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Ramsey refuses Robin rumour runaround

Aaron Ramsey says he has no idea what’s going to happen with Robin van Persie and also that he’s not going to become embroiled in what’s set to become another summer saga.

Speaking to the Press Association, he said, “There is no need for me to get involved in that. I don’t know and we as players don’t know what is happening so we will just have to wait to see what happens.”

Maybe it’s a suggestion that the players were as blindsided as the club at the release of van Persie’s statement but probably just indicates players genuinely don’t have a clue when it comes to the intentions of their teammates. Unless they all sit around at slumber parties and tell each other secrets.

Ramsey has also hailed the arrivals of Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud, saying, “They are great additions to the squad. Hopefully they can do their bit for the team and hopefully we can have a big season.”

Hopefully indeed. Nothing more than that. It’s quiet and we had to post something.


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Alex Song's already been booked!

I know Ramsey got a lot of flak for his performances last season but I have a good feeling about him for 2012/13. Hopefully a good Olympics will be the prelude to a season where he’s back to his best.


I agree. Think Ramsey might do his role as a squad player really well

Master Bates

if we don’t buy an attacking midfielder ,he’ll start a LOT of matches , and I thik he’ll step up . someone always does when key players fuck off

I just hope he doesn’t get ‘ambitious’ when he gets his breakthrough season


@Master Bates

Don’t we have Rosicky and Wilshere ahead of Ramsey in the pecking order at AM? Why would Ramsey start a lot of matches when he’s in competition with two players for one spot?

Besides Arron is better in a deeper position if you ask me, he operates well under less pressure.


Just like the idiots that blamed Denilson for sideways passing, they don’t understand the possession game, they would rather have Diaby who doesn’t sideways pass, he dribbles into dead ends, loses the ball, but he is a much better player!


Fingers crossed, hopefully not too many sideway passing.

Master Bates

he passes sideways just as much as any other midfielder


Arsenal plays tippy tappy ,they MUST pass sideway


This is a good place to point out how fucking retarded this kind of statement is given that a massive stack of Arsenal attacks rely on getting the ball to the wingers and attacking fullbacks. Spreading the ball wide is essential.

Furthermore, the number of people who slag off our flank players for not getting involved enough – at the same time as slagging off midfielders when they trying to put the balls onto the wings is teeth-gnashingly aggravating.

Basically these people should be shot, and the balance of their bank accounts transferred to me.


Thank God, he doesn’t pass backwards like the boring bastards from Barcelona.


better a clean pass sideway than a hollywood pass gerrard style to the opposite team i say

chu young park

I’l take those ‘sideway passes’ and score them all. Anyday.


I really hope he comes good next season. I know he has the ability and the potential to do it.


Ramsey should stop the attempts to backheel/flick and imagine he’s a flamboyant player with fanciful tricks. He needs to just be himself and keep things nice and simple – passing accurately, tackle/press with determination and shoot with confidence and i’m confident ramsey could fulfill the potential at arsenal many fans believe he can


Atleast he’s not saying anything he shouldn’t. van Persie has thrown this club sideways. What are the players meant to do? Another reason why van Persie should never captain this team again.


It’d be pretty embarrassing to have him as captain, after he opened his big trolling mouth.


Im a genuine arsenal fan, but next season I’m considering not going to as many games if I have to use my salary to pay to watch Ramsey.


Yep, that sounds like something a genuine fan would say.


I am a genuine Arsenal fan… but I will not watch the team play because I hate one guy…

Are you Usmanov in disguise?

Hudson Hornet

Yes sounds like Usmanov not to come visit and see the team. And pay for a box.

big black clock

Well at least we know he’s not Stan.

You know, the guy who claims to love our club but hasn’t come to a single Arsenal game yet. Oh and he’s also a board member.


As we pay the highest ticket prices in the world for football, I would expect to watch someone considerably better than Ramsey, he has been shocking all season, his overall game (stuff you only see if you actually go to the game, not watch in the local pub) is terrible, mark my words, this time next season he will be another arshavin, given far too much time to produce but won’t. People will point out his good games earlier on this season, one was against the worst Chelsea defence I’ve seen in over 10 years lead by the muppet now… Read more »

Master Bates

you don’t play 40+ matches for a club that finished 3rd if your shit

there is something wenger knows more than your intoxicated buddies..


People like you are the reason I don’t go to more games.

If I pay £40 or whatever to watch Arsenal, I want to hear people supporting the team, not bitching like girls for 90 minutes about every little thing. If they could swear less, that’d be great, too.

Hudson Hornet

Master Bates:

I would say playing Ramsey for that many games was ainly due to the injuries in the squad rather than form.

Another fruit of under investment.

Still, Ramsey is a good you talent which will get better.

Learning on the job is not always the best way …


@Hudson Hornet,

Usmanov is a football fan and he claims that he loves us. Better say Satan Kroenke or whatever his name was.

big black clock

More seats for my big black clock then. Thanks mate!


Good we don’t need fans like you.


As a matter of fact we do, I can clearly see I’m in a minority on this site, which is good as the majority isn’t always right, rvp is the perfect example of this. 95% of you hailed his as their most beloved player since Henry, now look, they cant call him a cunt quick enough. Personally I find this sickening. So what that he wants to move, He is 29 and wants a final challenge before he retires, he doesn’t care about man city being unsustainable, in his last few years before he turns in they will be unstoppable.… Read more »


Seb, actually going to games (and thus buying tickets) doesn’t give you any more right to criticise than anybody else, its that kind of shitcunt attitude that keeps people away from games, the reason people are calling you out is because your opinion is fucking stupid.

Cygan's Right Foot

Seb: 1. I pay for red level memberships for me, my wife and son and go to as many games as we can afford (while is not the same initial cost as a season ticket, it’s still expensive) 2. I pay for a sports package that goes to the tv rights and thus the end of season pay outs 3. I pay for merchandise around every 2 seasons So please tell me how you think your opinion is any more important than mine or anyone else’s and so gives you the right to talk down to them? I pay out… Read more »


You are so great Cygan’s right foot, you should make your own blog and be cooler on this one.


Ramsey could be a good player, with another manager.


You try to sound mysterious but all I read was SHIT!!!!.


Ramsey could be a good player, under Usmanov.

Cygan's Right Foot

You mean a manager with a proven track record of producing young talent like…. Arsene Wenger…. You muppet

Merlin's Panini

with fans like you who needs Spuds? Stupid comment.

I am glad he’s talking positively. Sounds like we can knock that Fulham nonsense on the head, and I’ll gladly watch him pick up his form next season.

Hudson Hornet

The picture says it all.

Personally I think Ramsey should just concentrate on his own football which from a purely performance point of view has been very disappointing.

Other factors considered this next season is a big one for him. Good luck to the lad.


“Personally I think Ramsey should just concentrate on his own football…”

Because of course, the first thing that Aaron Ramsey did after getting up this morning was to ring the Press Association to give them his perspective on Van Persie.


[sigh] Another “Why is this player giving an interview about his job? He should be down the gym!” post. These never get old.


Well it may not have been much, but thanks for posting it anyways. I need my arseblog news fix!


Ramsey is such a professional for someone so young. I really hope he can put in a really good season and become a role model for the younger players.

big black clock

I don’t even care about news relating to Robin at this point.

But I do care about Ramsey. I’ll be rooting for him next season, he has been one of the most strongest figures at the club imo. He’ll have a great season next season, hoping to see him and Wilshere tearing the Spurs midfield a new one.


Really tired of the Ramsey criticism, he was on of our best players at the start of the season, shame this got lost in the end of season revisionism and Arteta/Benayoun love ins.

THink he created our most chances from open play didn’t he?


He had a bad season last year… really did. Arteta was without a doubt our most important midfielder last season. But I do think Ramsey will play well next season. That’s the frustrating thing — we all know he has the talent and that he’s capable.


(Do agree that he started the season well… seemed to lose confidence/form after that.)

big black clock

Correction: He had half a bad season. I didn’t see anyone complaining about him before December, or after the Ch3l5ea game.


I seem to recall that the season before last everyone was whooping Ramsey up, and last year they were after him with pitchforks and torches. There are too many bandwagon-fans who’ll turn on you in an instant–I say we shut our yaps and give the guy a real chance.


Really hope RVP’s situation doesn’t demoralise the players before the season starts. I was so hopeful of our season before all this.


With all the van Pu$$y/Usmanov bollox aside, I’m actually really looking forward to the new season. I hope Ramsey does well and kicks some ass too! 🙂

big black clock

BREAKING: Jan Vertonghen has officially announced his retirement from Champions League football, after he agrees personal terms with Spurs.


Go announce this on a Spurs site then, because I really don’t give a toss about who they sign.


Heh. Over your head a bit?


dont worry your next


The performance ramsey put in when we played stoke away was a huge head turner for me. He always looked to prove his doubters wrong. He intercepted numerous balls, wasn’t afraid of engaging in tackles (shawcross was even scared shitless to come across him) , took multipe shots and looked a total different player.

That ramsey I so want for the 2012/2013 season.


Welcome to our world Aaron, and we as fans and the ones that ultimately the club is run for have no idea what’s going on either.
Shame that seing as we add the vast majority of its income.

D gospel

Let the games begin…we are the arsenal and we can’t be moved even if our captain is moved


he talks like the president
he gave goals as presents
but as it is evident
he is a CUNT and my memories
of him are FADED!i

D gospel

Guys,is it true that van persie has flown back to london to hold another talk with wenger and ivan without his agent? If its true then it shows that the robin is only being used


Not a chance. Robin’s a clever man, who did a very stupid thing releasing that statement. he definitely thought it through. I do not think, however, that he anticipated the extent of the reaction he has got from the fans. Perhaps he thought with his one season hero status and position as best layer and captain, also for just one season, would sway more fans to his side. But no, he forgot something. We love the team. We love Arsenal. His statement threatened our beloved club so we called it for the bullshit that it is!

Dave Gooner

Get him out the door and on to a plane to Juve as quick as possible..

Bye Robin. Thanks for the goals. Pity about the way you left.

Now away with you, we have a season to prepare for.


Just out of interest, how many Arsenal fans just think Ramsey is shit because of what they hear from other “fans” and not because they actually look at Ramsey (even off the ball) during the matches. If any fan watches Ramsey during the games you will see a kid who, if given a proper start to the season would do great things. You would also see a kid who, to me, impresses when not with the ball. His positioning is great, which shows his footballing intelligence and the way he sometimes forces defenders to follow him, opening up space for… Read more »


Is this the same Ramsey that jogs back when the opposition break into our half?




I say he’s shit because for the second half of last season, he was shit. I hope he’s better next season, if not, I’ll say he’s shit again.


Are you having a bad week at work or what?


this is also the ramsey who gave Wenger enough reason to sell Cesc and Cuntasaurus because of the partnership he had with Wilshere. Fingers crossed we actually get to see that

why is my name required

Please stop talking about Rvp. We are the arsenal and we have better things to talk about … like who is the next signing and who will be our top scorer next season

chu young park

I’l be like a new signing for you guys next season then i’l be top scorer…………………

back to talking about rvp


Completely unrelated but all this summer saga bullcrap makes me love Barcary Sagna even more. We should mass produce that guy and set them all in the penalty box so they can headbutt every ball into the net like the Sp*rs game. And how does a 5’9″ defender win so many aerial duels with a metal plate in one leg?


He does ballet. I’ve seen the footage.

[…] 但愿真的能有个伟大的赛季吧。今天的新闻就仅此而已。哪怕屁事没有,但本站总得捞点东西报道吧哼唧。 来源: [News Arseblog] […]


Wenger always vaunts mental strength and Ramsey was one of the few professional players to show it. Sure, he had more bad games than great but if you look at the abuse he gets, and after a tackle from ‘not that kind of guy’ , compared to Eduardo then surely we must be patient. Eboue couldnt deal with the abuse and he was fit (speaking like). Yes, Ramsey is not perhaps first pick but neither was R@P after he came back from a serious injury.


Wise words from Aaron Ramsey. To keep discussing the RvP situation, to keep reading stories about it, even when there’s an absence of new information–that is to keep picking the scab off the same sore. We should all give it a rest and wait to see what happens,


RVP has refused contract for same reasons we were frustrated last season. We are slightly above average and cannot afford big players to alter that. We have to get behind our young players as collectively they will achieve one day. Ramsey is a class player and will get better. Let’s not get upset when one of our star players becomes a diva and take it out on other squad players before a ball is kicked in the new season. We should as supporters back them with optimism and soon the glory days will return


How anyone can slag off Ramsey is a joke, the guy was starting his first full season since a serious injury and was then expected to imediately step up when Wilshire was injured, Cesc went home and that french cunt fucked off!!! The guy is only 21 one and showed the passion and commitment we expect from those who wear the Red and White. Even when he’s not having his best day at the office he tries too make it work and fashion chances for himself and others. Something more experienced players like Arshavin should sit up and pay attention… Read more »

Glory hunter

Lol I’ve given up on my fellow Arsenal fans!
I kinda think we deserve all the shit we’re going through cos of our attitude towards players, ex-players & our management team.
It’s called karma and it’s a bitch.

I can only imagine our arrogance when we were actually a decent team.

But that’s ok cos every player/person that leaves/plays for Arsenal, criticises/praises Arsenal is a cunt but we the fans are noble, kind, generous & loving people who deserve the best!!!


Koscielny was given a lot of stick for his first season, and look how well he did last season. I believe this season will be the break through for him. I remember him making his first start against wolves before the injury and I was so impressed by the way he played. He kept it simple, and wasn’t afraid to take a shot every once in a while. Reminded me of a younger Gerrard.


Captain Ramsey! Nobody rich will buy him! We ll have a captain for the next 10 years. 😉
And all you Ramsey lovers will be happy… at the middle of the league table.
I would like that I m wrong but we ll all see next season again how (un)limited he is.


Im not sure people realise just how much ramsey was affected by the death of gary speed. i know for a fact that when ramsey broke his leg gary speed was on the phone that night. he visited him regularly and called him weekly. when speed was appointed manager of wales one of the first calls he made was to ramsey and ask him to be captain. his death affected many people in football none more so than ramsey. lets also not forget just how young ramsey is. there are 29 players at the club older than him. the likes… Read more »


He is still 21? I would say he is 21. Ox is younger but he s potential is much higher then Ramseys. M’Vila is 21 and he is very good player already. What is very interesting is that nowhere on arsenal forums support for Ramsey is not high as here and I don t think that arseblog is “guilt” for that. It s just how it is. Maybe there is a another reason. In the dark times of…. let s say war or something, or loosing another captain, people are having sort of “herding instinct” where they are holding for… Read more »

Cygan's Right Foot

I hear City are looking for new fans before the start of the season. You seem to like writing players off (without any real explanation why) and wanting to just buy a new team every transfer window, maybe you’d be better off there. Ramsey had a good first half of the season, then got tired and as a result lost form, just like every player does. RvP lost form towards the end and couldn’t hit a barn door in some games but he was never criticised by you. Vermaelen had some terrible games where mistakes led to goals but again,… Read more »


Let s wait for a year and two… ok? If Ramsey leaves Arsenal you go with him as a groupie.

Dr Baptiste

What an odd reply. Surely as Arsenal FC fans you support the club and so the players as part of it.
Not sure supporting a player who gets, in my opinion, unfair and constant abuse while other players get let off as they scored x goal here or player ‘A’ is my favourite is a stupid idea or makes someone a “groupie” as you put it. Wouldn’t jumping on to the criticism make you just another part of the over-the-top bandwagon that seems to happen every season for one player or another?


Fuck off

Red and white striped socks

Ramsey is still young let’s face it the whole side is still young! Let Rvp go! I’m not expecting him to do a uturn!
PSG would be the best place for him. Any place but shity!
BFG to make captain, sort out the keeper situation and I think we will be in good shape!
Jack may take a while to settle again but he is a great talent. I for one am looking forward to the new season. COYG


Jack and Rvp have some things in common… They both like to make explicit their admiration for all things Arsenal. They both have produced a single great season for Arsenal, after which they beleive themselves to be the real deal.


And I believe that was real shit you just posted.

Cygan's Right Foot

Can you give me a link that shows Wilshere claiming he is the next big thing. I’m pretty sure that’s the media making him out to be the saviour of English football while the fans are realistic.
No evidence for your post, just bog-standard drivel from your no knowledge, FIFA playing fan


TM5 – To be Captain.
When he got offered a new contract he mentioned how Arsenal have always supported him and have full trust in his ability. Maybe RvP could learn something from that.
We must put this RvP thing to bed, I love my club with all my heart with or without the guy, but should it be without him (which I actually would prefer) we must push forward and show HIM out ambitions as a club.


TM5???……either you mean TV5 or thomas mikel 5 In which then i’l be soooo confused.


Ramsey had a mixed season, and as such, I see his season very much a mirror of the one we had as a club last year. There were highs, lows, and some moments where you screamed in frustration or confusion. I do hope the Olympics will be a way he can build some consistency into the start of the season, as he did start brightly last year… the problems began in January, where he looked just plain exhausted (due to over-use). This year hopefully we will have Jack back, and maybe even two or three appearances from Diaby to help… Read more »


Good point well made.

TV gets hero status (but deserves it for attitude only in my view) but his mistakes last year directly cost us matches amd points. AR’s mistakes consisted primarily of falling short of excessively high expectations…

Give the kid a break you AR-bashers and pick on some harder but more deserving targets…


Sorry – my post was in reply to ETID’s above about the impact Gary Speed’s death may have had on AR


I accept your apology sir.


Aaron Ramsey for me is an enigma. In some games he turns up and plays his heart out then in some he completely switches off. Say the Chelsea game at the bridge, Ramsey was pure awesomeness, the way he ran rings around the midfield switching balls from wing to wing with ease and precision. A good day out for him I’d say. Then fast-forward to the home game and I’m sure all you can remember is Torres bullying him out of the ball and him being caught in possession numerous times. Nothing really seemed to work for him- bad day… Read more »


At 21 many players are inconsistent one week to the next. take neymar hazard and even mvila. now i have seen these fellas have absolute stormers followed by a stinker the next week. im not putting ramsey anywhere near their level certainly not technically but for commitment stamina and passing he is at a high level. 21 captain of his country and last season created more goal scoring opportunities than anyone at arsenal including song. its just rvp missed most of the.chances ramsey provided and scored most of thpse that song provided. to the fella earlier who said they saw… Read more »


so if i understand what happen in the last 7 days rvp couldnt have meeting with gazidis who was on holiday ( he wasnt) who told him (with wenger) the plan for next year and he wasnt happy about it . now he comeback on from holiday himself………i m lost !!!!! so basicaly nobody have met anyone yet

Robin van pussy

I am arsenal they said. I am nothing without arsenal they never said. I am a pussy. Pussy man persie.

Henry's priceless foot

Before he broke his leg, many fans were saying he is on par with Cesc Fabregas. It is great that the young lad has played one full season of decent football after one complete year after a horrific injury on the sidelines. He’s in his early twenties and has captained his national side. Show some respect for your talented player, I am sure he will prove all his critics wrong very soon!


Yeah, this could be the season for Rambo. Could. He could become a world class player, or he could become another Denilson. Time will tell. Best of luck to him.

A Good Gooner

He has potential and even if he doesn’t immediately show it, let’s not continue to verbally abuse him and make him a long-term victim like Walcott. I hope Walcott doesn’t leave. I’m gonna feel sick if he plays for chelsea.

[…] Aaron Ramsey has spoken about the van Persie stuff, saying: There is no need for me to get involved in that. I don’t know and we as players don’t […]


Oh shit!!! Murray lost in his maiden wimbeldon final……….seeing him cry like that!. Why federer?, why?
See, I care about this more now. Wasting time talking about some want arsenal captain- not my thing.

Cygan's Right Foot

Then why comment of this thread?


Are you some fuckn policeman? Leave people to write what they want. Internet is (still) free media.
Thank you


Yeah tell him lib!!!!. Cygan fuck off please. It’s time you get back to your toys and stuffed animals.

Dr Baptiste

While I’m sure the right idea is in there, I’m not sure calling him a “fuckn policeman” or essentially a child is going to make him “fuck off”


The funny thing about all this “Ramsey is $hit” talk is a result of Ramsey trying to hard. I don’t have much stats but from what I have seen on TV he covers alot of ground/works his socks off and tries to impress the fans. He gets frustrated when a pass goes wrong or he misses a shot on goal and tries to do better the next chance. Sometimes the harder you try,the more things go wrong. Once he learns to calm himself and play a normal game/do the simple stuff more instead of expensive stuff he will get better.… Read more »


On an unrelated note to Ramsey, Fiorentina has made an offer for Chamakh according to Wenger.

Cygan's Right Foot

Maybe a swap with them, Chamakh and cash for Jovetic. If that happens, it’ll be a good deal
So Chamakh (a massive flop to some fans) has Fiorentina making a serious bid for him while RvP (the saviour last season and now a traitor) has a laughable £8million bid for him….. Ah, things are still right with the world of football.


Great blog mate, shame alot of people cant get past argueing with eachother and detracting from the issue. Its an Arsenal blog, not an ego polishing service My feelings, Ramsey is not an AMC unless wilshere and rosicky are rested/injured Walcott needs a decent new contract but rather than a massive wage, bigger incentives for form, say a bonus for every direct assist as well as the more usual goal bonus. reward current form, not past. Koscielny the same, first rate DC not sure how long Song has on contract but lets extend, and add a more natural DM Buy… Read more »

Arse Is the best

He leaves when he wants !!!…..

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