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Gibbs: we’re excited and hungry

Kieran Gibbs has expressed his desire to see Arsenal win trophies this coming season, saying the team are hungry for silverware after so many years.

Currently on tour in Asia, Gibbs told ESPN Star, “If everyone stays together, I think we can win some trophies.

“It’s been really exciting. This year we’ve got more new players coming in, and the new arrivals from last year have gelled and it feels like they’ve been here forever.

“We’ve got young players coming through who are looking excited and hungry.”

Gibbs Arsenal career has been punctuated by injury and last season he missed months with a stomach muscle complaint. The England international is hoping for better luck this time and wants to contribute from the first game to the last.

“I hope to play a full season this yea. I was out a bit last year with a few injuries but this year I’m feeling strong.

“From the start of the season, I was happy with there I was going but I don’t know what happened with my injuries to be honest.

“We spent a long time trying to find out what was wrong.”

And he’s sure that without the unprecedented situation when Arsenal had all four full backs out for an extended period at the same time, things might have been better.

“At one point, we had no fit full-back and when we had all those injuries, we basically had half the squad for many parts of the season. A lot of people didn’t realise that.

“But once the injured players came back, we looked more of a team and we really managed to turn things around, so hopefully we won’t have to do that this year.”

Gibbs played 45 minutes in Arsenal’s 2-1 win over a Malaysia XI earlier today.

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Well…Santos doesn’t look too too hungry 🙂


No he does not. He ate all those gays food


He’s a good gay who likevls icecream.
What a fella.

What's my name?

He can be an Arsenal great if he stays injury-free. Go get them, Gibbsy!

Anthony Iyamah

Gibbs is not good enough, sell him


No, you’re not good enough!…..ouf.

gooner from bangladesh

You are not good enough to be a fan. Fuck off.


The battle for the left-back spot is going to be interesting this season.


I think santos has his head above the rest of the gays in this one.


the santos gay jokes are really getting old…


No, you’re getting old.


Dan…..he uses santos gay jokes whenever he wants.
Dan……he uses santos gay jokes whenever he wants!!


hahahaha i’m gonna be chanting that in the next game 😀


Santos is using an unusual strategy: Playing up front.

gnarly charlie

the further forward you are, the quicker you can tackle the other team


Chamakh wasn’t able to do the job at the front, he’s a weak fella. So big strong santos had to step in.


sometimes i think santos is a defender, then i remember he’s brazilian hahaha


Arsenal used to have defenders before it took a brazilian to the knee?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I think it may be a case that Chamakh is being saved for the Manchester Shitty game as even though it’s just a friendly it looks like the team really would like to win it.


I’m hungry too gibbs, infact i’m 7 years hungry!,


Gibbs had a great game today, , and I look forward to see him in the upcoming season. Think he will really grow and became a world class left-back if he stays injury-free. And with Santos competing for a place aswell, this is looking very good!


I have to say the heat in malaysia really took a toll on our gays and the plastic jerseys didn’t help.

Mike Hawke

He’s a big boy now.


I don’t think there will be any competiton at LB, from what we have seen towards the end of last season and so far this pre-season, I think Santos is going to be used more frequently in a more attacking position, and be ready to fill in at left back as needed.

Eric Irish gunner



Santos the new Eboue?


Just to show you that money is not everything, Luxembourg’s amateurs kick out Red Bull Salzburg in the 2nd CL qualifying round. It always happens once an again:

Sorry for the off-topic.

Glory Hunter

Is that you Arsene??


Worse, I’m his inner voice AFC, Arsène’s Football Conviction

The ever present average Arsenal fan: “Oh, so does this mean that we can get kicked out by amateur teams as well?!” 😉


I can see exactly what Gibbs is trying to say.

If everything goes well, and if the players work really hard, and if Arsene gets his tactics right, and if we don’t get any major injuries… then we just might finish fourth.


I think you’re shit fatgooner, I honestly think you’re shit!…..


well one thing for sure is he shits a lot, I mean come on… he’s fat!


Most of the shit seems to come from his mouth though…


he cums from his mouth
he cums from his mouth
only fatgooner
can cum from his mouth.


I saw a piece of shit on the ground
today. It reminded me of you fatgooner.


Fatgooner you’re probably the kind of guy who looked at our unbeaten league season in 03-04 and moaned about the 12 draws. I guess there has to be a few like you just to lend balance to the universe.


Nah, he probably luxuriated in the unbeaten season – completely forgetting the decades worth of team building it took to get to that point.


I wasn’t the one who said that finishing fourth was like winning a trophy. And I wasn’t the one who said that he would be happy if we finished second for the next 20 years.


No, you are just the knob who said if everything was bang on, fourth would be our best possible finish… “… then we just might finish fourth.” … Hence everyone calling it like it is … You are a knob!!!!

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


A dog walks into a bar and is promptly
escorted out, as animals are not allowed.


I get that it’s not supposed to be funny. But it *is* supposed to be clever. So fuck off.


What’s the difference between Andre Santos and David Cameron? Andre Santos, as a citizen of Brazil, is not eligible to be Prime Minister of the UK.

glory hunter



great to have two quality ball playing left backs…carrying on another great Arsenal tradition……any news on Kenny Sansom lately?


Is Santos really a gay?


Arsenal players – that lovely Polish chap excepted – do seem to traffic in hope rather than belief these days. That’s obviously partly down to the 7 year drought. They don’t sound like they really expect to win stuff. There’s too many maybes, qualifiers, and hopefully-we-should-be-thereabouts.

I feel like the whole “we can’t compete with Man City” narrative has seeped through into the players’ minds.

Eric Irish gunner

We played them of the park at home last year they should have more belief


The statements have been “we can’t compete with Man City FINANCIALLY” mate, big difference

Eric Irish gunner

They can still only play 11 players so finance should not come to players thoughts


Both fair points.

It’s just that the very public critique of Man City as having rigged the game does presumably filter into players’ minds. So if your bosses are basically saying that the league is a borderline sham competition – which it may well be – then you can’t really expect the players to think that they can compete. Vicious cycle, etc.


We do seem to have people who can cross the ball on our team. Gibbs can swing them in when he likes (I remember a beauty to Bendtner’s head against Newcastle in the CC 07-08), as can Jenkinson. Even Sagna has worked admirably on his hitherto pants crossing skills, so Giroud and Chamakh will certainly have service this season.

TGSTEL's First Touch

I hope Gibbs finally gets an injury-free season. He deserves it, he seems to be a genuinely nice and down to earth homosexual.

What? I didn’t say “gay”…


gibbs has a girlfriend i think……

Die Hard Gunner

We are as hungry as you are…but i would have loved to see you use DESPERATE, cos that’s what I am.

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