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Usmanov: I don’t want to be on Arsenal board

Alisher Usmanov said today that he does not want to be on the Arsenal board as long as there is no invitation open to him.

Speaking to Reuters, Usmanov admitted he’s always looking to increase his shareholding in the club, but will not become a board member.

“I don’t want to be on the board when I’m not invited,” he said. Which is kind of redundant anyway because regardless of how many shares he buys he won’t become a board member as long as Stan Kroenke holds the majority he currently does.

It’s well known that there is no love lost between KSE and Red and White Holdings and any such invitation is about as likely as Per Mertesacker winning a sprint against Theo Walcott.

“As much as possible, every time, I’m open to increase my shares,” he continued, while reports yesterday suggested that R&W had not paid more than £14,000 per share despite a significant number of recent purchases made well above that price.

It was also revealed yesterday that new Premier League rules would prevent Usmanov, or any other ‘hostile’ shareholder at any club, gaining access to sensitive information once they reached the 30% threshold which normally gives access to accounts etc.

Of course Usmanov is simply saying he doesn’t want to be a member of a board where he’s not wanted, and in the best interests of the club that’s probably a good thing, but obviously hasn’t ruled out being on a board which he controls. His comments about increasing his shareholding are quite pointed in that regard.

All the while, the Cold War continues at boardroom level.

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Of course he doesn’t want to be on the board. He wants to be the board. He wants to own Arsenal totally and have complete control.


he wants to eat the board

Alisher Usmanov

I like my board served rare. Nice and bloody.


And then shit at the t*tts.


Y U No want me eat board?!


usmanov looks like kim jong il


Aha so he wants us to beg at his feet ………i’l start.


Reckon he hasnt seen those in awhile….feet that is.


“…any such invitation is about as likely as Per Mertesacker winning a sprint against Theo Walcott.”



No where the news is fun like here.


Yaay for many more seasons of mediocrity and pipe dreams while the big clubs invest money and win things. Even Chelsea are starting to look like a bigger football brand and that would have been unthinkable just a few years back. All it will take now is one more club to get serious funding and there would be nothing but mid table mediocrity for us. Kroenke meanwhile has hit the jackpot and will continue to siphon money out of the club while not spending a penny and not uttering a single word. What a dire state of things. The Arsenal… Read more »


I’m tired of people thinking Usmanov will be some kind of messiah for us. Wake up and be realistic. Usmanov wouldn’t fix crap if he got into the board. (Also, there is nothing to ”fix” in our club.) He would just plunge the board into disharmony, and our club into instability. Like it or not, we are the best run club in the Premier League and I’d like it to remain that way.

There’s more than one way of attaining trophies rather than splashing around in oily money.


That wasn’t an endorsement of Usmanov. I just think Kroenke is worse. At least Usmanov has enough money to throw around that he won’t have to siphon off the meager profits the club makes. Kroenke is simply here to make money off the club and I can’t fucking stand him.


So when he gets bored and moves on perhaps because of failure on the field who will be left with the hundreds of millions of pounds of the debt that he has thrown at the club trying to win trophies? Who will want to pick the reigns up of a team full of over priced over payed egos because it won’t be Wenger? Well its unlikely a new investor, more likely the fans will pick up the debts which could mean increased tickets, players like the OX wouldn’t be able to break thorugh into the team if we have for… Read more »


In its own way this classic cold war tussle seems to be playing out in our favour. The current board to put it plainly have cocked up in recent years and we’ve fallen behind in a way that is so painfully obvious to us all. We as fans have given enough time and support to their “project” and now we want a change of policy. They are aware that AW pulled off a magic trick getting us champions league last season, and that they’ve got a lot of fans hanging by a very loose thread, I think thats why they… Read more »


Explain how you think Keoenke is “siphoning off money” when Arsenal shares do NOT declare a dividend.

The only revenue stream I know I that Kroenke controls is the Arsenal media (Arsenal tv) rights.

Now, I’m not sure if he is drawing any sort of management fee for being on the board, but I’m pretty confident that it is minuscule compared to the Glazers. Maybe someone in the Arsenal supporter’s trust can clarify his compensation.

Contrast that with the fat, bloodsucking leach that is Usmanov who has gone on record stating that he wanted to declare a dividend.


Taking a payment from the club is not the only way to make money. Kroenke started buying his shares at about £6k per share they are now worth about £16k per share. Simply put he has made £000’s of millions on the share price alone. As for the Usmanov dividend thing I still haven’t actually seen any actual first hand quote about it (if you have one post it up). I think it might have been one of the first (sophisticated) moves to turn fan opinion against him. My take on the whole Usmanov/Kroenke thing is that they are both… Read more »

kroenke crocker

Dont fall asleep…or have you? Wake up!! Football is BIG BIG MONEY BUSINESS TODAY!

So, it’s ok kroenke makes money but not usmanov; that’s seems to be the case, right? How is kreonke better than usmanov anyway?


It’s really not that hard to do a basic search of “Usmanov” and “dividend” in your search engine of choice. You’ll eventually find an article like this: But you’ll have to sort through all the recent stories (April 2012) of how he acquired a telecom company called Megafon, turned around, and immediately declared a dividend. Now, I know there is no direct quote of him saying that he’d declare a dividend, but I’m sure he presented his idea to the board ad was promptly rejected. He’s got a modus operandi and a shady past. Just ask the journalists who… Read more »


I think we may need to take a step back from Football here. As supporters trying to predict the success of Arsenal under Kroenke or Usmanov it would be diificult to accruately predict who will bring the club more success. However, I think we should shift our focus off success and look at just Kroenke and Usmanov. Kroenke may be in it for the money, he was not a fan, but Usmanov should not be even allowed to be able to buy this club. His past is mysterious to say the least, enemies seem to have disappeared, In Uzbekistan there… Read more »


also to look at Usmanov in more detail have a look at this link


I’m I the only supporter who looks at Mr Usmanov and worry about his health. His weight appears to be increasing… or is this an old image.


Hey blogs, speaking of health, I haven’t heard a good *boilk! In awhile. You ok mate?


it is also disconcerting that he looks increasingly like chairman Mao.


His face looks like a used cd.


…I don’t think you’ve been using your CD’s right then.


ozz June 21, 2012 at 7:08 pm

“Kroenke meanwhile has hit the jackpot and will continue to siphon money out of the club” How, when and where, Please show and illustrate. I’m curious?


He makes a lot of money off the club even if it’s not directly like the Glazers are doing. He does it through media and digital content (see Arsenal Broadband Ltd). He does the same with all his sports franchises and even makes a ton of money off their stadiums and ticketing but not yet from the Arsenal probably, though I suspect it won’t be long before he starts doing that with the way things are going.

Master Bates

do you have actual figures ? because you do know he is worth more than the club


This is basically a reiteration of a previous statement. If we invest in the squad and the club is heading in the right direction then why upset the apple cart however, if we don’t and aren’t then the idea of SK remaining unchallenged is a tad disturbing.


Usmanov is trying to play it cool,dont worry you would get your chance to be on the board someday not far from now

mertesacker is not slow as people think at least he is faster than Chamakch,i bet both tried running at Jamie Carragher’s place with ferdinard being the umpire/refree


I hate off season… Can August ending come quick already? Usmanov, Kroenke, Mr. Miyagi… Eff if I care who owns the club, just bring back some footy.

Master Bates

It’s the transfers rumours that I hate more…. Arsenal player X has spotted in z and is set to move to club y because Mr. Miyagi lacks ambitions

Gunnin Sean

I try not to get enmeshed in all of this powerplay and poliitcs.But for lack of news I find myself commenting on this topic.
This is not news. Usmanov is only stating the obvious. “I don’t want to be on the board” -Cos he can’t be on the board.
I’m gettin sick of Arsenal politics. Football is meant to be a form of escape from the crap on front pages of the tabloids. This is just Dejavu


Cold war at boardroom level? Any war was won when Kroenke gained more than 50% of the shareholding. There’s nothing left for Usmanov to fight with. He has no weapons or ammunition.

the only sam is nelson

which means kronke’s ‘tache is surely a massive disadvantage

and presumably usmanov’s bladder is about 16x the capacity of the american’s

unless he sports colostomy bags

might account for some of that heft he’s hauling around i guess

god the portugal/czech republic game is fucking boring isn’t it?

Ivan Gazidis


Stan Kroenke

hi 5 bro


*Grunt…grunt, grrr…I could eat you up!


No spot on the bench either usssi.


That’s MY spot, Seb. Not yours! We’ve been over this before.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog] […]


I really hate this fat cunt.

He wants to eat all of the shares but give fuck-all back.

Just look at the photo, do you trust him?


I’m sure he’d play more mins than Diaby!


If Usmanov was the owner we wouldn’t be buying shite like Giroud.

kroenke crocker

Usmanov would buy the whole barcelona squad. Arsenal can pick and choose who they want for the team.

Master Bates

Giroud is not completely shite ,He’s scored loads of goals for Ligue 1 and has also won the league..and he is also good looking .

I am not sure if Usmanov is a better scout ,But I am happy with signing of Giroud


See. How can you trust an oligarch who tells the most blatant porkies, yet doesn’t do it terribly well.

Evil and incompetent are not the qualities we’re looking for.

kroenke crocker

You sounds like his rejected gf…huh?


And you sound like someone who has no idea what a gf is.

Hudson Hornet

I just wanted to say as ST holder of 15 years and fan, I would welcome Alisher as complete owner of the club.

I understand people have moral concerns and I rightly respect that view. However I would urge the Anti-Usmanov fans to also let others express the view that he is welcome.

Some of the scaremongering (what will we do when he dies and leaves us one trillion in debt!!!! arrrghhh) is laughable.

Wake up people, we want our club to rule the world! (whilst still alive and not 40 year plan based on FFP fantasy).


“I understand people have moral concerns…”

…but you’ve decided to ignore them because he could buy lots of good players and we could win a cup?

Pretty sure that’s exactly the point of this whole saga.

Master Bates

we could rules the world for the next 2 years and start being shit FFP come and/or he gets bored.

It’s not just moral reason ,it’s also pride and it’s also stupid to join the sugar daddy club this late


Hudson: sweet dreams… and if that mocking bird don’t sing, (Sugar) Daddy’s gonna buy you….

Hudson Hornet

Another presumption. (Sugar Daddy)

Whilst nobody can predict the future it is by no means certain Mr Usmanov intends to splash millions on players willy nilly and pay non sustainable wages.

The man is a extremely astute businessman.

What will be achieved however is precision investment and growth of commercial income via success. Without a winning team our finances cant grow.

Anyway we still have a good team which could I accept (via Genius of Wenger) could bring home the honey regardless.


you are all looking at it the wrong way we dont just have one billionair owner we have 2. if one fails there is a plan b, no matter disturbing it is.
how many clubs have that?????




I wouldn’t want Arsenal run like Chelsea, and our self sustaining model has got to be the way forward. I’d like trophies but I love Arsenal and trophies are not everything … look at Pompy & Birmingham. However I do think its wrong and a little short sighted for the Arsenal board not to at least acknowledge Usmanov and see what he has to say for himself. No one really knows Silent Stan’s long term intentions either, he could quite easily sell his shares to Usmanov tomorrow and the rest of the board would be left with a man they… Read more »


Come off it ffs,no one knows how usmanov would run things!all sm saying is what has silent stan done?we WAS a massive team,we can all see we have gone downhill.most won’t admit it tho.we should be signing WORLD CLASS players.but we don’t!!how many top players have we missed out on?!loads!! 7 years and counting (nuff said)


It’s really not that hard to do a basic search of “Usmanov” and “dividend” in your search engine of choice. You’ll eventually find an article like this: But you’ll have to sort through all the recent stories (April 2012) of how he acquired a telecom company called Megafon, turned around, and immediately declared a dividend. Now, I know there is no direct quote of him saying that he’d declare a dividend, but I’m sure he presented his idea to the board ad was promptly rejected. He’s got a modus operandi and a shady past. Just ask the journalists who… Read more »

George mike

Stan kroenke is a very greedy man,I hate him n will hate him all my life.he is turning arsenal to a mid-table kroenke u will soon be judged by God.


Whose god? Yours, Stan’s or Fat U’s? Jesus.

Merlin's Panini

Turning Arsenal into a midtable club? In 3rd place in the league (higher than last season) and having just brought in two good strikers? We appear to be stuck with the guy so lets just see how it goes. I don’t think Fiszman (RIP) would’ve sold him his shares if he was completely untrustworthy. He had been on the board already at that point, long enough for him to make a decent assessment of his character.

Hudson Hornet

Is that why they viciously attacked Stan when he entered the arena? Danny , god bless his soul, was a great servant but not faultless.

Was this sale in the best interest of the club or vendetta with Dein???


fat cunt, don’t want him anywhere near AFC, he sounds like a spoilt child who didn’t get to lick the spoon after others went to the effort to bake the cake


The current state of affairs leaves Usmanov without an end game. He drove up the value of shares, so he’s unlikely to be able to sell out at break-even. He’ll never be able to get money out of the club because the Board will not distribute profit (almost none make profit) since it will put the club at a competitive disadvantage. (Whether AFC makes a distribution will be Kroenke’s decision in any event.) That disadvantage to the playing squad is one reason clubs do not make profit–they pour increased revenues into wages. In fact, Usmanov’s best (if not only) hope… Read more »

Hudson Hornet

Unlike Stan, Alisher is a fan.

+ No he doesnt support Man Utd (Im glad that myth was destroyed, used to be parroted on the arses constantly).


Some one just buy the shares and give them to wenger

Matty Gooner 4 life

He Wouldnt fit into the Board Room!!!!! hahahaahaha


SK is significantly better for us that Fat U for any number of reasons. One that I’ve not seen mentionned is that SK is used to being accountable to regulatory authorities and rules and regulations with real teeth and to shareholders with real rights and reallaywers.

Fat U, hasn’t had to bother with such democratic niceties.


…..just cant shake off the image of an over-weight Roman………
People like that are not to be trusted. Reminds me of the bad boss in old Chinese flicks!!

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