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Brazil manager makes shocking revelation about Andre Santos

Or “Brazil manager is horribly slow to realise really obvious things about Andre Santos”.

Mano Menezes had this to say about dropping our cheery Brazilian left-back(/left-winger/central midfielder/trequartista/other things) from his squad :

The problem with Andre Santos is tactical. He turned my hair grey when we were still at Corinthians.

Why? Because he is tactically irresponsible, but he did score 20-goals and it was worth it in the end. It was value for money, but with the Seleção you cannot pay this price.

One might say somewhat similar things about Santos and Arsenal – he didn’t score 20 goals, but in the end his game winning goal against Chelsea and equaliser against West Brom were crucial to Champions League qualification.

However his horrible mistakes were also quite crucial.

One hopes that he’ll have a better second season defensively in London, but there are no doubts at all about his ability going forward.

Despite some bizarre rumours linking him with a return to Brazil with Botafogo, Santos seems upbeat about his future with the Gunners:

It is more than seven years without winning a title and a club like Arsenal can not stay so long without being champions. I hope this year we can win titles and add to history of the Arsenal shirt.

I’m 100% adapted to Arsenal, no doubt. I’m happy there, because Arsenal is a club that gave me so much support when I arrived. Arsene Wenger was responsible for everything. I’m happy, I am very grateful to him for trusting in my work and giving me complete freedom when I got there. I learned a lot with him and the entire staff of Arsenal in these seven months.

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Wow. I thought he was going to say Santos was gay… †ђε power of suggestion


Horrible mistakes? Bit of an exaggeration there. I can’t remember any.


I agree. What horrible mistakes? I can remember some by Clichy, certainly Traore and with less playing time even Gibbs but were there any glaring errors by Santos? Tactically Santos knows what he’s doing he just believes attack is the best defense. It bit of a heart stopper at times but isn’t that why you buy the ticket?


I can only remember POTENTIALLY horrible mistakes. But crucially none of them ended up leading directly to an opposition goal. But I see exactly what the guy means when he says watching Santos turns his hair grey. He’s more than a bit like Eboue in that he’s never content to play it safe – he’s always looking to do something crazy and spectacular. When it works, he is like a God. When it doesn’t, you put your hand over your face and say “FFSS!” Personally, I like that kind of player. I definitely feel less nervous though when he’s playing… Read more »


So should we add this fucker to the cunt list or give him a reprieve coz he thinks he knows andre “coolest motherfucker alive” santos. Anyway on mine, it’s done. No one needs to be allowed to say such things about our santos. No one!.


I agree. I remember some ” o shit” moments, but no horrible mistakes.


He’s a very likeable guy. Yes, I said guy. The Gay jokes need some rest.


But… He is a very likeable and gay guy


Top guy……..(ah not fair).


Sign another left back maybe and move him to midfield. But even if we don’t do that, I’m confident enough that Wenger can keep him a consistent player.


can’t wait to watch santos and podolski on the left. from the euros i can conclude that podolski offers defensive support in the wing.that just makes things much better for santos. also another exciting thing will be watching giroud and van perise play.we have not seen two strikers play in a long time and i just can’t wait to watch van persie play the ‘shadow striker’.arsene has done brilliant in the market so far. one can only expect another signing like m’villa to be made to genuinely believe that we can challenge for titles. but,if arsene sells either of song,van… Read more »


You’re right my friend, the thoughts are tantalizing. Yet, there is still much work to be done to insure we don’t repeat the failures of summers past. The first thing to do is to keep hold of our best players.

I just don’t think we can compete for a trophy this next campaign if we again sell our best player. However, I would love to be proven wrong, I think.


He’s a bit flaky for a full back, much like Gibbs and Clichy before him. Our system doesn’t help. I like the chunky Brazilian and his skill on the ball is great. Would work well supporting the full back on the wing in a 442 in my opinion.

On another note….. Noticed Philipe Melo in the pic….. Surely he’s coming to us this summer along with Frey and Mexes


There’s something the Brazil manager didn’t realize so far: both Marcelo and Alves are horrible cunts.


is he blind?


Mind you, some of our other players were culpable to this problem as well at some point this season. Vermaelen and Song for example. However, are they tactically irresponsible? No.

For someone to be totally tactically irresponsible would be someone like Arshavin, who hardly helps with defending.


I think Santos provides a good option when we play teams at the Emirates who just want to defend. In games when we’re not going to be doing a lot of defending he is a real attacking threat which Clichy never was and particularly if we sign Giroud he might end up with a number of assists this season as teams tend to let our full backs have the ball because they aren’t that concerned about us putting crosses in. Yeah his defending needs considerable improvement and it is unconventional to say the least but I also don’t think it’s… Read more »

Lord Teddy Ears

I love the bloke even if he makes my hair turn grey at times and the tackle on Mario when we played City shows how much he feels part of the team.


His horrrible mistakes? A slight exaggeration especially when considering some of those made by the likes of Song, Ramsey and Vermaelen. Yes he looked suspect in his first few games but after that he looked sound as a pound.

kiss my arsenal

speaking of pounds, he also managed to get rid of the few extra he had been carrying! santos > clichy


With Arteta and Mvilla covering the defence properly, Vermaelen not bombing forward at every given chance, i’m sure the defense will not miss Andre Santos when he engages in his forays upfront, which is a trademark of his game. He’s without a shadow of doubt my favorite Arsenal player, after Arteta. Use him well and he is definitely an asset. Otherwise, you’ll have the egg in your face.


A cool guy too confident on ball.aside marcelo i will go for him on skills.his best yet to come.


Why has everyone assumed we have signed M’Vila. We haven’t in fact we are a very long way from doing so. Actually I would put money on us not signing him as his price tag is now around the 25m mark.

Also with Laurent Blanc set to be the new spuds manager, whose to bet he doesn’t try and steal him. If that happens I think I might top myself


You just criticised ‘everyone’ for assuming we have signed M’Vila, then go on to assume that Laurent Blanc is going to be the new tottenham manager. Am I missing something here?


I have a feeling we won’t be signing M’Villa since they’re pretty similar with Le Coq. And with no CAM linked to us strongly, there’s a distinct possibility that RVP will hold this role ala Lord Bergkamp…What do you think gooners?


I think you’ve forgotten that we have Jack Wilshire on the books.


I thought M’Vila was really quite poor yesterday against Spain anyway. I doubt we’ll sign him, no actual quotes have emerged from M’Vila or his club like they did with Giroud after we were linked strongly with him. I think this is another Gokhan Inler/Blaise Matuidi/Felipe Melo/Sebastien Frey/Mexes situation.


25m? That would be shocking, to be honest. I didn’t think his performance at the Euros warranted an increase of 8m to his value. But that’s me…


I love the guy! If Thomas is disciplined enough to stay back and not bomb forward, Santos can surely hurt teams…robin said recently he loves playing with the guy as he’s so skilful! Personally him and Gibbs are fine LBs! Most important thing is for the defence to have discipline And what a crazy remark!! You wouldn’t expect a national coach to come out and make such stupid and absurd remarks ! Thank God we the gooners love the boy and know what he can do! Our previous left backs were hopeless in the final third and we were crying… Read more »


I guess it was thomas who helped out by covering santos when he started playing at lb so dont blame vermaelen too much for his forward movement he did get goals and i agree he did started doing it more often in the closing games last season but everyone make mistakes.
As for santos i think he is the second best guy behing koscielny in tackling terms strange both look so composed while tackling only if he had pace he would be worlds best lb.


That statement is just stating the bleeding obvious. Didn’t Marcelo play LB for the Brazil team? Between Marcelo and Santos, Santos is more responsible.


I think that both gibbs and santos are very similar in that they are both wing backs if we need a full back instead vermaelen can do that job. its strange that as a centre back vermaelen pushes up but as a left back he is more disciplined. i wonder wether there is an opportunity for botelho or even meade?. miquel is another who can play left back rather than wing back. however i am in the group that favours a different left back


When he manages to get back in our half he’s actually a decent defender. Particularly in tackling, and the timing of said tackles. Just needs to be there a bit more often. Little more PL experience (cause he hasn’t had much in fairness) and I reckon he’ll do well for us.


The fact that he wears number 11 on his back should tell you all you need to know about his defensive intentions.


Perhaps we should play him more on the left wing. He’s certainly a better option than Ramsey in that position, and more defensive than Arshavin.


I view the coach’s comments differently…this is what he us trying to say when the match is on…

coach: Santos my gay,don’t bomb forward..

Santos: cross my heart coach…I won’t..I promise.

coach: let me take a sit then#heading to technical bench


coach: where is Santos? where is that fella?#fumes up

assistant coach: he’s celebrating the goal he’s just scored

coach:we should put up a fence on the halfway line to block him….

Santos: so I can be the false 3 boss ????

hihi.hope the humour got delivered


That was absolutely terrible!


Ho-ly shit that was lame.


In 1vs1 situations, me thinks Santos is the best player at the Arsenal… Would be interesting to see Santos & Gibbs tearing up the left side…
Oh and on Mano Menezes… To put his comments in perspective, this is the same guy that has picked that gnarly git Sandro from the scum as his captain/DM… It was hilarious watching Messi & co continually nutmegging & taking the piss out of him in the recent game vs the Argies….


i would keep these guy and let him play when we encounter team with a school bus in front of goal. I would play him with gibbs at the left switching role between them to balance the left side..


Santos has an attitude that just won’t quit, and you can’t fault that. He brings a positive outlook to the team that I think we’ve been missing for some time now (rather than a lot of the ‘professionals’ we have had in the team). The guy wears his heart on his sleeve when he plays, and doesn’t seem to lose morale like some players can when we go down a goal. While he may be a bit overweight for a footballer, and he might not hold his position all that well, I’d say the goals and threat he provides going… Read more »


Wenger likes his fullbacks with great attacking prowess ( example: we’re now being linked with sellaise- the czech right back, a very good attacker). Infact our style of play demands it. So it’s not about being flaky, its the defensive discipline thats needed. The more we attack, the more vulnerable at the back we become. Santos does the attacking at 70% and defends at 30%.(gets us the goals time and again).
A balance should be kept and bouldy the baldy is just the man for the job.


Please correct me if I am remembering wrong but when Santos showed up and kept attacking, I kept hearing “this is the Brazilian style of left back”, it is a more offensive position there as opposed to the English style. So now I’m confused.


Koss “The Boss”
André “The coolest motherfucker alive” Santos
The Verminator
Gibbs from Pirates of the Caribbean
The Ox

Shit, have we got the best nicknames or what


Check this out:

Found the link on Swedish site



I like this little fatty. He has charisma. And a little Brazilian flair never hurt anybody rite?

If he’s recovered fully I prefer him over Gibbs.


Give the guy a break. He is our best player going forward on a one to one basis along with Wilshere and Ox. If our fricking defense stay organized we would have very little problems with his offensive forays.

Do you hear me Sonf and TV?


Not long ago, Bastos was playing left back for Brazil and a leftwinger for Lyon… so they have a different style of left back there…. But at the end of the day, I think the left back role evolved a lot these last years. We ask for them to be perfect defence wise (tackles/positioning…) and devastating in the final third (crosses/shots…)… that’s what we dream for all of our players but that’s not what we have. We have a tremendous player who doesn’t stop trying the best he can in both attack and defense. So far can’t complain 2 goals… Read more »

Igor Stepanovs

If he scores 20 goals for Arsenal next season, the gays will love him for sure!


Yunno does the word gay only mean being a homo?


its a joke from something Andre said when he arrived at Arsenal. He said gays instead of guys.


Par for the course.

I spent all last season listening to announcers and pundits criticize Santos for not playing the style of defense they believed in. “He thinks he’s a forward!” “Oh, he defends like a Brazilian, obviously.” Steve McManaman deriding Santos’ play against Chelsea, because Santos attacked; moments later, Santos scores. McManaman, left with nothing else, derides Santos’ celebration dance. – yeah, he can’t defend. Doesn’t do much of anything right. Sure.


I was at Giants stadium to watch that Argentina – Brazil friendly and I’m pretty sure Santos would have done no worse than any fullback Menzes felt like fielding. Messi ate Brazil’s defenders alive all game long (though not even god himself could have stopped his third goal.)

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