Thursday, April 25, 2024

Arsenal strike Ponferradina agreement

According to AS, young Brazilian attacker Wellington Silva has sealed a loan agreement for the upcoming season with Spanish second tier side Ponferradina.

The 19-year-old, who signed from Fluminense in January 2011, has already undertaken stints with Levante and Alcoyano and appears to be filling the void left by Pedro Botelho as Arsenal’s “must-loan-Brazilian-teenager-with-questionable-temperament-and-no-work-permit.”

Luckily for Ivan Gazidis it appears that Ponferradina are happy to become the Gunners go-to crèche on the Iberian peninsula for the foreseeable future with AS claiming that an official partnership has been signed between the clubs.

Arseblog News shrugs its shoulders.

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Let’s hope is not one of those deal where we loan him to clubs and he never plays for Arsenal and then move him to somewhere else!



Persie out, arsenal lives

Yes sir.
This is the kinda news that makes me go like “and in other news, my cat died”

Dolgion Ch.

I wonder what is the point in keeping on loaning out such fringe players. I would be reeaally surprised to see the lad break into the first team. Nothing against him, but it seems quite pointless and maybe we should look to sell him.


Apologies for the ignorance, but I can’t have been the only one to think Ponferradina was an obscure player we’d nabbed out of the blue.

Good luck to Silva though.


You are not alone. I saw this on facebook and automatically thought we signed some Brazilian genius. Instead we are loaning out a former-future Brazilian Genius (mind up I would like Wellington to prove me wrong, specially sense he is only 19).

you’re not alone. clearly arseblogger succeeded in getting more hits to the site. cheers!


He’s fucking AMAZING on fifa… lol.

Midfield Corporal

I thought that too, I was hoping that those who watch more world football than me would inform me we had sign a real gem.


Would love it if he somehow made it to England (maybe by the time he’s 21) and turned out to be a world beater. That just seems like a farcical notion at the moment.


Why? Not all players mature at the same rate.

Where was Ian Wright when he was 19?




for whacking you over the head with.

Dr Baptiste

Your arm?

Mikel Anon

Sexual stimulation.


Its for the space between your ears clearly NOT big enough though.




Yeah, and you do too dumbass.


sorry hit the reply button too early.
It’s for……………um get a life!!!.

Dr Baptiste



Be goone


Seriously though, I think wellington will be just be another denilson case where they’l keep insisting on ‘one more year’ so it’s better he be fucking sold coz I honestly don’t think he’ll ever make it to the first team.

You’ll know wenger has a future for you in his team if he loans you to another premier league side or any side in english leagues. But once he sends you away to some shitty brazilian league then sorry!, no place for you!.


Let’s hope he gets games, performs well, and becomes eligible for a visa.


Another *fran* bites the dust…wellingfran?


While Piers Morgan was protesting against selling RVP to Man Utd. I almost sent him a tweet to calm down that we have signed Ponferradina until I read the article.


He probably would believe you.

Jack Jumblies

Piers Morgan serves a purpose, to remind us that there are a few passionate Arsenal supporters who are absolute repulsive cunts. (Present company excepted, of course. You’re all diamonds.)

Mikel Anon

Blood diamonds.


I wonder, whats the fucking point?

A Yank

Still think this kid has talent. Wasn’t his problem an addiction to XBox or Twitter or something stupid like that? He’s only 19. Doesn’t bode well he’s only getting a run out in the Segunda, but there’s still a chance for him to come good.

Either that or we’re just going to be awesome at finding the Brazilians who suck at football.

Rebel against the Fickle

he’ll never get a work permit at this rate, who/what the hell is Ponferradina?

If he starts causing problems at this club as well, we should just count our losses and send him back to brazil!

Merlin's Panini

I dunno, but I think I had one for lunch at the Mexican.

Mikel Anon

I thought a Mexican was a person.

Merlin's Panini

Mexican restaurant. Alright?
You’re almost as pedantic as me.

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Oh robin u cunt.


Noo we just sold RVP to United…Anyone but them!

VT Conspiracy

arsenal have agreed terms with fucking united over the sale of van persie. for fuck sake they better be paying 20+. it will be strange to see him in red next season. totally tarnished his legend at arsenal, for me he will become a one season wonder.


i thought this guy was supposed to be the next Ronaldo?

Abdulai Mohammed Amin

Although it is sad, also link up wit the board, players n mag’t to ensure that this kind of shameness does not occure again or else we will continue to produce for the manchester clubs n barca. Pls make sure alex song does nt leave because mvilla quality cannot be compared to song. If nt we shd forget competing for trophies n model the team towards entertaining funs. Arsenal wake up. It is in this light that Usmanov is having problem with the board. My fellow gunners let us resist the sale of song to barca or else it becomes… Read more »


Shouldn’t you be fasting somewhere?

[…] young Brazilian striker, Wellington Silva, has been loaned yet again to a Spanish side, this time Ponferradina, for the upcoming season. Apparently Arsenal has also […]

H. P. Arsecraft

Lets sell him if he comes good.

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