Thursday, July 18, 2024

Vermaelen shocked and disappointed by RVP exit

Thomas Vermaelen admitted last night that he was surprised at Robin van Persie’s decision to join Manchester United, but insists that Arsenal have quality replacements on hand.

Informed by local media of his teammate’s exit the centre-back was initially taken aback by the news, but later found the composure to speak in more measured terms.

“This is a surprise for me. Really a shock, I am very disappointed. I would have liked him to stay at the club, he was very important for us,” said Vermaelen after his side’s 4-2 win over Holland.

“Ultimately it might be a good choice for him. It is what he wanted. I’m confident that we have enough qualities to cover.”

Speaking a little later to Sky Sports News, the Belgian, who will likely assume the captaincy at the Emirates, continued:

“I am disappointed because I wanted him to stay at the club.

“He was fantastic for us in the last year, scored lots of goals and I am disappointed he is going, but we have to focus on the next season with Arsenal.

“We have to fight and I am confident we have a squad to win something.”

“We start Saturday and this is all clear now, Robin is leaving and we have to move on.”

Across the border in France Arsene Wenger, working for French television station TF1, stressed that Arsenal had little choice but to sell Van Persie once the Dutchman stalled on contract talks.

“It’s never great to lose players of that quality but he only had a year contract so we do not have a choice,” the boss confirmed.

“We have already recruited to replace him.”

Despite hinting that Olivier Giroud and Lukas Podolski will cover the loss of Van Persie, rumours continue to circle in the Spanish press that Athletic Bilbao’s Fernando Llorente is a possible target.


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Hudson Hornet

Amy Lawrence and her comments re outlandish demands is club fed bullshit.

Bottom line is best player sold to biggest rival. Shocking.



Why would he have left if the club were amenable to giving him what he wanted?

Hudson Hornet

Nobody knows for sure but you can expect further dirty details spilling out soon. From both sides.

3 days from season and we lost RVP and maybe Song.

All lessons learnt as bloggers/pundits etc keep telling us. Heh.

Here's Waldo

I look forward to disliking another Dutch striker at Man. Utd. It was so much fun last time around. I hope some of our players will go all Keown on him.



Persie out, arsenal lives

I think van persie himself is shell-shocked he’s signed united. I mean…..what?…..

It’s amazing how money blinds people. I don’t think it has even sunk in that he’s betrayed arsenal. All the fucker can see is kaching’ kaching’. What a cunt.


49! eat that

U know what after all his temper issues n injury setback n all of us sticking by him. This is the thanks we get. this what’s wrong with the. World. My last words would fuck him n he should never refer to himself as a gunner.


Just a question: when did Arsenal last sell a player to Utd?

gnarly charlie

Frank Staplecunt in 81


Cheers, I suppose that speaks volumes…


Viv Anderson 87

Dave Gooner

Wrong. Under the circumstances this is a great bit of business. For whatever reason he made it very clear that he wanted out, and we got 22m plus for a player who is 29 years old and spent most of his Arsenal career in the treatment room.

He will be a replacement for Michael Owen, nothing more. We got the better side of that deal no question.

Fuck you very much Fergie.


People have been calling him Judas, I see him more as Macbeth. With his head turned by half-truths, he was egged on into treachery by someone more ruthless, who used him as a vehicle for their own gain. Realising too late that he has made a mistake, he carries on with his destructive course saying he is too far in blood steeped – that it would be as difficult to turn and go back as it would be to continue. He ends up getting his prize but finding it unfulfilling because of what he has had to do to get… Read more »

Mr. G

I agree. We can easily buy a quality replacement with that money, plus we already have Giroud, Podolski and Cazorla added to our attacking line-up. Llorente linked? If there’s more to it than just a rumour, then I’d be very excited. Add to that whatever fee we get for Song when he goes off to (warm) Barcelona(‘s bench), which should definitely be enough to buy someone like M’Vila. It’s not like last summer when Cesc left us (and Na$ri I guess but he wasn’t really that important) an we couldn’t replace him because we’d dicked around too long banking on… Read more »


In Arsene I Trust!!


@DENCHures – Excellent analogy! I suppose that makes Pique, Iniesta, and Busquets the coven of witches?


Bring us his head De’Capitator!!! ( The Captain Verminator)


Re his head on a spike: Why do you think Vermaelen went all Shaolin this summer? It can be arranged. All we need now is a sign saying ‘behold the head of a traitor!’. I’ll get my poster paints….

Nearly Alcoholic

@DENCHures – you just won’t find another team’s blog where the comments use Shakespeare by way of comparison. We are truly in a class of our own. From the kitman to the players and the manager to the bloggers.
We are The Arsenal (no, Robin, that does not include you).

I can’t fucking wait till Saturday.

Dave Gooner

What will Robin feel when he pulls on that jamrag arsewipe of a shirt for the first time, I wonder?

Shame, I hope.


I’m just very surprised about AW’s words that now “suddenly” Giroud and Podolski were bought to replace rvp. I could easily live with Llorente though but… pich of salt I suppose.


“This summer, we’d already purchased Podolski and Giroud before van Persie made it clear he wanted to leave.” Not true, now that we are getting wenger’s revisionist history (he’s not just an economist…) they bought Poldi and Giroud to replace RVP, because they knew he was leaving since the end of the season, at the latest. I get really pissed at the way Wenger disrespects the fans by telling obvious lies, like they were bought to play alongside RVP or we will not sell him. Like we would not sell Nasri and Fab. Although part of me wonders if those… Read more »


“Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.”


How do you know that what Amy wrote is “club fed bullshit”? Do you have as much access to the club as Amy does? Are you, “In the know”? Just like us you can only guess and surmise. Amy always researches her piece before she writes it and is generally very accurate in what she writes, like all journalists she will get some things wrong but then she isn’t a perfectionist. Van Persie has gone, what he said in that meeting is now unimportant and the club and us, the supporters will carry on, hopefully to better things. Van Persie… Read more »

Hudson Hornet

I have been reading that paper for a long time. And let me tell you the club understands how fans work.

To malign and completely blame the player is perfect, yet is it the truth????

In my mind both sides are complete utter wankers, to put us thru this. again.

Sol Goodman

As much as we all would like it, i can’t see Wenger reinvesting the money that we get for rvp or song. We paid around £32 million for Giroud Podolski and Carzola and will probably get Sahin on loan now that Modiric is heading to Madrid. Between the sales of rvp and song we will probably get around £35 million or more. So we get 4 great players for the price of 2 and probably made a few million on top. Which would you prefer Goruid podolski Carzola and Sahin, or rvp & song Going by what the people that… Read more »

Kind of reminds me of what rvp said when cesc and nasri left the previous season. Perhaps vermalean is next on ivan’s must go list.

Bunch of muppets the lot of them


While that may well be true and it’s silly to applaud every declaration of loyalty as completely solid, I’d rather wait for people to do something muppet-y before calling them muppets.

Innocent until proven guilty and all that.



Let’s face the reality; the ‘best’ player was desperate to leave the club. We’ve moved on and got few top players in Oliver, Lukas and Santi.

At the end of the day it’s 11 vs. 11 and we’ve capable players in the team and capable players coming in the next 2 weeks.

I’ve a good feeling that we will win something this season, it could be the league because with the signings we made this summer and the romoured players on the horizon, we could compete with City (not in wages, but in quality and depth).

Hudson Hornet

The reality is we gave our BEST player (miles ahead of Podolski) to the team who finished above us yet we are now title contenders?

The players coming in (hopefully) will maybe help us depending on who.


1. We didn’t gave him to them, we sold him for £24m (twenty-four million Great Britain Pounds).

2. You can’t say he was miles ahead of Podolski who’s a couple of years younger, and has a good goal scoring record.

3. The players we have at the moment are good enough players. The manager revealed that the club is in the market for few more players.

Calm down bro. RvP is gone.


I dont think he was the ‘best’ player. He had 1 good season after being injured for 7 seasons. I amn’t too bothered that RvP is gone , we still have enough quality to come 2nd or maybe win a cup ? Who knows , anything could happen….


Who else are we signing?


If we’re talking bottom line, it’s that we’ve sold a player who was not committed for a good price.

He wouldn’t have been our best player next season if his heart wasn’t in it, so what’s the point of framing it in that context?

Hudson Hornet

We had no problem keeping Cesc for another year or Theirry for another 2 years or Vieiria for another 3 years ….

Anyway you guys maybe right, the disappointment is blinding.

Sickening yet if we start well, maybe we can move on.


Cesc and Henry were contracted more than 12 months. RvP would sign for United next season for FREE.


i see what hudon is trying to say. @bard: “If we’re talking bottom line, it’s that we’ve sold a player who was not committed for a good price.” yes,you are right. but,my question is why is it that in european and english top flight arsenal FC alone are forced to sell their best players or rather why is the best player forcing a move out.surely there must be something wrong. while i am happy with the way we have handled the saga i cannot help but question why it even started. unlike last summer we have been pro active but,still… Read more »


oh i really doubt he would sign for Man Utd. if he were free. they were the only club willing to pay what we asked.

he’s gone OT to be their new potty. and while he jerks off with Rooney. We’ll be signing Quality.

gnarly charlie

Where do all these morons even spawn from?


They are the childs of Sir Alex and Shawcross (Shawcross being the mother).

Hudson Hornet

Where do you spawn from?

Arsene’s ass?


Robin van Persie sold to to Utd for £22,500,000 + £1.5m add-on if they win a league or CL in the next 4 years.


Never EVER thought we’d profit from Man Utd winning the title…… low could we sink?

Dr Baptiste

Surely it’s more of a case that if we win the league and CL we can throw that in RvP’s face but if either of those allude us, we still get something else out of them. Seems like a good idea to be honest

Glory Hunter

That pretty much sums it all up!!
Profit seems to be all that matters.

No Arsenal fan can pretend that there are happy with the money and RVP going to United, that’s just denial.


Actually, I’m happy I won’t be rooting for a royal cunt anymore. Had RVP stayed, I would have felt disgusted. Truly. Barf.

Dave Gooner

Well said TV5: “He WAS very important for us”.

Not now though. Kick him up in the air next time you meet.


Perfect time for THE EWING THEORY to rear its head:
It’s set in stone, the Arsenal trophy-drought ends this year.


You dare throw a Sp*rs supporter’s words as comfort?! LOL But yes, let the team be motivated. However, motivated to prove all doubters wrong, not necessarily to piss off one man.

Also, does Vermaelen have a call-in show yet called “TV on the Radio”?


Fuck, Casper, why did you have to remind me?


All good man. Just having fun. Simmons is crap as a Sp*rs fan, I can’t recall him truly caring about his decision- someone had to remind him he made it!


What a shame. Even though we all knew he was going but in the manner he did it, disappointing. Still, no player is bigger than the club. Wright, Berkamp, Henry all left and we dealt with it, and im confidant Arsenal will be fine if not better without him. COYG!


Bergkamp never left – he retired a legend!


Bergkamp retired as an Arsenal player. just pointing that out


@Gunnerboy: Never compare van pussy with Bergkamp & Henry…Ever.


Don’t you dare give me hope of getting llorente, don’t think I could handle the disappointment of that one!

Hudson Hornet

All summer we are told Giroud and Pod are NOT RVP replacements.

Lying and waffling the fans has become LANS at Arsenal.


im not sure you understand how transfers work. i dont understand, thats for sure, but i am intelligent enough to know that what is or isn’t said in the media can have a direct result on players being sold, or staying, or their value.

dont take it so personally that we’ve been told about players not being replacements. it’s irrelevant. we have a team, the season is starting. get behind it.

Hudson Hornet

I am behind the team thank you, and pardon me if I fret a little.


Of course they were replacements. The blindest bat in Blind Bat Land could’ve seen that. But would you have preferred the club to say “Giroud and Podolski are being bought to replace RVP, who everyone knows will be leaving”, thereby weakening our bargaining position?

Hudson Hornet

If you read the comments under that replacements article few weeks ago you would see we had a ALOT of bats here . LMAO


Hudson Hornet, you are probably one of them. You are so naive it beggars belief.


That’s hopelessly naive. Transfer dealings are a tough game of poker, and expecting the Club to announce to the world what cards they’re holding is absurd. Of course Wenger is going to say he wants to keep the player, etc etc. Get over yourself.


I think the club handled this exceptionally well. Who knows how many millions the “we want to keep him” chatter added to his final sale price? It was always obvious he had to and would go the moment he hit the enter key after that oh so well thought out update for the fans, we could have ended up being screwed over royally, but we’ve somehow come out of this mess with a very tidy profit. Kudos to Ivan and co.

Sanchit Shorewala

I am still looking forward to the new season with enthusiasm (much greater than last year). The friendly vs Koln showed us that even if RvP stayed, he would be a peripheral figure and we had already prepped for life without him. Cazorla, Giroud and Podolski give us an uncertainty in an attack that earlier began and ended at van Persie. A new captain in Vermaelen brings a new perspective to the ranks, especially with Bouldy in the wings. As for van Persie, I read that he was willing to stay the year but Wenger blocked that option. And for… Read more »

Matter of fact i think yours is the single most stupid comment i ever read from an “Arsenal Fan”

It speaks volumes about you as a human being, the name you have chosen.


Then you obviously don’t read much.


And who gives a shite what you think, broken metatarsal?


The fact that he was bought on the 60 odd minutes and played no part in our preseason should had been a hint. I think you’re right here, Arsene has plan for his departure. If that’s so then we can expect our team to do some damage early on. Although I still maintain that we should have keep him for another season, but I can be naive sometimes. @robins broken metatarsal It’s a matter of opinion not fact. I suggest that if you don’t like someone’s opinion don’t bitch & whine and drop to personal insults like a 10 year… Read more »


Yeah, I thought the only way back would be if RVP immediately apologized after the Cazorla signing for doubting Wenger’s and the club’s ambition. Buying Santi, on top of Podolski and Giroud, really made RVP’s statement to the fans look ridiculous. Maybe he did want to stay in the end, but he needed to make it public, because he’s embarrassed the club, and made the transfer season much tougher than it would have been if he’d kept his concerns to himself. At the end of the day, he should never go to Utd. No Arsenal fan could want to go… Read more »


Were Wenger to have acted as the BBC article claimed, I actually find him a stronger, more mindful person than I had. Many seem to have bought into the “nutty professor” talk, that he’s not the same man he once was. Rubbish. He brought RVP along to Germany, and RVP was having second thoughts. He previously mentioned “they are not replacements”, and gave RVP the armband in his Cologne cameo. The BBC article says that he pulled RVP aside before the game and said, in effect, this is your last action in that shirt, good bye. He played the media.… Read more »


Good business really. One bad tackle on RVP and that would be him out for a while.
I don’t think he wanted United when this all started, just had no other option at the end .

I don't comment here often

I get it that we all kinda’ don’t like RVP at the moment, nor should we. He’s a traitor. But all this talk of him picking up injuries through bad tackles is utterly classless, especially for a club that has seen injuries to promising players like Eduardo, Ramsey, and Diaby. I would much rather see Koscielny put the man in his pocket than boot him up in the air and injure him.


‘I don’t comment her e often’

Well spoken!!!


Agreed. If you listened to AW’s comments (and happen to understand French), you will hear that Wenger wanted to sell him to “PSG or another squad abroad, but there was no interest.” I’m peeved about Man U as well, but I doubt RvP was as in demand as he had expected, so he ended up with the highest and potentially only serious bid. AW also said: “RvP would’ve been one of first names on the team sheet and Giroud and co would have had to fight their way in, now there is a big void which needs filling.” Read what… Read more »


Show Judas what it’s like to be a true legend Tommy. Please and thank you


Vermaelen will have to step up now as our Captain. Please stay fit and bring us glories from now on…

Here's Waldo

What if Arsene decides to play Per and Laurent in the center of defense? Who will be captain?

Dr Baptiste

Koscielny or Arteta i reckon.


Kos and Arteta would be fine as well. But I think any of those three would be great decisions. All seem more loyal and less troll-ish than RVP anyway. Always thought it was a dumb decision to award the armband to the highest goal-scorer. Scoring goals doesn’t make you captain material.

Dr Baptiste

I’m still fairly old fashioned in that the captain should be a defender or at most DM. They can see the game in front of them and lead from the back rather than a striker that can only try to aid the team in scoring and not influence the whole team. While we all love Henry, Adams was the better captain.


Can’t see Llorente coming to be honest, exactly the same type of player as Giroud


PATO anyone ? his price is drop to the ground by his constant injuries and he is exactly the player we need ho can play striker behind the striker and right wing or left , many options and milan is in financial problems do bednter pato swap and pay them 18 m plus bednter what do you think and just to point out hi is 100 % fit now .

tough mudder

I thought I would never say this but we have now become a laughing stock.


No, we haven’t.

Rangers and Joey Barton are laughing stock.

We’re just another team with a turnover of players. Keep calm.

Here's Waldo

Yeah, the Torres and Carroll thing was laughable. This is just business, we might not like it but c’est la football.

gnarly charlie

Correction. You have become a laughing stock!


We’ve got Giroooud!
We’ve got Giroooud!
We don’t need Robin,
We’ve got Giroooud!
How he scores them we don’t know
Frankly speaking, we don’t care
All we know is that we have got Giroud!


If we sign Fernando Llorente to replace Robin Van Judas that would be fucking awesome!!

Robins broken metatarsal

Have you seen him play? He’s exactly like Giroud

Sydney Gooner

Hopefully we can use this to fire up the lads come the 3rd of November and the 27th of April.

Maybe if they were fans like us, which they aren’t. The players will be more disappointed than fired up.


Have you ever played sports? These guys are human beings, and for the most part hyper-competitive ones. RVP told the world that they were not good enough for him. and now by signing with Man. U. has said he rates Wellbeck and Hernandez over Podolski and Giroud; Ferdinand, Vidic and Evans over Kos, Vermaelen and BFG; de gea over sczesny (that spelling can’t be right, I know); scoles and cleverly over song and arteta; giggs, ashley young and nani over cazorla, walcott and gervino. You think they won’t be fired up to show him that he is full of shit?


Not shocked, but very disappointed. A kind of disappointment like dreaming you’ve won the lottery only to then wake up. Could have been so great, but in the end just a memory of what was.


Haha balotelli is a funny cock!

MarioBaloltelli Mario Balotelli
Robin Van Persie has failed a medical at
Manchester United. He has a severely damaged
back after carrying a full squad last season.
About one day ago via web Favorite


You know that’s not actually Balotelli, right? The bit where it says parody gives it away.


The only problem is that it’s his official account. Found it on telegraph. (twitter reactions)
Balotelli is one witty fucker.


It even says on that article that it is a parody…….

H. P. Arsecraft

Balotelli is a cunt not a cock.


It’s not slavery – if he doesnt want to sign, you can’t force him. Next year he would have left for free to which ever club he wants. This year, we couldn’t have forced him to play. He would want to ensure that he didn’t get injured in the last six month before the end of his contract and it would have been painfully obvious that he would not give us his full commitment.
£24 million pounds is great money for van Persie. Especially for a player that would never give us his all ever again.

Hudson Hornet

At odds with what Vermaelen and co. have been saying. Great and sharp in training.

He didnt threat to strike like former captain. Something I suppose.


At least Cesc stayed a season after wenger asked him, he never released statements. Im sorry but I have no idea why people still grill Cesc, wenger said give me one more season and he did. what more could be do? for goodness sake he took a pen with a broken leg!!!


Agreed. I actually still love Cesc. He is absolutely nothing like RVP, Nasri or Adebayor.

Merlin's Panini

£24 million is pretty damn good for anyone with a year to run. That said, I truly hope he has a miserable time at United, wins fuck all and wakes up and realises what a soulless cunt he really is seeing as he’s just sold it to Satan.


Did Ferguson realised RvP is one bad tackle away from wasting £24 million? 😀


Utd can afford to waste 24 million, if we win the league he will make us 80 million so it’s good business.enjoy fighting for 4 th again .8 years and counting.

Merlin's Panini

Fuck off Brendan. You have a shit name.


When Cesc left I got the feeling that he was going home, even though it was still heart breaking. Nasri was just an obnoxious little lady-boy.

RVP however is just dissapointing. He is obviously just a mercenary. Fuck knows how he sleeps at night after letting so many people down. Hopefully we reinvest this money.


I have a good idea: instead of counting sheep, counting money, perhaps?

Der Springer

I just can’t understand RVP at all. If this was the story of a person changing his salary from 200000 a year to 300000 a year, I could possibly understand but when you are already making what he was making at Arsenal then I don’t see it. When you have oodles of money, a happy family that wants to stay in London and have just been voted the best player in England; Why? I thought, and part of me still wants to beleive, that his love for Arsenal was genuine. When all the rumours were circulating at the end of… Read more »


Also I’m completely unconcerned about our ability to score goals this season. There’s never been an Arsene Wenger Arsenal without a prolific goal scorer and I fully expect Giroud/Podolski to take up van Persie’s mantle. Style of play is conducive to a striker getting plenty of goals. Only disappointment for me is that he’s gone to United.


Footballers on the whole have never been known to be a particularly intelligent mob but Mr verminator to say you were shocked by his departure!!!!!!! Where have you been all summer?


No matter how much you “see it coming”, think about it: one second he’s your teammate (despite all said) and the next, that’s history. Shocking, no?

Dr Baptiste

I think it’s because they are good friends, he hadn’t said anything to him and he found out through the press.


You can’t deny that Arsenal is running a fantastic business. Get the football out and you have a company that is absolutely sound financially, selling the best products there is in the market every year. It’s just fantastic how they invest in each product and sell them ten-fold after a few years. Next up, Thomas Vermalen 18mil Wilshere, 20mil. Kos 15mil. 3 years later, Ox 25mil. Good times ahead for the club! Wish I can get a job there. Being in the marketing and PR of Arsenal will be a breeze for me with such existing nincompoops already employed. I… Read more »


Irony ! I like it – irony, that is !


When we stop qualifying for the CL, it stops being a ‘fantastic business’. Which is sooner than people would think so…. Robin carried us to the CL last season, and not sure the new signings could repeat it, especially with the current mood in the squad.


The mood is fantastic, don’t worry,

Dr Baptiste

From the training videos, pictures and the pre-season Koln FC game, the mood in the team seems very good and they all look happy. Not sure what you’ve seent that’s different.
RvP had essentially insulted all the players (including 2 coming in) but they didn’t look like they were crying into their cornflakes.

Happy Gunner

You sound like every news outlet ever. We’ve been the predicted team out of the top 4 for the last 4-5 years. Why don’t you just try to enjoy the football?


Have to say football is a silly ol’ game. When a player leaves for more money as opposed to football reasons then he’s a cunt. When a club sells for higher money rather than football reasons then it’s a good piece of business. Heh… Just trying to cheer myself up. I knew this was coming, rvp –> r.i.p but it’s just happened so it’s that time just after the sale when you get used to the fact you lost one big player (to some cunts you hate at that)…. On to saturday. Smash martin o’neil and we’ll be fine. TV… Read more »


Big call on the defence now due. If anything happened to TV or Kos’ we are in big trouble and if Song goes, we no longer have the options of hauling him back into CD, as we had before. He was surprisingly effective there ! So we need another defender as well as one more defensive midfielder. If we can get the Turkish guy from RM, we will only be a defender short. Walcott could well go. But the Ox or Gervinho cover that. If we get a good quality defender – we are well set for a stella campaign.… Read more »

Dr Baptiste

Defenders: Vermaelen, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Djourou and Bartley (the last 2 playing more COC). I think 5 defenders is enough to be honest.


Its like people forget BFG is a world class defender who played for Real Madrid at one point and a consistent player for Germany.

gnarly charlie

BFG never played for Real Madrid….

Dr Baptiste

If by Real Madrid you mean Hannover 96 or Werder Bremen then yes, he did play for Real Madrid…..

TGSTEL's amazing First Touch

I get the reference.


Sorry got it mix up with another german. xD
…they all sound the same to me >.>


i wouldnt mind if persie does a hargreaves for city over in united.
anyways waiting for tomorrows arsecast and then the match.


£24mil for a player with a year left on his contract and has spent what has to be at least half of the last 7 seasons on the treatment table – And they say Wenger has lost it!


Wenger had lost it, I say


£24 million is only good business if its reinvested. The worry is that this, 3 days before the new season, whittles away a lot the positivity around the new signings. Especially with the Song and Walcott shit. Besides we are still short. We need to get Bendtner, Park and that Moroccan fucking statue out and buy another top quality striker


Our captains are not faithful to the club. the record will clarify this.

Van Persie is like an old woman who want to remarry after she must have finished given birth to children. Fergie is not a wise coach either for buying a 29years injury prone Robin Van PUSSY for such amount of money. Arsenal will remain a quality club no matter who betrays our faith. I wish him nice injury season at Man Utd.


After four children, she isn’t as tight as she used to be…


Arsene Wengers magic
He wears a magic hat
When Robin tried to rock the boat
He said “Fuck Off Then You Twat!”

gnarly charlie


Giwa Jimoh

I was so disapointed wen i red it this early mornin about d departure of rvp. But we ‘ve 2 move on, i pray we win trophies dis season so as 2 keep other important players in d team.He knows d reason behind his decision more than us.

Dr Baptiste

‘I was so DISAPPOINTED WHEN I READ it this early MORNING about THE departure of rvp. But we‘ve GOT TO move on, I pray we win trophies THIS season so as TO keep other important players in THE team. He knows THE reason behind his decision more than us.’ There you go, I fixed it for you. You’re welcome……


Looks like there was only one great Dutch striker at Arsenal, God I love Bergkamp. But to be honest, the only good that can come from this, is if Wenger uses that £24 million on some world class talent, whether it’s 1 or 4 players, I don’t know. I also think that this can be a blessing in disguise, for too long Arsenal has been an one-man team, first it was Henry then Cesc and it was RVP. But now we can be a real team, whereby EVERYONE is the hero.


Im still here why does no one remember meeeeee


Because if we mention you than clubs will go after you and we dont want that. We need you. Your to important.

Pele of Romford

No one is bigger than the club chaps. Personally I’d av sold him abroad for less but these days when players agree terms with another club before a transfer fee is agreed means your hamstrung when negotiating and essentially in a tug of war hoping someone else might come along, when reastically, the deal is done, shes cheated on You, why think of reasons why, its happened, get yourself checked and fuck her off. That’s why fergie was saying I don’t know why AW is being difficult, the inference there is RVP is ready why are being the problem? Every… Read more »


Words of wisdom. In the end of the day, the club is always bigger than the player. We don’t need to keep a player who wants to join our arch-rival; that just show no class.

Its sad to think that the last generation of Arsene’s team failed so horrifically. Either not up to scratch or two-faced or injury prone. Still, I have faith in this new team assembled. There’s an aura of quite confidence flowing through, strength in depth like we never experienced in a long time and there’s no reason to not get behind this team.


I felt sick yesterday when the news was finally confirmed and i’m not ashamed to say I had a sleepless night stressing about it. Today i’m pissed off and angry! It’s clear I invest too much emotionally into this team which is compounded by the results on the field, the sale of ‘hero’s’ and the misinformation spouted in the media. I’ve just cancelled my Sky Sports/ESPN subs (literally 10 miunutes ago) and i’ve leased my season tickets to a ‘still a believer’ mate of mine. I wont be renewing them next year. Enough is enough. I want my weekends back… Read more »


Chin up! as soon as Giroud and Podolski start bagging them in….you won’t remember that cunt’s name. I believer I remain…Arsene knows!

Fernando Rodriguez

chim chimney
chim chimney
Chim chim choroo
who needs vanpersie when we have Giroud

Glory Hunter

This gets more depressing by the minute!

Vermealen will most probably be our new captain and if we dont win anything this season, we all know what that means! He’ll be the next one to be sold 🙁

And If that happens then in all honesty, we have every right to start questioning exactly what’s going on at our club. Cos i dont think i can take any more of this bullshit.

Kano Gooner

If Song and Walcot want to leave, I say sell them Wenger. Do not procrastinate their departure till next summer! We do not deserve to be undergoing this transfer saga every summer! We need to have as quite summer as possible next season in terms of departures!

So if they really wana go, let them go this summer and lets move on!

Fight against Fickleness

So what if Wilshere, The Ox, Kos, & Vermealen wants to leave as well??
Should we just sell them too?
Why is it that all our good players want to leave but the shit ones dont?

I’ll try to be optimistic for the new season but RVP to Man Utd really hurts.


“Why is it that all our good players want to leave but the shit ones dont?”

Because we underpay the good ones, and overpay the shit ones.


We have the replacements according to wenger, so why say thy were bought to compliment rvp? Happy with the business we have done so far but rather not have sold him to man u. If rvp stays fit they will win the league but we need to strengthen. Even more critical if we sell song. We have a net spent of 10 million or so so far this season and have money left form last years sales and with cl money and revenue up from sky. We have money to spend without jeopardising our solvency. Let’s see just how ambitious… Read more »


Trouble is we just don”t get it. I actually feel like crying and bashing my head against the wall nothing seems to change and Arsenal fans seem to be the most passive in the league.

Glory Hunter

I know mate, its almost like we’ve bee brain washed into thinking the club can do no wrong, whereas the players are ungrateful, greedy mercenaries, whereas the truth lies somewhere in-between.

RVP isnt a cunt, he did what was right for him and he’s career.
Likewise the club did what was best for itself, rather than letting him leave on a free they cashed in.

Basically both parties are greedy, ungrateful cunts.


And bottom line is us fans suffer the most.

Voice of Reason

Not me mate, im not investing anymore of my soul into this club, i’ll still support the club but i’ll be a spectator from afar!
ive had enough of having my heart broken.

Voice of reason

When Sol left spurs to join us , we as Arsenal fans saw the logic behind his move. We had a strong team and Sol knew he had a better chance of winning trophies with us, he also received a pay rise but most if not all would agree that his move wasn’t financially motivated. This, my fellow gooners is the simple reason why our best players are jumping ship, the payrise is a bonus but the biggest motivating factor is the opportunity to win trophies and we know it! When we were winning trophies, we had the same strict… Read more »


Look at it from another perspective, if all of them has an ounce of patience and stick with the Arsenal; then im sure we would have won the title by now.

Frustrated Gooner

Voice of reason indeed!
But we fans dont want to hear reason, RVP is a cunt!!!

H. P. Arsecraft

“We have already recruited to replace him.” What a joke this has become. We cant be arsed to replace our MVP after he leaves for one of our biggest rivals. Sorry, a club that used to be one of our biggest rivals. It still might be in our hearts, but not on the pitch. We are miles behind Manu! No one can say that Podolski and Giroud are as good as RCP! And they are unproven in the premier. We will sell Song and probably Walcott and the replacements are already in. There will be no more signings this summer,… Read more »


Money is irrelevant to me whether we got 5 million for Rvp or 25 million we lost our best player. I am a believer in paying fair price I agree with that but ask yourself the question if we make 100 million or 5 million does it affect your life. No what does is the seaso ticket prices going up year in year out amd no winning trophies year in year out. I’m all for getting behind arsenal but it’s time for them to get behind us stop balancing the books as priority I not bein negative this is fact.… Read more »


Am I alone in thinking that although Giroud and Poldi were obviously replacements, that’s not enough. As it is we now are relying on Giroud to turn out to be the next RVP instead of the next Chamakh, which is massive pressure for a guy in a new league with little experience. Although we had a great summer up until yesterday, if we start the season with Chamakh and/or Bendtner as Giroud’s backup that would be a disaster. I hope Wenger learnt from past summers and has someone lined up. I don’t think we as a club can rely on… Read more »


I will repeat what I have said on numerous occasions “doing a Liverpool” is not such a bad thing two massive piss ups at Wembley for the fans, a trophy a place in Europe secured by February. What is so bad as “doing a Liverpool”? And after that they are still not satisfied fired their manager who was a legend for the club and brought in a nobody of sorts!!!


Both Berbatov and Tevez went to United on the back of success and played second fiddle to Rooney. Tevez even outscored Rooney at united and was still benched; he is still bitter about it. The fact is Ferguson plays favorites and Rooney is the favorite. RVP will be on the bench regardless if he is better than Rooney on the pitch, in training or both.


Voice of reason. Can’t see how anyone can disagree with what you said. It’s complete common sense no matter how it hurts. It’s the truth. He will win things like aw said he wanted to and with a 120k a week bonus for doing it. No brainier. We bought the players we have to replace rvp as wenger has said And not to compliment him again something wenger said. Rvp was obvioulsy told there would be minimal investment and decided to leave then and only then did arsenal decide to buy his replacements. 24 million is good business agreed but… Read more »

Voice of Reason

Going by recent history Voldermort, i think we all know who will be happier at the end of the season 🙁


hello fellow gooners, well rvp our mvp has left , however am not feeling any pains or any anger,in fact am still alive ,smiling , and moving forward,this is what we have to do move forward. rvp am going to say ,you have done something that i will never do, no matter what but i guess with all that money they was throwing at you ,now you have secured your family financially, this am happy for you, seriously. However like arseblog wrote this morning, i will not wish you well, i will not speak about you, nor thank you but… Read more »


Yeah Thomas, Cunt left but Arsenal will move on.
We can do It, Gunners…!


Players come and go but one man stays to pick up the mess and make us great and he is more important than any player. Step forward Mr Wenger…..the day he leaves then we will be in turmoil.