Thursday, September 28, 2023

M’Vila: I like Arsenal

Yann M’Vila says he’d be open to a move to Premier League and to Arsenal in particular.

The midfielder has been long-linked with the club – at this point it seems like his DNA is 50% Sebastian Frey, 50% Hatem Trabelsi – and he’s done little to dampen the speculation.

Quoted in the Sunday Mirror, (without any reference to the source, it should be added), he says, “I have heard Arsenal are interested in me. I like Arsenal and I like the Premier League.

“I don’t know what is happening with the clubs, but yes, I would be interested in the Premier League and Arsenal.”

M’Vila made his first appearance of Euro 2012 in France’s rain soaked group game on Friday, a 2-0 win over hosts Ukraine, and his future looks certain to be away from Rennes.

However, reports that his signature was all but tied up by Arsenal, with some journalists going as far as to say the deal was ‘99% done’, are clearly wide of the mark.

BBC’s David Ornstein reports that as yet there’s been no contact between M’Vila’s ‘camp’ and the club, although this may well be down to Arsenal’s desire to keep any potential deal on the QT as well as the fact that it’s almost impossible to do anything with any player away at Euro 2012.

Arseblog News would suggest nobody holds their breath over this one, just yet at least.

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I do hope he comes but I’m not going to do anything until the deal is signed and it’s on Let’s not forget that a lot of players have said the same thing and have gone somewhere else…


The Mata saga comes to mind


As does that fool Hazard.


And then what will you do, I wonder?


Dance. Which I did after Sp*ds lost.


Holding back on jersey purchases just yet… and for some others, expensive season tickets.. lol.


I like M’Vila


I like Arsenal too


I love Arsenal football club.


I like M’Vila liking Arsenal


I like you liking M’Vila liking Arsenal.

Lord Teddy Ears

Buy them and they will come !!!


We can Loan them to and get amazing results (YOSSI!)


The lads class, a much better defensive midfielder than Alex – that kid from school who refuses to play his position because he wants to be a striker – Song. It’ll do one of two things if we sign him; make Song wake up or he’ll carry on waving his fanny around like a horny cat to any suitors watching.

Would be a tremendous signing and a clear sign of ambition.

I hate transfer windows, I start to get ideas of grandeur.


I agree that m’vila is a much better defensive midfielder than song.

However, I think playing him alongside song in the starting lineup would be ideal. Song gets to play a more creative role – double figures for assists last year suggest he’s up to it. Also a genuinely physical and strong midfield pairing, something I think we’ve missed since the invincibles when we had Gilberto and Paddy.


Where to put Arteta and Wilshere then?


Song Wilshere
Walcott RVP Podoliski

Subs: Santos, Arteta, Rosicky, Diaby, Chamberlain, Keeper.

Somebody tell me that this team won’t win the league!?


Replace Diaby with Gervinho and you got a team. Diaby will need time, I doubt a full pre-season will get him back 100%


I’d rather have Arteta than Song in the holding role.


@HR. What about Giroud? That pretty, pretty boy.

Les Bleu LaGoon

@HR A CB on the bench would be essential too… BFG


be nice to have a st on bench eh?


@HR drop arteta for song, crazy talk. Song still has alot of development to do, he never had a world class DM to learn from. Just because he got a bunch of assists, doesn’t show the whole story with 10+ failed Hollywood passes each game.
Diaby in for gervinho, again crazy talk, Diaby need to be shipped out now, wasted way too much of Arsenals money, when he does play, his ball retention is low.

M’vila, arteta and wilshere would rock.


All this potential transfer activity is making me uneasy, can’t we wait until the end of August?


giroud/dempsey as direct replacement for chamakh and TGSTEL

close the books.sign van persie,walcott and alex song.bring back jack.give diaby a chance.sell him in january if diaby ain’t worth the wait.
keep ryo and park.bring in either campbell/afobe for this season.

find a suitable replacement for fabianski.inside/outside.
if possible buy a low profile versatile defender who fits the arsenal play to replace squid.

i promise i’ll run naked if all of this happens.

ps:i will also bring my girlfriend along if we sign del piero for free.but my assumption is it’s she is safe.


The Mirror says we’re moving for Del Piero….just kidding lol

Squillaci's Right Foot

i like Arsenal too 🙂 i dont want to go !!


But you have to, you’re shit remember?


He’s a good player no doubt about that,the player has come out and says he likes arsenal its now left to arsenal to snap him up,he’s got qualities,he’s a defensive minded mieldfielder


M’liking this rumour.


“I like Arsenal”. What’s not to like?

This is the one rumour I’m really interested in. More than Giroud. More than Dzagoev. I’d even keep Sebastien Squillaci on our books for another year if it meant M’vila signed.

He’d be our future and a bargain at €17M (or even £).

Master Bates

Hope he comes when need more steel and discipline in the midfield


The Mirror are reporting Arsenal have finally agreed to sell RvP for 30 Mill… Shenghai Shensua

Squillaci's Right Foot

why doesnt he go to Anzhi machakajananananalkalajna ?? 😛

Master Bates

well it’s about who offers more ,because it has always been Robin’s dream since a kid to make a lot of money


That article is a piece of shit. No quotes, no sources, just pure fantasy by the twat of a hack.


Yep my bad. Here is the article that I thought master bates was on about.

It goes on about sellig Walcott too.


Obviously you actually are a ‘SpacTard’ if you believe all the crap in the tabloids.


The most heavily recommended comment (at the bottom) is the one that says, “This article is pure fantasy.” Or words to that effect.


Bad mirror bad.

Gooner4life Fozzy

Wenger sign him up, Wenger Wenger sign him up.


what else is arsenal waiting for when the guy himself has professed is likeness for arsenal fc.


I wil be veri glad if he signs Mvilla 2 arsenal fc


I and Y are 2 keys away from each other.


as much as i like the guy m’villa to join arsenal, i won’t believe it until the deal is struck. Arsenal have come close to signing big names in the past only for the deal to be snatched out of our grib in the dying minute by big money spenders just because arsenal would not agree wage terms or miss out by a negligeable differences in transfer fees. Examples are the cases of juan mata and hazard. We support arsenal though at the detriment of getting high bp.


In my opinion Mata isn’t a 30 million player, and Eden Hazard’s contract amounts to somewhere in the region of 92 million over the span of 5 years i believe.

There is no way in hell we pay those prices, those are Man city and Chelsea prices


I think 30m pounds is a fair price for Mata, he is only 22 years old or something.

A. Wenger

mata was bought for about £23m If I remember correctly, a fair sum for a player of similar calibre to someone like modric who’s considered (rightly or wrongly) a £30-35m player.


as much as i like the guy m’villa to join arsenal, i won’t believe it until the deal is struck. Arsenal have come close to signing big names in the past only for the deal to be snatched out of our grib in the dying minute by big money spenders just because arsenal would not agree wage terms or miss out by a negligeable differences in transfer fees. Examples are the cases of juan mata and hazard. We support arsenal though at the detriment of getting high blood presure. We know football today is business. Beside the business aspect of… Read more »


Sign M’vila.. Giroud & Dzagoev.. Please


I assume you are a regular viewer of the Russian and the French Leagues.


As good as he looks, I’m wondering where he’ll fit in the line-up alongside Song and Wilshere?


Something in always find annoying with transfer season is that us fans always want more. Personally I couldn’t give a toss if we signed dzagoev as scoring goals against Poland and cech republic doesn’t make you a great player, yes I know he has been highly rated but in the last few games he did fuck all.

Anyway on M’vila I would love him to be an arsenal player, but as this article says it doesn’t have any real source from the quotes. So I won’t get my hopes up untill it’s confirmed on


well said.i think all we want is another striker in the mould of dempsey/giroud to replace chamakh and someone in the defensive mid is a beast but we cannot rely on him to play an entire season in top form.


@idris – missed out “by a negligible differences” on transfer fees for players like Hazard? Putting your grammar to one side (back to school young man), Chelsea paid some like £32 MILLION for him. Do you REALLY think our club would pay that for anyone? Perhaps in Greek Drachma but no chance otherwise.


And let’s not forget the wages, which cost something like 200,000 per week….which I say is crazy. That’s higher than Ca$hley Cole.


Let’s also not forget that there’s no evidence to suggest we even enquired about Hazard. People need to stop getting annoyed about missing out on players we haven’t even tried to sign!


We were interested in him, all right, though, Everyone says we’d been watching him wince he was 14 or something….


*something* – ahem


Sign all the players Arsene


I really do hope he comes. I don’t think it’s a done deal just yet, but it seems to be close. We’re looking at the possibility of having a real no-nonsense central midfield next season and I think that’s exciting. A midfield of Arteta, Song, and M’Vila would be glorious in terms of defensive stability, and having that kind of backbone means the purely creative players can flourish. I think that if we sign M’Vila, this could be the season where Aaron Ramsey steps up. I think he’ll deliver on his potential if he can be cast into a purely… Read more »


nice rumors tho rumors will be rumors. at this point I would acknowledge that Giroud is a done deal.competition for starting 11 will bring about good performance and results so I’m not worried if the midfield is congested. bring in M’villa!


If we do get M’Vila, I’ll be curious to see what happens with our midfield. Will Song play alongside him or is he a direct replacement? What about Mikel Arteta? I just hope Arsenal get more versatile with the players because everybody seems stuck to one position(except the left wing) and other players don’t get a chance unless there’s an injury.


Simple, Song-Arteta-Ramsey/Rosicky has never been a world class midfield. 1. It didn’t win us games (Robin won us games most of the times), 2. it didn’t stop the opposition from rushing through us with ease, 3. It didn’t function well at all. Arteta is someone who is an admirable player, but will never reach the heights of a title-winning player, do not forget he has spent many years in Everton without serious interest of the big teams until Aug 31 last year. Song is someone who I rate relatively high, but Wenger doesn’t ensure he is doing what he should… Read more »


You underrate Arteta way too much. I seem to remember a time when everyone was scrambling for him to get picked up the England national team as there weren’t any satisfactory midfielders.

He’s not a player who is going to get all the glory or headlines, he does the necessary, undervalued work and he does it extremely well. Theres a reason our run in started to crumble when he got injured


Czech Rep last night were bereft of Rosicky and basically had no attacking flair to speak of as a result. He is easily the best player they have. Last season was the first full season with Rosie fit and firing and for his puppyish enthusiasm and look-the-other-way passing he was one of my favourite players to watch. He wants to make it up to us for sticking by him and loyalty like that should be cherished in this day and age. And remember his first goal last season? 26th February 2012. A pretty important one I think you’ll agree…

why is my name required

m’villa: I like arsenal.

Sagna: come here. Don’t you want to play in the same team with the best right back in the world?

Kocielny: bro don’t you want to play with the best defender in England and our country?

Wenger: Don’t you want an invincible as a manager? i made many legends in the French team. i can make you one depending on your discipline and attitude.

Adekunle: ilorin

Seriosly, i think the closest transfer on our hand is giroud. This is becouse Arsene would have denied it if this was not the case when the name was put to him in poland. As for M’villa, i wii keep my fingers crossed.

Batman is a Gooner

One thing I would say is that this seems a lot like the Podolski saga. Up until the time he was announced he was talking about Lazio as a potential club, when many journalists were saying it was a done deal. The reason I would be surprised if this wasn’t a done deal is that there is a significant number of sources saying that it is done. Re the Mata deal, that seemed to unravel quite quickly, with only a couple of people saying it was done. This M’Vila story has been going on for weeks now, and it is… Read more »

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Translation: ‘I like the prem and arsenal’ = ‘I know arsenal want me but if I say it loud n proud I could double my money so come on Chelsea n ManC come and get me cant u see bending over especially for u with my skirt all hitched up?’


If that’s true then are they really worth our money?


Translation: “Nasri is a cunt”


Got to be extra careful when slagging off someone else’s Grammer Dorian….;)

M’Vila would be quality with Song in Midfield, especially away from home or against the Big teams. Could probably sacrifice one for easier games … I’d love this signing.


I love your ironic use of “Grammer”

Could not agree more with you. We need big players for big games. (You know, like the champions league, that we will be playing in next season. Unlike Sp*d cunt united)


I like arsenal and I like the premier league… Just not the premier league officials. And there’s that one club that doesn’t have a manager right now that thinks they’re better than the arsenal… I don’t like them either.
But seriously, let’s hope more teams are knocked out with players we want to sign so our business is done sooner.


I like Arsenal too. I guess that means we are friend M’Vila. This is cracking journalism….I mean this quote is just so….AMAZING! Pulitzer in the works for the Mirror?


I love arsenal. I’m not going anywhere!!!!!!!

Bendtners pants

I like turtles.

That Forgotten DM Named Denielson

why you buy
when here am I


M’vila would add another dimension to our midfield, which is already versatile anyway. Would appear to be a valuable addition. One thing I do hope though, if we’re genuinely going for him, is that we don’t lose out for the sake of haggling over a couple of £m on the asking price. Others are sniffing around too. If we want him then lets just get it done please


I also hate Tottenham.


Yeah me too. Just found they were a football club yesterday


Okay robin van persie, euro2012 is over, now come and put pen to paper you dench motherfucker you.


RvP’s struggle at the Euro may have given us a bit more leverage in negotiating his future contract. I can’t blame him entirely for his subpar performance, for the entire Dutch team pretty much underperformed, but he did not do anything special to improve his position either.


Personally, I won’t be happy unless we sign Spurs captain & best player on a ‘Bosman’ free. As if that would EVER happen.




Methinks he is referring to the great Sulzeer Jeremiah Campbell.


VDV ? even tho hes a bit of a cunt… i can see myself loving him in red and white, but as someone up there said, as if that will ever happen.


Who?! Ex spuds captain. Oh you mean ledley king? Is that guy even still playing?! I thought he retired ages ago!

we should not sign players who part of a team that blow a 10 bottled it, a team whose “ambitions” changed from “We can win the title” to “3rd place is good” to “finishing 4th above chelsea and liverpool deserves praise.” 😀


a) Price – slightly lower

b)Chances of him signing a contract – well his mediocre performance at the euros didn’t help but gives the juves and the likes something to think about.

Lets face it, he’s 29 and I dont think he’l ever have another season like the one he just had, but we need (have to), coz were arsenal- a big club that wants to keep all his star players.


will never happen arsena lwill not pay 17m for one player


Did adma change his name?


WHAT ABOUT A BACKUP RB!?!?!?!?! Sagna is broken! :((((((((((((((


Rooney is coming to Arsenal. The Daily Mail said so.


What about Joey Barton?


There is about 1/10 chance he will come to Arsenal, no prem clubs have even expressed an interest, another disappointment sorry.


I love lamp.

[…] completed after the Euro’s. Yaan M’Vila, according to some quotes in the French media, says he likes Arsenal. Not a clue if that’s true, but if we do sign him, it will be a real sign of intent for the […]

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