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Club respond to van Persie statement

Arsenal have responded to Robin van Persie’s earlier statement with a short statement of their own. Via the official website, they said:


We have to respect Robin’s decision not to renew his contract. Robin has one year to run on his current contract and we are confident that he will fulfil his commitments to the Club.

“We are planning with ambition and confidence for next season with Arsenal’s best interests in mind.”

It is reported that the club had no idea van Persie was releasing a statement today and were rather blindsided by the captain’s online declaration which was drafted for him by lawyers and agents.

What could have been a civilised, if difficult, situation now looks as if it’s going to get nasty as speculation over the need to release such a divisive statement mounts. Will this make the club dig their heels in and hold him to his final year or will the remarks about the ‘fundamental disagreements’ mean van Persie’s position becomes untenable?

It seems a real shame that Robin, who claims to love the club and care for the fans, has gone about this in such a disrespectful manner, and it looks as if the reason behind it is to force a move to a club that he couldn’t go to without a fight.

And I think we all know which club that is.

Meanwhile, Mark Gonnella, the club’s Director of Communications, has denied that Ivan Gazidis is away on two weeks holiday, saying, “Ivan is not on a two week holiday. Such things do not exist for Chief Executives at football clubs or anywhere else.”

So you’d have to ask why van Persie made reference to that in his statement, if not to cause trouble.

What a shame this all is.


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Let the cunt rot in the reserves.

Alternatively, sell him to Anzhi where no-one will give a fuck.


Little fukker he is, claiming that it’s all about us, the fans, but then saying that he doesn’t agree with the club, so it’s actually about him.
Also, must be pretty painful for AW as it seems that RVPs response was a direct reply to Wengers yesterdays comments.
Can’t see him going anywhere else than shitty now to join his chinless little friend…


£o£in ¥an p€£$i€

paobing's open message to RVP

Honestly, I’ve no qualms that you’re leaving if someone is throwing insane/obscene money at you and I don’t think I would bear any grudges and write this message at all. I mean if a company comes and offer to pay me 2-3 times more than the current it would be difficult for me not to take it up. But just don’t try to have the best of both worlds by playing the good guy and faking loyalty! “Out of my huge respect for Mr. Wenger, the players and the fans I don’t want to go into any details …” –… Read more »


Why not just put out an honest statement? ‘Hi guys. I’ve thought about it a little bit and I wont renew my contract. The only reason I thought about it at all is because I know you guys really loved me and wanted to be proud of me. I have enjoyed that adoration and I know that this is something special and specific to Arsenal. Come on though guys- lets be realistic here. Sure, its not all about the money, but it is double the money and you would take it too. Whilst Arsene has done a great job developing… Read more »

Chamakh's Hookah pipe

I think that ‘alternative’ is the best solution yet, they seem to be throwing money around like 2penny sweets.
Lets cash him in!

but what’s with the Gazidis-on-holiday lies?

Mark Renton

I’m going to le grove to drown in misery with the rest of the folks there.

Fergie the Gooner

The club called his bluff by signing Podolski and Giroud and it’s now clear that Van Persie had made up his mind before the end of the season.

As much as I’d love to see him rot in the reserves I don’t think we can afford to. He’s burnt his bridges with the club and needs to be sold while he still has a transfer value. If it was up to me I’d be making a call to Jose to get a swap for Higuain.


he’s going to get frimponged anyway, he doesn’t stand a chance


Bloggs: I think we might need an Arsecast special, just so Internet Joe can shout “ccccccuuuunnnnnnnnntttttttttttttttttttttt” for 40 minutes.


So it happens again!! Why do players treat Wenger and the club like this. I for one thought Van Persie was different to the Cashley, Na$ri’s, Adebayor, etc but it seems i was wrong.. I’m so disappointed in him. It seems to be all about the money these days!! Pity, i thought Robin could have showed a bit of loyalty to Arsenal especially since we stood by him during his injuries… I mean is 150K a week not enough for someone to show a bit of club loyalty!! Players today are fickle w**kers, seriously loosing respect for them.. and please… Read more »

Cygan's Left Foot

Because they don’t believe 3/4 is a trophy!!!!!!!!!.


Good luck RVP where ever you go and thanks for making a shit season repsectable scoring all those goals. You deserve better players around you.


They leave when they want, they leave when they wantttt, arsenal captains, they leave when they want.


Spot on KonyChimel

Dave Gooner

A clean break, and as quickly as possible…get him out the door, to a non English team, this off season. Clearly he can never play for us again.

Sell him by September, to whatever European team wants him. Take the necessary loss.

Goobye Robin. Thanks for everything, and thanks for nothing.


Should have bought some quality signings and maybe this wouldn’t have happened. Only have the board to blame. Fucking nobheads

Sanchit Shorewala

Don’t feed the troll and all, I know, but how is this the board’s fault?
We bought two prolific, international, world class strikers before the transfer window even started!


podolski is not prolific and everyone that has been signing his praise is going to see why bayern munich released him , didnt you see him in the euro’s hes not world class at all.. and dont get me started about giroud he is not proven at all but yet arsenal fans are singing his praise too.. bottom line is wenger and the board do not have the same ambition as manchester united.. chelsea.. city .. heck even spurs fight wen it comes to their best player wanting to leave .. i know i am going to get hated on… Read more »


@Jacob – Podolski is’t prolific or world class!! He has 44 goals in 101 games for his country! Also, please don’t tell me you are silly enough to judge a player on one tournement? If that were the case we would be packing RvP’s bag for him and rolling out the red carpet for Bendtner.

I usually don’t like to disagree with fellow Arsenal fans but its at times like these you see some really dumb comments. We should be getting behind our manager and club through what could be a difficult few weeks.


^ This. Once a Gunner always a Gunner, no matter what the fuck happen.

Afref Fetter

Modric has a 5 year contract… they could afford to fight.

van Persie will leave in a year. There’s the difference.


If Podolski and Giroud are not quality signings, what is? I mean we are not a bad club as of now. There are players we can definitely sell to make room, but you can’t just bring in bunch of new players and try to form a totally different squad. It doesn’t work that way.


@at@arsenal.. like someone already stated we as arsenal fans have slowly but surly been so used to mediocre signings that as soon as one player with a lilttle bit of a reputation comes we all hail him as world class its pathetic.. like i said before why do you think bayern munich released him hes a poor mans rvp, why do you think there was not no bidding war lol .. arsenal fans like you make me laugh any negative comment towards arsenal no matter if its true or not is brushed aside .. really think about this, we buy… Read more »

Happy Gunner

Jacob, why do you even support Arsenal? If this is how you feel, go away, we don’t want you.


Jacob, Podolski was on a total crap team and still grabbed 18 goals from 29 appearances. Giroud has had two consecutive seasons with over 20 goals for his team. These are two good players. Statement made as far as I am concerned. Now if we continue in this way, dump the crap players and continue to invest in solid internationals, I think we will have quite a good time next season. Even without RVP with the players coming back from injury and the likes of Gervinho having had a year to settle and Ramsey a whole year gone from his… Read more »


@jacob? Is this the same podolski who starts in front of gotze, reus, and shurrle for his national team?

And why does every player have to have a bidding war? I didn’t see papis cisse


@jacob? Is this the same podolski who starts in front of gotze, reus, and shurrle for his national team?

And why does every player have to have a bidding war? I didn’t see papis cisse having a bidding war? He seems alright I guess.

Mills N7

WE WANT WORLD CLASS PLAYERS! Because Overmars, Vieira, Henry, Pires, Bergkamp were all world class when Arsenal bought them and none of them had ‘failed’ at big clubs like Inter or AC Milan, or Juventus… oh…

Ivan Drago

quality signings like Ligue 1’s top scorer? or maybe a proven german international?


@jacob, you obviously don’t follow Ligue 1. Giroud is not a poor-man version of RvP. He’s more of a better-man version of Chamakh, if anything. RvP and Giroud, they are two different styles of strikers. With respect to Bayern’s withdrawal, Giroud is a poacher. Bayern already has a poacher in the like of Mario Gomez. You’re right Podolski flopped at Bayern, but that was long time ago when he was much younger. Even at the national level, despite the fact he’s a natural CAM or SS, he was deployed as a winger. It’s a bit immature to cross him off… Read more »


@jacob, you obviously don’t follow Ligue 1. Giroud is not a poor-man version of RvP. He’s more of a better-man version of Chamakh, if anything. RvP and Giroud, they are two different styles of strikers. With respect to Bayern’s withdrawal, Giroud is a poacher. Bayern already has a poacher in the like of Mario Gomez. We don’t. You’re right Podolski flopped at Bayern, but that was long time ago when he was much younger. Even at the national level, despite the fact he’s a natural CAM or SS, he was deployed as a winger. It’s a bit immature to cross… Read more »


Nasri cuntish nature on the loose. Shame it caught the one fucker I thought would hold it out with us.

Mark Renton

Podolski, Giroud, quality players right there mate. What more does he want? God particles next? Be reasonable mate.


Bravo man, somebody is thinking here!


I agree, a past his best Podlski and Chamach in waiting are not signs that the club has changed its transfer policy. Both Arteta and Podolski are good signings made 5 years too late. And as for Giroud, listening to what those in the know are saying about him it’s the same language they used re Chamach and Gervinho, I hope I’m wrong but I have a feeling we can expect the same from him.

Also no one else seems interested in the players we sign, why could that be? Maybe they just aren’t top draw


I wish Arteta came to us 4/5 years earlier, but he’s still a vitally important player for us now, and I think he’ll give us another solid 3/4 seasons.

ickenham gooner

He has to be sold now. Absolutely no way we could let him run down his contract (could we afford that anyway) – he can never play for us again as there is too much chance he would be booed in the first home match at the Emirates.

Sorry to see him go but this is so disrespectful.

One wonders of this will change the situation for Walcott?


On the one hand, Walcott & van Persie have a special something, and that might be in Walcott’s head…on the other hand, he wants to play as a striker, and this means one less striker to contend with. But if Chelsea are seriously interested, would he turn down the money? Doubt it. And we can’t hold loyalty over him either: he’s been one of the most verbally abused (by us the fans) Arsenal players since about 2007, 2008.


Walcott can go too, if you ask me. He’s an overhyped, already overpaid ego, who is average at best. I’d rather a Podolski – Giroud – OX front three anyway.

dink arnold

Wow. This comment hurts me. As much as I’ve been annoyed with Walcott at timres, there ‘s no way I would want to see him leave, the assists and goals he’sscored aside, he’s the meanest impact winger in the premier league! Walcott to stay!


Loyalty is a myth.

Runcorn Gooner

It has been for many years at the top level.Look at the number of clubs some players have appeared for. At the end of the day the supporters support the club.The players are now Increasingly short term (with the agents moving them on for obscene amounts) Most players who kiss the badge are hypocrites.RVP will be remembered for one incredibly good season without injury.The odds are at his age he will pick up another injury soon and/or will not be able to play as well as this season. He has to go because if his statement is true no one… Read more »




You never, ever, know.



Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Loyalty was always a myth. Very few players ever feel that they want to a one-club player. A century ago we had this situation happening to us, as did every other club. It’s nothing new.


Arsene Wenger.

Sanchit Shorewala

Gutted for Arsene.


Yeah me too. He must be sitting by himself thinking………..about you know everything!!!!!!.
How he never gets to build a team without one massive ego breaking away.
How every player he nurtures always slips away.

So many damn questions………….
F.C out

Ben Savage

Gutted, but we all knew that this was a distinct possibility. I’m more interested though in how Arsenal are going to respond transfer wise.

I personally would get Dempsey signed up as soon as possible and then splash the cash on someone like Llorente. Yes, I know throwing money at the situation isnt exactly solving the problem but Arsenal really need to stand up and be counted here.


I like the idea of Llorente. Dzeko or Dempsey? Those two, I’m not sure. What about Cavani? Perhaps this is the time that we Arsenal as a club make a strong statement that we mean business, that players will come to play because we are Arsenal F.C. and not the other way around.

Piers Morgan's punchable face

Dzeko is a bit to limited technically for my liking and only really plays well with a partner up top (a la Wolfsburg) The other 2 could be good additions though.

For me personally I would actually like to see an experienced poacher – even if that means an old hand on loan. The Henry cameo last season has shown the value of a good finisher than you can throw on in the last 20-30 minutes of a match. Someone like Forlan or Milito would actually tick all the right boxes.


Forlan has been released by Inter so we could snap him up for nothing


Seriously, you have got so used to the way we do transfers that it has coloured your view of who we should sign.
Dempsey? Really? Thats exactly the sort of B-level player the fans are desperate to see the club sign now, even knowing we’ll sign a C-level unknown instead….it has got that bad. Park, Chamakh, Bendtner…all the same level and all totally useluss. Van Persie is the last of the great players at Arsenal, the ones who would actually make Barcelona shit their pants. Dempsey? He couldn’t scare my granny in a dark alley.


Dempsey, the guy who was the 4th top scorer in the Premier League last season with 17 goals and who is still in his prime…

ya he must be shit.


Yes, Dempsey, the player who works his socks off every time he steps on the pitch, even when played out of position for club and country… even when he has to contend with egos like Duff and Donovan. Dempsey, a striker who plays defense from the front.
He’s a player who got to where he is through application and hard work, not just someone with natural talent that was sent through an academy.

Piers Morgan's punchable face

I’m guessing your user name is suppose to be ironic right ? We’ve never bought big name players btw, we’ve always been the type of club that has polished up rough diamonds that most other clubs have deemed not good enough. Vieira? Rotting in the reserves at Milan. Henry? An ineffective winger at Juventus who they couldn’t wait to get rid of. RVP? A trouble maker, who wenger brought in when all the other top teams were creaming themselves over Robben. Even this current crop has good examples: Kos, Sagna, Vermaelen, Ox. All solid performers but not anything special but… Read more »


Piers, well Podolski was already the 4th top scorer in the Bundesliga while Giroud was the top scorer in Ligue 1. Yes Wenger can make them super-stars etc but it is not as if they are not big names already. Also Clint is not that much of a big name. I mean even here in the states. Yes, a lot of people know him but barely many call him a potential world class player because A) He is American and B) He plays for Fulham. Now imagine what Dempsey would do if he moved from Fulham to Arsenal (Jol to… Read more »


Oh, just because he’s American? Dempsey has been a consistent finisher from midfield, out wide, and up front as a lone striker. You’re ignorant if you think he wouldn’t be a steal for us at the price we’d pay for him.

Green Cat

Yes I totally agree. Get Llorente before united or city has the chance.

Also Dzeko isn’t bad, he just didn’t have that much opportunity to display his skills at man city.


Is loyalty too much to ask for these days?


Yes, apparently. Pity though, I thought better of him.

Good Omens

Ah Gandalf, loyalty; it shall not pass.

Adam Scoggins

I say call his bluff, strip him of the captaincy and make him play at Underhill all season with the reserves.

He’s 30 next year, is he really going be getting better offers then with his injury record as well as not playing at the highest level for 12 months?


While I can understand the sentiment, Adam, I think we’ll be selling him. No sense having a negative influence around the club, especially another one of these agent-inspired players that thinks the name on the back of the shirt is more important than the one on the front. However, if we DO keep hold of him, the spiteful prick that I am wants Arsene to put him on the bench, so RvP would have to watch what he could have been a part of all season. That’ll reduce his ability to play regularly and put himself in the shop window,… Read more »

Adam Scoggins

We need to an end to this player control bollocks at our club, and we can do this with the right gumption. Its not like Na$ri or Cesc who had the whole of their careers before them. They can seriously show us the fans and the whole footballing world that we are not lame ducks; ready to cultivate the next world wide star for some money bags to steal away.


i think arteta would be a great captain, he just seems so calm and he was just as important as rvp last season


Captain Song -if he signs a new contract….

Martin Keown is my hero

I’d have him on the bench and bring him on at left back in added time every game. He’d finish the season with 40+ appearances and no goals. Not a great record for a striker.


Make Jack the captain


… and Jack will leave next season!


I think we should give the captain armband to an aging player like arteta or rosicky. We will risk of losing one if the armband is given to a player who is on his peak (viera, henry, fabregas, RVP… gallas?naaah), so it would be a risk giving the captaincy to vermaelen or koscielny). So i prefer arteta


You are Board lover, arent you? Arsenal Board is great, a? Think man!


sell him to the UAE league


i respect robin’s decision to not renew his contract and hope he scores more goals than last season but its seems unlikely since fans are already turning on him.


The fans are turning on him due to the disrespectful manner in which this was handled. Darren Dein lurks in the shadows on this one, I’d wager.


Yeah, you should disrespect the Board also! Thats where the problem is!

Afref Fetter

Apparently it all smells of Kees Vos… Vermaelen’s agent too 😐


At least we will save the money on having to erect him one of those bronze statues…


Its always saving money ahh.. how can we blame him then?


I think @Evil was joking @Vamsi. Not a comment to be taken literally.


I think we all thought RVP had a bit more class than this, turns out we were wrong. What he has just done is utterly disgusting, hiw he can talk about us fans in the next sentence is a joke. I just hope he gets sold assp to whoever the highest bidder is, so be it if its City! They’ve paid through the nose a few times before and not got a lot in return, I’d imahine the same scenario if he goes there now..

Weary Gooner

8 years of keeping faith in an injury stricken striker and what a beautiful reward we get in return. We have an owner who, whether he has a tongue or not, is yet to be ascertained, we’ve become a feeder club and worst of all, we have a Gazidis (interchangeable with “terminal infection”). Over the last decade or so, our net transfer spending is -19 mill. I don’t know what’s happening to our club. Ray Parlour would be the obvious captain of this team, and Edu would be the main player in midfield. We’ve gotten so used to mediocrity that… Read more »


I think that Silent Stan needs to exert his influence a little more… although I doubt he will. He owns three of the four major sports franchises here in Colorado, and does little to ‘interfere’ with the day to day running of them. However, I’m beginning to see more and more of a parallel to the way that Arsenal are being run with the way the Denver Nuggets are run. Last season the Nuggets sold off Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups, the two biggest players on the roster, and got a bunch of young players in return. Billups, by all… Read more »


I must admit that as a 49er fan, I do enjoy the way he runs the Rams!

Gav Lee

Big clubs don’t sell their captains, we will have sold our last 4…

Anyone who doesn’t think Wenger is to blame totally for this needs to wake up, no cups but 60,000 mugs.


If you’d left out “totally”, you might have made marginally more sense. What is he, Sauron?


Trolling spud? Good day to you sir.


The reaction to this is bollocks. I was angry when I heard the news, but i don’t believe this bollocks about him ‘trying to engineer a move’. No player needs to do that at Arsenal, if we think we’ll lose a lot of money we’ll ship ANYONE out a year early! Anger should be directed at the board for this is their fault. The club is happy to turn a profit but not willing to sacrifice this for a real shot at winning something. I think Robin is trying to say this without betraying the club and I for one… Read more »

Runcorn Gooner

I wasn’t angry at all.It was going to happen.29 year old,previous injuries,great season.Every club wants him.Doubt he will be the Big Fish he was at AFC last
year and he has the kind of temperament that may upset some of his new teammates especially if they are “Star” players.
Best rid off.Life carries on RVP thanks but you are now history


you are not one to hang a player out to dry, please don’t start now!


Not true. Blogger, and most of the rest of us, will gladly hang a player out to dry if he does it to us first.

No mistake, Van Persie’s statement has left our beloved club out to dry. He has completely disrespected the club, and lied about it as well. He wants big money, and he’s using this to make sure we can’t stand in his way as the suitors–or rather, THE suitor–lines up.


I agree, he has practically pulled our pants down in the middle of a gay bar to let us get bum fucked by the man city.

I hate to say it but he’s going there and there is fuck all we can do.


You can’t say the club is building for the future but then continue to sell your best players year after year. Havin said that bolox to rvp, sell and make it soon but no one comes out of this well. We have clearly been strung along by the club about all this. No way in a million years would arsenal sign two top forwards knowing rvp was going to stay. A few of us said it on here. We need a goal scoring midfielder and now more than ever but just don’t see the club buying one. If we sign… Read more »


Here here, i totally agree. Put your hatred to one side, this isn’t some jumped up french bucktoothed prick, this is the most passionate player since Henry, and our captain. He is trying to tell us something, why can no one else see this?!

Lets have another great season out of him, or make a lot of money and move on, RvP whatever happens (unless he goes to sp*rs) has STILL been my favourite player of the last 5 years.


Really? You followed him from the treatment room for 3.5 of those years?

This is looking more and more like Nasri’s transfer: have a purple patch of form, then run out, unprovoked, and shoot your mouth off in the press.


Agree. At this point I don’t think it’s for the money. That’s why it hurts even more; it’s just more tolerable to pretend otherwise..

A sad day for AFC and I feel for Wenger. It’s a shame the club have a great coach and passionate young players players like Wilshere and Szczesny, while increasingly it seems the higher-up don’t have have the ambition to match them.


Of course it’s for the money. He’s rejecting a club where he plays every game and was a hero, to go be just another squad player somewhere, probably rotating a lot.

What is the most ambitious goal, to want to win the league with Barça or with Arsenal? It’s not like Arsenal has no chance to compete, you know. He just gave up trying. After basically 1.5 seasons.


if there’s one thing I’ve realized, the only person truly committed to this club, and us the fans, is arsene wenger. he could leave to ANY club of his choosing and work with an endless budget… but he chooses to stay at our arsenal to bring it back to the glory days


Such a good statement!

Sanjay T

And Fringpong!




ARSENE IS a legend mate. we already have a trophy in the form of arsene in our cabinet.what a man. the rest of the cups are all rolling trophies.there is only one arsene and one pat rice. they are committed to the club,to the fans and to the players. i don’t know if the club(board)REALLY supports arsene(i mean not like use him for PR),i don’t know if it’s the players who ae backstabbing arsene but this one time for me it has become clear that arsene is commited to the fans and we should stand by him no matter what… Read more »


I would probably laugh my butt off if Arsene Wenger went to Man City. That would be too funny.


If he goes to man city I think I might have to cry.


Don’t do that! Drink a lot of beer and throw things around instead.


If he goes to Citeh the only one who will be happy is his agent… and perhaps his accountant.

Maple gun

Naaa, his accountant won’t be pleased with all the extra load of cash he has to deal with.


My time as a gooner…Alan smith= Ian wright= Dick anelka= Thierry Henry= adetossor= RVP= Podolski! We will miss him but someone else always comes along to take the chances. But I can only imagine that the Boss refuses to spend £200,000 plus a week wages for those sorts of players to be on a par with the other twats, that has to be what has pissed RVP off….we should be used to this by now.


If this was not about money he would have just handed in a transfer request and not go down the cunt route and try and shift blame.

Why didn’t he hand in a transfer request? because he would lose “loyalty” payment entitlement should he be sold.

Fuck him.

Eric Irish gunner

Spot fucking on and fuck him too


As an optimist I’m going to look at the positives, it is only the beginning of July so we still have 1.5 months untill the beginning of next season to sell rvp and get a replacement and get the squad settled, disappointed with robin really thought he had more class then to do this public ally without telling the club butni think the best thing we can do now as fans is forget about him and move on and not have this negative attitude around the club for the beginning of the season and let’s back what we have not… Read more »

Chocolate Leg

This might just be the longest sentence I’ll ever read.


Van Persie’s statement has got Darren Dein’s fingerprints all over it.

No doubt Darren Dein still has an axe to grind over his dad getting the boot and is intent on stripping the club of all its top talent and taking his 30 pieces of silver every time.


I’m of the belief now that we should cease all dealings with Darren Dein, and any players he represents.


This will come down to money. More than a few of us thought vP would rise above it, but he is going to follow the filthy lucre after all. On the one hand you cannot blame him, but coming out with his statement that prompted the club to respond shows he holds us all in contempt. He is now in the hands of the agents and they will have been rubbing their hands with glee at the payay that is very likely to arrive soon. It’s sad, but indicative of all the other shit going on in banks and government… Read more »


How do you spell “massive cunt” in Dutch?


“Arjen Robben.”


You got the robbed part correct, you just spelled it the OTHER way. Hahahaha.

Fuck him. Roll on the arse.


Thank you for making me laugh, I needed that.


Absolutely amazing reply.


Darren Dein.


If he s a cunt what are you? Think man, how do you feel about our Board?


The club, board, — especially wenger is to blame on this one.
200k and a chance to win trophies or 100 k and a goood showing for 3rd or 4th. Wenger’s ego is just to much


Bravo man! At least somebody is thinking!


Sad, sad day. I am somewhat angry with Robin, I thought he was different like Bergkamp. Fuck him let the boo’s rain down with he comes back to the emirates. We got lucky last year, I don’t think the luck will hold out another year for champ league qualification.
Wenger won’t be able to pull out miracles when the last of our star player departs.


podloski and giroud……they are top quality players but not world class…..
if rvp leaves as he has made clear through his dick PR move….
this will be the first time in my life as an arsenal fan that the club doesnt have a single world class player…… makes me really sad…and i dont want to be hated over here for stating my feelings


when we sign rvp he wasnt world class either or henry,,anelka but they became once at the club.


I really don’t understand the difference between world class and very, very good. Sagna is as good as they come. Podolski has over 100 caps for one of the top countries. Vermalean, Kos, Song, Arteta, Rosicky, Wilshere….all top players. I don’t think the upcoming season will be that bleak without RVP…especially if we bring in another DM and CF with the RVP money. Also, a big part of me believes that RVP was a product of the Arsenal system. He was a perfect fit and I’ll miss him but I seriously doubt he’ll be able to duplicate his success elsewhere.… Read more »


Maybe he’s not world-class, but Arteta was statistically one of the best midfielders in the game last year. Isn’t flashy, but we wouldn’t have secured third last season without him.


No world class players at afc.. Poor you.
I quite like our squad.. . Plus there’s only room for one troll face. …

..Enter poldolski


podolski and giroud……they are top quality players but not world class…..
if rvp leaves as he has made clear through his dick PR move….
this will be the first time in my life as an arsenal fan that the club doesnt have a single world class player…… makes me really sad…and i dont want to be hated over here for stating my feelings




Bravo man, at least sombody is thinking!

Pele of Romford

Classless, sratement through his solicitors. let the last of that generation fuck right off. Big time charlies. Talked a pretty game and sometimes played one. How many of them are cunts is actually unbelieveable. Nasri, fab, flamini, Ade, gallas, Denison, bendtner, hleb, and now fuck me what a surprise rvp. Well good riddance, he’s lost the respect he earned. What love and respect is he talking about when he couldn’t do this the proper way. 6 years on tge treatment table, what trophies was he thinking about then? Voldermorts point about signing two quality forwards is true. Rvp coulda Gone… Read more »

Happy Gunner

Wow, i’ve never thought of it like that. That generation really fucked us. Now I’m depressed because I was completely enamored with that 07/08 team at the time…


You’ve neglected Cesc in that list of players who behaved like spoiled little children.


then who is this fab guy he was refering to?


Not really


He did mention Fabregas in the list, but to be honest, I find it difficult to equate Fabregas with people like Nasri.

I don’t believe players should always, unconditionally stay with a club forever and if they don’t, they’re you-know-whats. Fabregas gave the perfect example of how to leave a club with grace and humility. Van Persie is half-heartedly trying to do what Fabregas did with his “you guys” lines, but no-one’s buying it is because unlike Fabregas, his depth of feeling is not really genuine.


Well, the cat’s out of the bag now. Let’s sell him, and move on.


Have to sell him. It’s obvious he won’t play his top game for us if he’s not sold, and I can’t blame the fans for booing him. I’ll be booing him here in front of my TV set here in the states.


Seriously, we should ban players from dealing with darren dein.
He is the man behind all the captains/players leaving. If his dad was on the board still do you think this would be happening? If anyone sees that prick then jab him in the head for me please!
The fa should stop this agent run era and do it now they have too much power over players and stand to earn too much over transfers!

El blondo

Thank god we still have TGSTEL on the books!


I don’t know what you peoples are complaining about. We steel ave Park and Chamakh. Zey will score zee goals for us this seezon.

Remember: fourth eez a trophy!



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Ezigbo onyearse

Did we mean it,hold on VP for the reminder of his contract?That’s really an ambitious statement and a lesson for other players who may try to exploit our civility and affinity for sustainability,you can just insult us and we take money,AFC is better than that!


If the club had a chance to declare “We’re not selling him, period” before he went out and went on his childish rant, it wouldn’t sound so bad. Now it would just be pure desperation. And we all know RVP will get massively booed.

(Then again, I’m AMAZED Manchester United fans put up with Rooney, after he was so disrespectful to Man U… and then changed his mind.)


To be a fly on the wall in the meeting between Robin and Wenger/Gazidis………. I would love to know these differences in going forward were if they were not financial? But I wont ever get to know the reason why every time a player seems to be finally fulfilling his potential at my club we find it literally impossible to keep them. And why should I? I’m just a fan who cares way too much about a club whose leaders have shown that they do not value my opinion or my hard earned money one jot. I’m just a fan… Read more »


To those defending RvP, We are against him because of the way he has treated the club today. I don’t think I’m alone when I say just yesterday, I was fine with him leaving the club. Leave, but do so with respect to the manager, squad, and fans that have made you the player you are. What he has done today is selfishly try to save face for himself, while consequently lowering his market value and deterring other players from signing for us in the future. If he cared so much about the club and returning it to it’s glory… Read more »

Arsene's bottle of water

One the one hand I can’t really blame him for leaving. If he doesn’t leave on a high now, Arsene would drop him 3 or 4 years from now. So he is cashing in on the back of his best season ever. Yes, it is about the money, and that’s all. On the other hand, last season was his only really good season with us. He’s had a career blighted with injuries. Now he has peaked. He will probably play at this level for 1 or 2 more years. I don’t care anymore for players leaving to earn silly money.… Read more »

Anish Malpani

Come on Arseblogger, you make RVP sound evil. I think he was being honest. Maybe the dissonance he was talking about did not have to do with literally winning trophies, maybe it had to do with how Arsenal were going about doing so. I think him and Arsenal both want trophies, but both have contrasting ideas to do so. I actually like how he was so up front about his future – we need more of that these days.


You crazy man !! You can have differences but how is it if you disrespect the club in public and then in the same breath say that you will love the club always etc etc ……

Only one thing for me …. ARSENAL FOREVER!!! I just feel for AW that’s all …

Merlin's Panini

et tu Robin?

Fucks sake.
I feel for Arsene more than anyone over this. Continually stabbed in the back by those he has given everything to.

Håkon Astrup

Where I come from we like people who talk straight and in the end the fact that vP has come out and said that he win’t renew his contract is the most respectful and honest thing to do. It is much more comfortable to know what is going to happen than being played around with by hurtful roumours for months like it has happened every summer for years now. I need not remind anybody about the hopes we all had that Vieira, Henry, Fabregas and Nasri where going to stay and the way they where splintered to pieces. I’m extremely… Read more »


Don’t agree with you here. It’s all about how he did it.
He could have said: I’m really sorry guys but I have decided to not renew my contract – and everyone would have been still OK with him. But he decided to through shit on the club, lessening his resale value etc, that’s unforgivable…


This one is not on the board. Get over it.

Midfield Corporal

First, make it clear it is not possible to continue as captain, second set a deadline of 31st July, if no deal is done by that date we’ll hold him till the end of his contract . RVP has seen players like Henry and Pires return to heroes welcomes and thinks it will be the same for him, but the fact that he is jumping ship after one good year when we’ve stuck by him during the numerous injuries leaves a bitter taste. In hindsight, we should have only given him the captaincy if he signed a deal last season.… Read more »

Rad Carrot

Sell him, get rid of him right now. He;ll just go and break both his legs next season anyway. He’ll fade into the shadows soon enough, he’ll never, ever be a legend anywhere. Disappointing, to be sure. I really am gutted the way he’s handled things. But the club has gone through FAR worse than this and come out the other side. I just hope the money we get for him is reinvested into other players – but I fear it won’t. Right now, we’re back at the level we were at the start of last Summer. If we make… Read more »


What if rvp is right? We have sold nasri cesc clichy adebayor, all players at the top of there game. Put emotion aside about these players and the fact remains they were sold. We coat players off for only wanting money and here we have a player who says he wants to win things and money is not his motivation backed by the fact that we sell our best players every year and have not won a trophy in 8 year and he gets slaughtered. Strange world. Let’s see if we invest in the midfielders we badly need or another… Read more »

Clock End Mike

You talk as if AFC chose to offload these players? They either made their position at the club untenable (adebayor) or chose to leave (eg by not renewing their contract). Rubbish argument.

Cygan's Right Foot

Also, hasn’t RvP been part of the team that hasn’t won anything for 8 seasons.
We’ve come to rely on one star player rather than build a team atmosphere. We seem to be doing that now, highlighted by the statements from the newer players (vermaelen, szczesny, koscielny, etc…). A team is always better than the sum of its parts


I think your gigantic nose takes up your reasoning capacity voldermot.

You try to sound reasonable about what you say but you instead come out as a complete fucker. Every statement you make has to boot arsenal right up the arse.
For once please agree rvp fucked us over.


I have a vision of Dein-inspired football lawyers and agents all sitting around in a bar somewhere laughing about the standard way in which such statements are drafted – “And then we told the fans… Arsenal wasn’t doing enough!!!!”


Very close, it’s actually:

“And then we told the fans…. Arsenal wasn’t doing enough!!!! And, get this, some of the dumber ones actually fucking believed us!!!!!!!! “

Matt F

If Man City manage to acquire RvP on top of Toure, Clichy, Nasri and Adebayor (and Vieira!), does that mean that they’re obliged to make offers for Bendtner, Chamakh, Park and Denilson?


Guys relax already. Van Persie isn’t some football messiah whose jumping ship. Keep it upbeat, we survived Titi we can survive this.

Matt F

You’re right. How many times have we had to cope without RvP in the last 6 seasons? At least this time we know in advance.

kiss my arsenal

great comment Matt
i just feel so disappointed and let down. there it was, legend status within RVP’s grasp, and he just threw it all away

keep the faith! arsenal, 2012/13 premier league winners…id just love to see the look on his face


“Surviving” is not the goal. Van Persie’s statement is tremendously disappointing. Fact.


Blaming the board and manager is exactly what Robin and his slimy agents want us to do. Players shout about lack of ambition, but they are the ones who have been brought in to help the club succeed. If we crumble in big games, are they not the ones to blame? Clichy and Na$ri were two of the biggest culprits, never showing up when it mattered, and then turning around and blaming the club for not matching their big dreams. THEY ARE THE FAILURES. Robin complains that the club has not done enough to assure him of future success, but… Read more »