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Levante want permanent Botelho deal

Levante want to sign Arsenal’s permanently on-loan left-back Pedro Botelho, according to reports in Spain.

AS says that manager Juan Ignacio Martínez has prioritised the signing of the Brazilian who spent the second half of last season with the Valencian club.

Despite well publicised off-field issues, Botelho impressed during his spell at Levante making 14 appearances, and the club want him to compete with Juanfran for the left back position.

Botelho spent the first part of last season on loan at Rayo Vallecano but was released after a drink driving incident during which he reversed into a parked police car then legged it.

Valencia-Cadena SER Radio also report that he has a number of offers to return to Brazil but his preference is to stay in Spain. Also, because he only has one year left on his contract with Arsenal, we want to sell him this summer rather than loan him out again.

Quite what kind of fee we might recoup for him remains to be seen, but it’s a curiosity of modern Arsenal supporting life that there’s such awareness of a player who has never played for the club and has never appeared good enough to do so.

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Recoup some cash and be done.

Merlin's Panini

Good luck to him, whatever. If he goes then at least I don’t have a player in Football Manager I have no idea what to do with. He’s been on loan forever and never seems to get enough games at mediocre teams to obtain a work permit here so that probably says something

Alex Song's already been booked!

One time on Football Manager I sold Chamakh to Benfica, where he promptly won the Portuguese League player of the season, and Park to Ajax, where he played really well then was bought by Liverpool for 11m. Weird situation, that one…


Liverpool will pay over the odds for any old tosh.


Just like when City signed Nasri in my FM and he was crap!

oh wait! 😉


everytime one of these posts comes up it seems we have yet another loaned player in a different team i’ve never heard of? Does Wenger just love having his fingers in everyone’s pies or do they report back to him like little left footed spies….

Wouldn’t be surprised if next week I find out we have Messi’s 2nd cousin on loan in Norway somewhere or hopefully Nasri’s brother, whos actually quite good, but who we loan out to some shit pub team in Belarus just to piss Nasri off….


Jesus, even I’ve heard of Levante – and I live mostly in my own arse.


Nasris brother is simply a walking chin. They were separated at birth.


The fact that you’ve never heard of Pedro speaks volumes.

I’m guessing you’ve never heard of Wellington Silva either?

You can take an interest or not. But if you don’t, then you really haven’t a leg to stand on having made your choice. It’s sort-of unreasonable.


eh boys! yes i’ve heard of levante and silva etc. was just going for funny rather then accurate for once

you know when people post stuff you dont have to immediately jump on a ‘oh my god my arsenal knowledge is better then yours let me prove it etc.’

comments are allowed to be fun…..


Quite right, Voice. Unfortunately that’s the problem of making comments in cyberspace. This site, like all others, has more than its share of self-righteous pricks.


wellington silva is a beast in fifa ultimate team


I have been following Pedro’s development for a few seasons now and hoped we might at least to get to see him in one pre-season!

However, I do have an issue with us signing players from other continenets and then having to loan them for 4+ years in yet another country in order to earn a visa. Its hard enough for young players to make it and this farmin out of kids is pretty distasteful, well to me anyway.


Sid, we at least give these lads an opportunity to show what they can do. It’s up to them if they choose not to make the most of it.


Botelho was supposed to be done and dusted together with Di Maria back then.. AW only went for the brazilian though. Angel went to Benfica, and later on, Real Madrid for over £30 mill.


The only loanee I expect to come back is Joey Cambell.

Merlin's Panini

I would rather Joel Campbell came back…

Simao Segunda

Oh, I dunno. I rather like the image of a young Tazmanian Devil up front for us next season, tearing up defences.

Cygan's Right Foot

There is a Joey Cambell who lives in Mississippi but I’m not sure if he’s the same person….


I hope he plays during pre season and show how good he is because i always believed he would make it with us.The same with Wellington.

Merlin's Panini

He has to get a work permit for it to be worth playing him in preseason, that is if he could do that without one, which I doubt, as it’s work an’ all. Otherwise it’s just costing someone else who can play next season some game time.


Signing players from Brazil this early on is very risky, lets face it there are a lot of promising young Brazilian players, most of whom will never amount to much, not so much due to a lack of ability but more due to a lack of professionalism. I wonder if Bendtner has any Brazilian blood in him?


Can I come?


No, not here squillaci.




I am not too surprised…it would take a lot of effort to force your way into this side with Gibbs being the preferred choice. Its not like waiting for a 33 year old to retire, he could be around a long time. I never felt Botelho would have the mentality to really work hard at it and push his way in. Good luck to him

Merlin's Panini

Yeh, well, a derpy derp de diddly dum de derp.


I commented about a month ago that we should get rid of all these on loan players in Spain. A couple people roundly criticized me. These players names are Vela, Botelho, Wellington, and Galindo. We spent money to get them and then left them in Spain. Why? They aren’t making it into the squad. Sell them. Just my opinion.


Regarding Bothelo( imagine the tabloid headlines If he should, hypothetically, force his way into the Arsenal XI and burn a big chance);

Anyone else seen his official picture at Wikipedia? Christ, Snow White never stood a chance against those fingers. Eerie! Theo, for example, would never turn up at training knowing that the brazilian Dark Queen of Doom was waiting for him. Sell the demon back to hell, Arsène!


Jesus, what the hell was that? :O




I thought the coaching staffs had some good reviews about Pedro Botelho? Am I wrong? To the one regarding Di Maria. He was supposed to come together with Pedro. Di Maria chose Benfica instead and less than 2 years later he was setting the Portuguese League alight and Real Madrid came in and wham he is now a superstar. Reasons why Wenger still persist on our South American conquest? You never know when one of these players will turn into golden treasure. They all have brilliant technique but sometimes what they have between their ears is lacking. You would have… Read more »

Hudson Hornet

Goodbye Pedro,

This is all encouraging speculation/news or plain old bollocks.

But nonetheless good to see we have less shit players on the books.

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