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Podolski eyes RVP no.10 shirt as squad numbers confirmed

Lukas Podolski appears to be holding out for Robin van Persie’s number 10 shirt after Arsenal announced the squad numbers for the forthcoming season without including the former Cologne man on the list.

The German international, who continues to wear the ‘nummer zehn’ for Die Mannschaft and used to sport the digits at the RheinEnergieStadion, appears to have held off taking any of the available squad numbers recognising that his preferred option could be freed up by the exit of the Dutchman.

Fellow new boy Olivier Giroud has inherited the number 12 shirt, as seen recently on the back of compatriot Thierry Henry, while Wojciech Szczesny takes over the number 1 shirt after the departure of Manuel Almunia.

Amazingly, Ju-Young Park retains the cursed number 9 shirt which has been worn by the likes of Nicolas Anelka, Davor Suker, Francis Jeffers, Julio Baptista and Jose Antonio Reyes during the Arsene Wenger era.

‘Full’ squad number list 

1 Wojciech Szczesny 2 Abou Diaby 3 Bacary Sagna 4 Per Mertesacker 5 Thomas Vermaelen 6 Laurent Koscielny 7 Tomas Rosicky 8 Mikel Arteta 9 Ju Young Park 10 Robin van Persie 11 Andre Santos 12 Olivier Giroud 14 Theo Walcott 15 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 16 Aaron Ramsey 17 Alex Song 18 Sebastien Squillaci 19 Jack Wilshere 20 Johan Djourou 21 Lukasz Fabianski 22 Francis Coquelin 23 Andrey Arshavin 24 Vito Mannone 25 Carl Jenkinson 26 Emmanuel Frimpong 27 Gervinho 28 Kieran Gibbs 29 Marouane Chamakh 31 Ryo 35 Kyle Bartley 52 Nicklas Bendtner TBC Lukas Podolski

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Arsenal is for life, not just for trophies.


Absolutely! Like that saying, we whould tatoo it on RVPs forhead before he leaves!

One thing that REALLY annoys me, probably more than is rational, is the fact Diaby is number 2! Every time I see it it really pisses me off…..

Eric Irish gunner

Maybe it’s because he only ever plays 2 minutes, only joking love to see him become injury free regular


the cursed number 9 shirt which has been worn by the likes of Nicolas Anelka, Davor Suker, Francis Jeffers, Julio Baptista and Jose Antonio Reyes

You forgot Eduardo. The most cursed of the lot!


fuck, maybe we should think about retiring the number 9 shirt? Honestly!


I remember the 7-1 rout of Blackburn Rovers last season and ut was just a joy to see an RVP hat-trick, two goals from The Ox, a fine goal from Arteta, and what I thought was Thierry Henry’s last goal for Arsenal. It’s too bad Scott Dann got in the way but I well remember the interplay between TH & RVP in the buildup. Robin, here’s the ball. Shoot. No, Thierry, YOU shoot. THAT is Arsenal football. Players come and players go but the next magic moment is only a kick away. Keep the faith, Gooners. COYG.


If going to barcelona comes with this then I can finally understand why fabregas ditched us.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Oh My God! She wearing a flying helmet and goggles!!!! Why doesn’t that ever happen to me?

Eric Irish gunner

Haha the dirty little mare


Maybe William gallas is coming back to get his number 10 back. Best striker we’ve ever had. Don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone else kick the balll into their own face and score like him


Also, anyone who thinks that a shirt number might be ‘cursed’ is still living in the middle ages.

Matt F

Did they have shirt numbers in the middle ages?


Matt…of course they did! How else do you think people knew how to target Joan of Arc? It’s not like she had any other qualities that would make her stick out. Come to think of it…she may have been number 9…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Good Omens

For the game of foot the ball it was simply Heraldry, yonder striker is pile reversed with horse rampant – though I suppose that became a mouthful for commentators.


They marked theirs with blood!!!
Step up sagna!!

Barry McKenzie

It was Herbert Chapman who thought of the idea for shirt numbers, but his idea was 1 to 11 for the home team and 12 to 22 for the away team so the people in the stadium could know who the players were from the programs.

I just love hitting the fact button Matt F


Loosen up a little mate. Its all for fun


Anyone who thinks we’re being serious referring to a cursed shirt is functionally retarded.


And yet, even in 2012, no one seems keen to take the number 13 shirt.


I wore 13 for my highschool team, and i didn’t really play very much, it must be cursed…right?


No amuricah, you must have essential been just utter shit!.


Fucking fat cunt.


Lu Lu lu, lukas Podolski

Stole number 10 from the back of van persie!


#9 also had Eduardo and he broke his leg

Carson Wells

No he didn’t. Martin Taylor did.


fair point Carson Wells
also, if ‘sources’ (not sure how accurate) are to be believed…the Cazorla deal is close. this could get interesting


HR, thou speakest heresy. Thee may expect a visit from the Spanish Inquisition soon.


Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

(A bit obvious I know, but I couldn’t resist)


Our key element is surprise, surprise and fear. Our two key elements……


Baptista, Reyes, Eduardo, Suker, Jeffers..

All very very talented players, all suffered horribly as soon as they put on the cursed no.9!

Cursed I tell you!!


Fair go mate. Franny Jeffers had a decent spell at Newcastle last season…. Newcastle jets that is.

Hahaha jk He was shite.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You realise that this was the 9th comment posted ?

You know what that means, don’t you?

(Read In Posts)

Matt F



did you change the layout? The players & numbers in a column looked better


Give the #10 to Podolski when RVP leaves & hope that Giroud fills the #12 jersey in the way Henry did on his short loan last season. High hopes for the German and French additions to the squad.


actually take the #10 from RVP and give it to Podolski, he wants to play for the Gunners. Give RVP #69 if he stays!


Give him the number 250 if he stays

As in the amount of K per week he *thinks* he is worth.


That would actually work to van Persie’s power as that would make him a sex symbol. Give him #666.

Merlin's Panini

or 101, as in the Room he deserves to be in.

Merlin's Panini

or we could give him the number 5318008 so when he falls over or bends down it would say BOOBIES and everyone will laugh, merrily.


Which is why Chelsea never give out that number to their defenders!


— Merlin’s Panini — Don’t know why I laughed so much, guess its the child in me … Boobies … HA HA HA


I hope he is gone before the Asian tour ends so Podolski can have his number before the Cologne game.


Or 9 after Park departs.

Dr Baptiste

That’s evil, why would you do that?


I was going to say that, and my names Sean to!! FREAKY Its like my brain is doing things for me…


I like park i want to see him play more


I like park but I would like to see him sold or exiled or taken just for his own good and for the good of the club.


So, no chance at all then of us ever lining up 1-11 next season…


——— 1 ———-
10 – 9

There you go…


We can although think it would be hard:

———————— AD2———–TR7———-MA8———————–


I’ve always wanted to see a team do that!


Have a three man defence with wing-backs and a sweeper? Yessss… me too…


Where AS 11 is, is absolutely correct. He’s a defender until you remember he’s brazilian.

glory hunter

You never know, Park might just wake up from his slumber and Podolski gets the No.10 shirt …….
You know what you’re right! it’ll never happen…


He’d be looking soooo good with No 18 on his back 😉 … that would be blessing 😀


Strange to include Bartley in the ‘first team’ then give him number 35.

What’s wrong with 30?


The CURSED 30?!?

…I dunno. Maybe he just likes that number.

Merlin's Panini

that’s the age he’ll have to wait before he gets a shot at the first team, with the players in front of him.

I jest, I jest.

or do i?


13 Carzola



Seriously, every comments page.


Are you Santi Cazorla? If so and it’s a deal-breaker I promise* on behalf of every arsenal fan to never get it wrong again. *Promise may not be kept


Don’t forget Cazorla will take 23 arshavin number wher arsh will leave ! 🙂 And maybe n 18 for m’villa but for the n 23 I’m sure it is for Santa Clause ! SC23


That list makes Bendter look like the tosspot he is


if van persie stay…podolski might wear the number 13 shirt




And if you stay I might stop visiting arseblog altogether. Out!

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Is RvP still our captain………..y?

Fabregas should have been sacked after the shambolic show after the World Cup, and RvP should have been sacked after his open letter.

big black clock

I wouldn’t mind this. Give it to him.

Barry McKenzie

I have always found the Arsenal numbers a bit silly, here is a more traditional version in my opinion…

1.Wojciech Szczesny 2.Bacary Sagna 3.Kieran Gibbs 4.Per Mertesacker 5.Thomas Vermaelen 6.Laurent Koscielny 7.Tomas Rosicky 8.Mikel Arteta 9.Olivier Giroud 10.Lukas Podolski 11.Ryo 12.(LOAN) Henry 13.Abou Diaby 14.Theo Walcott 15.Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 16.Aaron Ramsey 17.Alex Song 18.Kyle Bartley 19.Jack Wilshere 20.Johan Djourou 21.Lukasz Fabianski 22.Francis Coquelin 23.Andrey Arshavin 24.Vito Mannone 25.Carl Jenkinson 26.Emmanuel Frimpong 27.Gervinho 28.Andre Santos


Robin van Persie?

Barry McKenzie

sold to the highest bidder!


Where is our Chamakh?

Barry McKenzie

smoking shisha somewhere around marble arch


Um, robin van who now?


And what happens the season after when players leave and others come in?

Midfield Corporal

Baz- wouldn’t song be No 4, it’s traditionally the midfield ball winners shirts.

Barry McKenzie

I didn’t want to change everything, and also then you get into 1to11 should be the starting11 whenever the’re fit. but atleast we don’t have a CB no10 anymore. It would be nice to have a 1 to 11 being the starting XI , chosen each year, then if you were in the teens you’d be a first choice sub and if you were in the 20’s you’d be back up and if you were in the 50’s you’d be bentner.


Poldi for the #10 shirt.
RvP, if he stays, should be given the greedy #99 shirt.

Merlin's Panini

99. yes, he is quite flakey…

Barry McKenzie

you know where he can stick the flake aswell!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

That’s not going to be as sexy as the old Flake adverts with the attractive young ladies, now is it, Barry? Please try not to ruin one of the most erotic memories I have from when I was 15.


Santi Clauzola should get no25!

Frantic Gooner

That’s probably the worst one I’ve seen yet

Save 75 cents

I would take any number Arsenal would give me. 73 53 91. It’s the crest on the front that matters.


Woops! Just got a podolski shirt with TBC underneath the name.


Did anyone notice the paucity of footballers with #13 on their backs? Suspicious lot these boys…!


That’s one of the reasons I go with 13. Feels a bit edgy.

It always amazes me how people infer so much about you based on what number you wear.

I remember one time I wore 10 as a decoy. The other team marked me the whole game and congratulated themselves on what a great defensive job they did. I was never going to score anyway. They wasted a defender, we won.

glory hunter

You must be awesome!!

Big Dave


I always wonder if some players would have had the same legendary status without their shirt number… what if Bergkamp was number 22?

…Then I realise I should do something better with my time.


Well the no 14 wasn’t special until a certain man wore it

Barry McKenzie

To ArsenalDNA

Cruyff made it special, Henry made it special for Arsenal, Wallcott wears it now…


heskey is that you 😀 !!!!!


Alex Morgan who is a female American soccer player uses the #13 and has done so her entire career. And she’s quite good too.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Didn’t hurt her yesterday playing against France. She’s quite prolific, in fact.


Great to see szechney with the number 1 jersey. Surely number 10 should of went to podolski and rvp should have TBC. I see prolific park retains the number 9 jersey!!


if RVP leaves, they shouldn’t give anyone the No. 10 shirt – sorry, you gotta earn it – it was vacant for a year or two after Bergkamp. What’s more is that Podolski isn’t a No. 10.


No, William Gallas took it straight after Bergkamp left.


And that sir…..was a disgrace


right – i missed that – sorry. On the other hand, I was just trying to cool the excitement on Podolski – I don’t think he’s a lock for the first eleven – I have higher expectations of Gervinho this season.


I’m far more sympathetic towards Park than a lot of other gooners are, but I really would have liked to see Giroud wearing 9, purported medieval jinxes notwithstanding.


Sell RvP already we’ve got Poldi shirts to sell.


Diaby doesn’t see any stigma at all in being Arsenals Number Two

Merlin's Panini

Unrelated thought:

Seeing as Team GB football team has no Scottish or Northern Irish players in it I think they should change the name to some hybrid of England and Wales.

Wangland anyone?

Barry McKenzie

Maybe just call them ‘The Psychos’ and tell them to just shout and jump around the pitch like the’re listening to ‘Firestarter’ from The Prodigy.

Dan Smith

Eduardo also wore the number 9 shirt…cursed indeed!!!!

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


I wonder how gallas managed to get the number 10 jersey then. punk ass.


I imagine that as no-one was using, he just asked for it, genius.


Wasn’t there some BS excuse that they wanted to give it to someone who wouldn’t have to hold the expectations that Bergkamp had put on it? So they gave it to a defender…..named William Gallas. Ugh.


I think the no 10 jersey had to do with the number of own goals he’d sworn on scoring before he leaves the club. Doh!.


And OT, but last night I watched a Spuds side (with pretty much a full first team for most of the game) limp out of LA after the Galaxy held them to a 1-1 draw.

Merlin's Panini

what do Spurs have in common with John Prescott?

draw(er) with Galaxy

Merlin's Panini

oh, and they’re cunts.


Both uglier than a pickled ballbag?


Has anyone got a song for our new signings?…..check this out. Giroud, Giroud, Giroud,Giroud, Giroud, Giroud,Giroud, Giroud.


We have got twO liver
Ivan can we get some more beer


i thought we’d agreed on

Metal Giroud
Is it you?


U forgot Eduardo da Silva


It’s not just us. Chelsea think their number 9 shirt is cursed; so do some clubs in Germany and Italy. Best left with Park where it can’t cause any more disappointment. Anyway false nines are all the thing now.


As much as we hate the spurs, their public reprimand of Luka Modric is the way to do it. Sit RVP’s ass down and tell him the club will not be disrespected in such a manner. This is the last I will speak of him.

Also hoping for Cazorla’s signing for us!


The reason is that we’re a decent team, unlike Sp*rs.


So we should be publicly disrespected by the one who was supposed to be our Captain? Whatever…


modric has more than a year left on his contract, and please don’t talk about 5pur2 here


thought the no 15 was cursed, too. But then some youn lad came around and proved that you can both run, pass forward, and score while wearing no 15….


footballers are superstitious…….remember last to last season when Bendtner changed his shirt number and refunded the fans who bought his old shirt….unfortunately things didnt turn out well for him….curse #52 anyone?????


Only one person has worn the no52 so far, a very special person at that so we can’t really say there’s a curse in that.

The only curse NB52 has is with his awful first touches.


The cursed number 9 shirt which has been worn by the likes of Nicolas Anelka, Davor Suker, Francis Jeffers, Julio Baptista and Jose Antonio Reyes…

You forgot Eduardo. The most cursed of the lot!


Okay, so shinji kagawa is officially class!. I reckon rednose is enjoying every bit of penny he paid for the lad………….Like we will ten times more enjoy poldi and giroud.


And he’s not even the best Japanese player (yet), Honda is. And he’s available for half the price!!


If Park stays, and Bendner, and Squillaci …. jesus….
When Rvp leaves I want better player then Podolski to take no.10.


I think you too need to leave us.


Ahhh but #1 should’ve gone to Bendtner. You know he must’ve asked at least a few hundred times.


Kagawa aint a patch on cazorla


Disagree: I know it’s par for the course to diss anything or anyone to do with one of the Manchester teams, but anyone can see that Kagawa is an excellent player who was crucial to BVB’s title defence last season. I don’t think it’s much use comparing Cazorla and Kagawa directly anyway, since they have different roles: Kagawa has tended to play in a more advanced position than Cazorla, which is reflected in their respective goal tallies.

Gunsen Gurner

I don’t care what happens with RVP Poldi can have the No. 10 shirt just as long as we replace that money-grubbing glass ankled shit with a quality player ala higuain, llorente, etc


Personally I reckon we should ‘retire’ the number 2 shirt in respect of Pat Rice.
Whaddya mean we already have???

[…] started is the most difficult part of writing a blog so I’ll just jump straight in with Arsenal’s announcement of the squad numbers for next […]

[…] waiting patiently for Robingeddon to come although there was the OMG-Shirt-Number-Crisis today as Podolski hasn’t officially been given a number because he’s supposedly holding out for #10 when/if van Persie […]


I’m thinking he’s after the number 52.

[…] captain’s armband for the Asia tour, while all the shirt numbers have been released as well. Lukas Podolski hasn’t been yet handed a jersey number, yes, thus fueling the speculation, that almost everyone has resigned to the fact that van Persie […]

[…] captain’s armband for the Asia tour, while all the shirt numbers have been released as well. Lukas Podolski hasn’t been yet handed a jersey number, yes, thus fueling the speculation, that almost everyone has resigned to the fact that van Persie […]

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