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Aaron Ramsey and the five hoops

Aaron Ramsey has been included in the Team GB football team which will compete in the London Olympics.

The Welsh captain was selected by coach Stuart Pearce who surprisingly resisted the temptation to annoy Arsene Wenger even further by not picking Kieran Gibbs too.

Team GB will play their group matches in Manchester (26 July), London (29 July) and Cardiff (1 August), against Senegal, United Arab Emirates and Uruguay. It means that Ramsey will miss the club’s Asian tour and, should they progress, may also be unavailable for the club’s visit to Nigeria where they’ll play the Nigerian national team.

It’s not an ideal situation for Arsene Wenger as Jack Wilshere won’t be back until mid-September at the earliest, Abou Diaby is Abou Diaby while Tomas Rosicky has been nursing an Achilles problem since the end of last season and which troubled him during the European Championships meaning he might struggle for fitness in pre-season.

It might well be that further additions to the squad in the midfield area will prevent Ramsey’s absence being an issue, but even then the manager is unlikely to be pleased that one of his players is being made play in a tournament nobody really cares about.

That said, the competitive fixtures might prove to be good preparation for the season ahead but only time will tell.

Full Team GB squad: Who? Never heard of him. Thingymajic. Whatsisface. Ah you know yer man. Whojamacallit. Some Spud. Wasn’t he in Eastenders? Aaron Ramsey. Erm. That fella with the hair. Another Spud. Craig Bellamy. Mr Roboto. Ryan Giggs. That’s not a real name, surely? A marble.

Coach: Maaaaaaat Daaaaaaaaamooooooon.

Meanwhile, Ryo Miyaichi has failed to make the final 23 of Japan’s Olympic squad meaning he will travel to Asia before the club make a decision about his future for the season ahead. Smart money says he’ll out on loan but if he impresses in pre-season, Arsene might just find a spot for him.

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LOL how did Miyachi not make the Japan squad!?!?! They most want to lose.


Because the Japan manager is knobhead. The Olympics football is the best tournament to blood young players, but he thinks this is a World Cup tournament where its important to call up big names like Shinji Kagagagagagawa.

Merlin's Panini

erm…Kagawa isn’t in the Olympics team. In fact there are no star names in the Japan side for the Olympics. The only regulars I can see from the usual first team are Yoshida and Sakai.
I imagine Miyaichi was either omitted because Wenger didn’t want him included, or Zaccheroni (the senior Japan boss) didn’t want him included and has plans to use him for the senior team. Here’s the line up if anyone’s actually interested:


He made a comment on Twitter about how the Bolton lads took him out for a couple of drinks after a game which was interpreted as a grotesque stain on the honour of Japan.

You know how they are over there.

Cygan in Japan

Actually, they fucking love tales like that that over here!


there is not a country in the world with a more insane drinking culture. and yes I am including Ireland. It is literally a weekly “thing” to get puking-shit-faced with your boss.


Ramsey is next to shit as my arse.
I’m actually amazed on how he countless times manages to hit his ‘near goals’ just above the post. It’s mind boggling!.

He misses goals in which the probability of putting it wide is lower than actually scoring.
When ramsey starts any game……..i die like seven times through the game.


Ramsey for Team GB? It’s not an ideal situation for Arsene Wenger but it is great for Arsenal! He won t be missed!


Excellent – the Ramsay brigade are out & about even during the off season. Unbelievable,


Wenger intefiered 🙂


>Abou Diaby is Abou Diaby

I laughed,
then after realising he is contracted till 2015………..I cried.


Diaby certainly isn´t laughing!

Surely this sort of deal must play a part in the RVP negotiations. Apart from Robin´s goals, the fact his avoided injury for over a year was a miracle!


I think that Abou Diaby is like Dorian Gray’s picture. Every time a key player gets injured, it actually happens to Diaby.
How else do you explain how RvP goes through an entire season while Diaby is repeatedly injured without actually playing?


Hmmm…first I thought it wasn’t a bad idea if he got regular playing time.
After reading the whole article…*t.


*after reading the article…….*ramsey

(you can now use the word *ramsey as a smokescreen for SHIT!!!).

Eg. Ramsey is *shit
Ramsey is *ramsey.


blablabla random ramsey bashing blablabla…


Blah blah blah random Ramsey bashing blah blah
I would agree that his current ability is not up to first team standard, but what would you expect from someone who’s had a massive injury early in his career, who hasn’t had much playing time etc? He needs more regular first-team football. Yes he needs work, but then so do Walcott, the Ox, Gervinho, Wilshere and countless others. I would like to see us supporting him for a bit more at least.


Note: The first line is directed at “Ref.” Something which makes me wonder a bit, though, thinking about the countless time refs have screwed up this season.


Don’t sweat Ramsey’s absence. Remember, we have Denilson coming back.

/end sarcasm


All this does is highlight that we are rather thin in the central midfield position in the cold light of day.


we are thin in the cam, have a ton of other central midfielders


Well after AA23’s stupid comments to Russian fans putting the nix on him sealing a deal with Zenit, he’ll be back. Maybe Arsene will finally put Arshavin in the middle like wants. It’s worth a try since we’ve got no other options worth mentioning.

Go buy Kaka or Pirlo.


Jesus Christ. Do you actually believe a couple of shirty remarks to the press after losing out in a tournament is seriously enough to make Zenit want to get rid of one of their most successful/talented players? Use your fucking brain!

Saying that, I would love to see a refreshed and up-for-it Arshavin in the middle again, slotting balls in through to Poldi/Giroud/VP before shrugging his shoulders at the resulting golazo and chirping “Simples!”


Well since the entire country was calling for his head after his remarks and a sub par Euro performance I kinda do. But I would love to see him get a crack at playing in the middle for Arsenal to see if it motivates him and gets him back on track.


Lets be fair on Ramsey though. When was the last time he got to represent his nation at a major tournament in his homeland?

Also from an Arsenal standpoint he could well be a standout player for the team GB.


Yes it is


Wales is a principality anyway.


Shit. I went to look it up on wikipedia and it’s down.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a nation, sometimes, and probably technically incorrectly, referred to as Britain.

Great Britain is an island (and this is reflected in the full name of the nation. The clue is in the “and Northern Ireland”).


I actually think this is a good idea. Who knows how much playing time he would get in preseason, and in the olympics against weaker competition is a good time for him to regain some form lost by Gary Speed’s death. Plus, the idea of him getting a start over some spuds makes me smile


He certainly could use the experience, so best of luck to Rambo.

Rad Carrot

Good luck to the lad. Ramsey may miss pre-season with us but at least he will be playing some games; it’s not ideal, but we have got cover for him. Arteta, Song and The Ox would be my choice if Ramsey isn’t available, although I’d love it for the Coq to reveal himself. And Frimpong, too, if he’s fit now? The wings are covered with Theo, Poldi and Gerv all vying for spots, with Ryo waiting in the… uh… wings. Ideally of course, we’d make another signing in central midfield, but I don’t want to be a greedy little Gooner… Read more »

gunsen gurner

“i’d love it for the Coq to reveal himself”

very subtle. 🙂

Rad Carrot

I had to slowly insert a Coq somewhere.

First time I’ve been thanked for that, too!


mancini is a NOB

Master Bates

stay on topic

Stuart Pearce is a Knob


Good luck to Rambo. I hope this run in with GB will give him a chance to get some confidence back and rediscover his pre-leg break form. We need him healthy and better than last season.


We don t need him at all ! and Team GB is a laugh but great team for Ramsey..

Happy Gunner

I’m glad I’m not the only one who remembers how good he looked. He was in the starting line up that day against stoke for a reason. Ramsey has all the potential in the world, and these “Arsenal fans” who constantly bash our own players make me ashamed. It’s one thing to say that he has things he can work on, or to just think he’s not a great player is fine, but at least cheer him on to do better.


If the rest of the squad are killed in an air crash on the way to Nigeria he may be the only player we have left. Well apart from Denilson, Parks. Bendtner and a few others….


All you guys making jest of Diaby will be made to eat a humble pie this season. I promise. Lol!

Der Springer

I would love if that was true.


If Diaby plays more than 20 games this season then I will pack up and move over to that crappy website Le-grove.


Master Bates

now you can’t be 100% sure , these problems go away sometimes . I know a guy who was so sure RvP won’t finish a full season ,but he fucking did infact he ran the most miles in the EPL , scored the most goals too…..i think

have a little faith


If diaby ever gets through a season injury free I will seriously just………ah who am I kiddin’


Go Diaby! I would rather have him injured then Ramsey playing. Diaby will be our star in the future, I hope!


Ramsey has his critics. But people often forget how young he is and that nightmare injury that kept him out for almost a year without kicking a football. It takes lots of mental energy to recover completely.

Last season was his first full-season and he did so-so. He will only improve and get better.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Merlin's Panini

I think we would do well by signing Whojamacallit and Whatsisface. They’ve looked really promising this season. Fingers crossed.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Oh, you fool, how can you prefer Whojamacallit and Whatsisface over Thingamybob?????


Gibbs must be annoyed.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Hopefully it will inspire him to work on his game and improve. I’d like to think he will use missing out on Team GB in a positive way.


Maybe, but since he’s the only “true” no. 3 in the squad then good for Arsenal.
But what about Theo! He must be gutted not making the ping pong team, I heard he cried.

Person Thing

Matt Damon?
I thought the manager was Ian Beale.

[…] of Aaron Ramsey, he was selected by Stuart ‘Psycho’ Pearce to represent Great Britain in the 2012 Olympic Games.  This […]

[…] will miss the pre-season tour of Asia, and perhaps the game against Nigeria, as he’s been called into the Team GB squad for the London Olympics. Perhaps the competitive football will be good for him but it’s not ideal for the manager or […]


Hello Ramsey lovers, I bet you ll change your love very soon… considering your taste… next one to love without reason is Denilson!
Huh, he can not play for Team GB !

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