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Triaud reviews Chamakh stance

Bordeaux president Jean Louis Triaud claims that Marouane Chamakh won’t be returning to the Stade Chaban Delmas in the near future after the player told him he was still happy in London.

Having courted the Moroccan international since November, it looks as though the longstanding Girondins official has finally given up on trying to seal a deal for the out-of-form 28-year-old. Perhaps he’s realised he’s just not that good.

Speaking to Sport 10, Triaud is quoted as saying:

“It is not worth making things up. I tried to contact him six months ago when the transfer window was open.

“Since I crossed paths with him at the Parc des Princes, he was able to tell me he was very happy in London, loved Arsenal and was fine where he was. We’re talking about things which do not exist.”

A couple of months ago Triaud had made clear that Chamakh would be welcomed back at Bordeaux if financial terms could be reached with the Gunners.

“I have spoken with Marouane and told him that he is welcome at Bordeaux and that we still have room for him.

“He has told me that if he was to return to France, it would be at Bordeaux.

“The main problem will be financial because he has tasted the salaries in England and Arsenal will ask for a fee.”

While Chamakh may well feel happy spending his hard-earned cash on puffing shisha in his free time, you can’t help but think Arsene Wenger will try and get shot of him ASAP whether Robin van Persie stays or not. Along with Nicklas Bendtner, Carlos Vela and Ju-Young Park he represents one of a lacklustre quartet who inflate the wage bill while patently not having the quality to lead the line at the Emirates.

One man who’ll be hoping he can cut the N5 mustard is Olivier Giroud. The Montpellier man is set to put pen-to-paper on a four-year deal this week and, according to The Sun (possibly fake quotes), appears very happy at the prospect of joining Wenger’s Gallic contingent in North London.

“I am so happy to be signing for Arsenal — it is something that represents so much for me. I’ve always dreamed of playing in the Premier League and Arsenal are a great club with many French players.”

Whether Giroud falls into the Henry bracket, the Wiltord bracket, or the Kaba Diawara bracket remains to be seen…

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Pushed out by Barthez….


Sorry, I was reminiscing…


Dennis Bergkamp, Dennis Bergkamp, Dennis Bergkamp, DerisBergkamp, DERISBEARCUM DERISBEARCUM x infinity

Master Bates




the only sam is nelson

well there’s *that* little mystery sorted, then

and gladly a far less sinister explanation than the one i had cooked up in my own head

the only sam is nelson

and it’s Thomas bursting through the middle…. it’s up for grabs now!



Fabregas… it’s Nasri… can he go all the way here?



Lets hope its just a spoof and he’ll leave anyway, there is no room for him if Giroud joins (which seems very likely).

Btw anyone been at the blog Le-grove? man what a bunch of downers over there.


I’ve had a gander over there. Very glass half empty

Merlin's Panini

I’d say they were more glass completely empty and smashed in bits on the floor but you hadn’t noticed and received several nasty cuts to your feet rendering you unable to walk properly for a few days.

Fuck this shit

***Sees that Chamakh may stay



one this still remains.

Na$ri is a cunt.


learn to spell you tool.



Learn how to compose proper sentences you tool ..

“learn how* to spell” ..

Master Bates



“Learn to spell you tool.” is a proper sentence.

But it should’ve had a comma in it.

Lord Teddy Ears

Well if he does stay I hope he actually puts some work in but I cant see it if not we could loan him to tottenham they like our crap strikers !!!


This chamakh fella sounds like a bad disease that just won’t go away!!. It’s time wenger finishes with the ins (giroud, mvilla) and focus on the outs.(tgstel,park,chamakh,denilson,AA23). To have a succesful transfer window we also need good riddance.

Naija Gunner

He is happy in London and loves Arsenal(‘s wage)!


Both you and the Bordeaux Pres said it best, he’s tasted “English Wages” and he’s not even a top draw striker. It’s not like PSG aren’t throwing around similar money in France to buy themselves a title like City did last year. But why wouldn’t Chamakh want to say in London, live it up on his bloated wages and do nothing? He obviously doesn’t show any desire to move up if he doesn’t want to move on to another team.


I remember reading that the Swedish team hated
Hart because during the European Under-21
Championships, he intimidated the penalty
takers, but I didn’t make anything of it. And then I
saw the faces he pulled yesterday and the way he
taking the pi** and thought it was really rude and
disrespectful. I mean, did you see Buffon do that?
It’s not only talent-wise that they are superior to
us, but in class too.


Hart just ended up looking like a mug.


As little inclined as I may be to defend a Man City player who plays alongside John Terry, Wayne Rooney, Mario Balotelli and the irksome James Milner for club or country, that kind of thing is standard practice for goalkeepers – much like what Szczesny says to opposing penalty takers.


Goalies have been doing that since the days of Grobelaar. You only just noticing?


If i was paid £50,000 a week to sit in the front row bench in a world class stadium to watch beautiful football, I wouldn’t want to leave either…


Prez dude must be being polite because he doesnt want him back. Anyways, did ya all know that Wenger replaced Stefan Kovac in Monaco back in 87, Kovacs of course succeded Rinus Michels of the total football fame. Wonder if theres where Wenger got he’s the playing philosophy from. During that time Michels would have been coaching the Dutch National team and Cruyf was coaching the Ajax team around the time of discovering a young DB10. Did ya all also know that Rinus passed away on march 03 2005 exactly 3 years to the date of DB10s Newcastle goal. How… Read more »


Chamakh is doing a Winston Bogarde on us.
Please just leave. 12 goals in 2 seasons is appalling


Whats more appalling is the amount of starts he has been given since scoring 10 goals in 19


Who replaced him, and how’s he done in that time?


CHAM-AKH….this is Klingon for shite.


To me if chamakh is happy to stay and fight for a place then so be it, he doesnt complain, he has got some ability, and for me if its park or chamakh that has to go then surely park is the one

Mr. G

Two decent months overshadowed by two terrible years. He’d be first on my list of players to get rid of ASAP. Well, along with Squillaci.

why is my name required

This is not a good thing to my ears. I hope he is finding a new club. Why is he happy when he’s not playing regularly?
that 50k is being wasted week in week out


You think it is easy to sit on bench, don’t you??

I train my bench sitting skills for 9 months of year. None of you could last 15 games on the bench with me and Squillaci! None!!


Last summer we had a problem acquiring needed players. We may have taken care of that this window, but now a new problem: getting shed of our crap.


As long as we keep diaby and Denilson I’m happy. Those two are the future of the arsenal midfield.


Chamakh is amazing and his skills pushed RVP to step it up and full fill his potential.

So if your reading this Man City Scouts its Chamakh you want/need…


Has announced that we need to offload players? if they did i missed it. surely it is better to have these players in reserve rather than relying on kids to come in and do a mans job. sure some may have to go but as it stands that number stands at 5 players. i would say that those 5 will come from these 10 botelho squillaci eastmond denilson lansbury arshavin park vela bendtner chamakh. sure if we are to sign anymore after giroud then that number may increase but no need to panic sell like there is no need… Read more »


Well your numbers do add up but I believe it’s more a mater of wages. You see we can’t afford to offer our “star” players as lucrative of wage packets because a ton of revenue is eaten up by a lot of the guys on your list who haven’t reached their potential, and thus are massively overpaid. Why should the club pay such high salaries to players with no desire to win a spot. Or to players content to just sit on the bench. If we can pay a younger , hungry guy less to fight for a spot and… Read more »


….. Just to sit on the bench. Then when injuries happen, you get a lazy, underachieving cunt on the pitch, ie arshavin, instead of a guy hungry to kick some ass and make the manager think about him.

As far as I’m concerned, arshavin, park, chamakh, Denilson and bendtner can fuck off ASAP.


To be fair to Park, he wasn’t given a chance to do anything. His signing ranks in the same bracket as Silvestre signing. Weird signing. Very weird.


You people just don’t like his haircut.

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