Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Arsenal confirm sale of Van Persie to United

Arsenal have confirmed that Robin van Persie will join Manchester United.

A short and somewhat terse statement on the club’s official website reads:

“Arsenal Football Club can confirm that terms have been agreed for the transfer of Robin van Persie to Manchester United.

“Van Persie will travel to Manchester on Thursday in order to agree personal terms and complete a medical ahead of the proposed move.”

Arseblog News urges calm. He’s gone. We’ll get over it.


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Ace McGoldrick

Glad that’s over. UTA!

Bobby Pires

All together now!

Turns out he’s a cunt, turns out he’s a cuuuuunt!
Robin van Persie, turns out he’s a cunt!

I hope this breaks out vs Sunderland this week.



Mills N7

I don’t. I hope the fans focus on supporting the team, not worrying about former players. We don’t want to be like Cashley, who brings up Arsenal (again) straight after wining the Champions League.

We are the Arsenal.

Great business

24 mil for a 29-year-old striker! Sounds like good news to me.

Cannot wait to be at the home game v United, the Emirates crowd know enough about van Per$ie’s temper to fully exploit it…

In the meantime to anyone who’ll be at the Sunderland game (gutted I can’t make it as I’m sure there’ll be one hell of an atmosphere) – make sure we sing a few rounds of “We’re gonna win the league”!

Van done runner

I hope he breaks a leg !


Chelsea, mancity, manu, spuds……All these games have all now become wars. Haha rvp is the unluckiest fucker to ever walk this earth.!!!!!

He’s a pussy, rvp is a pussy



RVP, you smell like Stoke.

Fergie the Gooner

I hope Rooney shags his mum…


I hope Terry shags robin’s mam,
shags robin’s mam,
shags robin’s mam.
I hope Terry shag’s robin’s mam,
up the sitter!

Just like this

Gandalf's Kebab

24 mil? Thanks, cunt. Cheerio!

Gandalf's Kebab

Now, I realise this might be a bit out of bounds for Arseblog News comments, and if you feel this is a bit of an unusual idea I understand… but I’m beginning to think Robin Van Persie is a bit of a cunt.

I dunno. Might have to sleep on it.


His wife and mom were asking him to stay at Arsenal at the beginning of this saga so why wish them ill?

Dave Gooner

Sorry to see him go, and about the manner (and destination) of his departure, but that’s where it ends. Personally I am glad not to have to listen to RvP being booed in an Arsenal shirt at the Grove, Or I hope, called a cunt. And it is frankly bizarre business from JamU, 22m for an injury prone (lets face it, one good season in the last decade…?). A replacement for Michael Owen maybe? And for us sad, but after that statement (“You guys, the fans, have of course the right to disagree with my view and decision and I… Read more »


Didn’t united fans sing songs about him being a rapist a few years back?

Fergie the Gooner

Yeah, they sang:
‘Van Persie, when a girl says no just rape her’
To the tune of that So Solid Crew ditty form back in the day…

Fergie the Gooner

I stand corrected, it was that Craig David Bo Selecta tune!

What's my name?

He could have been a Gunner fact, he was on the cusp of it, but then chose to turn around and piss on it. Silly boy…he must now seriously regret his stupid and misguided letter.

Far superior players have left us before and still we stand. We’ll sure as heck do just fine without him.

Podolski…he scores when he wants! COYG!


as posted by our lovely mr szczesny on his facebook. suck a dick robin, suck a didck

Dean '67

“Arseblog News urges calm”….. …….
Good luck with that.


@sacklad: Just a quick clarification, it’s not Szczesny’s official page… but a telling quote nevertheless.




We all knew it was coming and we’ve all known where he was going for the past week or so. I didn’t want to believe it and I held out hope he’d climb down but it was never going to happen was it? All things must pass; he was very good, he could have been great, but it’s not the end of the world. Chin up gooners, tomorrow is a new day


Glad indeed it’s over. No real news here though? We got a lot of money for a player that has had one (very) good season. At no other time would we have gotten more money for him. I also doubt that he’ll have as good a season as the last one. He will need to get used to the new team etc. This money needs to be reinvested though given that AW said himself that Poldi and Giroud were not bought as replacements for rvp. He doesn’t deserve our attention anymore until he shows up for THAT game at the… Read more »

danny boy


And if this doesn’t get the squad fired up to give the entire league hell this season, proving that bastard wrong and picking up the Premier League trophy, then nothing will. I imagine Bouldy’s already prepared the motivational speech for before the Man U game.

AFC forever.


Well fuck me, how everyone is so calm and collected.

Selling our top scorer, so-called “captain” and talismanic leader to an absolute enemy is, for me, the last, real sign needed to ensure I understand that football is a business, and nothing else.
Short, intense rant; FUCK ME ROBIN, United does not even have a better squad than us!!!!! Greedy, Low-life bitch you are.

I will personally draw, design, create and build a 1:1 statue of a certain Mr. E. Frimpong, when and where he kicks RvPs ass and his porcelain knees into oblivion. Thank you in advance, E.F.

North Bank Gooner

couldnt agree more!

a bit gutted he went to competition, but thats a lot of cash for an old badger!! he can get a heap of just for men with that extra 70k a week.


he dares to show his face at the emirates next season. WE WILL BLOODY CRUCIFY HIM. we should erase every record of him ever having played for arsenal. It seems drastic but to think he could go to United. A club we fans hate from the bottom of our heart. HOW DARE WE SELL TO UNITED? WHAT IS THE MANAGEMENT THINKING? STRENGTHEN OUR RIVALS WITH A WORLD CLASS PLAYER. How the fuck are we supposed to win the prem with this transfer? seriously disillusioned by arsenal. take 10 million less and sell the bastard to Juve atleast. we spend the… Read more »

Double '71

World class? Didn’t exactly set Euro 2012 alight did he? Just another egotistical foreigner that can’t see that he was part of our failure these last few years. The rumoured £24mil is daylight robbery for a permacrock that fluked one full season. Now will someone please give the captain’s armband to Park!

The name on the badge is ALWAYS bigger than the name on the back of the shirt.

Cygan's Left Foot

He is a world class ONLY the fantasist blind sheep here think he is not. double footballer of the year is not word class???? The club should have sold him for half the price abroad or see out his contract, do you think Fergie would have sold us Rooney if he was in his last year of his contract even if we offered him 40 mil????. Manures care about trophies, The Arsenal under this board and manager care more about making money and top four trophy. The Arsenal new name. No, not a FEEDER CLUB any more. It is THE… Read more »

gnarly charlie

blah, blah, blah, feeder club, blah, blah, blah

all the whining changes nothing. Robin van Purse is a cunt


A few things that I feel needed to be pointed out… 1. RVP was the best player last season, no point pretending like he was useless. 2. RVP indicated he wouldn’t sign a new contract and claimed to not like the direction and ambition of the club. 3. The club signs experienced international players who the fans are genuinely excited about. Now if the signings were made because RVP might leave, it is the best possible response to a situation where one of your top players wants to leave. If they were made to complement a squad with RVP, then… Read more »


Too right. He’s gone. We’ll get over it.

Real Frimpong


Cygan's Left Foot

Bad attempt at humour and getting few thumbs up, SADO.

Gandalf's Kebab


Real frimpong

After i’m done with rvp he will be reduced to this.

Dench!, leave it yeah!


Also, I doubt he’ll pass the medical without his legs.


I don’t mind aslong as we sign another striker. It would be foolish when last year we needed to spread the goals around. Rvp scored 50% of our goals last year and it would be wrong to put that burden on poldi. Oh yea, and fuck you robin you cunt. I guess not even your own family w how much of a greedy cunt you were. Your wife came out and aaisaid she loved arsenal, your dad came out and said another English team would be impossible after what the gunners have done for you. Please return dennis bergkamps shirt.… Read more »

Cygan's Left Foot

The RVP money, song and don’t forgot Theo still hasn’t signed would be banked.

RVP replacements has already been signed, Le Coq is to take Songs place, as for Theo, keeping Arsha and not selling him can only mean one thing he is he replacements. I know he plays on the left but he can play on the right too, or move forehead/Ox/Santi there.

RVP+Song+Theo+some rubbish= The 20m annual profit to be banked by Stan the Yank.


I expect another rant from usmanov in the next day or two aswell. But to be fair I see his points, how is possible that Liverpool have nopblems signing thsthat mey cunt saurez to a new deal, and the arsenal cancan’t beg our best players to stay. Something has got to change here…… Thank fuck the last of our mey cunt generation has judjust gone out the door. Time to start fresh and get some real gooners in.

gnarly charlie

@Cygan: shut the fuck up and think about Giroud’s awesome body.

Real Frimpong




I know you’re angry, but don’t go that low.

Real Frimpong

I was with her this morning, I tried to finger the bitch and landed on balls. Hairy ones, rvp-ish.

Gandalf's Kebab

Can any psychologists in here tell me what part of the 5 stages of acceptance this is

k’in ell

Real frimpong

Rvp’s wife is so rough you have to caress her with sand paper. I fucking hate rvp.

Infact “you guys” should just loan me to everton so that I get to him first this coming monday. I fill I need to do this. For “you guyz”.

You’re my guyz.

My god that cunt!.


What a clown you are, “real” Frimpong. 😉

Dean '67

And in other actual USEFUL ARSENAL NEWS cazorla- the new arsenal signing that rvp the cunt doesn’t think is good enough to play alongside him just scored a beautiful goal.


Cygan's Left Foot

No, you are wrong we can’t always blame the players and the board and the manager keep selling our best players year after year to make a profit ….. Face it, we are a FEEDER CLUB under Wenger and Ivan guided by Stan the Yank. Here is something to wake you up from the BBC…. “It is understood Van Persie was encouraged by the arrivals of Germany forward Lukas Podolski, France striker Olivier Giroud and Spain midfielder Cazorla – to the point where he was open to the idea of staying with or without a new contract. But Wenger pulled… Read more »

gnarly charlie

Cygan… all of that is bullshit. His statement has been on his website this whole time, very prominently.

HE WANTED TO GO. Wenger tried, left Poldi and Giroud with him for a week to try change his mind. But, he’d already decided he was cunt and wasn’t going to stay.

Now shut the fuck up, you are talking utter toss.


CLF you make it sound like all the players are dying to play for the club but the manager and board are systematically picking players to sell and forcing them out the door. RVP was encouraged by our signings now was he? He was prepared to stay even without a contract? Really? So why not release another you guys statement and claim that he was willing to at least see out the last year or at least wait and see how things went until January? It’s all bullshit and lies. So Wenger pulls him aside and tells him he’s not… Read more »


@cygans left foot.
You are an imbesile, a wardy, a prick, a van persie, a pleb, a ninny in all your posts in here it’s confusing and the consistency you have at delivering utter b/s in all your comment is astounding.

Great, great job. The only problem is that I don’t really give a flying fuck about what you say.

Robins broken metatarsal

Gnarly george & co should shut the hell up. Cygan speaks the truth. We’re a feeder club and we’ll never win the pl like this. We need usmanov fast before city comes for jack wilshere


Oh please, you and cygan can go fuck yourselves that’s the only truth I can see.
Please oblige!.


OK. RvP is gone. Now we have more money with which to work before this transfer closes. Let’s get a DMF and a defender as our priorities. On top of that, getting a younger striker who’s on the verge of becoming great may also be a good idea. Make profit. Get good players. Let’s win the league.


Sounds familiar.

Although Decades ago.

Robin van Staplecunt.



Staplecunt sounds just painful. Like something out of Hellraiser.


I hate rvp and seeing him in the table cloth nited jersey will be priceless.

His fucking hairy legs, his cunty personality, yep he’l fit right in at united.

United YNBA…’ll never beat arsenal!


He will be Frimponged.

Real frimpong

Why yes, yes he will. Just finishing up on my tackles………..should be fun!.


Verms reaction after rvp’s news hit him….face expressions only tells, I dont speak dutch.

Roger Ramjet

It’ll be a home from home – he’ll be playing in front of 55k Southerners every other week again………………..


I’m glad he’s gone to Utd. It’s what he deserves. Within a year or two, when the Glaziers have sucked the cash out of the club they will be going the same way as Rangers and Portsmouth. Probably the first Major Premier League team to go under. All thanks to the greed of its owners and the vanity of Sir Drunkalot.

Good luck Robin.


Sol Goodman

I have a feeling this decision is going to haunt him for the rest of his life. Last season when he was so important to the team, i wound have jumped into traffic to keep him from getting injured. Now i hope he falls down an elevator shaft. There aren’t many that leave Arsenal and don’t regret it, and i really think he will,because if he gets injured or does not produce the goods quickly at united, there fans won’t have any patience, he will be an seen as a costly dud, and yet again Wenger will show what a… Read more »


thanks for the goals,you can sit beside fergie and chew a bubble.ambition my arse!
now we got the money we were holding out for.
we fans shall now keep two eyes on the sunderland game and the third eye on transfer market.i reckon we need another striker.i don’t care who it is.wether it is a 1£ signing or a 20£ signing it’s up to arsene.
i personally would be extremley delighted if we get sahin and DEMPSEY.that will be a brilliant piece of business.


United fans going on about ” Master Wayne and Robin” upfront next season. oh how it annoys me.


Robin Van Pussy. You could have it all. But you go down to OT now you’ll just be traitor potty. you’ve shown you know how to piss it all away, because you were brought up the arsenal way



I’m nasri… comeent ca va? 😀

Hudson Hornet


Must reinvest or they are cunts aswell.


Arsenal is not finished. We’re infact just getting started.

Robin van persie however is FINISHED!

There’s no way you can go back on your word and still be succesful!. No way in hell.

Let’s just keep our heads high coz no matter what, this is our year!

Up the gunnerz!!!!.


Yeh, I wouldn’t mind another striker either. All it would take is an injury to Giroud or Podolski (or both, if you take into account our luck with injuries) and we’re looking at Chamakh up front…

Robin van Staplecunt can go fuck himself.

Prinze Poldi

Seeing as Stapelton accounted for the demise of Chamakh’s form, make it grate all the more. Quit hating on players that haven’t gone against the club. Let’s see how Stapleton’s form holds after getting his 24 mil frame benched by purple nose


Could have lived with him going abroad, but going to United.. fuck you Robin!


Step right up. Emmanuel frimpong!


What a prick and I hope his peg leg gets stuck up Rooneys fat ass

Eric Irish gunner

And Rooney shags his granmother the manc bastard

Persie out, arsenal lives

FUCK mr. robin van per$ie. FUCK YOU!


my words exactly


hope you get no where near your form there and end up on the bench and sold to freaking Bonghazi UTD


fuck you Van Persie


Robin Van Pussy. You could have it all. But you go down to OT now you’ll just be traitor potty. you’ve shown you know how to piss it all away, because you were brought up the arsenal way

we’ll sing this? took me a minute to think it up. I kinda like it

Mental Strength

So now can we call him a cunt?




to think he would dare show his face at the emirates again every season.

Sic Semper van Persie

Why yes, I do believe we can…


yes… would be an appropriate time to call the cunt a twat, I mean the bitch a dick…sorry about that, I meant to call the fucker a mercenary…


Cunt cunt cunt Nasri is a cunt and RVP is now a cunt and RIP RVP you are now dead to me CUNT

Prinze Poldi

Red demon cunt


traitor potty at OT.


That came out of nowhere!


Arsène knows…


Really hope that gets a lot of thumbs up


Unfortunately for the last 7 years he doesn’t know – or has forgotten – how to win trophies. Let’s hope he ‘remembers’ this year !!

But he does know how to get a good price for a player and I think that’s a good bit of business. Get a defensive midfielder and another defender in; and preferably an experienced keeper and our trophy drought might just be at an end.


You sir, are a fucking asshole.


I believe the “he” here refers to Wenger, not RVP.

Cygan's Left Foot

Knows how to make profit? I give you that.
Knows how to talk about the economy trouble around Europe? I give you that.
Knows how to make 20m + profit a year in players? I give you that.
Knows how to spin the truth? I give you that.
Knows how to make a blind sheep a flower? I give you that.
Knows how to be the rich socialist and accept being humiliated? I give you that.

Knows how to win? No chance.
Knows about pride? No chance.


He turned a blind sheep into a flower? Fantastic!

Cygan's Left Foot

Sorry AR, I realised after pressing enter, I wish there was edit button. I meant FOLLOWERS*.

AR, I hope you read the BBC, RVP was going to change his mind but our Bank manager has already signed his replacements and if he kept him the economy of Europe might got tits up.

The French Bank Manager and Yank blood sucker OUT OUT OUT.


CLF you make some good points even though you’re thumbed down but I always get the feeling like you’re in some mad panic as you bring out all your disgust for Wenger and the board and Stan and whoever else you don’t like at the moment. Like you have to get all the anger out in a few lines and try to be sarcastic just to provide some sort of relief to your angst! Anyway none of my business really, but the fact that Wenger decided to pull him aside and say he was not part of our plans was… Read more »

Cygan's Left Foot

AR, You are really one of the few people I enjoy answering to here. You know your football and that is what I like. As for the majority here, you know they just change their user names every minute according to the article and think they are funny, others would just follow what others say to get few thumbs up and all they say bla bla bla is this. I know RVP is gone, past, history to us. But you know and I know dam well, this money and any future sell will go into the bank account. Don’t tell… Read more »


He is in my Fantasy League already so more than certain he is gonna get injured very, very soon, the fukker


If its Premier League Fantasy Football then be happy. Now van Persie will be a Man U player and you can add an extra Arsenal player 🙂


Wow thumbs up. I was expecting thumbs down because who in there right mind would keep van Persie in there fantasy team now.


Cunt! £24 million, thanks very much. Lets go get another striker who wants to play for the team.


LLORENTE for £19 milli + £5 milli reasons to laugh at man united when frimmers does him.

Robin is a cunt that arsenal can certainly do without!.


You are right , Lorente is a great player and he want’s to leave Athletic Bilbao



Adam, Watford

Right there . . . that’s the chant . . .

‘ Judas van Persie ‘

. . . in the style of his old chant. that’s got to hurt the man, no matter how many Glazer dollars he is getting paid.

Gandalf's Kebab

My god…..

I’m not sure how he would be able to play again after hearing an ice cold burn of that caliber…

Perhaps a swim through the money pile in his Mock-tudor Cheshire mansion might help


When he realizes he has become Berbatov this will become a lot more funny. Bright side of life, chaps.


That was my first thought as well- Rooney is top of the pecking order and Young is younger and more established in the side. I think Wenger showed him in Cologne exactly what his ManUre destiny is: garbage time sub work.


He wont tho, cos no matter how much of a cunt he now is, he is world class. 24 mill for a world class striker in his prime is cheap.

Cant believe he went there. Thought he was better than that.

New Yorker

I truly hope he stays injured most of the time, we win some big trophy while they don’t so that we can rub it in his face.

Prinze Poldi

I want a fully fit Robin on the bench

Koscielny to the rescue again

Turns out he’s a cunt
Turns out he’s a cunt
Robin van Pursie
Turns out he’s a cunt

Bobby Pires

Whoops didn’t realise someone had already posted this song up, ah well.

Cant fucking wait to see the cunt come to the Emirates again ho ho ho its gonna be like a roman amphitheatre.

gnarly charlie

feeding him to the lions aye?


Disapointed…. Very disapointed…. I don’t mean no harm but he deserves to be injured.

Cygan's Anal Beads

These harsh comments always make me burst out laughing. I know I shouldn’t, but haha!

van the prick

you can laugh all you want gorgeous

Dean '67

@van the prick…..haha.
That cracked me real hard I forgot rvp’s tje scummiest cunt of ’em all.

And b.t.w now do you all agree that.
I’m sure y’all do!.

Cygan's Left Foot

Surely that is not your photo, Cygan’s Anal Beads.

But, if it is your photo, it is my duty as a Cygan to advice you to take a DNA to make sure you are a Cygan. We never have that beauty in the family.

Now I can’t wait for the jealous bastards to give me thumbs down for being smooth and witty!!!!!!!.


Glad it’s finally over. Now we can all move on.



here are the facts: van persie has a bad record with injuries on international duties, holland will play belguim, belguim will be captained by our captain vermaelen (aka the verminator). Someone’s going to fail their medical!!


i knew he was going the moment the holland coach said that he was not playing may long his time on the treatment table be, may he his ass warm the bench, may he be like michael owen in the united team


Robin Van Pussy. You could have it all. But you go down to OT now you’ll just be traitor potty. you’ve shown you know how to piss it all away, because you were brought up the arsenal way!


So I heard there was once a player at arsenal called robin van persie?
Yes I’m over him.


Excellent. Wanted him gone since he declared independence on July 4th.


well! .. i cant say he’s leaving with my blessing.


Remember, Arsenal made you what you are. You was a boy until we made you a man. Not a loyal man at that…


Shawcross- if you end this guy’s career, all is forgiven!


No, Shawcross will not be forgiven but his torture will be less severe.

Kenyaan gooner

Hehehehe, agree with that. wish he breaks that glass foot of his.

Mental Strength

Really hope Lenny the oaf breaks his leg into two pieces!!! I mean any where was fine. But not fucking ManU cocksuckers!!!


I can’t wait for Arsenal v Man U. Can’t wait.


we’ll beat them 8-2 and then rooney will demand a transfer to us at the end of the season

Happy Gunner

I don’t want Rooney…

Dean '67

I dont want rooney too. Not that granny shugger. No.


that will make it even better when we don’t want rooney but he wants to come here, he will then sell himself to that arsenal side in argentina which is as close to the real thing as he’s ever going to get

Rad Carrot

£24 mil for him? That’s not too bad. I’ll accept that.

That’s actually paid for two of our three shiny new players. Let’s move on, Gooners. He was dead to us a long time ago.

Would like one more transfer in before the end of the season, though!


Arrogant, traitor that Rob- ……. :-/ Forgot his name already.


How funny would it be if he fails his medical for any number of niggling medical issues and has to stay with Arsenal, not funny for us as we will have a very unhappy Robin Van Persie for a season. Wenger should do it as a joke anyway so we can get £250 from You’ve Been Framed and get a little bit more money. Imagine his face …..

Gossip Gooner

maybe it’s just me but I honestly thought he was better than this. More loyal. 🙁


If we sell RVP, Song and possibly Walcott, than getting the three new players this summer does not count as strengthening. I will be interested to see if Arsene goes out and gets M’Villa, striker, etc…

Rad Carrot

Agree. We need to keep the other two, one at the very least, and strengthen with other players.

Our attack still looks delicious, though. We scored four goals easily without him last weekend; granted, we’ll face far stronger teams, but I still have a feeling Robin’s time is almost up.


Please stop with the M’Villa rubbish…he’s actually quite average. Don’t let the media shove names down your throat. Remember when they were peddling Charlie “his corner kicks are worth xx million alone” Adam and Scott Parker??

Rad Carrot

As much as it pains me to say it, Parker was a good buy for the sp*ds. If they hadn’t had him, they’d had finished 6th. I still wish we’d had made an offer for him.

M’Vila isn’t a bad prospect. He’s no Vieira, to be sure, but a few million on him wouldn’t be money wasted. Good passing and defensive ratio.


to all those wishing he got injured..shame on thing is to get up dust ourselves and then show the cunt by beating arsene we trust!

Santi Caz

And then letting Emmanuel make an early return from injury for an extra time cameo against man u and let Frimpong take its course


Well said, rahul-gooner.


Yeah, I don’t think I can wish for injury upon my worst enemy. I do hope we beat Man U so badly it makes RVP cry, though.

Red and White Stripey Socks

Find this really hard to take. Just going to have to smash the fuck out of them this season. COYG.


The Cunt Club:
JT = Cunt
Nasri = Cunt
and now
RVP = Cunt


You missed out…

Ashley Cole

In fact, forget it, there are too many cunts to mention.


Why Drogba?


No way. Drogba left with class. He fucked off for a shit load of money, IN CHiNA. That’s what our former little bitch should have done. Drogba said flat out he wouldn’t play for another English side. He had to much love and respect for those cunts in blue. That’s what being a legend is. Take note Rvp.


Yeah, Drogba is whiny and has ridiculous hair but I guess I don’t have much else against the guy.

In the football world cuntness levels are so high, Drogba is comparatively ok!


I find all this very depressing – & I think the reaction of some of the people on here make me ashamed to be an Arsenal man. He has shown his true colours by going to Utd, but ask yourself this – where would we be without him in the last 18 months? Cunt this & cunt that, without him chaps there’s no CL, & probably widescale panic at The Emirates. Instead, can we not just get on with getting behind the boys who do want to play for the shirt? If Song wants to go as well, fine, but… Read more »

Real Frimpong

Coz drogba is chelsea and chelsea = SCUM


Third best after Marc Overmars surely, he did not just have ONE good season didn’t he?


Who wants to be a big club anyways!


Odd decision to sell him to Man United. Presumably they offered a higher transfer fee than the others, but this seems like a false economy to me. How are we expected to close last season’s gap on them now?

Unless, of course, qualifying for the champions league is the extent of our ambitions, in which case this makes perfect sense.

Rad Carrot

Meh, I dunno. £24m for a player whose had 1 1/2 good seasons, with a reported attitude and one year left on his contract? That’s not bad business. He scored so many last year by being our only in-form striker, and Man Utd don’t play so much down the wings… I’ll bet he reaches 15 goals top this year, and much less the season after.

We knew this was coming. Let’s not get too antsy until we see where the futures of others lie.


I agree it’s a good price. But it still seems odd to sell a proven, world class striker to your rivals.

And what do you mean United don’t play so much down the wings? That’s where where pretty much all of their goals come from. Nani’s assists-per-game record is insane – I believe second only to Beckham’s in the history of the Premier League – and Valencia isn’t a bad player either.

Maybe he’ll get injured, and we can act all smug. But if he stays fit, he’ll get 25 a season easy.

Rad Carrot

Understand your point, but Nani tends to cut inside rather than cross it in. They play Route One, and I can’t see Rooney and van pur$ie linking up all that well – they both look for the ball outside the box.

I really disagree that he’ll find life easy at salford. Not me spitting feathers – I just think he’ll have a hard time of it.


We should have seen this coming ages ago. Just look at his name. He’s got the name of a cunt. Fits right in, the bustard.


Robin Van Persie, public super cunt #1.

Jesus christ what a cunt


Its quite surprising to see arsenal announce it before ManU especially considering it took about a month to announce Vela departure. More interesting is the fact that the medical isnt over. Arsene is glad to see the back of him or he must have got a hack of a deal to announce it so quick. And no customary good luck aswell.


Well, the “Song is leaving” news is coming tomorrow, so can’t have two of our best players depart the same day. Bad for PR.

Mills N7

That’s exactly what I thought. Although maybe he thinks that by announcing it now, he makes it even more difficult for Persie to come back, so if he has a borderline medical there’s pressure to take him? Ah, who am I kidding, I have no idea. Still, if Song goes as well, and we get Sahin that’s one striker and midfielder out, and two strikers and two midfielders in. And we need one more striker as Chamakh, Park and Bendy are going to get zero games between them. I do feel that this increases the chances of the owlish-pudgy one… Read more »

Koscielny to the rescue again

Thanks for the goals now piss off. Cunt.


I’m not upset with Van Persie going at all. I’m glad its all over and done with. I’m just dissapointed that we gave in and are selling to our bitter rivals :-(. I hope hes shit for Utd. I say we rename Utds attacking partnership Fatman & Robin…

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