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Gazidis claims ‘exciting’ transfer news ahead

Ivan Gazidis is currently in the Far East promoting Arsenal’s forthcoming tour of Asia and has been speaking to Gooners in China via the club’s re-launched Chinese website.

In a Twitter-style Q&A session, the club CEO hinted, perhaps aware that speculation is mounting about the possible signing of French international Olivier Giroud, that the club would announce ‘exciting’ news on the transfer front in the near future.

“We have to take a step further and win the Premier League or win the Champions League – that’s what our goal is. We added an important player in Podolski and we will have the return of Jack Wilshere this year, which will be a big boost for the team.

“We are also talking to people in this summer’s transfer market, I think there will be something exciting for our fans to be happy about.

“We want to do business carefully. We don’t have to add many players, but we have to be very selective. The players we add must bring something to the team. That’s what Wenger is doing and he’s done a good job over the year to identify special talent. I am sure he will do it again.

Gazidis also reiterated the club’s ‘silent’ stance on the Robin van Persie contract situation, despite being quizzed again by concerned fans.

“As for Robin, we had a good discussion with him at the end of the season and we agreed that he will focus on the European Championships and we wouldn’t say anything about the discussions. We ask for our fans to be patient while Robin participates in an important tournament.”

Asked if Thierry Henry could return to the Emirates again, Gazidis made clear that the Frenchman would always be welcome in N5, while joking that his goals in the recent loan spell have meant the club have had to change all manner of stadium tributes to keep his goal record up to date.

“Thierry is a part of our football club, he came to train with the team and nobody expect he would end up playing for the team.

“We had already erected a statue for him, and all around the stadium we have records for all of his goals, and then he created some problems for us by scoring more goals. We had to go all around the stadium, and the statue, to change the number of goals he’s scored. If he comes back again to play we may have to do the whole process again!

“It’s obvious that Thierry is very connected to the club and has real love for the club. At the moment though he is still playing for the Red Bulls and doing very well.

Who knows whether he could play an important role at Arsenal in the future. So many players that leave Arsenal want to come back and that says something about the football club. Thierry always has a place in Arsenal.”

Thanks very much to @SiuFay for the link.

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That is good news but I hope we don’t stop at just improving our strikeforce. We still need to fill the gap of Fabregas and Nasri leaving the team.


I dunno, after a couple of actual strikers, the only business I’m placing any hope in happening is another DM to properly cover (and compete) with Song (especially as he’ll be absent next January again), and a defender to replace Squillaci (preferably someone more able to deputise at RB than Djourou). I guess if Fabianski does leave we’ll need another GK too.

After that, the main business is keeping RvP and ditching the dross.

Wilshere is our replacement for Fabregas, and Chamberlain is a stronger, more exciting alternative to Nasri. Those positions worry me less.

Merlin's Panini

I’m really sick of the fucking Africa Nations Cup of Nations from Africa competing for a Cup. Why can’t they just have it every four years like everyone else!
Our players always seem to come back with some problem: Toure (Malaria), Gervinho (broken spirit/mind/heart), Eboue (err…still being Eboue). Why do this to them on such a regular basis?

Rad Carrot

“I’ve had it with these motherfucking African Cup games in this motherfucking season!”


Merlin’s panini and Red Carrot are you now dictating to a whole continent how to organise their cups just to suit you? Honestly in this day and age!!!

Rad Carrot

I was, um, trying to be funny by quoting that film. Can’t remember what it was called, but it was a plane with snakes on it.

Oh, and it’s “Rad”, as in, the word no-one’s used in 20 years. Pleased to meet you!


I thinks it’s every other year, init?


I wouldn’t say Wilshere is the Fabregas replacement. He hasn’t kicked a ball in a year and we don’t have a clue what he’ll be like in August. We need a proven playmaker who can score goals. That’s what we lacked last season


Dont forget our number 3 player of the season last year?? TOMASSSS ROSICKY. and dont forget that hes only 29 in football years.

The only man in football who has a natural left foot on the outside of his right boot.


Relax guys, ANC is supposed to be moved to the summer either next year or the one after. But yea its really fucking annoying the way it is currently. Also, Clam, if you think that people on a blog aren’t allowed to express an opinion about when a tournament should be held then you’re not alowed to ‘dictate’ what they can or cannot say, so basically you’re unnecesarilly sensitive and your comment is completely pointless/thoughtless. I know thats a little rough but it had to be said for the good of all involved

Merlin's Panini

@Clam. nope. I’m not dictating to a continent, I’m just putting a comment on a blog. Don’t take it so seriously.
I would admittedly prefer it if it were like that, and I imagine, as an Arsenal fan, you would too, as it is an inconvenience to be losing some of our squad so often in the middle of the season for international football, which I think most would agree is boring shite, and not just Arsenal fans either.

Kripakar Marur

And don’t write of Ramsey yet. He is the player whom Wenger wanted in the Cesc role this year. He was actually quite good in the 1st half of the season(especially in the Chelsea & West Brom games). then he got tired and tailed off. And don’t forget that masterclass in central midfield movement he and Wilshere gave when we won 1-0 against ManU in the 2010-2011 season. He will definitely come good this year.


You guys are debating here while tgstel is doing wonders at the euros. Let’s all watch him please.


I dont get that comment surely the replacement for nasri was gervinho? and the replacement for fabregas was 3 players arteta benayoun and chamberlain. if not who did they replace?


Agreed. What good is a strike force of Poldolski, RVP, and Giroud if there isn’t anyone competent to deliver that killer pass we are so lacking?

Calvin Alias

Podolski, Giroud, and M’vila!
Wow I’m loving this summer! 😀


God i hope so.. would be beyond fantastic if we sign M’Vila and Giroud as well as Podolski!!

Dick Swiveller

Personally, I’m holdikng off on getting M’vila on the back of my shirt just yet though, partly due to the fact I have no idea whether an apostrophe counts towards the character limit and partly due to the fact that he’d cost a lot of money and if De Jong is unhappy at City they might be in the market for a new DM,

Rad Carrot

I’d never get an Arsenal player on the back of my shirt anymore. I did it once – I wanted to choose an Arsenal player who’d be good, stay at the club, and would be cool to have without being an obvious choice.

I chose Sylvinhio. He left not 4 months later – the only main transfer out that summer, I seem to remember.

Now I’m sad again.


I also made that mistake.

In the 2010/2011 season I got a Na$ri shirt. Never have a regretted parting with £60 more…

Rad Carrot

I feel for you man.

You weren’t to know. I don’t blame you. Did you have a bonfire with it?


I remember watching this useless pile of sh!te who, although a tryer, couldn’t hit a barn door so I decided to get Davor ‘Suker’ on the back of my shirt.

That was a mistake cos he left at the end of the season.

….and who was the useles pile of sh!te…… yep frickin Thierry Henry.

So if you want an expert opinion on a player……. walk past me

Rad Carrot

I remember Suker. I remember him being excellent on FIFA 2000, I played him more than I played Henry I think. But then I played it too much and had 15 players as top scorers for a season, including David Seaman with something ridiculous like 18 goals.

Fun times. Whereever did Suker end up?


Well, according to the reports on Arseblog, M’Villa doesn’t seem to be a true DM; more of a Xabi Alonso character, or what Arteta has been doing for us this season, except he’s got a bit more strength in him. Which would be fine by me. As long as we drill the team in defensive maneuvres better. As for a real DM, I don’t know – de Jong is a good enough DM, but there are other good DMs we can look for without having to go to CIty and asking if we could have a player from them that… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

@Rad Carrot

I believe Suker ended up at West Ham after us, as did a lot of players back in the day: Hartson, Wright Wright Wright, Winterburn, Boa Morte (lol) etc.


We can debate talent all day long but it’s winning mindset we want. Thats something that you struggle to determine as a fan, but hope a manager can identify from his scouting of new players.

RVP has it, Vieira had it , Arshavin doesn’t.


I loved my Silvinho shirt before I donated it to my wife´s Brazilian cousin.



You should try watching him play rather than believe what you read on the internet.

He is nothing like Arteta in terms of play style.


Suker was always depressed when he left us (same as most players) He found comfort in food and shell suits.


My “Rosicky 7” shirt from 3 years back suddenly looked like sharp business these last six months.


Good news guys! I signed a new contract, I’m here for 4 more years!


Your time is over.


…(pst!) It’s not actually him.


psst…what if it’s actually him. It’s squillaci remember?, the guy has nothing to do.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So it really is the Grim Reaper but no way could it be the real Squillaci?

I’ll go with that.

Trex d' Gunner

in your dreams dude

p3nis boycamp

hahaha thats a real cracker


Haha, funniest comment on here for a long time. I really like M’vila but he is very similar to Song. I spent a few months in france last year and the french really like him but i spent some time watching his game but I think people get the wrong impression of his game. He’s not a solid Defensive midfielder, he is a very good tackler but often get forward at innapropriate times. perhaps if he joined us Steve Bould could get him to stick to his role, but Its the exact same problem with Song so I don’t see… Read more »


If Thierry came back surely he’d break a record for joining the same club 3 times or something?


Love hometown, but not enough trophies around here. Want me back ?


just stay put for a little while


Exciting news? Park has signed a contract extension then I take it.

Rad Carrot

Must not get hopes up… must not get hopes up… must not get hopes up…

Dat Gunner

Here’s hoping the supposed rumours of Angelo Ogbonna coming to us have some degree of truth, would make for interesting competition at cb.

Giroud Van Nistleroy looks true too

just the middle now wenger


What happened about the M’vila thing? It was announced on here that we got him, then nothing. Then he injured himself – so I suppose that’s a definite sign he’s already a Gunner. Hah ah pessimism.

But if we do add him and this Giroud chap to the ranks soon, then already I’m a much happier gooner.


Exciting times ahead. At last we’re doing all that we can to win the best prize.
But i do wonder if it’s true that Giroud transfer will be announced in a short time when there is still Euro. If it’s true, then why can’t all the reported/rumored done deal involving players that is participating in Euro won’t be announced until Euros over..


Denilson going?
I have got a boner already!

Merlin's Panini

I just thumbed up you for your picture. It makes me laugh every time. The comment was funny too though, mind.


We gonna sign messi … hooray !


he’ll score 4 against spurs, subsequently be booed for some poor performances , demoralized , tagged lazy cause teamates cant read the game like he can or have the ball control expected in a team like ours ,before being loaned back to Barca , 6 months later lifting the WC with argentina after which he’ll be sold off to Swansea cause they offered $10 more thn barca.


As he is talking about the Asia tour it would be interesting to see if any questions were asked about Park? I know Park is Korean and our games are in Malaysia and China but I’m certain the Asian fans will want to ask about him.


Will park chu young ever come off the bench?
This I bet will be the first question.

Rectum Spectrum

thats like saying english fans would have a particular interest in a scottish player. no they wouldn’t. wouldn’t care less, i doubt the chinese and malaysian fans do either!




Chamakh….Chance….OH FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!

Double '71





park who?


Bendtner……….chance…………forgot pants.


Welcome back Pascal.

Glenn Helder

They said to me ‘don’t call us, we’ll call you’

Still waiting, but they’re probably pretty busy at the moment.

Limpar's Wand

I heard Glenn Helder was committed to a mental hospital. Very sad if true 🙁


Podolski, Giroud….no RVP contract……anyone smell a rat?

Dick Swiveller

If it wasn’t for the uselessness of all our other strikers then I’d be a little more suspicious, as it is Podolski can replace Arshavin and Giroud can replace Chamakh, possibly Campell in as a replacement for Park and we’d maintain the numbers we wanted with a significant (imo) increase in quality; ofc I’ve been preparing for the worse case scenario ever since those famous words ‘whatever happens, I love Arsenal’, it’s the players equivalent of a vote of confidence from the board but hari-kari is still a way off yet.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I want to give this a thumbs up as I agree with about 90% of it, but you have 12 thumbs.

I will wait until somebody who is not superstitious gives you another thumb up.
Sorry for the delay.


Are you retarded? They only said they’re not going to even talk about Van Persie until after the Euros about 70 times.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

At the rate they’re going the Dutch will be out of the Euros in 4 or 5 days time.
The way my world is going at the moment the exciting news may simply turn out to be that RVP hasn’t turned us down yet and they are going to have talks with him in a few days.

Of course, I hope the news is that we have signed somebody classy in a position we actually need somebody classy.


Would have to agree with that. Imagine this team actually having three decent strikers! Looks like RvP is off unfortunately.

So if our signings this Summer were Podolski, Giroud, and M’Vila, but we lost RvP, would we be stronger or weaker? Serious question.

Rad Carrot

All depends on how they adapt to the EPL, frankly. Technically we’d be stronger, but you can’t tell until they’ve actually faced a non-football team like Stoke on some rainy November Sunday.

Don’t lose faith in Robin just yet. Podolski isn’t supposed to be an out and out striker. Just because we’re getting a second striker in, doesn’t mean we’re losing our captain.


Why does it look like he’s off? I know the club has hardly inspired confidence in the past but he said he loves the club, his wife says they’re not leaving London and his dads ruled out a move to pretty much every club he concivably would go to. Did anyone seriously expect the contract to be sorted and signed in a day? It takes time to sort it all out! This isnt a specific dig at you by the way I just don’t see the point in getting downhearted over things which may or may not happen. And if… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

Serious answer, probably yes. If Podlski does as well as I think he will and the estimates of M’vila and Giroud’s ability is relatively accurate then we’ll have a stronger midfield with more goalscoring options up front; i doubt any of them could pull out some of the finishes RvP has but let’s face it, very few can so whilst it would leave our first 11 marginally poorer the better consistency would do well for us.


I hate to be so pessimistic (I love it really), but I just think the signs are there that he is leaving- not just Podolski and Giroud. Not to say he can’t stay after this long drawn out Summer, but when that happens it usually means that they are very seriously considering a move elsewhere. I sincerely hope that we are looking to strengthen because we needed to improve on last years position, but I just don’t think that’s the case. Something that raised suspicion for me was RvP going completely missing from all mention on the official site. His… Read more »


No Wenger team could possibly have 3 strikers the quality of Henry, Kanu and Wiltord at once! not possible !

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

The Press will call us weaker and dig up whatever old stories they can to show our new striker(s) are actually an insane gamble. If they can’t find stories they’ll invent some.

Bob Smith

I’m sceptical about the idea of Gazidis getting excited about anything tbh. I’ll be conservative and say that only one players actually signed, remember all the time we were promised the club would be very “active”.

p3nis boycamp

gazidis proly excited by the chinese girls ther …. must b givin him quite a hard on


english you speak it?

the only sam is nelson

maybe we’re going to sign a chinese player. bearing in mind the forum for the release of this “exciting” news.


Podolski and Giroud 🙂 if we added M’vila to this as well it would be absolutly fantastic. Possibley also Ibrahim Afellay, great friends with RvP, certainly make him stay, and understanding with eachother is 1st class. Very cheap at like 6.5million as well. It would be a dream come true!


With Yossi going back to Chelsea, I would say Afellay is a good winger for us to sign – as long as he proves not as much injury-prone as he was for Barcelona.


Signing afellay just for rvp to sign on as well i dont think so. Wasnt ozyakup close to rvp.

North Bank Gooner

hasnt olly gone to turkey?


Emile Heskey on free transfer

the only sam is nelson

oh god that would be amazing. Heskey and Grant Holt. The “H” team

the only thing that would top that would be if Bendtner managed to use his time at Sunderland productively and convince Lee Cattermole to agitate for a move from Roker Park to Highbury

Cattermole feeding the H team? Goals ahoy!


We need a centre back and a left back too, and a decent back up to Sagna! there the main weakness so I hope he is looking there too, as not much chat about them positions!

Rad Carrot

Left back? Santos and Gibbs are more than capable there. Right back, we’ve got Sagna and Jenkinson. If Djourou stays, like he’s suggested on Twitter today, then we can just keep hold of our youngsters without the need for another defender.

Just because we had that crisis earlier in the season, doesn’t mean we should panic buy defenders – we’re not always going to have 6 defenders out injured. Bartley, Yennaris and Coquelin are good reserve players just in case.


How is djourou and jenkinson good enough? There not! Santos is more left wing than left back his defensive side is shit! Gibbs is decent but injured a lot! Baines would be a better option for LB! Coqulin is CM and shoulnt be needed to cover out of position! Bartley is a option with a little more experience. Just my opinion no need to get tetchy!

Rad Carrot

Not getting tetchy at all mate, I never do on the interwebs. But we can’t have 7 or 8 class defenders, it just doesn’t happen like that. Getting in a third left-back just because Gibbs might get injured would cost us at least £10m in transfer fees and wages, and playing three LBs over the course of the season would actually ensure all three never find their form. In an ideal world, we’d have Baines and Vertongen as back-up, but they’re regular international players. They wouldn’t be happy with 15-20 games in a season, and neither would Gibbs and Santos.… Read more »


Sagna misses start of the season and after two leg breaks in 7 months you have to start showing concerns. look how one leg break affected diaby ramsey and eduardo. sure u can point to nasri who also broke his leg but his game is not about 50/50 tackles. As for jenkinson good prospect but he has no impact on the 25 man squad so i think a right back should be right up there now. That aside i wonder how the redknapp situation might affect vertonghen? i would still like him instead of jd or squillaci. we could then… Read more »

Rad Carrot

Mmm, makes some sense – but I’d still go for some experienced CB who won’t mind sitting on the bench a lot. Getting Vertongen seems risky, as he’ll expect to play every game.


Yea and then we can ride unicorns on rainbow highways to replace our dependancy on foreign oil. This isn’t harry potter, we’re not gonna buy 6 players in one summer lets get real, youre talking fantasyland


Yeah, there’s no way we’d ever sign 6 players in one summer! Get real!

Campbell, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Park, Arteta, Santos, Mertesacker…oh.


Exciting news: Bendtner’s offloaded to Brønnby for an “undisclosed fee” – one wage less to pay…


If Giroud signs then RVP is definitely off.

Rad Carrot

Why?! Not all strikers play 38 league games for their club without having a replacement on the bench!


My god al the doom mongering over RVP….

My belief is in that meeting RVP commited to sign, but only if we can convince him we have the capacity to win trophies. So RVP goes off to the Euros whilst Arsenal shop around. I think if we sign these players then RVP will sign on too.

He loves Arsenal (there’s even a pic knocking about of him in an Arsenal shirt when he was 11) All he wants is assurances we can compete.

Stop being so negative people!


real madrid have benzema,higuan and cristiano… podolski can play 4rm the wing and two central strikers isnt too much… thats the quality we all have been crying for

Master Bates

before it was “We need to sign strikers to help RvP or he’ll leave ”

we sign a striker ” then RvP is leaving ”

Pessimistic people are awesome


awesomely annoying


Haha I love the fact they had to go round the whole stadium to update the records.

Could you imagine an attack of RVP, Podolski, Giroud and Henry?



Podolski is a left-footed winger, something we havent really had since Reyes, and he will most definitely add a new dimension to the attack. Giroud is excellent in the air and seems to be more aggressive and better technically than Chamakh. Swapping Giroud for Chamakh adds something to the team surely. These are two good transfers. Well done Arsene. But I hope we aren’t done. This might be wishful thinking, but M’Vila (or De Jong, Biglia) would be a defensive midfielder who enjoys playing in that role and would not venture forward aimlessly, unlike Song. He would certainly add something… Read more »


@Joelio. Sorry sir but Giroud is not excellent in the air. Infact he scored only 1goal with his head all season. Just feel like stat-ing someone!


True, though the one header goal I saw was pretty sweet. Also, aside from Jenks and Sagna it seems like no one on our team can cross a ball higher than 6″ off the ground, so I’m not sweating it. 🙂


Thats complete shite, he regularly scores headers and is known for his heading abilities. Dunno where you got your facts


Heard it all before. Podolski & Giroud are meaningless if Van Persie leaves and Wenger does fuck all about our appalling defending, which we know he will do (fuck all).

Rad Carrot

We’re not really a defensive team though. Barca have built up an empire on just out-scoring their rivals. Mert will have a better season next year, and don’t forget we’ve just promoted one of our best defenders of yester-year to the Assistant Manager post.

Have a bit of fucking optimism, for fuck’s sake!


Adma you have heard it all, know it all and seen it all.
If you were a betting man, you might be able to get rich quickly and be a little less miserable. Just a thought. Of course, you could also come up with a smartarse response and continue being miserable and die an (un)timely death due to a dodgy heart. 🙂 You probably wake up every morning expecting to get hit by a bus. What do you tell yourself when you survive the day? Surely can’t be ‘there’s always tomorrow.’


You guys have all fallen into the trap of responding to Adma’s hourly comment of doom, for future reference, he has never had anything of value to say and 100% of his comments get hidden because they are so fucking stupid, so as they say- ignore the troll and he’ll go away


To be fair, based on Euro’s so far, can conclude that the art of crossing is pretty much dead, somehow good crosses are a product of deflections.

Fuck the tikki taka, highline, 4,6,0 shite, watching a team like Italy minus that punk , play was a breath of fresh air.

watching podolski play was worrying . we have enought misfielders who pass back and sideways. Hope am wrong.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Where did this idea that passing backwards or sideways is bad come from? I don’t believe people actually stop to think what they are talking about when they condemn sideways and back passes. You hear about playing triangles, moving the ball around quickly. That needs the ability to pass in any direction. Passing backwards or sideways is not poor or limited play. The problem with back passes is when we string five of them together, the ball ends up back with Chesney, he gets pressed by the opposition so hoofs the ball up the pitch (which always favours the defending… Read more »


You must not have seen the crosses sent by Piszczek or Blaszczykowski.


Don’t know what you’ve been watching but there’s been plenty good crossing, perfect example is croatia who play with 2 strikers and have scored almost all their goals from crosses, the 1st goal of the Euro was scored from a cross so you’re 100% wrong on that, and you’re also blatantly wrong on your analysis of podolskis passing, I’m not gonna waste my time explaining that though as that would take too long and require a little effort


I’m just off to the airport to pick up Eboue. He can’t wait to get his right back position back 😉

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

This is great. Wenger is doing something to address one of our weak areas last season. But does Eboue know that Wenger intends to reinvent him in the withdrawn striker role, with a focus on spectacular falls at the edge of the box to win us penalties at home?


You can even say Eboue is excited to get right back in to the team!

I’ll get my coat…


I know I am being niaive here, but most people seemed to be suggesting that RvP was holding off signing until he saw some positive transfer movement at Arsenal – so now it appears to be happening, everyone has figured RvP is leaving.

Let me just be extra clear on this one, if we had bought crap players he would be on his way, but because we seem to be buying star players he is probably on his way?

I’m lost.

Rad Carrot

I must be as naive as you, I’m a bit lost too.

I mean I’m cynical, but even so I do have some optimism regarding this summer with all the news coming out of the club. Even if we do lose Robin, we’ll be alright – but I’d be surprised if he does actually go.


The minds of the moaners are a mystery to most people…but based on common knowledge and 2 minutes spent on any given LeGrove comments page, this is what it probably goes like: 1. We won’t sign any good players. No ambition. Wenger Out, Sack the board! 2. Oh, we’ve signed some good players? RVP is leaving. Wenger Out, Sack the board! 3. RVP is not leaving? He’s injury prone and last season was a fluke. Wenger Out, Sack the board. 4. RVP is still scoring goals and staying fit? He’ll be off in January/next summer for sure. Wenger Out, Sack… Read more »

Rad Carrot

I like this.

If you want to see proper pessimism, take a deep breath and have a nosey on some dirty sp*rs website. Most of them have already slit their wrists. Worth a laugh or two.


AR you are 100% spot on in the portrayal of the moaner’s mind, someone should write a tiny book on the topic- the thesis would be; ‘why do stupid people like making themselves miserable and for what purpose does one embrace a hobby just to shit on it every day?’


@AR: Sweet post dude. Nailed it.


Have sex already.

Rad Carrot

Hi Vick! Welcome to Arseblog.

Just to be clear, are you offering?


I’m welcomed?
I’d cry but i’m sure terry’s around. He might take advantage of me.


So giroud is replacing chamakh or bendtner in our team if/when he signs?
If we aren’t done signing attackers, and plan on offloading a couple, I’d like to see dempsey added. He’s the closest thing to eduardo that the prem has… And if Vela, arshavin, Yossi, and bendtner are off, that leaves room for certain.
If we are adding mvila, that’s surely the end for diaby… Thoughts on this?


This can only mean one thing.

He’s coming home!

He’s coming home!

He’s coming!

Bendtner’s coming home!



[does dance of joy]


What the hell is the image in the back of?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

After the Arsenal fan wearing a Spurs shirt to win back his woman a Spurs fan was inspired to get an Arsenal tattoo to prove his love to his Gooner girlfriend. She was disgusted that he would desecrate the Arsenal badge by placing it on his Spurs body. The picture is the result of her handing him a potato peeler and ordering him to strip it off.

Merlin's Panini

Haha, TGSTEL just scored. Remember him?


Watching Shevchenko last night gave me a hard on. Would love to have seen him in the red and white, rather than that fucking blue shite!

Another good player fucked by Chelski. Torres, are you listening? Join the Arsenal.

Merlin's Panini

I wouldn’t want that chav-tainted bleach blonde sad sack at the Arsenal.
He’s completely lost it. I think he’ll leave England embarrassed after another stinker of a season next year. He seems to have lost a yard of pace and an acre of confidence.
Destined to end up back at Atletico Madrid.

Die Hard Gunner

i just hope for all of us sake he STAYS!!!!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

YES! YES! YES! Torres. Stay at Chel$ki.

Hudson Hornet

Mr Gazidis and his silver tongue.

Actually quite a nice guy, but maybe abit too nice.

Very well paid man, time to see some proper achievements rather than passing off Giroud as some sort of coup.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

This is a thinly disguised

1. We won’t sign any good players. No ambition. Wenger Out, Sack the board!

Hudson Hornet

And you are a thinly disguised twat.

I love Wenger. However Arsenal was here before him.


I thought your name was hornet but the comment is one typical of a cunt, now I’m confused, maybe change your name to Hudson Cuntet or Cuntson Hornet, just an idea


Bendtner’s brace can only increase his value!!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yep, they will want to look in his mouth, just like they do when buying a horse.


Very intrigued by his comments. I hope we hear about signings soon. I know a lot of marque players don’t want to distract from their Euro. I hope to have M’Villa and Giroud announced shortly after France is either done and dusted or lifting a trophy.

On another front, I’m left scratching my head after having watched a game where Ronaldo didn’t score a goal, but Bendtner scored 2. What a game.


Not only did Cronaldo not score, but he missed a virtually open goal.

It’s like they woke up in each others’ bodies.

Rad Carrot

I would pay good money to watch that film.

“One’s the best striker in the world! The other is the best striker in the world! One’s an arrogant, overhyped moron, and the other’s an arrogant, overhyped idiot! But what happens… when they switch places?

“This Summer… open goals will be missed… cars will be crashed… vodka will be guzzled…. and two strikers, who are world’s apart…. might just find…. that they’re more alike… than they ever realised.

“Christiano Ronaldo… and Nicklas Bendtner… star in…. Sleazy Saturdays!

“Coming to a reality near you!”


The only players names worth getting on the back of your shirts are legends! Football has become a money game that turns players into vampires in a flash of man city’s checkbook!


Okay Granddad, off to bed…

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Hey, why so critical ? It would be great to see a few shirts with Hapgood on the back.


So wise, so worldly, you’ve enlightened us all and for that we’re eternally greatful


Arseblog, you were credited as a source on Skysports….that is epic. DailyMail can lick my nuts! I listen to arseblog! I also get some quallity info from Marca….DERRRRRPPPPPP


seriously though…you rocks Arseblog =)


The ‘exciting transfer news’ is obviously that Suuuuper Nick is worth 20 quid more today than he was yesterday…


Di Matteo has been named as Chelsea manager on a permanent basis (until he starts losing and Roman loses his patience, so….. 6 months?)


With the attack addressed (If its true), then once we sign M’Villa I think Wenger would be done for the summer except either Theo or RVP leaves. Mvilla will/should play the Arteta role, covering the defense alongside either of Song and Wilshere. Where does that leave Arteta? Further upfield where I think he belongs. I, for one, are looking forward to more of the scorchers, the likes of which I saw against Man City and Wigan.


Sagna vermaelen kos baines
Navas song m’vila podolski

That would be a great team!


the m’villa hype has really gone overdrive…is he really that good? I mean i’ve seen dembele play and he sounds ideal for us.

Whatever team we put out Arteta needs to be there, or we’ll be like the end of this season. Song needs to grow up. Jack i dont expect much from him but i guess he;ll do better than rambo.

dempsey would be great. with him in. we might not lose as many games next season, we should be able to get a 3rd/4th place and maybe a CL quarterfinal.

Eric Irish gunner

Was it not baines who left an england squad after a few days saying he was homesick so I can’t see him coming to London for a few seasons, bouldy is in now he’ll sort out Gibbs and the rest of the defence hopefully


Also need a new keeper. Szczesny shot:save ratio very unimpressive.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yep, no way did he take enough shots last season. No wonder he never scores!


Altho it’s good to appreciate all this talent we want to sign, its important we get players that have the winning mentality. Not something that is easy to spot as a fan and something I hope our scouts can identify.

RVP has it, Vieira had it, looks like Wilshere might have it, Arshavin is too precious to have it and Reyes never had it

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Arteta has it.
Chesney has it.

I don’t.


One season I got a home and away jersey
both with “Reyes” on the back!
I still cry myself to sleep at the thought of my stupidity


Podolski Giroud

Oxlade chamberlain Van Persie Walcott

Wilshere/arteta Mvila/song

Gibbs Sagna
Vermaelen Koscielny




I predict a lot of success next season with this revolutionary 4-2-3-2 formation.

Eric Irish gunner

Harry has jumped ship, now for their players to follow hahaha spurs are in the shit fucking brilliant

the only sam is nelson

the Mirror are calling it now

shame he didn’t sink them financially first, although there still might be a sting in the tail


He always leaves a club in a relatively stable position. Give it a few months and we’ll hear about all the financial misdoings that happen when he’s around. Portsmouth were relatively alright for 2 full seasons after he left, yes they got relegated but the financial issues only surfaced much later. So I still have hope for the Spuds…or not if you catch the drift.


You’ve almost got to feel sorry for Spurs fans. They finally get a manager capable of getting them into the top 4 on a regular basis and the board sack him.

So they can replace him with David fucking Moyes.


I hope Moyes tells them where to stick it. He’s built something at Everton, and outside of SAF and Wenger, he has the most tenure in the Premier League. What I’d hate to see is someone like Roberto Martinez ruined by the taint of spuds…
Now who I would love for them to bring in in Jurgen Klinsmann. He’s a waste of space, ex-spuds player, and I hate him managing my national side (even if we are shit).

Eric Irish gunner

Feel sorry my nuts can’t stop fucking laughing they slate us all season and then finish below us and then get fucked out of Europe by the chaves then harry fucks off you could’ent write that story fucking halirious


Actually, I smell the shit that’s coming from your mouth.

Rad Carrot

I love you, Vick.