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Arteta receives prestigious award at Spanish Embassy

Mikel Arteta was at the Spanish embassy in London yesterday to receive The Royal Order of Isabella the Catholic; a prestigious civil honour granted by the King of Spain and the Grand Chancellor, the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Arteta attended with his wife Lorena and invited his coaching team, members of the executive team and the board. (No, we’ve no idea what is going on with Lord Harris of Peckham’s tie)

Awarded to people and institutions for their extraordinary services to Spain, or the promotion of international relations and cooperation with other nations, the gong celebrates Arteta’s ongoing relationship with football in the British Isles.

As a player, he moved to Rangers in 2002 and after a single season at Real Sociedad joined Everton in 2005 where he spent six years before signing for the Gunners. Five years at Emirates Stadium were followed by three years with Manchester City as a coach before he returned to N5 in 2019 to take up the vacant hot seat.

Reflecting on the honour, Arteta told AS: “This recognition may be for me, but above all it’s for those who have been by my side and those who have made it possible for me to be away [from Spain] for so many years, for me to be fulfilling my dreams, for the moments of difficulty to have been spent with them. Also, it realises that I always, in some way, transmit everything I feel about my country and people recognise it, and that is very nice.”

When it was put to him that he might like to return to Spain in the near future, he continued: “I have always thought that one day I will return. My land attracts me a lot, our way of living together and communicating.

“The culture of the wonderful country we have makes me keep that in mind, but I am happy here. I am super grateful for how they treat me but I really enjoy my job. Someday [my return] will come, I guess I won’t be away all my life.”

He also made clear to everyone asking him about Sunday’s final game of the season, that he’s still dreaming of a twist in the title race.

“On Sunday we are going to live a wonderful day. It is the first time since the Emirates Stadium was built that the Premier League [trophy] will be there waiting for us, with the red ribbons.

“If we win and they don’t win, it’s for us. That is beautiful and you have to live it.”

Elsewhere, outgoing Arsenal CEO Vinai Venkatesham was at Windsor Castle last week to accept the OBE awarded to him in the New Year’s Honours List.

Vinai received the honour from the Prince of Wales; a fitting way to recognise his work at Arsenal (and elsewhere) before he departs for pastures new. Good luck to him in whatever comes next.


For more about Mikel Arteta’s journey, we thoroughly recommend the newly-released Football Daily podcast with Guillem Balague; it’s a particularly personal reflection on his career to date.

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Death by 300,000 Passes

Did Pep also receive this award? Considering he is also Spanish, if Arteta has received it first would be quite meaningful.


Rumor is pep tried to buy one


Apparently Pep hasn’t got one.


‘Reflecting on the award, Guardiola said, “this recognition may be for me, but I couldn’t have done it without my wife, my coaching staff, the youth setup, the sovereign wealth fund of the state of Abu Dhabi, the best player available on the market for each of the past eight transfer windows, one-hundred-and-fifteen potential breaches of the law, the army of lawyers involved in bullying away the lawsuits, and of course the fan. Or maybe I could have, since I’m purportedly the best coach of my generation, but why would I test my talent when I can sit here and… Read more »


OUCH. Hope Pep’s got some aloe vera for how badly you’ve just burnt him


no doubt someone will buy it for him


Pep is Catalan – not Spanish.

Johnny 4 Hats

And you’re lovably rotund – not fat.

Heavenly Chapecoense

True, Pep is a known Catalan separatist. He would have rejected the offer.


You are a wise and knowledgeable person.

Bleeding gums Murphy



Good point, all those yellow ribbons won’t have endeared him to the Spanish leadership.


and Mikel is Basque , I think they are even more nationalists than Catalans.


Many are, but certainly not all. As far as I know Arteta has never expressed support for the Basque separatists.


They won’t offer the award to Pep. He is seen as a our spoken and influential Catalan rebel.


Autocorrect when. I mean outspoken

Communist Gunner

i think the Monarchy do not like Pep, as Fats said above, he wants independence from Spain for Catalunya:


In Japan there is no second prize, a tradition which is being followed for a couple of thousand years at least!


“no second prize in Japan” what about the 1951 bilateral security pact with the US


Damn. History slam!


Back to Spain in your 60s Mikel, after 20 years winning trophies with Arsenal…


It’s interesting no one ever really thought Arsene might go back to France, there were some whispers about PSG and the French national team but it never sounded serious. Because why would you go back from England to France, a country just as grey and full of itself but with much inferior football? But I suspect these ‘going back to his homeland’ murmurings will continue and be much stronger for Arteta, because who in their right mind would prefer to stay in England over Spain, especially when they’re from Spain, and especially when I’m pretty sure all of Spain’s top… Read more »


‘A country just as grey and full of itself’..?

Someone’s never been to the south of France.


I absolutely have, that’s a separate country.


You’re a Nice separatist then?


Better than being a Horrible separatist


I can be, I can also be a not so nice one if you catch me on a bad day


Vinai looks different in that pic

Death by 300,000 Passes

Probably they have sent his double to the Spanish embassy, while the original Vinai was chatting with the Windsors.

Mayor McCheese

He looks quite nice in that white dress, I have to say.

Never Happen

Yes, he does but the Prince is getting a bit handsy there i think…….


It is the first time since the Emirates Stadium was built that the Premier League [trophy] will be there waiting for us, with the red ribbons.

oh man! Heavy mixed feelings. Proud of the team! COYG

The Only Olivier is Giroud

That gave me a flutter of excited energy for Sunday. It’s been so deflating seeing $ity just steamroll everything and everyone in their path over the last month, but it’s important to remind ourselves what a hell of a season it’s been regardless of the soulless machine we’re up against.


Well done to him. We should be very proud that this man is leading Arsenal.

On a separate note, FCBN took his quotes to say, “FC Barcelona could be Mikel Arteta’s great option to return to Spain, now as a coach”.
Anyone know if there’s anything to this or just waffle?


Waffle. Barca is a basket case and Mikel has unfinished business here.

Top Bins

Is this the equivalent of an MBE making him a Sir or Lord? Lord Arteta of Arsenal perhaps?


Well, I love Arteta and the coaching team and it’s nice they are recognized. But the royals, in Spain and England, give me nausea.


Are you a communist or something?!


Well I am not a tankie and we have to fight authoritarians, but I do would prefer a world were our needs determine what we work for and not profit.


Russia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia x communism = 200,000,000 people who stopped working in an abrupt manner.


ohh? is russia communist? i didn‘t know…

Emi Rates

What I’d like to know is where Richard Keys stands on Arteta getting prestigious awards like this?

Nah, only joking. No one gives a fuck what that twat thinks.

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