Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Diaby: I’m fixed up and looking sharp

Abou Diaby is alive. Alive and kicking (a football)…or so he’ll have us believe.

The French international, who has seen his Arsenal career effectively put on hold by injuries for the last 18 months, recognises that he faces a make or break year at the Emirates and claims to have taken great heart from Arsene Wenger’s belief in his ability.

Speaking to Chinese Arsenal fans via a webchat while on tour in the country, the languidky (languid and lanky…see what we’ve done there) midfielder spoke warmly of the support he has received from the boss:

“That makes me feel confident – it is always nice to have the confidence of the manager.

“I’m fit now, I have been training since the beginning of pre-season and also did a rehabilitation session during my holidays – so now I feel great.

“I know that when I am fit, I can be good on the pitch. My main target this season is to be fit and if I am then everything will be good for me.”

“It is so important that I stay fit because last season I was injured many times and couldn’t play much, so this year is crucial.”

Given the injuries to Tomas Rosicky and Jack Wilshere, and the fact that Aaron Ramsey is taking part in the Olympics, a fully-fit Diaby could well earn himself a starting place alongside Alex Song and Mikel Arteta at the start of the season.

Now that really would be LANS…

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Jaded Gooner

I look forward to him having an incredible season, then moving off to Man City…

Merlin's Panini

I’m looking forward to him having an incredible season and signing a new contract to make up for the last four years of constant injuries, showing RVP how it’s done.

Happy Gunner

I like you Merlin’s Panini. We need more positive thoughts round these parts :).

Cygan's Left Foot

Just like RVP??????.

Arsene baby sat him for around 4 years and refused to sign striker waiting for him. It just show, football is a ruthless business and Arsene will NEVER learn!!!.


I was gonna say a pinch of salt, but i dont even think a pot is enough…


Hospital bed diaby is better. He Indirectly brings us signings and a fully fit diaby brings us the dough, step right up mancity.


Diaby has stated his dream openly, which is dumping Arsenal as soon as a big Spanish club is calling. Not that he has got 1% chance of going there. 🙂


An article with no byline referencing an alleged interview given to a paper that shut down due to below par journalistic standards.

That definitely sounds like something I would believe.


Hope he doesn’t pass the ball sideways….. similar things were seen from Aaron Ramsey when he came back from injury,….. 🙁


I don’t think diaby will ever leave us for citeh.
Bottomless money well just doesn’t seem to be his thing!.

A. Wenger

I would have said the same for Van Persie lets hope I’m right this time.


Seems like someone just tore open cuntiverse and released them all to arseblog.

You just wait and see Diaby will put his woes behind him and make each and everyone of you “diaby bashers” swallow your words.

A positive arsenal fan is a good arsenal fan!.


I understand being positive. I don’t understand being positive in a fantasy world with very little grounding in reality, which is what you’re doing if you’re “positive” that Diaby will be a consistent (let alone amazing) presence for us this season. I’m a big fan of Diaby, and have been for ages, but how quickly we’ve forgotten the way we slated him only 2 years ago for being infuriating when he was fit and playing a string of games. He lost possession at an alarming rate, and many called him a one-trick pony (that turn he does). A few of… Read more »


I look at it this way. Diaby out injured=> good for us since wenger will buy a quality cover, bad coz he’s.a quality player anyday. Diaby, injury free=> good for us coz he’s totally class bad for sp#ds and the likes. And payback for his long layoff- good busines. Diaby injury/ free and sold to citeh=> good business for arsenals bank, good and bad for arsenal team. Good because he will maybe soon get injured thus not reliable, bad coz we may have sold a class act of a player to an opponent and he then turns good for them.… Read more »


Anti joke here to cap off the day!.

Two muffins are in an oven. After ten
minutes at 325 degrees, they were
pulled out, allowed to cool, and then

And fuck all the cunts in here!.
Vick’s out.


Hope he doesn’t pass the ball sideways….. similar things were seen from Aaron Ramsey when he came back from injury,

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

I look forward to you moving on to Man.shitty where plastic fanboys abound!

Merlin's Panini

Diaby Rascal.

Good Omens

”I’m fixed up and looking sharp”

Staying sharp however is a different thing entirely, I hope he can, that his injury curse is behind him, but I dare say at the moment it is not much more than a hope.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I’m hoping that with two games to go and thirty plus starts for the third season in succession we’re still hoping he stays fit.


Diaby is Alive and kicking??
Hmmh, interesting.


Should be interesting to see what he can do in a full season (hopefully he will stay fit).


Diaby memorial hospital coming right up, erected near henrys’ statue. A legend in his own field (or should I say bed.)

Frantic Gooner

I feel for him. As frustrating it is for the fans to watch him get injured time and time again, it must be ten times worse for Diaby. Great player, good attitude, let’s hope his fitness holds up.


Let’s not forget Wenger turned down £9m for him last summer after 3 years of injuries – just shows how highly he rates him. Diaby could well be crucial for us if he can stay fit.


Wenger also highly rated Mr Silvestre


And he also highly rates the malaysia xi.


Yeah, yeah Heihaci. Wenger also highly rated Henry, Oxlade-Chamberlain, RVP and countless others.

The least we can do is show Diaby-olical Luck (sorry) a fraction of the support our manager is showing him. Cracking LANS


SAF bought Bebe for 7 million pounds.

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

Totally untrue…he always knew he was taking a risk and so what…it didn’t turn out but cost us very little…..he highly rated the OX, Walcott, Cesc, Nasri and Arteta…with good reason…so he knows a great deal more than you do you muffin!


Mentions how wenger has filled him with confidence, don’t know why but wenger strikes me as a fierce jedi-sh manager
“Believe in yourself diaby, believe in yourself and don’t do a rvp, the force won’t agree with that”


And have a Shawcross later in the season..

Isreal Idoko

U bastard. praying same for u and ur club


Back to Stoke you orc!

Good Omens

Being as your Gandalf, saying ”Send this foul creature back to the abyss”, would have far more in character and satisfying. 🙂


It would ideed, i’ll have to polish my lines abit!


Fuck off back to the potteries you flat cap wearing, greyhound racing, spastic. Seriously, when will you morons learn? There is nothing amusing or cool to be gained from idolising that useless great lump lenny and his baseball cap toting goblin overlord pubis. Stoke play crappy longball football that drags the image of the entire modern game down. As for their fans, well we shouldn’t judge you too much, it would be unfair to expect any better from a bunch of slack jawed, mouth breathers. Now I won’t keep you any longer, I’m sure you have to go back to… Read more »


SLAP !!!!!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

My mum was born in Stoke.

She is a smart lady.

She left as soon as she was old enough to learn where she was and what team she would have to support if she stayed there until she turned five.


I pray he stays fit. A fit Diaby and Wilshire could be two very dangerous weapons that we didnt have last year. Its been so long since he played that its easy to forget how good he actually can be.


Fully Fit Diaby = LANS


DANS=> definetly a new signing!!


It’s funny how Wenger has jumped from LANS to he has already bought two midfielders in Diaby and Wilshere, as stated on in his press conference.


Appropriate given his 2 appearances last season!
After Diaby plays 40 games in a season and doesn´t commit a stupid mistake every other game I´ll have confidence in him.


Well if that dutch guy managed to stay fit for a whole season I don’t see why Diaby cannot do the same.


I’m looking forward to seeing him play the full 8 mins of his season.


i look forward to seeing all the people who doubt him on this site, have egg on their faces at the end of the season when Diaby has had a great season.

Good Omens

Most sensible people ( I stress sensible) don’t doubt Diabys potential, application or skill, anyone of us who has seen him play isn’t blind to the fact that he has a sublime talent. The vast majority want him to do well for our club and himself; but I think people are well within their rights to question the viabilty of his long term fitness. As I’ve stated, I hope for his sake and for ours that he has a highly influential season, free of injury woe, but I don’t think we can afford to pin our hopes on him being… Read more »


If Diaby, can stay fit we have ourselves a truly world class player who will light up the Premiership. We know this from the games he has played when he had on of his tiny runs in the first team. Amazing balance and he goes past players effortlessly and knows where the goal is. It’s your time Diaby, and he won’t be doing an RVP after the season is done.


Pity he cannot pass, and slows the game down with his lack of intelligence. Even when he dribbles, he often runs into defenders needlessly.


Nono, we’re talking about Diaby, not you.


very excitied if Diaby stays fit for a whole Season, he is a quality player, one of the best we have in our Squad. If fit and on form I would take him over any other midfielder we have been linked with in this transfer Window.


Good luck Abou.

kiss my arsenal

why would someone thumbs down that comment?


Because some people are cunts.


Because there are some trolls, even amongst Gooners.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Because any tit can post here, regardless of what team he supports.


Diaby is crap and will always be crap. footballs great players have all had the ability to think. Diabolical definitely lacks that. I predict that he will be back to his own moments of sheer stupidity within the first 10 mins of the first game. Wenger should have grabbed the 9 mill when offered.


Blah blah blah, haven’t you got a place to be?


He uses wrong language, but he is essentially right.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla



Diaby is one lunging tackle away from hobbling off the pitch. Fingers crossed it happens early so we get him for the crucial run in around February.


A tackle?, A trip on his own show laces is more appropriate.

I kid, I kid……um or do I?


the same applies to every player you shameless, silly man.


Surely ‘Lankuid’ is better…


Time for Abou to finally repay Arsene’s faith in him and give us a blinder of a season.


The only blinder abou’s having is with his injuries. Come on the medics!!!!.lol

walter the gunner

actually arseblog ment LANS = Like A New Scumbag!


walter the ‘gunner’?
You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.


I worry that Wenger puts blind faith in Diaby and Wilshere and we end up not buying a player in the midfield. It’s not uncommon for Arsenal to have injuries and if the usual suspects suffer injuries (Arteta, Wilshere, Rosicky and Diaby) we will be short of experience once again.


When diaby enters the pitch we should all just sing.
“Come on the medics, come on the medics.” Just to remind him where he’s been and he’l definetly think twice about fucking off to shiteh.

Matt F

You mean you actually go to games and sing?!


No me and my missus go there to fuck, ofcourse I go there to sing. Whaddya mean?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yeah, he used to sing to Ronaldo, John Terry, Ryan Shawcross. He loved them all for their ‘commitment’. The only thing I can’t work out is what football team he supports.


I wish him the best of luck this season. As Frantic Gooner pointed out, as frustrating as it is for the fans, I can’t begin to imagine what it must feel like when all you want to do is get out there and get the job done and to be held back because of all these injuries stopping you. Not sure what kind of ‘supporters’ take pride in their criticisms of an Arsenal player being injured, but I imagine their the same supporters the necessitate the Arsenal store to keep a healthy supply of XXXL jumpers around.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You were going to get another thumb up until you equated large sized fans with people who enjoy criticising injured players. You lost me then you skinny little bitch.


If he can stay fit he ll be a good box to box player for us, strong , skillful ish and physical – he played alright in the Nou Camp the other year – all depends on fitness really


Looking forward to seeing Diaby play some games, get some form and consistency. He has all the qualitys to be a great player. Big, strong, technically sound and he will have a great appetite to do well. fingers crossed shawcross can keep his eyes open when sliding in. Useless tool!


LANS Diaby? How many bloody Diaby’s have we signed since the first one, it is at least one a season but more likely one a transfer window. I hope this one is the one without glass legs. Hope he stays fit as he could be a very big part of the team.

TGSTEL's First Touch

I wonder if he still wears his Tottenham jersey at home…


Heard he’s a big fan of ledknee king. They share the same woes so it’s understandable to have someone to look up to.

P/s: the “come on the medics” pun by wale cracked me.


I see a swarm of cunts out and about today

Bobby Jockstrap

On his day he is unplayable, tall, strong, very technically gifted (as good, if not better than Nasri), and one hell of a shot on him. I love Abou – he will set the PL alight this season if he can get a run of games…

(To the tune of Come on Eileen)

Abou Diaby, oh Abou Diaby,
For so long Arsene believed,
No go score for free.

Merlin's Panini

How the hell does that fit into Come on Eileen,and what is that last line supposed to mean?

Bobby Jockstrap

“No” should read, “Now” MB.

It fits if you try hard enough (said the actor to the Bishop’s wife)

Gutbukkit Deffrolla


It goes a bit freeform after that


In 5 years he only managed 2 minutes of decent footage, and even those are his 2 goals/season and needless dribbling that leads nowhere. 😀 Impressive.

Bergkamps flick

What the fuck does LANS mean guys?

Merlin's Panini

Like a new signing. It’s Wenglish.


It means Wenger didn’t spend, LOL.

LANS= Like A New Signing , a Wenger term coined to describe a player who was missing an entire campaign so when they come back they seem new again, thus LANS! *see Jack Wilshire, Abou Diaby, RVP (last season), Rosicky (last season)


You know that you are a true arsenal fan and arseblogger when you figure out acronyms such as LANS and TGSTEL all by you damn self!


Never been his biggest fan. However I’m up for letting him prove himself inside this new squad. Prove me wrong Diaby!

Bergkamps flick

LANS= like a new signing just clicked lol.


I truly hope Diaby can come in strong this season and put his injury woes behind him. Very high hopes for him and we really need his influence this season.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Abou Diaby doesn’t need to join Citeh, he owns the club!


and has his own Grand Prix! I assume in his back garden

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Tell him to stop buying our players then


Going forward, he is quite very good, especially one v one and he possesses quite a fierce shot. On the other hand he seems to slow down promising counter attacks quite a lot. Defensively, he can be so frustatingly lazy; I am still traumatized by images of him jogging back nonchalantly when a ManU counter attack resulted in a Shrek goal. I could have murdered him that day! From last season, our midfield really started grafting it out when we lost possession, hope he can follow suit when given playing time. Hope he has an injury free season; he could… Read more »

Matt F

What’s with all the cunts?


Forgive the cunts, they know not what they say.


Forgive us human population, it’s our day out.


Am happy for diaby , that he is fit., really am delighted , hopefully he will give us a full season without any worry. i hope he doesn’t become the new RVP,
after non performance for 4 yrs due to injury then he gets one season on a high , then states he wants to leave due to the fact that we are not ambitious.

But forgetting that for the past 4 yrs Arsenal FC has stuck with him

i will keep watching ,how this one unfolds


Would really love to see this guy back to his best, but I’d put money on him not lasting more than half hour.

Dr Baptiste

Well he’s already last more than half and hour, so I will take your money now


Was anyone else like REALLY scared, seeing him running around on that awful pitch in Malaysia? I kept waiting for the inevitable, thankfully it didn’t happen though! I do hope he can stay fit, feel ever so sorry for Diaby really, he’s just not been right since that awful tackle all that time ago.


Diaby forever! He has a GREAT potential… he can be CM playing no.9., he can be mean machine. I hope he ll really be a LANS!
But still I know that we have to sign one more great midfield player!

Hikmat Assi

If I ever find that LANS son of a b^&ch imma give him a good walloping!!!


just buy Cazorla and we don’t have to worry about this LANS/injury/LANS bs

We need some midfield fortification for sure.

Andre Santos

Diaby’s second cumming…can’t wait !!!

[…] his belt and while he’s feeling good he’s grateful to the manager for his faith in him, saying: It is always nice to have the confidence of the manager. It is so important that I stay fit […]

[…] his belt and while he’s feeling good he’s grateful to the manager for his faith in him, saying: It is always nice to have the confidence of the manager. It is so important that I stay fit […]

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