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Koscielny pens new Arsenal deal

Arsenal have confirmed that Laurent Koscielny has penned a new long-term deal with the club.

It was rumoured last week that the French international was set to be rewarded for his development since joining from Lorient two years ago and although the official statement doesn’t go into details it’s fair to say the 26-year-old centre-back has secured himself a decent pay rise.

An integral part of the Gunners defensive unit, Koscielny’s understated, but determined performances have made him a true favourite with the Emirates crowd and seen him leapfrog teammates to becomes one of the first names on Arsene Wenger’s teamsheet.

Speaking warmly about the new deal signed by his compatriot, the boss highlighted Koscielny’s progress since moving to N5.

“Laurent has been outstanding for us over the last two seasons.

“When you consider that until 2009 he was playing in Ligue 2 in France and that he is now performing at the very top level in the Premier League and for his country, the development that he has shown has been absolutely exceptional.

“Laurent is a top-class player and I am very pleased he has decided to commit his future to the Club.”

Koscielny follows the lead of fellow centre-backs Thomas Vermaelen and Johan Djourou, each of whom have signed new contracts inside the last nine months, and was unsurprisingly excited:

“I’m delighted to have reached agreement with the Club. I have had a fantastic time here and look forward to an exciting future with Arsenal.”

Congratulations Laurent. More of the same please.

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Works for me. Love the Koz – and his enormous ears too.


I love his face, his strong legs, his bossfull nature, his tackles, his friend giroud.
I love him.


We bought him at 24-25 years old. Didn’t take long to develop, and now will play his best years at AFC. What more could you ask for?
Its good to see us sign experienced players. Less likely to leave, more likely to settle in quick. And we still have our youngsters coming through the ranks.


now that’s one heck of a committed defence B)


Hohoho… Bosscielny yet again shows us how its done!


Koss the fucking Boss!


What a Boss


Well, at least we’ll recoup a sizable fee when we sell him on to City next summer…


Let the thumbs down begin!


I assume you made that remark just to get thumbed down? Since you seem to be a masochist, wouldn’t it be easier to find a nice dominatrix at your local bordello?


No, I made that remark because I thought it was genuinely funny. You know, in a black humour sort of fashion.


I mean, how can you be an Arsenal fan and not be simultaneously depressed, furious, but in the final analysis resigned (that’s where the humour comes in) to the fact that this happens every single goddamn summer?

Cygan's Left Foot

No, I think Jack will go first!!!!. Unless Diaby has the season of his life then our
ambitions doesn’t much his.

Remember before thumbing me down that, we are officially now a FEEDER CLUB that just want to finish on the top four to be “self sustained model”.


Someone needs to brainfeed you alright!!, out!.


We can’t sell Jack until we get him fit again. Once he’s overcome his injuries and then had a good season, then he will be ready to go to Man City.


Thats only if he’s made captain, somehow a curse exists…




Kinda like how 4 out of the first 6 comments uses the word “Boss”.


Kos, you’re worth it.


I don’t care what that man(if you have a decoder in your head you can decode that) says about my dear club, I have got the great Koz at my club. Thanks Kozzer. You’re a legend already


I love Arsenal, just saying.


I guess i have to join Arsenal now.
Cant get pass the boss.


Does this mean Bosscielny’s the best player in the world?


ohhhhh, I wanna dance with Koscielny. I wanna feel the heat with Koscielny. Yeeaaah, I wanna dance with Koscielny, with Koscielny he loves me.


I wonder how RVP heard the news… “Noooooo~~~~~!!”


Nice to see were tying some usefull players down to long contracts……n
ow onto Alex song please Arsene!!!


No hideous mutation of the genes in the shape of Barca-DNA in that chap! Great news!


Come on the koss, now boss Songinho into signing a new one too.

Sick of worrying about players’ contracts end, atleast now I don’t have to worry about kozzers anytime soon. Coyg.


so koscielny mertasacker will be our starting center backs coz we all know vermalaen koscielny doesnt work well enough. too similar…. koscielny is our best defender hands down


Happy Days! Proper stepped up to the mark! Love him 😀


Fuck yes. Others can fault AW all they want, but no one can ignore the fact he’s got one of the best eyes for talent, if not the best, in the game.


Great news!!
I guess the boss can sign defenders and does offer deals before the last year of their contract!! Wenger knows best

TGSTEL's First Touch

Best player signing of the summer!

Protocol question: who offers the Boss a contract? He’s the boss!

Dr Baptiste

Something like this maybe?

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


That’s how you sign a new contract. No fuss, no delay. Kos is the Boss.
Theo Walcott take note.

big black clock

What’s up with people giving stick to Walcott? He’s done NOTHING wrong.

More like take note RVP.


Theo’s problem is that for a dude with his talent, he’s been awfully inconsistent. Inconsistent enough that he has no business playing games in his contract negotiations.


That’s great news, amidst of all the rotten ones.


Most underrated player in the squad. In the league. In the world.

Dr Baptiste

I’m not sure that i agree he’s the most underrated player in the squad. The amount of fans that chant, sing and call his name whilst shouting about his greatness shows that he is rated exactly how he should be

Dick Swiveller

Still without an honorary Knighthood and yet to be named ‘man of the year’, I’d say he’s underrated.

TGSTEL's First Touch

Until he gets the role as the next Batman, I say he’s criminally underrated!


Long live Bosscielny! Note to the rest of the players. That’s how you do it if you love the club.

big black clock

Brb off to get an arsenal kit with Kos on the back.


I think our back four will be key to our season. im quietly optimistic for this season. Even RVP exit, i still think our football will prevail. Top 2 finish…….


Rvp should learn from koscielny loyalty


I remember when he signed, I had no clue how to spell his name. Now it flows off my keyboard like water on a downhill stream.


We should tie Vermaelen and Mertersacker down to contracts til 2017 too, both have contracts til 2015. If we do that then all 3 of our CB’s will be tied down til they’re about 32 years old and have had their prime with us, then we can evaluate one year contracts individually. At least that way we won’t lose Kos, Verm or Per in their primes. Also get Ignasi Miquel to sign a contract for as long as possible (heard Barca B sniffing around to get him back) and our CB’s are sorted for the next few seasons.

Naija Gunner

That’s loyalty you money grabbing, back stabbing ungrateful newest cunt van Pussy.

Bossielny for the new captain, any one?

I know the guy would become a legend at Arsenal. Who else is gat difficulty in signing a new contract should take a cue from Koscielny, no question, no statement, no fuss just the usual signing. Love him already!


In your stupid smug faces Barca!!

[…] contract. TV5+Kos are both on long-term deals now. About time the club rewarded top performers. Koscielny pens new Arsenal deal | Arseblog News – the Arsenal news site __________________ Abusive, offtopic post? Use the report post button. Read before messaging […]

Eric Irish gunner

Great news and he can only get better with bould working with him


more good news for this summer – top quality defender who was bought for a good price, developing well and committed to the future

+ signed 2 quality strikers at their peak years, at a great value price, and hopefully a top quality winger too, again peak years and good price.

+ some really good youth talent coming through, like coq, frimpong and the ox etc

a well run, stable club and im proud of it

Bobby Jockstrap

Awesome news, however..

WTF muscle / tendon / ligament / bionic pneumatic pump does he have in his leg in that pic?!?!

That’s why he’s the Boss.


That’s Joe Hart…


Don’t be too happy Walcott,song,sagna and gibbs haven’t signed contract yet

Merlin's Panini

this is turning out to be quite a wonderful day so far!


I’m an idiot, but what does N5 mean?

Bobby Jockstrap

Agreed. You’re an idiot.

Merlin's Panini

Islington post code mate.


I love his legs!

Bendtner's Ego

I remember when he signed for us. His was quoted as saying, “I’ll work like a dog!”

No truer words have ever been spoken.


I heard the day he signed insteading of going to his hotel he flung some boots on started training with the kids! Dunno if that’s true but legend and this makes him a bigger legend!

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