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Young French striker offered trial

According to news reports in France, Arsenal set to offer a trial to Caen forward M’Baye Niang. says that the youngster will join the club for a trial period, with a view to a permanent move. The news of a trial is slightly surprising because, although he’s just 17 years of age, he played 23 times for Caen last season, scoring 2 goals.

With doubts over much of Arsenal’s forward line this summer (Van Persie – obvious : Walcott – dubious : Bendtner – illustrious : Arshavin – tedious : Chamakh and Park – oblivious : Myaichi – loanius), perhaps Wenger is looking for some back up, and has had some success with 17 year olds from France before.

Meanwhile, the Carlos Vela to Real Sociedad saga continues with local newspapers suggesting that Arsenal and Sociedad are more or less in agreement in terms of the fee but with still a number of details to sort out.

The Basque club seem confident of making the signing, however, and hope to have the deal concluded this week. All going well Vela will sign a 4 year contract, Arsenal will receive around €4m + extras, as well as a large sell-on with as much as 60% of any future transfer fee coming our way.

Real had also put forward a co-ownership model but Arsenal have rejected that.

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Another one looks to be heading out is Chamakh. Apparently, Wenger said Fiorentina have asked for availability and made an offer for Chamakh.



When is AW supposed to have confirmed Fiorentina’s bid?


The “quote” just ended there. Delving further to search for the truth, seems like the The Times “reported the quote” the rest of the major footballing websites just follow.

For Niang I think, Caen have allowed him to go on trial with us, and if impressed we could come back with an offer.


Illustrious – heh!

The article is a bit confusing – is he to be offered the trial or has he already accepted the trial?


I guess so.

I hope he doesn’t feel above the idea of having to participate in a trial…I suppose if he is then it will determine if he has any future at the club!


Maybe he and his representatives will refuse, stating they don’t think the club is being run correctly… As apparently that’s part of playing as a striker for arsenal.
All jokes aside, bringing in prospects for a look can’t hurt, especially if adding him to the squad won’t hurt the size restrictions if he’s just 17.

Ze Gooner

if we sign him please give him enough so he can fix his teeth


I know it means sweet feck all but he is a MONSTER a couple of years down the line on FM12.


I was waiting for that to pop up!

If he’s played that many games at that young an age in the top flight of French football, it certainly suggests there is something special though.


He could just have developed earlier though.
Good to see its business as usual at the arsenal. Still picking up talent even while the media shit storm of “club in crisis” rages on for another fecking year.


….Me too. One of the best FM 2012 talents around.

Master Bates

FM12 were spot on hazard,wilshere,sahin,subotic,hamsik,di maria,jordi alba,El Shaarawy,munian,lendawoski..

Yes, I have no life

Merlin's Panini

who the hell is lendawoski?

Master Bates

some striker he plays the same national team with sczeny

Merlin's Panini

nope, still not getting it…



big black clock


Merlin's Panini

sorry, I knew. I was just being pedantic because I’m a bit of a van Persie sometimes.


And what in the world is munian??

Master Bates

David Moyes uses Football Manager to scout players , I shit you not

Merlin's Panini

Haha, he’ll get a few years down the line and be wondering where all the made up players are who are banging in 30 goals a season for him.


There was this other French lad who in the end got 20 for finishing. I don’t think it was Niang. Sensational stats when I saw.

Of course I’m not patient enough to last 10 seasons on FM. After winning everything on the 4th season (from a mid-bot EPL team) it starts to get really repetitive.

Master Bates

Yaya Sanogo


haha was about to say the same thing, counts for bugger all in the real world but this kid is the first player I buy in any game of FM!


Ok, it seems to be a good move if it happens and the scout report of people who have seen him to be believed. I expect if this move happens, is to cover the departure of Campbell and Afobe on loans.


Think this could be a great buy if he proves successful in his trial. With Chamakh attracting attention from Fiorentina and RVP potentially on his way out, we could do with another striker for the future. With Giroud, Podolski and maybe another Striker if we get an RVP replacement, this guy could have a few role models to develop into a great player!


it’s amazing how so many of us have gotten over the van persie saga.
looks like we have some real hunger this season and it’s great to see us get back to supporting the young players.say as you want but youngsters are our core and the experience added last summer and this summer is only gonna help us.we are on the upward’s just a trophy that’s been missing.

ps:ox,ryo etc proves arsene and his staff have still got it.


I remember this kid made headlines as I think he played his debut as a 16 year old and scored. Links were made to us scouting him back then. He looks a big lad for a 17 year old ,
Interesting one .


Not as big as Lukaku was at 17.

big black clock

Lukaku who?

Any youngster who joins Chelsea and thinks it would be good for his development is just asking for it.


We haven’t found a sitting assignment for Wellington yet have we? I hope that we can get a WP for him and ship him to Bolton, so we can keep an eye on him.


Dear lord van persie? Did you just wink at me?

Yes we are giving him a trial, nothing wrong with that.


usmanov welcome aboard

Cygan's Right Foot

I’m… going outside to… stalk… Lenny and Carl


sign him up! he is great on fm12!
and Nangis toowho else is great on fm12?
that messi blokefrom cuntalonia wasnt too bad if my recollection serves me well


We think alike joe, strange he is offered a trial though, game is a bit different than in real life


Strange…..seems to me as though no player linked to arsenal ever flops on fm12.
All I see is develops into a solid this, solid that. Yeiy!
I’l try selling rvp to man city and see how it goes for him. I bet he flops hard then he’s sold to some qatar based club where then he is forced to retire due to lack of assists from his new teammates. Cunt!.


I sold van Persie to Man City. Scored 4 goals and got sold in December to Napoli or something.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Lol………..yes FM12 he gets really good, but that’s not y he was signed I am sure lol.

Oh speaking of FM pls tell me if there are any similar games out there FM is getting boring. Any suggestions.


I know this dosent mean much but just for discussion I signed this lad in football manager for £9 million and he’s 4 1/2 star potential future superstar and scoring for fun, I got a thrill when I saw this article, (jack wilshire, Eden hazard are 4 1/2 star potential just to gauge) he and theo have replaced traitor van persie very nicely.

Cygan's Right Foot

I remember playing FM06 and Andriy Shevchenko scored 45 goals in his first season while in real life it was only 14.

[…] 来源:  [Arseblog News] […]


Well a club like Arsenal takes players on trial all the time, and there’s of course the tired line that Arsene looking towards a young frenchman is not entirely out of character, but this is good news regardless (if it’s true). Clubs in the top flights of European football rarely let their players go on trial to other clubs like this, so if this is true then it suggests to me that a fee has been agreed in principle. Which is good news as this guy is a real talent – he has the potential to be a top, top… Read more »


thank you arsene wenger for your loyalty and commitment,for being there when we needed you most unlike some people we know.we are all behind you and your tremendous efforts will soon be rewarded.


Another foreign youngster lined up to be groomed and no doubt ready to be sold in the future for huge sum, if successful!

Kronke a poor paper dollar billionaire at present will be a pound billionaire soon.

Dr Baptiste

I’m pretty sure he’s a billionaire in whatever currency he uses. Personally, i’m a billionaire in yen….


and he is married to the daughter of one of the richest man in th US the co-founder of wal-mart so i doubt he need really the money


Kroenke won’t be hurting regardless of what goes on with the sports franchises he owns. The man owns two of the three largest sporting venues in Colorado, and his wife is a walton heir.


Just read that Seydou Keita has left Barcelona for some Chinese team… I thought we could’ve done worse than boosted our defensive midfield options with a free transfer for an experienced trophy-laden player who’d be familiar with the style of football we like to play. Sure, he’s 32, but he’d have been a good option to have…


You are right but he has won it all and is 32 so will be looking for the best possible deal in terms of wages. We can’t offer that.


Aye, maybe. I don’t know what the Chinese club were offering for him, but he might have wanted one last hurrah at a decent level… who knows…too late now anyway.


His wages and sign-on would have been outrageous for someone who’s just going to be backup to Song, though. And at 32, the most he could have expected to get is a 1, maaaaybe 2 year contract.


Signing an African player to cover Song (another African player) is probably not a good idea… nations cup comes along and we lose them both.

big black clock

Are you seriously saying we ”lack ambition” because we didn’t sign some 32 year old? Okay this is getting tiring.

We’re already stoked in DM and I’d rather give the spot to Le Coq.

Dr Baptiste

I don’t think anyone said we lack ambition, just that he would have been good as an experienced back up.

Sancho Panza

Niang is a monster !! looks like adebayor,but he wont turn out to be like him 🙂 the lad got huge built and pace !! hope the deal comes off cheap and another replacement is bought,along with capoue !!


I’m a little puzzled about this trial thing. Do we bring the kid over for a spell with the reserves, or does he get some playing time like the Ox had last season?

Merlin's Panini

I suppose it depends how well he does on his trial, but I would imagine it would be the latter or buying him and shipping him out on loan asap.


If I wasn’t mistaken, a player on trial cannot start a competitive match. He will train with the team and maybe play Friendlies, then Wenger and his coaching staffs will decide whether he is good enough for us to make an offer. I have no idea how long the trial period will be though.


Similar situation like brek shea?
Only difference is we will sign this guy.

Cygan's Right Foot

Brek was essentially, for lack of a better example, an exchange student. As far as I’m aware, they are a club that we are connected to and he was training with us during the off-season but I may be wrong.
Obviously Wenger decided he either wasn’t ready or didn’t show enough potential.


I heard we’re in for another Montpelier player “REMY CABELLA”

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