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Chamakh: I will give my best for Arsenal

When Marouane Chamakh moved to Arsenal from Bordeaux, Gunners fans nodded in excitable agreement when the Moroccan outlined his desire to be a major part of Arsene Wenger’s squad.

Two years later and with Robin van Persie set to leave, the prospect of the gel-headed striker filling the Dutchman’s boots is enough to provoke a nervous breakdown amongst some portions of the club’s supporters.

Admittedly Chamakh won’t have to carry the burden all on his lonesome – Podolski and Giroud haven’t been bought for nothing – but if he is to play a part he claims he is ready and determined to prove his worth.

“If I am staying here with Arsenal, I will do my best for the team and give the maximum,” said Chamakh while on the tour of Asia.

“Last season was difficult. We were playing with just one striker [Van Persie] and that striker was the best player in Europe. There was not a lot I could do.

“I was upset because thought I could have played more but football is like that. Sometimes you do not have a chance.

“I hope this season I will play more than last. I have not spoken with the manager but I will soon.”

Admitting that confidence has been an issue, Chamakh stressed that he was only likely to improve his mental status with more game time.

“In the first six months after signing I had lots of games but after that I only played a few.

“Now I hope this season will be good for me and the club. Yes, I need more confidence. But to be confident I need to play more. I am determined to stay.”

While it’s fair to say that Chamakh has flattered to deceive in the last 18 months, and lost a fair few supporters by smoking shisha along the way, the one thing he hasn’t done is acted like an arrogant berk by moaning to the media at every given opportunity.

If he is to remain in N5 we can only hope that he manages to find the form he displayed on his arrival.

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Go! Please just go!


I think chamakh has already given us his best (i think).
Best move on.
Save your career or what’s left of if.

Cygan's Left Foot

Why some want this awfully sheesha smoking late night parting to stay in our great club???? He is not only out of form but out of fitness with all the wrong things he is doing in London. I am shocked Arsene haven’t stuck him in the reserve till he leaves.

With the 25 squad rules, PLEASE JUST LEAVE.


Not a bad player. Woefully out of form though. However, just because of his commitment to the cause, i’d rather keep him than sell, IF we aren’t buying at CF.


I reckon wenger does want to sell him and park. Moving them on is a major issue though, because of wages (Chamakh) and general lack of interested clubs (Park).
Even if we can’t sell them, i’d like to see them loaned out like TGSTEL was, and afobe and lansbury promoted (cover for podolski at cf and lw).


I really doubt Wenger wants to keep him. If his wages are holding back a transfer, we should just let him go for free to compensate. After all, we did get him for nothing, and there is really no need to keep him on the wage bill.


I guess we’ve to pay his remaining wages if at all we release him.


Our front three for every Champions’ League game next season should be Park, Chamakh and Bendtner.

That will scare the shit out of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Dr Baptiste

Lull them in to a false sense of security and then BAM! Park Chamakh one-two, defence splitting pass to Benny and GOAL!!!!!!


Not funny biaattch!


I actually think Chamakh is a good player… he has a great head of the ball, excellent at holding up the ball but you could see from a few games last season that he did play he was not only lacking confidence but nerve… I saw him score at Bordeaux in the champions league (diving header) and he looked super but what happened?? football is a funny sport like that…


I dare say chamakh is half shite, half player.
I don’t need those odds at my club. Out!


And you will be one of those guys who’ll come around in 2-3 months time from now & say what a shit playa.

Why pretend now mate? The fact is he is not good enough to wear the Red & white shirt


Probably best if he goes, but if he stays we must get behind him.


Might start trying to focus more on football and less on hair cut.


true, a player that’s 100% focused on the match whilst on the pitch does not take a break to piss about with his hair.


I can’t put my finger on why he hasn’t been able to score more. He kinda lost it when Van Purse got into gear.

Anyway, we got our Strong bodied male model now so go, just please go. You don’t get 2nd chances at Arsenal if you’re not an exceptional talent.


It’s because he wasn’t on the pitch.

You need to be on the pitch to have a chance of scoring a goal.

That’s science.


Can we not give the lad a chance? Can’t help when the fans aren’t behind him. Least he wants to try unlike RVP.


I think we have too many light-hearted gooners in here. Yes he’s a good player but not for us right now. He just needs to go somewhere else, period!.


You have got to give props to the guy’s commitment!

How many modern-day players are there out there that are so committed to their clubs? Very admirable, especially considering the fact that he’s been resigned to the bench for more than a year now, but still hasn’t uttered one negative word.

Look at Tevez for example, substituted by the manager during a game, decided to quit the club and went on a 5-month vacation. This guy on the other hand, has not spoken against the club or the manager.


I know chamakh is loyal (stated arsenal were his dream club when he joined), but he earns 60-70 k a week. Maybe he’s not the mercenary type, but you’ve got to be naive to believe that money is not part of his decision to not speak out.


“Last season was difficult. We were playing with just one striker [Van Persie] and that striker was the best player in Europe. There was not a lot I could do.”

The man has a point you know.


He’s said it. It’s clear. Why it is not so obvious for anyone else to see is anybody’s guess. He’s a great player and I for one I’m glad he’s playing for us next season. Hope he makes most of you revisit your posts today.


he looks like a newborn


d7g7, his sense of hairstyle is the least of his worries. You’ve seen the lad before, right?


Maybe 60k a week helps his commitment. I know it would mine


Off-topic: what exactly is n5?

gooner from bangladesh

I think he’ll do well again if he gets a run of games. To be fair, he made substitute appearances during the whole of last season. Maybe played 10 minutes or so. It’s worth noting that when he came on against Stoke and/or Norwich last season, I remember he did great to hold the ball and find tonnes of space for RVP. And he got us a last minute free-kick against AC Milan as well.


I really hope if he does stay he can turn things around in the next year – feel for this guy, he’s had a rotten deal from Wenger in my opinion AND the fans. Maybe he’s not the most adaptable player and he’s no Van Persie but people have short memories, he kept us in the CL places every bit as much as RvP did last season during his 1st 6 months or so when he was playing most every game yet he’s spoken of as if he were one of the worst signings in the history of AFC. He… Read more »


It’s really simple actually…
If he stays, he should have our full support and hopefully get back to the kind of form he showed in the first six months of his Arsenal career.

If he goes, it will be a relief on our wage burden and he can kick-start his career again.


Austrian gooner. N5 is arsenal post code spurs don’t have one, it’s just known as the shithole.

Dr Baptiste

News that Jack the Ripper was born and bred in Tottenham. Just goes to show that they are a dangerous waste of space those lot

TGSTEL's First Touch

No chance. They say chances were Jack the Ripper had medical/surgical training, and therefore could write and read.


Terrible, terrible player. Was worth a punt on a free transfer but not on the wages we gave him. 1 goal every 4 (88goals in 364) in his whole career is horrendous for a striker. I could understand people saying “he comes off the bench a lot though” but that wasn’t the case for Bordeaux and still the same average of goals per game. I don’t know how this guys a footballer. No talent, no commitment (doing shisha mid-season).

TGSTEL's First Touch

While I think you’re a bit harsh on him on the commitment front, I do agree that he seems to lack that killer instinct a striker must possess, as indicated by his reluctance to take a shot even when it is a better option than a lay-off.


Why would he complain in the first place? He’s getting paid 50,000-60,000 a week to do precisely fuck all! Call my cynical but I don’t think even he can believe his luck that he’s somehow earning that kind of salary at a huge club like Arsenal. I wouldn’t want to leave either…

Eric Irish gunner

True, that over 11 and a half million for his 4 year contract which he’s already pick up half of that for 8 goals or so in 40 not good enough

Dr Baptiste

It’s almost like he doesn’t pick the team and so doesn’t get on the pitch. It might be me but that seems like a big stumbling block to actually being able to score more…


Confidence on the floor. Woefully out of form. Fans confidence low
Time to move on and start again chamakh
All the best


The reason we got him, was not because he was some super talent or he would have gone to city Chelsea etc. he was free and thats the only reason. Worth a punt maybe but at 60 k. A week ?

El Blondo

Completely unrelated but I work in advertising and marketing (shoot me) and i’ve just officially heard that O2 are ending their sponsorship of Arsenal at the end of the month…

Worth noting that this decision was made by O2 and not Arsenal – where does this leave the club?

Thoughts people…


“What, are we still sponsored by O2?” – Arsenal FC

Merlin's Panini

on Orange?


ok so every weekend chamakh goes to a bar in london called search? i think is the name of the bar. goes there with a bodyguard. running around the club EVERY WEEKEND with his top off. no class. my boy told me this the other day when i was telling him chamakh needs to be sold. my boy doesnt watch football but he knows who chamakh is. chamakh does the semi skinny dipping for girls attention

glory hunter

Im caught in 2 minds with this one!
He was very good when he 1st arrived but even then i was worried about the fact that he cant/doesn’t/wont shoot.

How is he going to score if he doesnt shoot?!??

Dr Baptiste

I haven’t looked at the other posts but – – it looks like we’ve agreed terms


I think this guy should be given another chance to prove himself. Either way i feel for the guy as he has really received lotta sticks from some quarters of the Goonerdom. Those first 6months of his Arsenal career are still very fresh in my memory.


Full form of TGSTEL?


To Get Shot Through Eye Lens….

gnarly charlie

his first touch is awful, but I like his attitude!

Eric Irish gunner

Great attitude smoking pipes mid season


Makes Bendtner look like Messi


i’m a big fan of Chamauk and yond to see him in an arsenal shirt. his first few months at the club was fantastic but unfortunately, some sudden lost of confidence overwhelm him. nevertheless, i hope and pray he finds his scoring boots again and get back to his previous form.


What a disgusting creature. No determination, no ability, bad attitude, shit hair.

Merlin's Panini

bit harsh.


No, not harsh:

Chamakh’s agent did say a few days ago if Giroud was signed and van Persie stays then he will look for a move.
I don’t want players at the club who react to any sort of challenge or adversity by throwing up their hands and saying ‘f*** this’. Chamakh is clearly the sort of player who would prefer a nice easy life, in footballing terms, rather than striving to push himself up a level. Deserves no respect.

And I remember his shisha sessions too.

Merlin's Panini

nope, definitely harsh.


Your post lost all it’s moral high ground when started having a go at his hair what where thinking. The hair’s great.


I must have no taste in hair styles ?

Dick Swiveller

He needs 4-4-2 and I reckon we’ll deploy it more next season so Chamakh might come good. If he gets a bit of confidence back he could provide a foil for Podolski or Theo or Afobe or anyone who wants to give striking a bash, he’d probably be a little superfluous when Giroud plays but a little bit of mental application from Chamakh and he’ll be useful.

If he goes, he’s probably the most replaced guy with Giroud coming in, if you see what I mean, so nobody’s going to be wailing over it but he does have plus points…


The abuse this poor guy has got from the fans in some quarters shames me. Please someone explain to me (as Chamakh himself hinted) how he was supposed to be banging in the goals when you deploy a one man striker formation and the one man who was up there nearly broke Thierry’s record for most goals in a Premier League season. We don’t know how little or hard Chamakh worked in training, he may have been breaking his balls trying to force some more game time, but when you’re facing up against form like that? And lets remember that… Read more »


I hope I don’t get thumbed down for thinking this, but are we misreading this “commitment”? He probably knows he won’t earn higher anywhere else – surely this is the highest he’s earned over the course of his career – and is willing to at least see out this contract. Of course, to not sound greedy there is all the talk about wanting to fight and give one’s best, but just like loving his contract, all he’s saying is he wants to stay, really. I don’t hate him, I must say. Matter-of-fact, after his RvP-free stint up front, I rather… Read more »


Thing is you cant argue with what hes saying can you? He could have scored a hat-trick in a league cup game or when-ever he go the chance but nobody would have picked him over VP. He knew it, VP knew it, the manger knew it and so did we. I think he showed the player he is whe he was the main man when VP was injured. He can be that player again. I’d give him a chance, he’ll score 43 goals this season and we can sell him to Man City next pre-season to replace their crocked VP!


Does he even know what he’s saying? Last season he had RVP ahead of him and he barely played. This season he has Giroud and Podolski at the very least least. Maybe Bendtner too if no buyer can be found and he doesn’t get loaned. Who knows, maybe Afobe will get a chance if he impresses during pre-season. Chamakh isn’t the write-off that a lot of fans believe he is. But even if he finds form, he’s not going to get the playing opportunities to show it. If he wants to play, and not just pick up paychecks, then he… Read more »


Why the hate for the shisha? Isn’t RvP a chain smoker? (Zidane as well?)


People hating on Chamakh now


People slagging off Wenger when another team gives Chamakh 40 games a season and he gives them 20 goals in return.


Chamakh has never scored 20 goals in a season and never will. You’re deluding yourself if you think he can

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

[…] Marouane Chamakh’s ‘Hey, what do you expect? Arsenal play one striker and last season it was van Persie and he was brilliant so that’s why I didn’t play’ has some merit, but again he’s a player whose stock has fallen considerably since he came. The same applies to Sebastian Squillaci. At the time his signing seemed a good one, he was an experienced international centre-half who should have added some depth to the squad, but on the rare occasion he played last season he looked a man bereft of confidence and his performances reflected that. […]

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