

This isn’t going to settle or go away until that cunt is ousted from our club once and for all.


Well, I’m glad that we all can rest easy that you, Qwalitee, speak for everyone. (and Naked did not say he backed kroneke.)

Here’s a little clue for you and the others in lack-of-impulse-control brigade: calling kroenke a @unt doesn’t make him want to leave.
He’s a business man, and he’s been called that before.

People like him do things for profit, no other reason. Think that one over there, Mr. Wisdom.


Who the fuck rattled your cage? If I want to call Kroenke a cunt, I will.

And I don’t presume to ‘speak for everyone’ – I’m just stating a fact. And that fact is that more Arsenal fans want Kroenke out than to remain.

Meantime, the next time I want the definitive way to think, speak and feel as an Arsenal fan, I’ll be sure to scroll past everything else on here in order to swiftly hunt out your esteemed pearls of wisdom.


Ordnance Dave

Government legislation must be voted in. Protests and boycotts must continue into next season. WE are the true custodians of this club, let’s all act like it. Kroenke’s position as owner must be made untenable my us. He must sell, he must leave.

John C

Let’s put all football clubs out of business!!!

Perry Farrell’s Satellite Partey

Let’s all make strawman arguments!

John C

Let’s all act like student activists and talk out of our arse!

Tanned arse

Your strong views about what else is going on with the governing bodies are extremely well merited but this ‘super league’ never had any intention of supporting any club other than its memebers. its sole design was to make money for its owners. It wouldve destroyed the leagues and the clubs in them. Theres absolutely no doubt about that. UFEA are the next ones who really need to be challeneged as do FIFA but those are seperate fights

John C

UEFA and FIFA are untouchable because they’re not challenged, even when people die in their thousands. The Super league did have merit as it included €10bn in desperately needed solidarity payments plus €3.5bn upfront to the clubs competing which would have kick started the transfer market. In all the noise i haven’t heard one opinion from a lower league club either in England or around Europe to see what their views might be and might be on the brink of bankruptcy Clear, rational heads would have said yes, we very much like the idea of €10bn but don’t so much… Read more »

Pat Fried Rice with Egg

Transfer market for what? We can play 4 German Shepherds in defence, 3 parakeets in midfield and 3 rabbits up front and lose in the ESL. So what?

The money is purely lining the pockets of the owners. We do not need to pay the electrical bill as animal players don’t need electricity.

There is no transfer market or bankruptcy if the very foundation of what a football club is about does not exist anymore!


We may actually pass forwards more with 3 dogs in defence.

Non - flying dutchman

He was plagued by existential questions during the pod on Monday but i sense the inclusion of German Shepards could yet keep Blogs on bpard.

SB Still

How is the €10bn going to make multiple Messis, C Ronaldos, van Dijk, Mbappes, Haaland? It’s only going to inflate the market.

First the owners will take away billions in profits then from the remaining the eye watering player salaries, agents fees will further go up, which ofcourse the fans will have to foot.

It’s a never ending greed.

Diaby's Left Peg

Having worked at a lower league club for a bit, beyond the joy of telling the privileged elite to go fuck themselves the whole point and joy of the sport is competing through the pyramid. Get a good team together, make some clever decisions that work out or stick with a talented manager and you can rise up – look at Bournemouth playing European football a couple of seasons ago. That’s the dream. Yeah it won’t happen for most and people are happy with a cup run, good day out and some local pride. There has never been more money… Read more »

Non - flying dutchman

Theres a s#It ton of comments from clubs across the pyramid condemning this. Any that support it because of a need of quick cash clearly have owners as dodgy as our own

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Who will buy and be a better owner? A rich man from Saudi Arabia?


I think this is the point really. Stan Kronke probably isn’t going anywhere but at least he will have learned a lesson from fans and will hopefully not try anything like this again. The Wenger out campaign was but a tip of the iceberg if fans wanted to make his life miserable, and maybe he’s just learned that. There needs to be more protection for clubs so that they can’t be destroyed by the whim of an arrogant owner and a reform of the sweet FA, UEFA and FIFA, maybe this will start the process, I’m not holding my breath… Read more »


That’s not enough.

Stan will never ‘learn’ any ‘lessons.’ He’s way too far up his own anus to start exhibiting the remotest shred of humility.

The man has got to go.



Flamini 😛 Better yet, we could get talking to other fan groups and get the league to move to a version of 50+1

Non - flying dutchman

There is a need for regulation to press English clubs to adopt the German model of majority fan ownership but hard to see how that happens under a thatcherite government

There isnt really such a thing as a good billionaire. Bill Gates mabye but only after distributing 95% of his wealth arrued through anti compeetative business practices (ahem).

Still there is better then Kronke out there. Those who are willing to back their investment and not just leech of an enterprise they have had no part in the building of. Whats the latest on Flamani and his venture?


Genuine question here. What can the fans realistically do to get the Kroenkes out? Could all our fans around the world unite and raise funds to buy the club back? I really think if we had enough time we could’ve bought usmanov’s shares. I think it’s time for real strategies, beyond protests. Your thoughts.


I would definitely put some money in to get a club that respected me.


This is a non-trivial suggestion. If even half the matchday going fans save wha ttheybwpuld have spent on maybe a months worth of fixtures, and some fraction of the global fans crowdfund, you get to an amount tha that least opens the discussion, at least symbolically


Well, if you’re looking for a powerful voice, Ian Wright is the man to spearhead the campaign. He has long wanted Stan and his cronies out.

As for buy-out candidates, there will be no shortage of suitors but top of the list you have three dyed in the wool Arsenal fans – Flamini and two Nigerian billionaires, who have all hinted at preparing a takeover bid in the past.

Stan Kroenke is not an Untouchable. Make his life a living hell, boycott all games, merchandise, the lot. Watch that cunt’s revenue drop and he’ll sell up.

Public Elneny

I think if there is going to be a movement strong enough to oust Kroenke, it’s going to have to be a concerted effort across clubs. Spurs, Man U, Liverpool, Newcastle etc and any other club whose supporters overwhelmingly want their owners gone. EPL, Football League and abroad If it’s only Arsenal fans who are boycotting games/merchandise etc en masse, it won’t just hurt Kroenke it will also hurt the club’s performance on and off the pitch, creating a lot of controversy and anger between our fans. KSE will look to exploit this and kill any movement dead. If our… Read more »


Whatever it takes mate. But we have to try to make it happen – unlike a few shrinking violet numpties on here who have seemingly given up before we’ve even started.

Urs Seiler

Qwaliteee – that’s the way.

Let’s f…ing do it.

But on Friday we will all sheepishly watch the Arsenal, we love so much, glad this crisis is over.


For an easy answer, just look at how effective the massive and long-running fan campaign was at ManUre to oust the Glazers.
Whatever you or I feel about Stan, we’re stuck with him and need to learn to live with him, as anything else involves banging our heads on a brick wall.


I think it’s a pipe dream to think Kroenke will just step aside like an employee. Unless owning the club becomes less profitable #KroenkeOut will only be a chicken cursing the Eagle. The man has been silent in all this and will still be. Unless the money well dries up I doubt he will be bothered. I bet next week we will hear a Dangote special, it’s been long. “I am waiting for the first signs of alien life then I buy Arsenal in 2027” That’s the closest we come to Kroenke Out in reality, jokes. The only serious potential… Read more »

Bai Blagoi

I don’t want him to step down. I want him to sell, to make his nice little profit, and to get the fuck out. Everybody happy.


Gooner, that’s a very logical answer. However right now I prefer the passionate, irrational, rage-fuelled one.


Just don’t call Mr Kroenke a cunt.

It upsets Uncle Homer.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Stan is not that bad. These are facts:
1) 50M for Partey and big wages to Auba for a new contract (this year in a pandemic).
2) 72M for Pepe (last year).
3) Bought Leno (two years ago).
4) Bought Lacazette (three years ago).
5) Bought Auba (three and half years ago).
6) Gave very big wages to Ozil (four years ago)..

Dark Hei

I don’t think Stan gets credit for using the clubs money to pay for the clubs bills.

Diaby's Left Peg

Very much this.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Aren’t you aware of the losses even before the pandemic?


And he singed arsenal up for the super cunt league


(7) Went behind the fans backs and pushed for us to join the Super League in order to line his own pockets

Non - flying dutchman

Mate, he hasnt put a penny towards any of that. Club sustained by ots own finances as it always has been. Only difference being that a fair amount of your list is money down the drain making our financial situation even worse whilst no fans in the stadium


Concerted effort is needed to get these c**ts out.


What is the analysis? Is there any hope that this would make then bastards consider selling the club?


If we boycott next season’s tickets, games, merchandise and hit the bastards where it hurts them most, the club then attracts massive continued media coverage (witness what’s happened this week) and takeover bids will come in. If we meekly go back to toeing the line like good little Gooners then NOTHING will change. Just expect fewer loans, fewer big signings, increased season ticket prices and Arsenal continuing to rot in mid table – if we’re lucky. This demo on Friday needs to become a permanent fixture for every home game. Banners, aircraft, placards – and when the fans are allowed… Read more »

Tomaury Bischfeld

We all know this is utter bull and the project was probably driven by the Kroenke. What pandering, cowardly, lying crap.

Get this fucking cunt out of Arsenal.

He has to go.

No more.

Fucking get him out.

The Emirates protests 6PM


I cannot believe there are actually sheep masquerading as Gooners who still clearly back Kroenke and have downvoted this post.

“Baaah! Kroenke’s not that bad! Baaahaha!🐑 He’ll never leave anyway! Baaaaah!🐑 Protest is futile, in spite of what clearly happened the other night! Baaaaah!!!” 🐑


Just you wait, they’ll try something again.

No one taking any accountability at Arsenal.

Morally defunct.


Yes this is right. The timing of this was no coincidence. In the middle of the pandemic when they thought blow back would be less. This is the first step and more will follow once this initial outburst dies down and fans show they just want to watch games and forget about the other stuff again. What an embarrassment we are.

Tomaury Bischfeld

Arsenal 1886 – 2021? Nah. RIP Super League 18.04.2021 -20.04.21.

Maul Person

Don’t think this is the end of the ESL. They’ll try again. It may take a few years but it’ll rear it’s ugly head again.

Tanned arse

Fortunately they’ve blown it. They didnt have enough owners who cared solely about money. 15 kronke’s or glazer’s or henry’s and it wouldve been game over as they wouldnt have pulled out. But they needed them all. They moved too early and i’m surprised they made the error. Measures will be put in place preventing ownership leaving these shores again. Football got lucky and english football especially wouldve been culpable

Dark Hei

They have enough owners, suits and marketing folks.

They just do not have enough players, coaches and fans.

Non - flying dutchman

It does appear as though abramovic and Sheikh Mansour were the most reluctant participants and their departure tanked this venture. Im offering no credit here, they both have done as much to destroy competition as any one

Jean Ralphio

I’m sure more will come to light in the coming weeks but Liverpool’s owners have pushed for “reforms” not too long ago. Even then, the government must push for the implementation of a German type ownship model. No billionaire is good for this club.


50+1 law is long overdue

John C

It leads to real competition in German!!

Bayern are about to win their 9th consecutive title and have a turnover a third larger than the next team

John C


The Kolkata Gooner

If you compare their league to ours, they have a constantly changing top 4 as compared to the PL. Far more exciting. And Bayern and Dortmund have consistently been two of the best teams in Europe. All you have is excuses to sell out.

John C

Bayern have had their dominance cemented in because opposition clubs aren’t allowed to compete


So, a league where teams fight for the 2nd to 4th place because the champion is more or less decided before the prior season has even ended is more exciting?

Use a better example if you want to make a point.

The Kolkata Gooner

Also the rivalry between Bayern and Dortmund is different from those in the PL. Bayern have always come out on top because they have attracted the best players, often from Dortmund. In spite of that Dortmund have remained competitive, and under a good manager like Klopp, they gave them a run for their money. Can’t say the same for Arsenal under the Kroenke’s.

John C

Bayern bully and steal the best players from their German rivals.

Lewandowski was signed on a pre-contract from Dortmund despite it being against the rules.

The Kolkata Gooner

What do you think the big English clubs do to all the smaller English clubs? Not condoning what Bayern does, but there’s an amount of hypocrisy in what you are saying. Plus the 50 + 1 model, like someone has already pointed out here, has got nothing to do with Bayern’s dominance. My point is that it is absolutely possible to be competitive, not just in one’s league, but in Europe, without the extravagant ways in which the English clubs or the Spanish clubs are run, which is at least one of the reasons why the owners of these clubs… Read more »


Fishing for likes our we? This must be the 5th thread in which you’ve copy pasted this comment of yours.

The Kolkata Gooner

If you hadn’t noticed, I was only replying to someone else’s comments who have been parroting the same drab agenda all over this forum. Fishing for likes is not really my style. 8)


In what way does the 50+1 law have anything to do with Bayern’s domination at the top of the German league?

The Kolkata Gooner

Yep, Bayern are just a really efficiently run club, and hence the dominance. On the other hand, most of our clubs are hundreds of millions of pounds in debt, Man Utd, Spurs, Real, Barca, even Arsenal…fans clamour for new players every new season, and still they are shit. If anything, this should really make us review the way we think of football, make compromises, change its structure, but not its soul.

A Different George

I think that of the English teams, it was led by Man United, Liverpool, and Arsenal, whose owners all want the “stability” of the American model of closed sports leagues. Man City’s owners, and Chelsea’s to a slightly lesser extent, are not in football to make money but to enhance their reputations–but sportswashing doesn’t work when everyone is furious with you. Spurs surely just wanted not to be left out; they are not important enough to have set it in motion. It is an irony that the literally murderous owners of City have every reason to do the right thing… Read more »


Hahaha!!! 🤣

Kroenke Out

El Mintero

Oh whaddya know…another statement…always easier to beg for forgiveness than seek permission…Kroenke can take his fucking sorry statement and shove it up his fucking hole. Get the fuck out our club NOW.


Amen brother

Chippy Brady

Hopefully the first step in football coming back to the people. Well done everyone, it might be bruised and battered, with a reputation in tatters but we still have our club. Next step Kroenke out.


No we don’t, we are no longer a club. Last year we became a PLC.


Listen, we’re the fans, we have a voice, we have more power in our wallets than we realise and, effectively, we’re still a club.

We’re not called ‘Arsenal Football Plc…..’


We’re not fans anymore, we’re customers. That’s our problem right now – everything is reduced to market forces.


In Kroenke’s eyes we may be customers.

In the fans/supporters eyes we’re fans/supporters.

Reality check

It was fun while it lasted.. further exposed our ownership and their trueself, keeps stripping our class off bit by bit.. #KroenkesOut

Mick Malthouse

Love Arsenal, hate the owners.


What a sh*tshow. Proud of all the supporters groups who did the work to get this shutdown, but also really embarrassed that we are in this situation to begin with.


Piss off! They need to be push to sell. They’ve been hollowing out the club and we have zero people left with any spine or stature. Venkatshem, Edu all pliable and inexperienced. No Caggigao, entire scouting structure thrown out with heavy reliance instead on stat matrix alone. This was always going to happen once Wenger left. The morals went out the window. We have no leadership or direction instead owners who don’t understand the game and don’t care for us beyond another of their many holdings. They need to sell and go. Would prefer a consortium of smaller owners (but… Read more »


They didn’t allow it, they fucking did all this.

I totally with you though, morally it is becoming really hard for me to keep watching football in the state that it’s in.

John C

Wenger took £12.5m a year to carry out Kroenke’s instructions, he was the architect of our demise!!

CT Gooner

What are you on about brother? Baffled by your continuous posts.


He’s a troll mate, no point trying to understand.

The Kolkata Gooner

He’s actually Josh Kroenke in disguise, here under his father’s orders.


He should be sectioned.


He’s actually a KSE supporter and he’s gutted they’ve lost their chance to make even more money.

Or maybe he just genuinely hates football and all it stands for.


With all due respect, thats utter bullshit.




Someone like Monsieur Wenger I presume (In an executive role)?


Apology NOT accepted.




The words of a liar


We must keep going until KSE is out. There is no quick fix for what has happened. Kroenke must go.


Spot on. From now on in, we’ve got to make this about getting rid of Kroenke – until the cunt accepts a bid. And bids will come in if we make enough noise for the media to make it global. We actually have far more power as fans than we realise.

This is no longer about trying to get Kroenke to invest more. Fuck him, it’s too late. The man must go.

This is now about making Arsenal a daily media story. A circus. Pile on the pressure, more and more, every day until he cracks.


Time for Kronke to withdraw from Arsenal!


Maybe it would trend better if your hashtag is #KroenkeWithdrawFromMyArse

Bleeding gums murphy



Good bye Kroenke


ESLOLOLOLOLOL (sorry blogs)


That statement is disgraceful.

Scott P

Don’t believe that this is the end of this. We can’t let our guard down for whatever “compromise” may come out of this from UEFA/FIFA, even if it’s down the line.

The Kolkata Gooner


Curtis Carnes

If there was ever a ripe time to bring Arsene back to the executive team, it is now.


And kick that Yankee Doodle Dandy cunt out on his backside.


Anyone got a few quid? We could make an offer


Anyone have Dagnote’s number…?😄


He’s the dude. Either him or Flamini.


Just checked the sofa, mostly lint and some German Shepard hair.

Ok, mostly German Shepard hair. I embellished the lint as a literary trope.


I really wish I could post the Nelson HaHa gif

I am glad this fiasco is over, I know money does not solve everything, but one way $tan could make it up to the fans is to support Arteta and get the cheque book out this summer… wishful thinking I know, instead the twat will probably start hatching a plan to move Arsenal to the MLS…

utter bell end


We now need to get rid of this virus from our club. It has shown what fan power can do . This should be the start of what all disgruntled fans can do.
Get these clueless embarrassing people out of our club and get The Arsenal back.


Arsenal fans mostly engage in protests if they want to get rid of Wenger. Kroenke is safe.


The parasites are sorry

El Mintero

They’re not sorry. Shove a quick statement out after others have gone first, act like you are so so sorry legacy fans, wait till the noise abates then have another go 6 months later…our club is dead under their ownership. Boycott everything they have a hand in until they are gone.


Exactly. And the next move will be to create a European Premier League entirely independent of national football. Then the govt Fifa and uefa will have precisely zero influence.


It’s too late. They can fuck off. Every last one of them.

John Rambo


Is this basically their way saying they’re never going to stop until we cant get relegated or lose money regardless their inability to run the club properly?

Absolute chancers.

A Different George

My hope is that if it becomes impossible to create this “stability” on the NFL model, then the Kroenkes will sell.

Cobbler No1

And we have heard you, cunts.


Excellent post

canon fodder

I don’t think it should stop with an apology; so way or the other we need to put pressure on the board to the extent that they resign and sell up. I cannot imagine this happening if Sir Ken Friar was still at the helm.

Disarmed Gunner

Talk about embarrassing for all involved. This kind of wishy washy attitude is the reason the club has been failing for years. Reminds of the song lyrics ” You put your left foot in in, you put your left foot out. In out, in out and shake it all about… That’s what it’s all about.” Is this a kindergarten or a big club? They are so out of touch with the fans desired and this Super League was the ultimate example. If one good does come about from all this it will be that now we know that fan pressure… Read more »

canon fodder

Well done to AST and other supporters’ clubs for not taking this lying down.


Utter disgrace. A hateful, derisory act that they found they couldn’t get away with, this time. The rift will be healed when the ownership is in different hands and not before.


I think I meant disdainful, not derisory. I made a mistake and I apologise for it. I didn’t make the right decision here, which I fully accept.


How could you have been so out of touch with the language? Resign!


Friday 6pm,
Protest – Be there

I love wenger

lets all go to a super spreader event and spread COVID , to stick it to the rich man.
that will teach him.


Use masks, keep distance and tell people in riskgroups to stay away.

I love wenger

Nice dream scenario, let’s wait and see the photos of everyone wearing masks and distancing this Friday then.

Danger Mouse

Oh go hide in the wardrobe if it makes you feel safer.


It’s about other people being safer.


So what do you suggest?

What are you bringing to the table – apart from someone who is clearly indifferent to this club’s plight under the ownership of this moron.

Put your PPE on and join us on Friday. Do something instead of sitting there behind your screen mocking those that actually care enough to fucking do something about it.

El Mintero

Well said sir.


now if only cuntke could fuck on off out of our club, absolute wankstain.

Danger Mouse

“ The game we love”…… the cheek of the c**ts.


Ban all 6 owners from ever owning a football team in the world.

Make them sell the clubs for there worth and this is to be regulated properly.

This won’t be the end of this and I dearly hope the team don’t suffer due to th atrocious behaviour of greed owners, but we all know we will be punished in some shape or form.


Thank fuck. I thought we (they – shouldn’t class them as we) would hang in there til the end

John C

The sacrificial lambs of all this will be the clubs lower down the football pyramid and it could lead to it’s complete collapse.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if Arsenal don’t hit serious financial issues either, i think we’re in real trouble

The Kolkata Gooner


Xhaka's House Keys

Better relegated than part of the destruction football.

The Kolkata Gooner

Did you know Bayern Munich’s season ticket is as expensive as one Arsenal matchday ticket? Did Bayern think that they had to join an elitist Super League to save football? And guess what, if they did, they would be beating us 10-2 over two legs with their B-side.

John C

Bayern are about to win their 9th consecutive title and absolutely dominate German football.

Their revenue is €160m greater than the second placed club and they hoover up all commercial revenue.

The premier league has been won by 5 different teams in those 9 years, 2 different champions league winners, 3 finalist

Which league is more competitive?


Agree..but guess who loses money if club is devalued by this 🤣🤣🤣. Then maybe fans can come together to try and offer a derisory amount to buy out ‘Big Stan’

John C

Well considering that most of Arsenal’s current value is on the land it sits on you’ll be playing on Hackney Marshes on a Sunday morning


Rather that than a closed shop. But then I love sport.

John C

No you don’t, you have a misguided manipulated idea of what you love and it’ll lead to the collapse of the game as we know it.

It’s peoples jobs you’re not taking into consideration


How very arrogant of you. Ridiculous final statement too. Glad you are in a tiny minority.