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Hill-Wood: I do not understand Van Persie

Peter Hill-Wood is surprised / flabbergasted / astounded / dumbfounded / thunderstruck / flummoxed (delete as appropriate) that Robin van Persie has declared a desire to jump the good ship Arsenal.

The septuagenarian chairman, who may or may not realise that his weekly chats with the Daily Star are on the record, explained that he could just about understand Cesc Fabregas’ reasons for returning to Barcelona, but thinks the Dutchman’s exit desire is just plain odd.

“He is a world-class player and we don’t want to give him away,” said Hill-Wood with a wobbly lip.

“If he is determined to leave that is up to him, but giving him away is not on our agenda.

“To be honest I do not understand him at all. I understood Cesc Fabregas wanting to go home to Barcelona last summer. I had sympathy with that.

“But I thought Robin was happy at Arsenal, especially after the season he had with us.”

The article goes on to suggest that Arsene Wenger could wait until January to sell Van Persie thereby allowing himself an extra six months to plan for his departure. Quite how that would solve the ‘not giving him away’ scenario when clubs would offer pittance for him in the New Year is beyond Arseblog News…

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Big Dave

PHW is a silly bint.


Have yet to meet a ‘bint’ who resembles Hill-Wood. Anyway let’s be thankful he’s only opening his foolish mouth here. Hate to think what gaffes he’d be committing if let lose in China. That gala evening with City must have been a twitchy occasion. Wonder what Wenger said to Mancini.


PHW is our very own Prince Flipflop, Duke of Edinburgh


Who is this Robin van Persie?

big black clock

But first, who is this Peter Hill-Wood?


Arsenal player Rvp is.


Arsenal player Rvp is.


Truth you speak, old Jedi.


Poor old PHW, someone explain him the mechanics of modern football and how players became divas who whore themselves and show off their golden vaginas for a bigger wage.


Vag*na jokes aren’t cool. I’m bloody serious!.


Amnesia jokes aren’t any better. I don’t remember laughing at one.



Dr Baptiste

Your jokes are bad and you should feel bad

Merlin's Panini

Amnesia jokes aren’t any better.
Oh yeh, he already said that.
Anyway, amnesia jokes aren’t any better…

Boris Pimple

What about knock knock jokes? Are they still allowed?

Boris Pimple


Who’s there?


Oh hi der Robin!


Anti joke.

Knock, knock
Oh come in already!!!


Haha bloody…vagina…


Apart from Hill-Wood, I think so far We have been very strong in the market, and dealt with the RVP cash grabbing situation well


About time someone put a muzzle on this dinosaur – every time he opens his gob he either insults the fans or makes inane comments like this that just prove how detached from the reality of modern day football he is.


Shame it’s not possible to double Like a comment. Someone needs to beg to stfu.


Totally agree – shame it’s not possible to double Like a comment. Someone needs to beg him to stfu.

dink arnold

Double liking a comment is damn difficult. Ddouble posting? Too damn easy..


I dont think there are many who understand RvP these days, shame he turned out to be class less.

Master Bates

world class less ?

glory hunter

As long as we sell him to a team outside England, i couldn’t care less if we only get £5M for him now or in january!!

kiss my arsenal

and even then we’d still be making a profit on him!


our medical team would beg to disagree


Robin van who? Now…..sounds like a hot headed cunt-ish person if you ask me.


Maybe he is a cunt but you are exactly a hot headed cunt-ish person. Ease yourself boy 😉


So you hate his name, him, his comment, or do you hate yourself.

big black clock

I saw this documentary about King Henry and he said that it was Tony Adams that instilled the Arsenal spirit in him when he first arrived. He told him everything that was required to be an Arsenal player and made it clear that no one is bigger than the club. I think this laid the foundation of what would grow into an undying love for AFC from Henry. I could see the amount of passion in his eyes everytime he scored against Spurs, and he even said that he was very proud to have never lost to Spurs during his… Read more »

big black clock

*dared insulted this


Big Dave

If only…


Great point! I would love to see how Tony would deal with Van Perise in this situation if he were still captain. I really wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of Mr.Arsenal.

Eric Irish gunner

There two real arsenal legends who gave heart and soul for the club RVP could have being only he’s a sly cunt, always remember having a fight with the missus 6 years ago when naming are kid and I had to settle for Adam Tony but it was next best thing after the legend


Ding ding ding ding ding ding! We have a winner!


Problem is since then none of the influential Arsenal captains have wanted to stay. It’s like the curse of the armband. The best player gets the armband and then initiates a transfer saga to leave. Vieira, Henry, Fabregas, now RVP. Someone who has been vocally supportive of staying at the club and has a voice on the pitch should be captain. I submit TV5 to the committee for approval.


Robin van per$i£ is a person that I really do not like. His name is just too unsatisisfying!, I do not know why anyone would accept such a name.


Hill-Wood: “To be honest I do not understand him at all.”

Here, let me clear things up for you: ££££££££££££££££££


Oh yeah, and the chance to play for titles or something.


Yeah, finishing 3rd last season and strengthing the squad with quality players over the summer means we’re not going to push for anything next season. Maybe rvp really felt youth was the way forward and didn’t agree with Arsene buying experiece


Sell sell sell sell sell.

We have giroud and podolski, we do not need this saga going on any longer and even of we only get 15-20m for him it’s worth it because he’s always been an injury risk

Also, always maintained he is a million times more replaceable than Fabregas

Lord Teddy Ears

RVP has let himself down, the club and the fans I just want him to move on now as he has shown his true colours to us. Arsenal is bigger than RVP and like those that left before he will fade in memory. We have to thank him for what he has did last season but thats past.

Lets sell him and still buy more wonderful fluffy football players !!!

Bye bye now off you you go see you and take that scumbag agent with you


If he sobered up it might help.

Merlin's Panini

comment of the day.

why is my name required

Robin van per$ie was a nobody before he came to arsenal. I think he forgot that the club got him.out from jail when he was in trouble. we are the ones who made his arse and we can bloody well break it

Fergie the Gooner

For once I actually agree with part of what Hill-Wood has said. I don’t understand Van Persie either. With the additions we’ve made, could still make and a committed RVP leading the team we would have had a genuinely decent side for the coming season.

The lure of filthy lucre…

glory hunter

Therein lies the problem!
Just when we think we are getting close to having a class team/squad! A key player leaves and then we have to start all over again.

But RVP is the biggest disappointment of the lot, just 1 year as the captain and he wants out! Shocking!! A worse captain than Gallas, and thats saying a lot, considering RVP was my favourite Arsenal player.

I feel so betrayed, dont think i can ever trust/luv any Arsenal player again cos they’ll just end up breaking our hearts.


Tony Adams probably in his day, would have taken Samir and Robin to a wetherspoon, and a couple of pints, explained what a jagermeister is, followed by a punt on Arsenal finishing above city. During this period, a lecture in growing a pair wouldnt go a miss…….Legend!


On a side note.
haha seems ‘arry wins, go buy Portsmuff. Let the fans buy 30%. Then let Kanu take me for a walk.He’s taken the horses in Portsmuff for a bloody great ride, hasn’t he? Sure you don’t wanna wait for the Saints going marching back to the Championship January time? Shorter drive to work n all that……
Who’da thought it. This old man owning a
football club?. Next thing he’l tell us, is that
Boy Wonder’s been screwing Georgie


I wouldn’t be bothered to try to “understand” the thinking of a departing player. I would focus on what needs to be done to get us competitive in the coming season.

big black clock

Btw, reports are emerging from France that Chamakh has rejected Besiktas and Fiorentina to stay with us for another year. He’s not my favourite player, but his ambition to prove himself at a top club earns my admiration.


Chamkah was showing some improvement in 10 to 15 min of play he was getting by the end of a season, so I hope he ll be of some use this season.


Anyway we could swap chamakhs personality with rvps’?. I like that he wants yo try but I don’t like that he’s still here either. so i’m a confused gunner who wonders, “who now are the deadwood we are supposed to replace?”.
I reckon park and arshavin will score three goals between anytime soon and all over sudden develop into “good enough, let’s keep ’em”.
I want to see how wenger handles this with the 25 man squad rule lurking in the shadows.


I’d settle for replacing Chamakh’s feet with Van Persie’s – he can keep his personality, that way he might actually score 30 goals next season and want to stay here instead of whoring himself out to the highest bidder like a certain Dutchman! In all seriousness though, I thought these clubs didn’t want him because of his wages? If its truly the case that he does want to stay here and fight for his place and not just for the money then I very much hope it works out for him, it would be fantastic if he can turn things… Read more »


PHW needs to be muzzled but in a way he is right. RVP’s open letter to the world is looking more than a little ridiculous. Arsenal have been very busy in the transfer window and are signing players with proven pedigree. How RVP can disagree with this, the obvious direction of the club, is not understandable. What is obvious, is that he wants money and loads of it. He has permanently tarnished the memory of his one season of almost single handed brilliance. He could have immortalized himself in our collective memories but instead, he chose to lift his skirt… Read more »


I will make my final opinion of Rvp on the end… There s a lot of frustrated people on this blog who hate him now and thats fine – it s a free world, as well for Rvp to decide his future. Why Rvp haters are so funny to me is the fact that nobody except the Board, Arsen and van Persie (his fuckn agent) doesnt know the whole truth and all the reasons. Nobody can be that psychic. And haters are acting like they were (and still are) in the love relationship with Robin but he’s searching for a… Read more »


Lapidarij I used to feel exactly the same way as you do. Its RVP’s open letter that has finally polarised my opinion of him. Why make that statement public? He could have said the very same words to Wenger in private and then actively gone about a transfer. His statement is obviously in his own best interest but, at the same time, are malicious to the club.. The kid that transferred to Turkey said it was a very difficult decision to leave Arsenal but RVP told him to go. RVP was our feckin team captain and his is giving advise… Read more »


it’s not about an urge to change environment, it’s about the manner of fulfilling it.


I agree with you guys but I have a feeling that it is not just a pure greed that forced that statement out. I’m curious what is happening behind the close doors at Arsenal Board that we are loosing best players every summer. We all sense that something is not 100% o.k. cos we always need 2 sign 2 more very good players to make a real step forward. I like trophies but I really don’t care for them if we play well and fight to the players max. And every summer is the same like right now: Rosicky &… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Why do I get the feeling you are twisting this to suit your own agenda?

walter the gunner

he is two-faced don’t bother yourself Hill-Wood.


If we pluck young kids from other countries by offering them high wages we cant really complain or be surprised that they leave for higher wages later on. Na$ri etc.. . are slaves to the pots of gold but RVP is/was supposed to be different he was supposed to have Arsenal in his heart…. a real Gooner!

For me captaining my Arsenal would mean everything. Much, much more than trophies/money.


give our captain some respect…..he was the sole reason why we finished 3rd last season…….


As soon as he shows Arsenal Football Club and us fans some respect then I’ll think about it

big black clock

because without RVP we’d be playing with 10 men…?


So let me get this straight.
You’re talking about this guy
£££££ £££ ££££££?.

Dr Baptiste

Is he also the sole reason Holland endured an amusing Euro 2012 campaign? I mean, if you’re not going to appreciate the whole team’s effort, then you must also think that.


so rvp is the sole reason we havent won anything the 7 season before while he was injured again and again

Lord Teddy Ears

Guess that was last season and thats past RVP does not want to be with Arsenal he thinks we have no ambition so you give him all the respect you want but I feel he has slapped the collective faces of all the fans that have paid his wages from years.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He didn’t actually win the ball back from the opposition and then go score 37 times did he? He was placed in the position of having a massive percentage of our goal attempts because he was the striker we trusted most to be able to finish them off. However, if we had put another striker in his position then it;s likely they would have scored a reasonable percentage of goals, as the regular playing time would have allowed them to get into the groove, as it did for RVP. His was NOT a solo “save Arsenal from relegation” effort. It… Read more »


I can see exactly where Hill-Wood is coming from. I just can’t see why Robin Van Persie wants to leave us. I mean any top player would just love to re-sign for a club that has won nothing for seven years, and play for a manager who thinks that finishing fourth place is like winning a trophy; especially if that same manager would be happy to finish second for the next 20 years. Why on earth would RvP want to go to a top European side and earn in excess of 200k AND have a realistic chance of winning its… Read more »


Fatgooner – Irony !!

the only sam is nelson

it’s been said but just for your benefit fatgooner, not everyone is questioning the desire to achieve and earn that would take RvP away from arsenal

rather, it is the manner in which he chooses to do that (or perhaps is being manipulated) that many people object to

sorry if the difference is too subtle for you to appreciate, but as you seem reasonably smart (if astonishingly negative with it) it’s a shame to see you miss the point quite so badly

Midfield Corporal

Well said Sam, if he’d just said he didn’t want to renew his contract and felt like he needed a new challenge, but thank you to Arsenal and Arsene for all they’ve done, he’d be welcomed back.


Or maybe if more players, and ex-players, were honest about the the fucking outrageous way that the club is being managed then there might be some positive changes. Fabregas was far too nice when he left. He did want to go back to Barcelona one day, but signed a long-term contract because he believed in Wenger and the Board. When he realised what was going on, he wanted out – and he got out. The RvP situation is different because he was looked after for so long while injured, so maybe he owes us a bit of loyalty. But the… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

I think the use of the word ‘outrageous’ is a little hysterical don’t you. We probably could have done better, then again we might have done worse, but that’s football. Outrageous to me would be a bit worse than continually finishing in champions league places despite competing against two teams that won the lottery.


Selling off your best players every summer IS outrageous.

Midfield Corporal

What would you have done with Nasri and Cesc, or with Van Persie now? I understand it’s annoying to keep losing our big players but I think this started out of necessity to fund the stadium move, the recent bunch of departures are just a follow on. We need to break the cycle and hopefully the news signings will do this.


Seriously giving the captain sole credit for finishing 3rd is a myopic view of a TEAM sport such as football. So i wonder if Robin ran from the kick off spot into the goal everytime (because giving Robin credit for finishing 3rd certainly confirms that) Arsenal create alot of chances as a team. Van Persie is no more special than any other LONE striker who is able to convert chances provided to him.. I am sure all the fans will remember some of the misses last season by Van Persie. He has scored some wonder goals last season. He also… Read more »


both rvp and phw are repulsive…


Yeah…..but we’ve payed his fuckin wages for 8 years. Players forget all money comes directly or indirectly from fans. He should show US and the club respect.


And i agree with fat gooner at the same time.
I do not begrudge Van Persie for wanting to leave to win more and earn more.


I wonder if his ONE season of performance will justify 7 years of injuries and missing him.

Stupid knob has no gratitude or loyalty. I wonder what would have happened to the cunt if we decieded to cut our losses when he was injured AND was insinuated in the rape case in Holland.


How can anyone understand him? I mean after everything Wenger has done for him.

During last season he wanted us to qualify for the champions league and we did it. After that he wanted Wenger to bring quality players in, against all the odds, he did that pretty early.

Shame, he could’ve been a legend had he stayed. Now he’s just another good player who played for week’s salary.


I smell another Kaka situation here. Move to Juve or United and the injuries hit back with full force. One and a half seasons on the bench and the’v lost patience. He would wish he had stayed.


When is the next nasa visit to the moon?. No airport, no trainstation, no nothing, let’s just drive this back stabbing drivel off to the moon!.
No one needs to be delusioned into buying him except shiteh ( he doesn’t need to be on the moon alone)
A captain of the year before departs, he’s there watching as the club struggles to replace him and then whe he’s promoted to captain, he does the same damn thing and for farworse reasons!. Out rvp, Out!


“The article goes on to suggest that Arsene Wenger could wait until January to sell Van Persie thereby allowing himself an extra six months to plan for his departure. Quite how that would solve the ‘not giving him away’ scenario when clubs would offer pittance for him in the New Year is beyond Arseblog News…” Players tend to cost more at Christmas when clubs are out to panic buy to fill in gaps opened up by injuries and the like during the first part of the season. Besides which £20m for Van Persie is as good as nothing anyway, especially… Read more »


In some ways Hill-Wood just mirrors Arsenal’s recent decline and looking at him – and listening to him, sober or otherwise – is just sad. Up until the Dein bust up he was a pretty good Chairman not least because he followed his father Denis’s mantra and kept quiet for most of the time. Post the Dein bust up he’s just an embarrassment. His comments about Kronke in the wake of the latter’s purchase of the Granada shares were and are a text book case of ‘how not to do it’. His subsequent position as Kronke’s main cheerleader, is just… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

But remember, until the Dein saga he wasn’t taking open criticism in the press every day. You can surely understand why he would start talking to the press, and once they’ve got you talking they aren’t going to let you stop. I think all the attacks on him and the insults are a bit much. He’s only said what a lot of Arsenal fans have been saying.

Like us, he probably feels like he has had the loved family dog suddenly turn and savage one of the family.


Sir, we all understand that cunt very well.


I chose ‘Thunderstruck’


Rectum Spectrum

can’t really disagree with anything he said there. the thing i love about PHW is that he says some ridiculous things, cringe worthy things, but he ALWAYS speaks his mind. very little in the way of media babble. just speaks. which of course must terrify the arsenal board. but i do have a warm spot for him.

Merlin's Panini

is that warm spot the place where shit comes out? Because that would be fitting.

Rectum Spectrum

no its sort of north-by-north east of my liver. What would be fitting in my asshole?

Merlin's Panini

the shit constantly coming out of PHW’s mouth.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

The man comes from a different era. He expects common decency from people. Frankly, so do I.


I think PHW doesn’t understand alot of things. How these new fangled computers work today, why he loses his car keys all the time, how that bottle of 30 yr old single malt scotch (purchased with the sale of Na$ri) got empty so fast…..

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

How fans of his club think they have the right to dictate who he speaks to and what he says…

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Jonny Bravo

If he truly “understands” why Cesc left for Barca, then I am pretty sure the same line of thought will give him his answer of why RvP wants out also.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

That isn’t what he said. He only said about Cesc what many of us think. He didn’t say he was happy with it.


Can we trade Hill-Wood to Chelsea? Say for a case of beer?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Don’t be a prat. Would you really trust any case of beer those fuckers handed to you?


You’ve got a point there. No.

Joe OS

Could it be that he knows precisely what he is saying in order to draw out RVP and Man City?


It’s quite simple really Peter the man is a cunt.

Now lets move on.


It’s quite simple really Peter, the man is a cunt.

Now lets move on.

Pat Rices left nut

Hillwood needs to be fitted with a gimp mask at times he comes out with some random shit at times.


Right now I’m reading “Arsenal: The Making of a Modern Superclub” in which Peter Hill-Wood is quoted several times. From what I can judge, he would make a good Pythonesque “Upper-Class Twit of the Year”.

Class of 71

PHW loves our club as much as we do and has served it all his life. Give the man some respect. The crux is none of us understand RVP because we thought he was Mr Arsenal Jr. and a cut above the Nasris of this world. We thought he was family. This is what is incomprehensible.


If RVP wasn’t injured all the time when we had Fabregas, Rosicky, Hleb & later Arshavin & Nasri firing on all cylinders then I have no doubt that we would’ve won at least one trophy by now. Makes me look back, 07/08 & 09/10 PL, 07 & 11 Carling Cup, 07/08 CL (where Liverpool cheated us out). 07/08 was the big miss, damn those bastard refs/Martin Taylor/Gallas 🙁 But nah fuck RVP, the club are making the right move by holding out for £20m+, no way you sell a player who’s just scored 37 goals in a season for fucking… Read more »

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