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Gunners look to extend Koscielny deal

As the summer madness continues with Robin van Persie and Theo Walcott both left with under 12 months on their current contracts, it seems the club are moving fast to ensure similar problems don’t recurr with players we really want to keep.

L’Equipe is reporting this morning that we’re in discussions with Laurent Koscielny about extending his deal – which expires in 2014 – for a further three years, bringing him to 2017.

It’s a sign not just of Arsenal’s desire to tie down important players, but also the progress that the French international has made since joining from Lorient in 2010. After a first season during which he struggled at times to adapt, culminating in the heartbreak of the Carling Cup final, Koscielny really blossomed in his second campaign and has realised much of the potential that Arsene Wenger saw in him.

He established himself as the first choice centre-half last season, making 42 appearances, and there isn’t an Arsenal fan who would argue he doesn’t deserve the new deal.

Fingers crossed discussions go well and this is a bit of good news to counter the abject misery elsewhere.

Allez, Laurent!

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Yeahhhh he’s the Bosscielny!!! So much so, I got his name on the back of my new home shirt. LOLO!


Ah, so -you’re- @bosscielny. Well met.

Koscielny to the rescue again

I hope I didn’t jinx anything by ordering his name on my kit…I had Wilshire last July. Fuck.


Yeah, next time use Wilshere and see where that gets you.


Well Done Kos!
Superb Season, looking forward to seeing him develop further


errr kos means vagina in my languange…
um lol?


that wudnt happen to be urdu would it ?


Urdu happens to be a shit language


I just googled it, it’s Persian. As a bonus, Ghilaf is Urdu for vagina. So now we all know 😀


u prick alistair


This would make me happy, I’ve always thought he had something about him, and he was excellent last season. 🙂


alistair as you seem to be such a cunning linguist can you enlighten us as to why you think Urdu is a Shit language?


indeed he was. I think I’m in love.


Kos the Boss! He deserves it! Bt never make him captain lest all the predators want 2 sign him!


There are a few players we are trying to offfload… We should make them all capt then man city will over pay for them and leave our starts alone.
2 birds gents


There are defenders out there, then there’s koscienly- their father. Kos

Double '71

The Kosfather!

Master Bates

All we need is TV to stay in our half a little more this season and we should be good defensively.

Merlin's Panini

I’m all for this. Let’s hope he signs for as long as possible.
He’s a cracking player, and works his balls off for the team.

Le coq

I work my coq off for this arsenal team too.

Merlin's Panini

I really didn’t mean to set that up. Well played.

Ashburton Groover

why report talks? report when there is a conclusion to talks – reports like this are part of the problem………..
hopefully some business we can get right tho…

damien joyce

“There’s no pleasing some people!!!!” exclaimed Brian.


I for one certainly enjoyed reading our best defender isbeing offered new terms. And rightly so…




ashbourton goove and le groove both hate ya equally well, bloggs.


*Spud Alert*


He was immense last season hope he signs along with Song.

Merlin's Panini

I think we should move to tie down Wilshere aswell, at least to make up for the year he’s missed. And Song too, he’s edging closer to the end of his contract.


You sign him up, Gazidis. YOU SIGN HIM UP RIGHT NOW!


LK6 AKA the Boss……give him the contract right away coz is the boss and all striker his employee


Sign him up! If we can maintain that back 5(inclusive of chezzer), that defence will continue improving. For his performances for us so far, he more than deserve this contract extension.


Our best defender for the past 2 seasons hands down. Dont know what all those haters were on about after his first season. The boys been class since he arrived. He certainly let those barcs pricks know he could play

Dick Swiveller

Indeed, you could see how good a defender he was in the first season, it was just a case of adapting to new surroundings at Arsenal and the Thunderdome-like atmosphere of the Premiership, Kompany is the only defender in England with a genuine claim to be better than him imo.

Master Bates

yes sign him up ! I hope he doesn’t bring up how he wants the club to move forward


Sign him up and make him Captain.


Making him captain will be like transfer listing him. Vieira, henry, gallas, gilberto, kolo, cesc, Van pussy!


We should make Chamakh captain so, with all the other deadweights as vice .


I’m confident he will sign the extension just like the Verminator did..

why is my name required

Good to hear this. I hope they are looking at Sagna next


Koss, gives torres the toss
He’s koss, he knows
Torres knows.
He’s koss, here for the cause.
Our koss.

Merlin's Panini

and fuck Kees Voss.




Kees Vos, what a loss,
Pile ‘o Toss is
Kees Vos.


Alf Johnson

I am happy that this is happening and there are a number of equally positive comments from other fans with Bloggs making the point that ‘there isn’t an Arsenal fan who would argue he doesn’t deserve the new deal.’
I just hope that these people will have long enough memories if, in a couple of years time, he starts to play like squillaci and the forums are packed with people shouting for the necks of those responsible for “extending the contract of this deadwood defender and paying him so much that we cannot offload him”.


@Ailf Johnson,

The difference being that Squillaci and the rest being barked at as over paid deadwoods (Chamakh, Denilson, Park, Bendtner) never offered something more consistent than a league cup run or a few decent premiership matches and definitely hadn’t had a full season being the best player in their position.

Dr Baptiste

Easily the most improved player of last season and further proof (if it was needed) that Wenger still knows how to find and get players that have the potential to be world class despite what the media claim.

If Bould can work with Vermaelen and Koscielny, make them realise their potential and also continue to help them work on their partnership then we may have our modern day Adams and Keown, the no nonsense defender Adams/Koscielny and the ball playing defender Keown/Vermaelen.

Oleg Luzhny

Sign him before City realize Savic is garbage and need a defender.


Yeah! Delay is dangerous we need to extend his contract now before our enemies comes in an lure his with big weekly wages and also dat of wilshere and song is of great important.

a gunner

“with players we really want to keep”

What do you mean???? Are you saying we dont want to keep RVP and Walcott with us ?

Dr Baptiste

I get the feeling that Walcott’s agent trying to play hard-ball despite the fact his own client came out and said he isn’t consistent enough makes it that losing him this season may just be something we can’t help.

Tying down players to long term contracts now, who have more then 2 years, is going to be seen as a good strategy considering the last few seasons. I’d rather keep players that have shown they appreciate the patience that Wenger has shown than ones that just want to shaft him, for lack of a better insult.

Dave Gooner

I certainly don’t want to keep RvP. Not now. Out, and as quickly as possible to an overseas club. Or alternatively let him rot on the reserves subs bench for a year if he is really really set on joining Citeh. See if they still want him then.. I’d like to keep Walcott, but it depends on his attitude to our club. Nothing less than 100% commitment to Arsenal is acceptable at Arsenal. I hope AW gets tough with the bullshit “has the club got ambition” superstar mentality. Look around stooge: the answer is that of course we have, so… Read more »


Might just be me but if he pulled a Rooney I’d be happy to sweep this whole unpleasant episode under the carpet

Dave Gooner

We should all be grateful that he should deign to play for such an “unambitious” club? Nope, not for me.

Thanks for the goals Robin, now we have a season to prepare for so goodbye and good luck.


Kos the Boss. He doesnt need to be offered a new contract. He takes one, afterall he is the BOSS!


no more 4 year deals .
lets sign them up for six years.

Dr Baptiste

Maybe there is a limit to the amount of years you can give them at once


yeah the max is 5 but just saying. bored of this contract talks getting expired in 2years time when actually its four eg: cesc barca deal


I have more confidence in Kos staying loyal with a month-per-month contract than pretty much any player with a 5 year contract.

AFC 4thGeneration

VAN PERSIE BEMOANS ‘WEAK’ LJUNGBERG Arsenal forward Robin van Persie has described former team-mate Freddie Ljungberg’s recent criticism of the Gunners as “a bit weak”. Ljungberg accused Arsenal of lacking ambition in the wake of his move to West Ham, citing the departure of Thierry Henry and van Persie admits his comments were not well received in the Emirates Stadium dressing room. “If you play nine years at a club like Arsenal you can say some nice words,” he told the News of the World. If you’re coming up with excuses about Thierry’s departure and about promises from the club… Read more »


turns out hes a cunt
turns out hes a cunt
robin van pursie
turns out hes a cunt

or for todays special Boscielny occasion (may he sign forever I love hims so)

turns out hes not Kos
turns out hes not Kos
robin van pursie
turns out hes not Kos


Is it me or does Kos look like Daniel Craig’s 007?


Kos is the Real James Bond!

D gospel

The boss played 42 matches and yet against the albions he didnt look tired,seems like he could play another 42 matches unhindered,looks fragile yet so strong,diplomatic and with team spirit…you should have seen the look on his face when he scored in his own net at ewood park…such love,plus we all know he bosscielnied olivier’s deciscion to join us or is that friendscielny?…i move a motion that we raise a statue for him…i’m kidding don’t crucify me


If Kos signs the extension does that mean we will get more for him when he goes to Man City next summer?

Dr Baptiste

Can we get more for you if we move you to le grove?

big black clock

Give him a house next to Giroud and he’ll be all set to play for us forever.


great to get new contracts with Kos, and lets also get some more years on Sagnas while we are at it.

RVP can go fuck himself. We will be just fine without him, im 100% confident. He had ONE great year at Arsenal. Look at him playing for Holland where he doesnt get the service from the team, he didnt do shit.

cant wait for the season to start and the trophies to be ours


Oh he’s shit alright.

Rad Carrot

he’s *THE shit.


Yeah thats actually what I meant lol…..dont know why they thumbed you down though.
Guess they dont speak “thug”


Excellent news! Lets stop waiting till there’s less than a year left on their contracts to tie down important players.

I think it’s especially important for us to have a solid back 4 tied down for the long term. The more they play together the better our defense will be.


Kos doesnt use ink to sign contracts, he uses his blood!


Just saw on Djourou’s twitter an article he posted. It’s in German, but seems he’s signed an extension till 2015 and is pumped fot the season.. And he hopes to take the chances he’s given and fight for a spot. Also says how the manager gave him faith and that’s why he wants to extend. Shot at vPersie’s statement? Always felt he got flak even though he was being played out of position due to injuries- and it seems he concurs. Lad has always been a solid central defender and we’re fortunate that we have a decent number 4. Wanna… Read more »


PerDjoVermaelescielny. I think we’ve the best defence in the league. With Robin gone Persie my initial idea was for us to get a striker but on second thoughts we do have Lukas and Giroud there for the central strike position. How about a right winger, ala Alexis Sanchez, as the only reinforcement? I think its enough, non? 🙂

Igor Stepanovs

Kossy + Vermie = Badass


Yes, give it to him!

[…] 来源:  [Arseblog News] […]


Careful, the shirt might boss you to all arsenal matches.


Sign em up… And sell Walcott he’s never gonna be the player we imagine he’ll be … He just doesn’t have it.. The euros proved that 2 lucky touches but in all fairness he only had 2 touches

[…] isn’t taking such chances with Koscielny, as Arseblog News has reported that the Gunners are looking to extend the Frenchman’s stay at the club. Koscielny’s current deal expires in 2014, but the […]

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[…] Laurent Koscielny has been handed a fresh deal to keep him at the club till 2017. His present deal expires in 2014, and I would love to see Bosscielny penning the deal as soon as […]

Dr Baptiste

Erm, I think we’re losing sight of the real issue here, which is: what are we gonna call ourselves?

[…] Arsenal is working hard on currently to happen to avoid another contractageddon like van Persie, is the extension of Laurent Koscielny’s contract to 2017.  His current deal ends in 2014, so to avoid the shenanigans of the last 2 summers, […]

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