Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Headline: Dull statement made about a player

Arsenal have confirmed that Robin van Persie was back at London Colney yesterday and that the Dutchman is eager to sort out his future as soon as possible.

It remains to be seen where the professional pig bladder kicker will be playing next season and with pretty much every piece of tittle-tattle and gossipy supposition contradicting the next it looks as though it will stay that way for a while longer.

No doubt harangued into giving a statement by The Sun, a club spokesperson cautiously outlined the current state of affairs in as mundane terms as possible.

“Robin returned to training on Monday as expected and made it clear he wants to sit down and resolve the matter of his future, either way, as soon as possible. No date has yet been agreed for that meeting.”

It is possible that no date has been agreed for many reasons. Perhaps Steve Bould has locked Robin in the gym and is forcing him to do extra star jumps and lunges as a punishment for being a wantaway git.

Coerced into a cupboard by Vic Akers it’s not impossible that Van Persie is currently being forced to unpack box after box of the new away kit until his eyes bleed purple tears.

Perhaps Arsene is making him wait outside his office by doing the ‘talk to the hand’ gesture so beloved of teenage American girls in badly acted television programmes about teenage American girls.

It’s not inconceivable to believe that our Dutch ‘captain’ has been left dumbstruck by the sight of part-time models Olivier and Lukas rubbing baby oil on each other in the changing-rooms.

Perchance the 29-year-old…blah, blah, blah…


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Sell him. Get the money. Reinvest wisely and move on. Ditto Walcott. Sadly the scenario will be – delay…..think about it……….leave it until August 31st…….sell at the last minute……..and the money goes straight into Stan’s back pocket. Never to be seen by us again.

We made over fifteen million pounds profit on last seasons fiasco. What happened to that, I wonder ?

Mills N7

Maybe some of it went into new contracts for Rosicky and Vermaelen, or perhaps the two new strikers we’ve just bought. And for the last time, Arsenal DON’T PAY DIVIDENDS. The only way Stan Kronke makes money is if the value of the club (and thus, his stake in it) goes up.

Cygan's Left Foot

No, Rossa and TV didn’t get transfer fee when extending their contracts. They get their wages through the 140 mill (thanks to over paying the dross) budget. I am sure that money will go to increase our wage bill to 150 mil a year after given the board, dross and some 13 year old new messi pay rise. Here is a thought Theo on 65K a week, we over 85K a week, he wants 100K a week. Wellbeck on lesson to this 15K a week, Manures over 42K and he wants 60K. FFS our fourth and fifth central backs on… Read more »

Master Bates

left foot

how many professional contracts has welbeck signed ? do you even know how contracts work ? I hear they increase after every renewal

the same applies for squilaci ,if it makes feel better Coquelin and OXlade chamberlain are paid peanuts


There are plenty of ways of getting money out of a Club without ‘dividends’. The ‘dividends’ argument is a red herring to distract from what they are really doing. Do you seriously think that Kronke gives a toss about Arsenal as a Football Club ? It’s all about ‘sweating the brand’ and ensuring the share price keeps going up – and the value of his investment follows suit. Why do Arsenal keep so much cash in house ? I strongly suspect to help finance the interest payments on the loans Kronke took out to buy Fiszman’s shares. That’s why they… Read more »


i manage to keep my wage total under 1 million per year on champ man. can’t understand why clubs can’t do it too.


No Arsenal doesn’t pay dividend but straight from the horses (AW) mouth that he needs 20mil profit every year to pay the interest on the Emerates.
So does that mean RVP & Walcott needs to be sold or will the deadwood cover it?


Actually, we pay 14 million in loan repayments and interest every year. That’s not a lot, really, for a club of Arsenal’s size, and it’s ‘good debt’ – long term, low interest. So we don’t need to sell anyone, but putting players on 200k wages is a completely different matter.


i’m bored


Agreed. When’s Sunderland?


Rvp enjoying some stress free time with his family in Ibiza??,
well the gray hairs disagree.


spoken in a teenage american girl voice: ” This is just like, SOOOOOOoooooo BOOring”.


Arseblog’s gonna look a proper idiot if Van Persie goes to Juve,

Red Cannon

Somehow I suspect that Arseblog wouldn’t mind looking like an idiot on this one.


Perhaps Vermaelen is giving him the stare of death at a corner in London Colney.



or may be Santosh is teaching this Gay a lesson like he did to Ballotolli……
may be….just may be!


This is really dull! in other (unrelated) news, things are also dull at work today. 🙁


fucking gareth bale is looking forward to next season with the spuds.
cruel cruel world.

Merlin's Panini

Couldn’t give a monkey’s about Gareth Bale.
or should I say couldn’t give a Gareth Bale’s about Gareth Bale.


Gareth Bale is horrendously overrated, a Na$ri character. Half a good season and suddenly he’s the best player in the world. Not saying he’s not good, but when Sp*rs suddenly took a nose dive he was one of the worst performers. When the spuds don’t make CL football again he’ll be off next season, and hilariously for far less money.


RedCarrot, it was more like, Gareth Bale had 1 good game in which he scored a hat-trick against Inter Milan and in which Tottenham could still not win.


RVP 29 yr old permacrock, sell him.
TW one of our 6 (or whatever) wingers trying it on, sell him as an example.


I’m not really happy with robin and stuff, and maybe I’m optimistic or delusional or whatever, but am I the only one still hoping he’ll stay?


ur not the only one me too, frm kenya

Master Bates

me too , I hope he stays , so other team can’t have him . And we’ll see if he can beat JET’s goalscoring record in the reserves


RVP injured for the good part of 7 seasons, has 1
good season and slates AW and the team even
though he was captain. Requesting to leave in the
process. Tomas Rosicky injured for the most part
of 3 years. Comes back and plays his heart out in
every match. Signs a contract saying that he
want’s to carry this on and repay the club.
Rosicky is a legend to me RVP is just a


I love Rosicky, but the word ‘legend’ is thrown around a bit too often these days.


Guess he meant “more of a legend”…….i think??, which then would be true.

Sanchit Shorewala

And its not like Rosicky didn’t have offers. He was being offered crazy money to play in China/UAE and I am sure Prem clubs would have been interested too.
If Robin would have been a quiet-ish lad and not gone on and on about how we were great at sticking to our principles, how he was proud to be a Gooner and all, this mightn’t have hurt that bad. But after saying all that, making such a vicious u-turn shows he is just dishonorable and ungrateful.


Rosicky forever!


This RvP and Walcott situation. Sad but not fatal, so long as we get competitive, quality players in return. The entire first team must spend the whole preseason training/playing together as much as possible before the season starts to assure we will not repeat the miserable form we showed in the earlier part of the last season.


Arsenal wouldn’t fall apart if he leaves. There’s a bright future for the club with LANS and new signings. Although I prefer him to stay, with or without a new contract.


Oh no…. it’s too early in the transfer window to be throwing LANS around! Gotta wait till mid August before LANS can be used (and I truly hope we don’t hear it unless it’s about Jack Wilshire!)


Sagna to be a LANS

*fingers and toes cross*


It’s not inconceivable to believe that our Dutch ‘captain’ has been left dumbstruck by the sight of part-time models Olivier and Lukas rubbing baby oil on each other in the changing-rooms

Ah Ahem. If that doesn’t show hard ambition, nothing does.


Personally bored shitless with it all.

RVP killed the concept of player loyalty for me. Thought he was a Gooner, thought he understood what it was to be skipper, thought he’d become a legend by sticking around and getting the next generation to where we want them. Turns out not apparently.

So stay – fine. No doubt I’ll chant your name again. Or go – fine. Just get on with it.

Same with Theo. You don’t want to play for us? Mind the door doesn’t hit you on the arse on the way out.

Mills N7

Nope, player loyalty will finally be dead if Jack Wilshere does what VP is doing…

Glory hunter

Unfortunately I can see the same scenario re-occuring in a couple of years time with Jack.
RVP might be a ungrateful mercenary but if we can’t even keep hold of players like Theo, then I really don’t understand whats going on!

Never thought I would say this about any of our players but I hope RVP does his cruciate ligament in training after being frimponged! 🙁


Have to agree on the loyalty thing. Genuinely thought he was different. Sadly, he’s not. Sell him and move on.


It really is a sad situation. Hero to zero thanks to crap timing by Kees Vos. I reckon he’s destroyed Robins career.
Still, time to move on…


Spot on with the loyalty call. I’m disillusioned with the whole thing to be honest. For me, loyalty disappeared when Bergkamp retired. I remember chanting with passion ‘ one more year’ and being made up when he did. Now every decent player we’ve had since is angling for a move every year and i’ve had enough. Dont get me wrong, i’ll still support the team and scream like a mad man when we score but I can t see myself investing emotionaly in a player again. A bit melodramtic I know but to put it into some context, my work… Read more »


Forbes have named MU the most valuable team.Why? They have been consistently successful the last ten years. The gunners have fallen a couple of places and will continue to fall if they fail to win games and trophies. As for RVP,I would like to wish him success in any team he joins. If he gets wniiners medals,I hope he will show what Arsenal are missing. Wenger has a lot of work to do.His one dimensional style is easy to counter and defeat.He has to shore up a defence that leaked 49 goals. Unbelievable. Any team that wants to win games… Read more »


Forbes is an American magazine and the article probably has more to do with their imminent IPO on the US stock market than anything else.


Yes – and United submitted out-of-date accounts, which is perfectly legal but not a good sign. The newest set of accounts won’t look quite so pretty given the unusually poor performance in the CL. The cracks have been showing for a while now and are bound to widen with each passing year as Fergie can’t hold back the tide for ever. Have you noticed that even United’s young prospects seem to have seen that the writing’s on the wall and are fleeing to where the grass looks greener – e.g. Pogba off to Juve. It’s not just us with this… Read more »


People like you continue to sneer at so-called money grabbers at the club to the point where your statements make no sense: How is it that Kroenke, someone who has gone to elaborate lengths to secure long term control of the club “won’t be fussed” with circumstances that directly impact the success he obviously hopes to attain. But maybe I’m just being a complete idiot in accepting that someone who has been running operations like this for years has decided to focus entirely on short term gains – and will therefore be shocked in a decades time when the money… Read more »

Sanchit Shorewala

United have always had a wider worldwide presence and more money than us. That has never changed. Instead you should laud us for the fact that after living strictly within our means, with no cash injections or anything, we are up there at 4th. And I don’t know why everyone thinks Wenger just sits on his arse in his comfortable chair playing Minesweeper on his laptop. The defence is a concern, but you can’t just ‘fix’ it in one go. Except City every top 6 side in the League last season were shitty in defense more or less. And even… Read more »


“….we are up there at 4th.” Er, that’s 3rd in real money. That’s only outdone by the squillionaires of Middle Eastlands and Glazerhawks Unanimous and a sight ahead of Oligarchski Stamford Bridge. A certain bunch of cock and bull^H^H^H^Hball merchants landed 4th. Not bad for “a club in decline” in our “worst season ever” and all in the midst of a “power shift in north london” too…….if you read the press. Still, look on the bright side. If that was us declining and at our worst, if we can just haul ourselves up to being a shite, mediocre shadow of… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

Tbf, we’ve been working on it for 2 years now so I would imagine it wouldn’t take much more, Giroud needs to get used to where we cross it and Bouldy needs to shout at our defence a few times and voilà, we’re able to Stoke it out, if necessary.


Or it could be due to the fact that Man U have more money than us and have done for years – which is something I thought was common knowledge, but apparently not…


strange we havent won a trophy for 7 years and we are still the 10th most valuable sport team in the world
4th most valuable football team behind MU .real , barca (who always have been the front runner) like the last 7 years , we havent lost value we actually won some as we repay most of our debit
so please feel free to talk shit elsehwere

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So you are expecting Arsenal not to win anything next season? You have already surrendered? I feel sad for you. With your negative attitude you are sure to have a shitty year regardless of whether Arsenal win anything or not. I’d rather go into a season with hope and have it slowly eroded through the season, than be in your situation. Am I weird because even in a season when we ‘only’ came third in the PL I still got immense joy out of our wins? We came third out of 92 League teams. That would be a bronze medal… Read more »


Doesnt Forbes also list Arsenal as not far behind Man U.


#1 Manchester United ($2.23 billion)
#2 Real Madrid ($1.88 billion)
………#8 Barcelona ($1.31 billion)
……..*#10 Arsenal ($1.29 billion)

Rvp clearly knows how to balance the cheque books, now we just need to consult him on the way forward. COYG.


Cant believe we are still talking about him as an Arsenal player. He should not even be allowed back to say his goodbyes.
Ungrateful Twat he is


You’re the twat for saying shit like that. RvP is the ONLY reason we didn’t finish 8th last season. So what if he wants to leave, no reason for all this spiteful hate.

Dr Baptiste

So you’re saying RvP created all the assists and goals himself. Did he play rush-goalie as well?

Merlin's Panini

fact is, he got in great positions all season. Another fact is for the goals he did score he would miss a hat full. As long as Giroud or Podolski can get in those sorts of positions I don’t see us having much of a problem. To be honest I would be more worried about Theo leaving anyway. He adds something to Arsenal that no one else does, although perhaps Ryo can do that for us instead as he’s just as quick. Still, I would be more concerned about facing him than RVP, simply because we play such a high… Read more »


Walcott can pack his bags if he wants, he isn’t the only one with bags of pace. 😛

With Zhervinyo, Miyaichi, Chambo, Poldi, Rocky, and many youth talents we have around the club; Do we need to pay Walcott £80-90k?


one of the main reason we haven win a trophy the 7 before was because we were waiting for him to get fit and get injured again

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Actually the 20-odd different players who all spent the season feeding the ball to him are the only thing that got us third place last season. We know how successful RVP was at converting chances, but we can only speculate on how well any other Arsenal striker might have done given the always-present run in the team and the strong service that RVP received. We cannot know for certain that another player wouldn’t have done as well (None of the other forwards got a long run in the team, so it would be wrong to say “Ah, but when they… Read more »


Jesus Christ, can you stop your bitching already? Is Van Persie a slave? He’s nearly at the end of his contract and he’s perfectly entitled to not renew it for whatever reason. All your crying over it is just embarrassing.


funny how for other fans the transfer window is a time to get excited, for us it’s just pure torture. 1st sept. can’t come soon enough

Kenyan goon

Sometimes i wish i was a worldclass football player who had bags of mental strength and a face that all major sports brands love and played for the arsenal.
I trully would never leave. I love this club too much. Why is it so hard for some players to feel the same?

Glory hunter

Because other teams would double your wages, help you win more trophies & don’t cash in on their best players every summer & instead of using that cash to replace your world class talent with another world class player, will instead go for a cheaper option!!! In all seriousness fellow gooners, if we sell RVP to Man city then the club is no different to the players we label as greedy! As much as I hate to use this example, remember when Liverpool wanted to buy Heinze from Man Utd but Fergie didn’t allow it & sold him abroad instead!… Read more »


Damn!!, i’ve never been this serious when telling someone to FUCK OFF!!.
I disagree with everything you just said, you need to hand in your phone and be relieved of your internet connection like right now!.


You realize that in that instance, ‘abroad’ was Real Madrid, right?

glory hunter

You can chose to bury you’re head in the sand Gary, im just giving you the facts. RVP is as close to a gooner as foreigner could ever be, and im in no way justifying what he’s done but if im honest i can understand why he’s done it! We are not the force we once were(even you would admit that) so as well as not being competitive, we also dont pay the highest wages and to make it even worse all the good players we develop we end up selling! We as fans have all berated Wenger/Board for lack… Read more »


I get you glory hunter. I’m just more concerned as to why rvp chose to leave now. Most of his time with arsenal has been with the doctors- didn’t see him complain then. The timing of his departure has to do with him having the unrealest season of all. Which makes me wonder, was he forever thinking of leaving arsenal as soon as he put his injury woes behind him?. If so then that’s even more fucked up!!!!.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We ARE the force we once were. It’s the billionaires who have created a force over and above anything the Premier League has experienced before. You can only truly judge us on where we are in relation to everybody BUT the billionaires clubs. Granted United are generally a little bit on top of us, but they were often there when we were the top two clubs a decade a go and more. We are still above the rest, and have been now for 14 years. Any player, no matter how loyal or pro-Arsenal, or how badly he wants trophies, money,… Read more »

Sydney Gooner

Amen to that. My friend who is also a gooner thinks if he was in van persie’s situation he would have have done the same. But fuck him he’s a cunt.


Everyone of us would do the same as RvP, to be honest. The reason is when you’re in the mold of RvP and you’re the twilight of your career you need something for your own self. Great players deserve rewards (either in medals or in cash). RvP is realist, and (probably) he is not a gooner. He’s Feyenoord fan. So why should he waste his time in a club in transition mode? He said few times in an interview that he signed for Arsenal, because they were winning titles for fun. To be honest, I’m not fussed about what he… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

“Everyone of us would do the same as RvP, to be honest.” No, many of us would try to show more class and announce their wish to leave without running down the club and the players who we had played with over the past few years. Others might not give a shit about showing class, but would still be polite because you never know what the future may hold, and wouldn’t want to tempt fate. Simple question… What happens to RVP if he breaks his leg in three places tomorrow in training and is out of action in a cast… Read more »


With the inevitable departure of RVP and Arsenal fail to win anyting in 2013,Wenger should go. If not Arsenal could go further down the road to mediocre status,joining .the likes of AV ,Everton and god forbid,Stoke city. The warning signs are there and have been there the last seven years but have not been heeded by Wenger.This applies particularly to the defence. Btw it is no use of the gunners leading the epl for 90% of the season only to implode at the final lap. This will be criminal and shows the gunners have not learned the lesson of choking… Read more »

Dr Baptiste

Oh do shut up. Same bullshit that is spouted by journalists every season, when they say we will be the team to drop out of the top 4. Every season they have to stick their tail between their legs, crawl back under the useless rock they came from and then try to stir up more shit around the club.


While I understand your point about journos stirring up shit by being a bit to sensational whenever one of our player goes, you do realize that we haven’t won a lot (or anything) lately and one of the reasons for that has been our inability to keep our best players over this period of time. While the guy above (and everyone else who thinks we’ll get relegated or something, lol!) is perhaps being a bit a too dramatic, imagine what our squad would be like now if we’d managed to keep even half our best players that have left us… Read more »


Nizam, Fuck off with your doom mongering bull shit. It’s whingers like you that give the media ammunition amd their target audience. Go bother the chumps on le grove you’ll find it right up your alley…


It’s a bird, it’s a plane…….oh wait, it’s a flying fuck which I don’t give!!!!.


Lol at your comment. Henry(a bigger legend and not a one hit wonder)left and we survived. Cesc(a bigger lost to me in terms of his creativity) left and we survived. Heck the entire Invincibles team left and we survived. WE ARE STILL HERE! You can take your doom mongering and go away. I dislike fans like this. They just read the papers and make their own conclusion that Arsenal will “sink to the bottom” without the ball being kicked. Btw, if not for Wenger(the person who never learn anything from the past) we would have been more “doomed.” Guess Wenger… Read more »

Glory hunter

Nizam, you honestly have no clue!
If Wenger leaves, it’ll be mid table at best for us.


Yes we will end up just like stoke you cretin. Crisis at arsenal not Liverpool Chelsea or spurs who all finished below us in the league.

North Bank Gooner

is that you mystic meg? lets just sack Arsene now, as he’s failed next year, so we can be without a manager and captain. lets get Arry redknapp as his replacement, he spends big, and The Sun say he’s great! then we’ll buy messi, oscar, neymar, m’vila, ronaldo and buy back all the players city have nicked. and swipe joe hart for good measure. all of this will be funded by the money tree, in the garden of Highbury flats, where the centre circle used to be, and underwritten by the little irish fella with the wee hat at the… Read more »


Back to Le Grove!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Mediocre is Leeds United, you twerp. Once good but spent like fucktards until they damn near destroyed their club, and all in an effort to keep up with Manchester United and Arsenal.

We are The Arsenal. We may sometimes be shit, but we will never be mediocre.


kau belah je laa nizam


On a separate note why don’t spurs and city get their own scouting network sorted instead of sniffing around where our scouts have been. See spuds and city are now all of a sudden interested in niang.


Why the fuck would transfer funds bed towards offering new contracts? Id nasri and cesc left that means close to £200,000 a wee is being saved. THAT can go towards new contracts! Any transfer money needs to go directly towards transfers, this is something we haven’t done for years now.

Dr Baptiste

So we haven’t already bought 2 strikers before selling anyone…..


We did, but I would be more happy with Rvp and Walcott. Future will show that Im right.

Merlin's Panini

Wow. £200,000 just for weeing!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

At my age, on £200,000 a wee, I’d make more money every year without ever needing a payrise.


“Lukas and Olivier rubbing baby oil on each other…”

If that was meant to put a disturbingly weird image in my mind, congrats because it worked.


Was John travolta invited?


all i can say is that Wenger doesn’t deserve all this man! 🙁


That is some brilliant journalism. One of your best pieces yet.


I hate the transfer window..I’ve had enough of this stupid, painfully boring SHIT..words can’t explain how pissed off I get when people get more excited about transfers than the actual FOOTBALL..With or without RvP..with or without Theo, with or without M’Vila, I just want to watch my team play again!! I’m gonna bloody hibernate till August..


I am at a stage I don’t give a flying fuck where RVP ends up. He stays – good. Just another quality player we have. He goes – ok, another mercenary a$$hole. The player who forgot Arsenal took a chance on a player who was considered having a poor attitude. Wenger literally moulded him and stood by him amid all the calls to sell him for being injury prone. The same Wenger who saw potential in him to play as the main striker which eventually saw him get all the goals and attention. And what he do? He turn around… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yes, but it looks like Arsene Wenger never successfully moulded his poor attitude. RVP just learned to spout platitudes to get people off his back and on side, for only as long as he cared whether they were on side or not. I would have preferred “I am at an age where I need to earn more money as I may have to live on it after I retire from football. If I am going to do that I need to leave now while my value in the market is still high. I am sorry to leave without having won… Read more »


Fuck him. He cannot be allowed to dictate to us, regardless of his importance or of his dwindling economic value. Tevez was as important to City when he abandoned them to play golf as RVP was for us. He singlehandedly maintained city’s march to 2nd. Yet when he started wailing and threw his toys out of the pram, the club firmly drew a line and stood by it. We need to do that (and we can – that was the whole point of the ‘lean’ years post the new stadium, to be financially solid). Chain RVP if needed. Throw him… Read more »


If he goes abroad I can live with that. BUT the thought of him playing against us saddens my heart


Oh I dunno. The thought of the Shiteh physios spending a season up to their armpits in placentas, trying to fix his chocolate ankles after a Frimponging or Vermination, brightens my day.


Do we really need m’Villa ? Seriously
We have Song arteta diaby Coq and frimmy can all play the deep lying midfielder. We play 3 cm players in our current system. When fit you can assume jack song and arteta will take the starting berths with rosicky Ramsay Coq diaby Lansbury and frimpong all sitting as back up.
I would like to see an attacking midfielder added but I think at the price Rennes want for m’Villa it’s not worth it.


The way you make seems like we’re over loaded with quality central midfielders. However the only ones who are proven in the premier league are Wilshere, Arteta, Song, Ramsey, rosicky and Coquelin. Of those Wilshere is currently injured and Arteta and Rosicky are getting on. Diaby seems permanently injured, while Frimpong is also out at the moment and both he and Lansbury are relatively untested at the highest levels. Any young extra midfielder not necessarily M’vila would help this Arsenal team improve if they have good top level experience.


Nice to see arseblogers so brave and proud…
… all we have is a freedom to be sarcastic on this. But, at the end of a day we have a possibility to be left out with Podolski and Giroud instead of Walcott and Rvp, and Arsenal club still among top ten richest in the World. Good for the Board, bad for the fans. Another two top arsenal players will leaves us, or not?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So you are being sarcastic and you don’t really think the board are robbing us blind. I’m glad to hear that because I was beginning to worry that you were a “glass half empty” sort of person.


Now that Walcott and RVP are back, firm deadlines need to be set. RVP has a week to sort it out with ManCity or they cannot sign him and we will then offer RVP to Real, Barca, Zenit, Shanghi, Dubai, Qatar, MLS etc but not city anymore. If no deal is struck in two weeks then RVP apologies to the fans begs for our forgiveness and plays the season out with us. If not, he is banned from training and hopefully we have it in his contract that he cannot train anywhere else without our consent. We need to play… Read more »

Daniel Wong

The latest Forbes list of the world’s leading sports teams value the gunners at 825 million.If the gunners continue to struggle and don’t win anything,the value could go down to 500 million. So much for wenger’s philosophy. It has been a slow decline of the gunners since the fm broke up the 2004 side. He refused to give players over 30 a longer contract. Shades of Lampard,Drogba,Giggs,etc. As for his philosophy,how can the gunners not win games despite leading by two or even four goals. The worst was the 3-2 reverse to Spurs for two years running.. As manager he… Read more »


The same philosophy that got us 2 doubles,fa cups and unbeaten season? You weren’t complaining when we were doing all that were you?Good god, he is such a lousy coach!

For all the struggles. Our “value” gained from 2011-2012.
2011- £740m


“The latest Forbes list of the world’s leading sports teams value the gunners at 825 million.If the gunners continue to struggle and don’t win anything,the value could go down to 500 million.”

How do you work that out, then?


muppet the value of a club have nothing to do with trophy
we havent nothing in 7 years and our value has actually rising just our stadium ,training facility would be value 500M actually the club is probably undervalue

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

“He refused to give players over 30 a longer contract. Shades of Lampard,Drogba,Giggs,etc.”

Did you read that after you wrote it? It is meaningless bollocks. Just one example from your missive.

Which team do you support, by the way?


3rd place behind a team who have spent 930 million in expenditure and man utd
Shamefull ! Wenger out


for me van persie was long gone ever since 4/7/2012! no hard feelings. he may go wherever he want he is just anther cunt. those of us begging him to stay should atleast be realist for once.he insuslted everyone at arsenal including you.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You could see that he lost form towards the end of the season, going four games without scoring (when he wants). He then continued this poor run of form into the Euros, managing only one goal for his team there. This probably explains why no club has yet stepped in for him following his desperate plea to be rescued from us. We should certainly entertain any offers for him from abroad or from lesser English clubs (but not Manchester clubs, Chelsea or Spuds). Whatever offers we get we should agree terms as fast as possible. Then let RVP fail to… Read more »


Gunner2013 in one sentence you say no hard feelings then the next you are calling him a cunt?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

What he meant really by that is that RVP is NOT a prick (hard) he is a cunt (soft).


Rvp must appreciate wht wenger is doing nw. H should consider hs family advise and stick with arsenal. patience reaps

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Patience Reaps, RVP Weeps.

Hope his wife meant what she said and gives him bloody hell at home.


For me, what’s most disappointing is that we are allowing the Rvp and Walcott situations to drag through this summer. After what happened last year, Wenger and the Board should have learned their lesson. As I’ve said before, Van Persie has burnt his bridges and should be sold before the start of the season. If he wants to go to Man City then let’s ask for for a nice big fee and then push the ungrateful cunt out the door. City will soon find out that they have bought an injury-prone dud. As for Walcott, I just want him to… Read more »


This is hilarious. So evidently all throughout last season, you’ve been harbouring the opinion that Van Persie was shit all along – and if he hadn’t said anything and renewed his contract, you would have been on here telling us he was shit.



I never said that he was shit, I said he’s a dud: a dud is something that doesn’t work – like RvP for half the average season.

Why don’t you learn to read properly?


Sorry, are you actually trying to get scientific in reference to the highly variable likelihood of sportspeople becoming injured? Or are you not a complete twat? In the context of your post, “shit” and “dud” mean exactly the same thing, in that they refer to the capacity of a player to produce results. But no doubt you’re ready to protest that it doesn’t, so let me repeat the exact same statement with the words swapped: “This is hilarious. So evidently all throughout last season, you’ve been harbouring the opinion that Van Persie was a dud all along – and if… Read more »


Do me a fava? Bean there, done that.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I can see the attraction. In a way it would be quite nice to sell him for a big fat fee to Man City and then see him get injured and miss the entire season just after having been given a place in their squad. That would at least put City down one striker til January. A minor victory over them, and no doubt petty, but I would love to see it happen like that if we did decide we had to sell him. That, or keep him and then loan him to that Shenny Shinny team in China as… Read more »


I’d actually agree with you Fat, which is somewhat rare for me!

Though I’d like to see a fee paid for Walcott, and we do definitely need at least a couple of new signings.

I would advise against worrying too much just yet – the next two weeks will be critical, though. If nothing has been done by then, we need to start panicking.

big black clock

Last year when Cesc and Nasri wanted to leave, we literally had no backups or replacements for them. We had to hold out for the highest bidders so we can reinvest in the squad to replace them.

This year we’ve added Giroud and Poldi, so we have more bargaining power and can tell the blue mancs to fuck off. If that isn’t the board learning a lesson, then I don’t know what is.

glory hunter

Herein lies the problem, you think its ok to tell Theo to fuck off, yet expect loyalty from RVP??? Talk about fickleness. You need to make up your mind(that includes most gooners) We would readily discard players that we view as being useless or not good enough, regardless of what the player wants, does anybody care if Squillaci wants to finish his career at Arsenal? Answer is No, we want him out as soon as possible! Yet we moan cos RVP wants to leave, it works both ways. i was as heart broken as every gooner in the world when… Read more »


Imo i would say that if we sell both RVP n TW we wont need any replacement. we already have Giroud n Podolski to play in his place. then Chamack is still an option which i think Wenger will consider. With a gud preseason chamackh can come gud. N for the winger position, we have AOC who can replace TW. Plus dont forget Miyachi. i think we will only be buying a midfielder and some youngsters.


As far as I’m concerned the really devasting news is that Barca have officially confirmed that they’re in talks with us over Miquel. Have to say my heart sank when I saw we were probably loaning him to Brighton. I know, I know, he needs the experience but surely we could have found a better and more attractive club for him where he’d have played at a higher level and learned a bit more from the coaching than the need to put in crunching tackles lower-league-style? Barca or Brighton? Well, put yourself in this shoes. It doesn’t take a genius… Read more »

Dr Baptiste

Can you provide a link that says Barcelona have entered talks about Miquel. I haven’t seen anything that backs this up

Dr Baptiste

Unless you mean the Barcelona B team, not exactly a massive draw.
Told you’re not good enough by Barcelona, go to Arsenal who say you are and play you in the first team to going back to the Barcelona B team, not even as a squad player to the first team… Can’t see it happening to be honest.


It’s on Barca’s twitter (called BarcaStuff, I think). It wouldn’t be there if it weren’t true and/or somehow suiting their purposes.


Jesus Christ, dry your eyes. 1) He’ll have learnt all about finesse from the club he’s presumably been training with these last few years (i.e. THiS ONE). 2) If you don’t think he’ll need to know his way to cope around aggressive caveman players working in the premier league or in Barca’s feeder club (which is where he would end up in the event of a transfer), you just have your head in the sand. There’s nothing wrong with interning at a club like Brighton at all. And the idea that he wouldn’t need to work as hard or play… Read more »

Bendtner's Ego

Do you know about teams in the lower leagues at all??

Brighton are one of the up and coming teams in the Championship and Gus Poyet will be a Premiership manager – either with or without Brighton (probably with). Last year they started with very good form, only to drift out of the playoff contention at the very end.

They also just built a brand new stadium. Brighton is a good place to go on loan.

Midfield Corporal

My thoughts exactly, the Seagulls are a great footballing side to get some experience playing competitive games.


I am sick and tired of this Van Persie saga. What’s the story so far? He won’t sign a new contract because he disagrees with the club’s ambitions. He is still going to meet with Wenger and Gazidis. The “interested” teams haven’t really done much except for Juve offering 8 million. He has a year to run on his contract and Arsenal will hold him to it or otherwise do what is in “the best interest of the club” (probably 30 million). Whether you think he’s a traitor, has had his one good season or should join Toure and the… Read more »


Silence breeds speculation and the club have so far said nothing. It’s just too easy for lazy journos rehashing the same Cod shit.

It’s so boring though

I know nothing

With all the talk at the last world cup and the Euros of disquiet in the Dutch camp, I always assumed it was players like Iron Robin and Nigel The Long causing trouble but I’m beginning to wonder if our very own glass man doesn’t have a bit of an ego behind closed doors.

In other news, the ‘part-time models’ line made me spit out my sandwich. Gold.


Not being funny, but “Robin Van Persie Thinks He’s All That” wouldn’t even have been news five years ago, let alone now. Where have you been?


Much merriment was had at his diatribe over the fact that the Dutch team was full of egomaniacal prima-donnas who wouldn’t play for each other and that’s why they weren’t winning anything.

Funny, ‘cos he was right…………


I need to stop reading things all the time…I get tired of hearing the same crap circulated from one source as if it is new. Anyone else annoyed by this? Sadly lots of transfers are very protracted, so we have to sit and wait and wait and wait for players to be offloaded by us (like Vela Bendtner etc.) I just wish we could get settled and be good to go!


Nothing to see he folks, no story. Move on.


Interesting story, if true. If RVP does stay, might he end up being a clubhouse cancer? And I can imagine he’ll get a mixed greeting from Gooners when he makes his first appearance on the pitch at the Emirates.


Just like to go on record and say is probably the worst site out there, don’t believe it for a minute.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Big fish, small feet.

Does this not sum Walcott up, the best he can (possibly) get is…..Liverpool. FFS.

And we “think” we have problems.

Bendtner's Ego

Also, why would Walcott go to a team not even playing champions league football??

Is it because they’ll promise him his coveted central position? Or just the extra £1M a year?

Liverpool have it all wrong if they want to switch out Carroll, probably take a loss, and sign Walcott.

Happy Gunner

As far as I know, Walcott grew up as a Liverpool fan, so that could be some of the appeal. I’m really not sure what else they can offer him…


Winning trophies starts with the ambition to do it. Arsenal need players like RVP. Someone who wants to win things. All he wanted to know was if the same fiasco from last summer wouldn’t happen again i.e. building a team with the ambition of winning trophies as opposed to champions league qualification. He has every right to seek pastures anew, as he’s 29 and wants to have something to show at the end of his career, notwithstanding the injury record. The purchase of Giroud and Podolski indicate Arsenal can still buy quality within their budget. This squad is nowhere ready… Read more »


Need the team to just make a decision. Early. No waiting. Arsenal finished 3rd last year, even after the craptastic start to the season. Where would Arsenal have placed if it had been a team fully formed early in preseason? The fab/nas fiasco cannot happen again. If RVP/Walcott/whoever don’t want to be here, get them gone, get someone new in, and start molding the team into a cohesive unit. Now. Not at the end of August.

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