Thursday, July 18, 2024

Wenger: I wanted to sell RVP to PSG

Arsene Wenger has revealed that he would much rather have sold Robin van Persie to big-spending Paris Saint Germain and wanted to avoid strengthening a Premier League rival at all costs.

While the boss doesn’t actually confirm whether the Ligue 1 side, who have signed the likes of Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic this summer, bid for Van Persie it does seem a strange thing to bring up if there wasn’t any interest.

Speaking to French station TF1, Wenger was asked where he wanted to sell his captain and responded, “Abroad, to PSG.”

“We wanted to avoid at all costs [selling to an English team], but we had no choice.”

Recognising that new boys Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud have a tough job filling Van Persie’s goal scoring boots, the boss continued:

“It will be a difficult challenge to meet. He [Van Persie] scored ​​30 goals last season. It’s almost one per game.

“When Van Persie is there, his is the first name you put down to score. Others have to seize their chance.”

One player who definitely won’t be taking over the responsibility of leading the line at the Emirates is Nicklas Bendtner.

Asked by Danish press whether the Dutchman’s departure could see him remain at Arsenal, the lanky striker made clear he couldn’t give two hoots about the news.

“It doesn’t affect me. Even if all Arsenal’s strikers left it wouldn’t affect me. I’m going anyway.”

Arseblog News doesn’t have much of a problem with Nick’s words, but blimey we do wish he’d hurry up and piss off so we can spend the £500,000 we’ll get from his sale.


Thanks to @RYO_cleverfish for the heads up.

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Bendtner seems to be sure he’s going. But the season starts in 2 days and he doesn’t have another club yet.


He’s probably waiting by the phone for that call from Barcelona. Any minute now….


He’s got Barca DNA!, GUYS. Come and get him.

It is what it is

Not after THAT sitter he missed against them.

robin van persie

I am robin van persie. Erstwhile Arsenal striker and t̶a̶l̶i̶s̶m̶a̶n̶ oops! … i meant taliscunt. Why are all you guys hating on me? Just because i wanted to earn a few extra quid? Its not my fault we fell out this way. My very reasonable demands were not met by the Arsenal board so i had no choice but to break up and move to my new man’s (Red nose’s) gaffe . Its so lovely here you guys. I wish you guys were here to enjoy this with me. I am in the Old Toilet (Old Trafford) sauna with Shrek… Read more »

Adnan Chowdhury

looooooool, the people who disliked this clearly don’t know when they read satire…

Biggus Dickus

Come on! This pretending to be an Arsenal player is getting pretty lame!

How about a bit of originality gays?!

Erm, sorry.


Its just not that funny really.

Sorry, but its not.

TGSTEL's amazing First Touch

Hmmm… Isn’t satire supposed to be .. I don’t know.. Funny?

It is what it is

Funny or not, you seem to have a lot of time on your hands.


Bendtner did his first EPL goal against spurs. He did some goal in the CL for us. We should respect him!

what is happening to the club i love

Any truth to the BBC article essentially saying Arsene pushed him despite a willingness on RVP’s side to sign a new contract?


He never had any intention of signing a new contract

what is happening to the club i love

Thanks for the info Blogs. Shame he turned out to be such a cunt…and that the BBC is reporting such utter bilge


Without trying to be revisionist (cf. todays’ blog) or anything but the rvps’s “reaction” when Wenger brought in Arshavin for the Ox was quite telling in the end (whether the exchange was justified or not). I really think the will to request a transfer emerged somewhere around that time. His reaction was some kind of an unwanted (yet true) reflex of frustration. Then he just needs to compare paychecks with Yaya or his friend Kolo, look at how many goals he scores and then you know what you’re up to. Still an absolute stupid and ill-advised move. I also agree… Read more »

straight talk

Rubbish…he did offer it as an option…and fyi hes not paid over 175k at united…don’t spread unverified rubbIsh!


Didn’t RvP say he would not sign a contract EXTENSION, not that he wouldn’t sign a new contract? At any rate, the story I’ve read–and it may have its origin in the BBC account–says that RvP was softening in his stance, having seen Arsenal’s summer signings, but that Wenger’s heart had hardened towards him by that time, so that his exit was inevitable. (It would have been interesting to see how RvP might have endeavored to get himself out of the corner that he’d painted himself into.)


The story was probably planted by Van Persie’s agent, as they are trying to save some of his Arsenal’s legacy and shift the blame of his departure on Wenger.


I think a prideful Wenger is a better Wenger. He coaxed some of these players along, turning water into wine. Now the ungrateful flock for greener pastures. If Cesc was Wenger as a sentimental man, resigned to having lost the heart of his boy, then this is him booting the greedy kid out on the street saying, if you don’t want to be here, GTFO!

If this was a smear campaign, it has smeared my feelings in the wrong direction.


by ‘never’ you mean when the last season turned to be the best ever, right?

Der Springer

I can’t find that article and obviously have no real answer to your question but:

Hypothetically, if in the last week RVP did say he would be happily willing to stay, would it have been wiser for Arsenal to keep him or take the 22+ million for a 29 yr old, dodgy ankled player and run?

Being rational (i.e. Leaving all the “RVP is a useless c*nt” type comments out of it.)

what is happening to the club i love

Here is the article link:
” It is understood Van Persie was encouraged by the arrivals of Germany forward Lukas Podolski, France striker Olivier Giroud and Spain midfielder Cazorla – to the point where he was open to the idea of staying with or without a new contract.

But Wenger pulled him aside shortly before Sunday’s friendly victory over Cologne, told him he would be sold if a deal could be reached and informed the Dutchman he was no longer part of his plans.”

aww well…for whatever reason I thought RVP was different but no, he’s definitely no gunner


RVP’s statement was released well after Pod’s signing and almost immediately after Giroud arrived. So that puts paid to that notion.

arsene's bottle of water

Well it was understood. The problem is that everybody understands.

I understand Arsenal will put the £22m towards the signing of Karim Benzema.

Fergie the Gooner

Ornstein is a gutter journalist of the lowest order. Twitter is a reliable source as far as he’s concerned! I think the negative spin the press have put on this is really poor. Deep down we’ve all know for a while that he was on his way out and we got a good price for him. We’ve made far better signings than most of our rivals and hopefully there will still be one or two more before the window closes. I’m sure we’d all have have loved for RvP to go abroad, but like the boss said we had no… Read more »

Jack in the Box

Isn’t Benzema currently tied up a prostitution scandal with Ribery? Think I saw something about it on yesterday.

arsene's bottle of water

Yes he has. Him and Ribery shared the same under aged ho (not simultaneously, I rather believe). But I think they got cleared?

Anyway, a rapist Benzema is not.


Apparently they were cleared because the girl never told them she was only 16. And the girl didn’t want to press charges anyway because she has some kind of cute Beauty and the Beast situation going on with Ribery.

But now French cops have decided that they’ll charge them with soliciting anyway.

Footballers are… yeah.


This is such rubbish. Even if that story is true, and that’s a pretty big if, RVP and his agent Kunty Kees, made no public statement to that effect. In fact, the original explosive statement that painted the club into a corner remained on RVP’s site even through the Cazorla signing. It would have been extraordinarily easy for RVP to come out publicly and say “I like what the manager has been doing and now I want to stay. Pay me my 130,000 and I’ll sign on the dotted line.” Did he do any of that? No. How hard is… Read more »

He would sign if arsenal changed everything that makes the club great and gave after every demand, we shouldn’t compromise our principles for one player. .


Off course he wasn’t willing to sign with us. He made that very very clear.
I worry when newspapers print such bull but seeing the peculiar ownership situation its not only in the interest of our rivals to plant lies and cause infighting.


I understand you arsene, I understand.
Leave him, leave the cunt.
Concertrate and let us move this arsenal bus forward.
That person is a cunt.
He is done,
But we’re just about to start.

The arsenal.


The BBC also made out like he never wanted to go anywhere else , but yet Juventus saying they had agreed terms with him . Obviously Man U fan writing the reports . Or just a fool.


where is this article?

rvp burned his bridges with his statement (and probably with the actions of his agent behind the scenes in terms of contact with other clubs)

its quite clear that arsene didnt want to sell him to an english club, but what other option was there?


why didnt robin sign last year if he was so willing?
he’s has all year to sign a new contract and he didnt


RVP wouldn’t have wanted to go to Psg I’m sure. Ah wellhe has a much better chance of getting injured of he stays in the premier league. Maybe even shawcrossed or something?


RVP has protected himself by being Shawcrossed by signing for the club he chose, not coincidentally the same club that the Stoke “England prospect” started his career with.

I’ve never seen any Stoke players take liberties with United players. Pulis, like Allardyce, is a Fergie acolyte and wouldn’t do anything to harm that arrangement.


Can’t blame the club for selling him but they have to take blame for last summer and inactivity in the summer before that, which has caused this mess.
Best we can do is invest before too late. Remember, other clubs will need time to buy replacements too.

Big Dave

Trying to think of a witty comment, meh, I’ll just go with….. RVPS’s a cunt.


Selling him to united could be devestating. The good side of this transfer is that we sold an old player on the end of his contract , that would only have 1 or 2 more good years of football for 24Mil £ (or whatever the price was). it was a great deal financially. But the bad side is that united now have an unstopable strikeforce. Rooney , RvP , cagoa , welbeck , herandez.. That is something that id be worried about. Yes , it had to be done , but if robin went to a foreign club it would… Read more »


Not worrying. Shrek and his hairpiece will have to learn to work with Glasslegs Cunt (formerly known as RVP). Hernandez has been demanding more first team play and rumored to have asked for a transfer after Glasslegs was signed.

The class we’ve brought in this summer will do Manure 8-2 this season!

It is what it is

Kagawa is a midfielder, and it’s only cagoa if you’re a red faced alcoholic Scot who doesnt understand why Arsenal are being this way or care about the pronounciation of a player he just signed’s name. You forget Berba.

As the EPL was won on goal difference last season, it would be wrong not to worry or at least be aware of the threat posed.

Big Dave

Trying to think of a witty comment, meh, I’ll just go with….. RVP’s a cunt.


Sorry, Big Dave, but it wasn’t witty the first time you posted it.


“Wenger: I wanted to sell RVP to PSG.” This is the same lying cunt who said that he thought Van Persie would stay – and that Giroud and Podolsji were brought in to complement the Dutchman. I now loathe this man. The bullshit and dishonesty from him and the Arsenal board just makes me sick. You know what’s most depressing now? It’s the thought that the three new signings could take off and we have a successful season. Why? Because if that happens, those three players will all be up for sale next summer. Man City’s and Chelsea’s millions would… Read more »


While I understand your frustration, Wenger’s comments are made with the best interests of the club in mind rather than fans.

If he says he’s happy for van Persie to go or those players were his replacements, it weakens our hand even further. Don’t take it so personally.


Of course if Wenger tells me it’s raining, I’d check out the window before grabbing my umbrella.


@blogs “While I understand your frustration, Wenger’s comments are made with the best interests of the club in mind rather than fans.” are you saying we are not part of the club.someone owes us an explanation as to why we have been going through all this shit for quite a few seasons is better if we let wenger work his magic on the pitch and shut him up when it comes to club’s policies. while wenger is doing a fine job of managing all parties(fans,players,owners) he cannot speak for all of them. the owner has to come out and… Read more »

Der Springer

“How the fuck did we get into this state?”

We are not the playtoy of an oil-rich sugar daddy. Deal with it.


Quite right. Although Arsenal have at times adopted flawed transfer strategies, the real blame lies with Sky for corrupting football and the rise of clubs prostituting themselves to sugar daddies.


Of course we are – Kroenke – only with him the money goes the other way


That’s right, Der Springer. And we’re not that badly off – look at Rangers. Look across the full history of English professional league football, and the trophies won – we’re third for league championship wins, and second for F.A Cup wins over the course of more than a century. That’s a pretty good return for a club that has been run more often than not by financial prudence / tight arses (select the one which you feel applies best). Also, the club’s trophy runs have “come in intense bursts”, so to speak, with barren crappy spells in between. No trophies… Read more »


You’re a fucking Cunt. If I overhear you talking about our Boss like that I will put my fucking foot up your sorry ass so long you will end up looking like a fucking Spud.


I always love an intelligent and well-thought out response.




For some reason I am always surprised when other fans get all upset about the manager ‘”lying” to us. To say “I want RVP to stay” or “Podolski and Giroud were signed to compliment Robin” just make good business sense. If he just came out and said anything else then it would weaken our position and we certain would not have got anything like £24mill for him. Personally I think Wenger has done pretty well all in all, even if there are people out there upset that he didn’t tell them all of his business strategy via the press. He’s… Read more »


I’m amused by the surprised anger of some. Really? You didn’t see this coming for months now?


Yep, we should have seen this coming. Robin van Persie, he’s got the name of a cunt.

big black clock

I can even tolerate it if you insult me and my entire family tree. But never ever insult our doubt Wenger. He’s like my God. Fuck you fatso.


Brain transplant needed here please.
Let him jump the line.
He needs it now.
he needs it now!


Fatgooner, we are in this state because of your perpetual asinine whining. The good times will return when you are gone for good.

Dreamy McPires

I will never quite understand the irrational vitriolic hatred that some fans like yourself express towards the manager. He has only ever done what he thinks is best for the club and we have reaped the rewards, with a host of trophies (although admittedly not for while) and, vitally, Champions League qualification every year without fail. Not forgetting that despite our ‘crisis’ last season we managed to finish third in the toughest league in the world, only behind big-spending Man U and super cash rich Citeh, and finishing above Chelsea (who, incidentally, spent 50m on torres) and Sp*rs – a… Read more »


“I will never quite understand the irrational vitriolic hatred that some fans like yourself express towards the manager.”

– he’s not a fan, he’s a random internet nutter, probably sitting there in soiled pants


I agree with Arseblog. I was really pissed when I heard Wenger said that rvp’s replacements have already been signed thus contradicting himself for the umpteenth time, but hey that’s his job. He couldn’t very well say, “These are his replacements, now come and sign him.” Even playing him in that friendly, dumb as it was, was a ploy. You know some Gooners hate Arsene for the darndest reasons. You can just tell that this whole thing hasn’t been fun for him either. But alas that traitor is gone, and being nasty, wishing him injuries and all that, it’s not… Read more »


you say you “despise the lying dishonest cunt arsene wenger?”

are you seriously saying that?!?!?

and just who the fuck are you?
you fucking twat cunt wanker, go fuck yourself and fuck off forever

I want to be Bergkamp's BFF

I notice you are a fan of a more loose-lipped, media fingering management style of the ‘Arry “I roll my windows down for anyone” Redknapp ilk. I have no doubt Mr. Wenger has conducted himself in the best interests of the club in every situation. People also seem to forget we used to play in a similar way to st*ke before he arrived. He also didn’t fuck off after having the best season of his career in 2003-04 because the club weren’t ambitious enough or he was homesick. The recent phenomenon of our captain(s) and ungrateful arse holes (not mutually… Read more »


Is it possible that Fatgooner is in fact the name that Usmanov uses whilst on line?


I almost guarantee it.


You are a little bit thick, to be honest.


Well, his name is “fatgooner”, so yeah, he is thick. Oh, wait! I see what you did there!

Cygan's Anal Beads

And tomorrow you may get hit by a bus driven by Freddy Kruger with a stripey red-and-black top lined with acid and needles. Fuck man! Good luck sleepin’ tonight!


I think we should nickname either Poldi/ Giroud batman so we could go “we don’t need Robin we got Batman.


Giroud does have the abs.


Well we do have the Bac-man


Personally I always hated that banner. Will be happy to see it gone.

big black clock

How about a banner which reads “Why so cunty?” with RVP’s face at the side with Joker’s make-up on

Midfield Corporal

Isn’t there a batman villain called Two Face? Sums that dutch guy I shall not name up.

Cygan's Anal Beads

Battyman has gone to Man U I’m afraid.

the only sam is nelson

apart from RvP we’re still looking a lot stronger going into this season than last, and if Song goes that still stands

roll on saturday and smashing the mackems


Can anyone tell anything about song? the rumours about him to barca seems very imminent. We can’t afford to lose another player,not who with another 3 years in his contract and says he’s happy.Yeah,maybe his statement is not strong enough,but I’m very disappointed if wenger really want to sell him.


Haha Bendtner that silly cunt $500,000 hilarious


Maybe Kroenke can buy him for his MLS franchise?

Gooner in Spain

Should have sold him to ManShitty. He will impact the United line-up much more than Shitty, who boast about 15 forwards worth 20m+. It’d probably have hurt them more than it’d help them by creating divisions in the dressing room with tevez, dzeko, aguero, rvp, balotelli and maybe even adebayor all raring to go and only 1-2 starting berths. If health he’ll have a much larger impact at united who can drop rooney (or rvp) in the hole.

the standard

Nobody can divide Adebayor from his paycheck.

Merlin's Panini

I would happily see both of them dropped in a hole and covered up with soil.


It’s alright guys… Giroud will be the answer to all our problems. I mean just look at him. He’s the only player who would’nt be given a card for taking off his shirt.

La Shiz

Yes he will get a card. A white one, with a phone number on it.

the standard

The sad truth of the world everyone… The cunts will always exist and will almost always win. BUT when we get all guns firing (which I promise will happen this season) our revenge will be sweeter than any backstabbing, money mongering “triumph” ever could be.

It starts this weekend.

Timmy Hayes

Great piece of business by the club so long as we invest the money back into the squad. Otherwise, it really doesn’t make sense to sell two of last years key players. Let’s hope that RVP continues in the vain he finished last season on.

Come on you mighty Gunners. Get behind the lads.


Sadly, I remember reading in the wake of the RVP sale that Arsene wouldn’t be purchasing more players. If Song leaves, I believe that changes things…


It wasn’t difficult for me to sign a new contract with my employer when I got $2 raise. They just told me where to go for me to sign my new contract and it only took the time to drive to the head office.

I guess I don’t have an agent, heh?!

mah moody gooner

Our best transfer market season turned to one of the worst in a matter of days! we even missed out on sahin 🙁
and why are bendner ,squid and chamakh still on our books?


Why does everyone believe Sahin is going to Liverpool, what player of his class would actually want to acheive Europa League Glory at Klanfield of all places

Merlin's Panini

I know we’ve got quite a few midfielders but I don’t see how Liverpoo could possibly have any space for more. That club is a joke. Also, Sahin is not English and priced insanely over his actual value so I doubt they’re really interested.


That could be the point. They don’t want him going to a team they could face in the cl

Dr Baptiste

But being on loan, he wouldn’t play against his mother club.


“and why are bendner ,squid and chamakh still on our books?”

….because we are not playing Fifa13 on the X-Box where you put a player on the transfer list and the offers flood in.
They are still on our books because nobody wants them.


Surely it would be better to release them outright than to continue to pay their wages….


Surely nobody is playing Fifa13..?

Merlin's Panini

I think if we released them we would have to pay what they would have had in wages for the length of their contracts so it’s not really in our interests to do that.


Look at it this way, RVP was at Arsenal for 8 years. In those 8 years he scored 96 goals and 30 of them were last season! We had him at his best and now he’ll go on to be Donkey to Shrek Rooney, that’s if he stays fit.


The Mirror is saying that Hernandez might come to Arsenal as part of the deal. This is bullshit right?

King Dong Song

No….Horse shit


No thanks. Hernandez isn’t even the best striker from Mexico, and he’s got a history of head injury problems (which almost ended his career). We had the second-best Mexican striker in our team already, and we loaned him out twice… So long, Mr. Chips!


so long and thanks for all the chips?


I still hope we manage to come to terms with Theo, though. His speed is a unique weapon, despite all his other shortcomings.


I always think that Walcott is a representation of why Arsenal are under achieving. He’s simply not good enough as a player for a club in the top four.

Rambling Egyptian

Is there any truth in the reports that Song is refusing to play if he doesn’t get his move to Barca?

Rueben Juan Hoff

It’s hard to tell with Wenger, but does anyone think that his comment about selling RVP to PSG is him saying to read between the lines? As in, it would’ve been a board decision? Not that it matters much, but I had a few games on Fifa12 today with what I expect to be the new team and Santi was fantastic to play with, loads of control. Currently living on a farm in the middle of no where in Australia so don’t have the bandwidth to watch youtube clips so that’s about all the exposure I can get unfortunately. p.s… Read more »

Arsenal RSA

Robin’s a cunt
Robin’s a cunt
He COULD of been of LEGEND
but now he’s just a cunt !

i hope to hear this at the emirates sometime…

King Dong Song

We have a great squad…let’s reinvest money in strong defensive midfield and we are ready to roll baby!


I vote we loan TGSEL to sperz. They have no strikers…. they need a striker. We need Nick to move on. He will impact their ability to land Adebayor. Good business all around.


Hey guys, I am TGSTEL… Arsene just won’t give me a chance. Paddy Power!!!!!


When I think of how lethal Dennis was at 29 & how many more years he played for us, I can’t help thinking Robin would be devastating for Man United for years to come. If he stays fit.


What you’re missing here is that Dennis was a great player, a great professional, and a great man. RvP is possibly the first, but he’ll never be the others.

A Yank

First: He’s a cunt, time to move on, etc. etc.

Second: I tend to agree that he’s got more life in his legs at 30 simply because the injuries have limited his playing minutes. Would have rather kept him, then let him walk on a free. And to sell him to Puppy Kickers FC is the worst possible outcome. We’ve strengthened a rival, and not by unloading disposable surplus like Adebayor, but by giving them one of the most lethal strikers in England.

Bummer. But, it’s done.


Any one know if there is any truth to the Hernandez rumours? I’d be happy enough if he came!

Johnny Depp

… on your face

Cygan's Anal Beads

I fucking hate the little chickpea.

arsene's bottle of water

I’d like to see less words and more action from Bendtner.

Just shut up and fuck off to Sporting Lisbon or something you fucking twat.


Nicklas Bendtner bought 01-08-2004 from FC Copenhagen for £200,000


There’s always a choice Arsene. In this case, sell or don’t sell. Time will tell if you chose the right option


Hello guys and gays

I’m learning Dutch at the moment. As chance might have it, todays lesson was ‘How to abuse a filthy turncoat wankstain of a former captain’, and this was one of expressions to learn and repeat:

‘Je bent een leugenachtige huurling stuk stront’


Breaking News : RVP move to Man Utd is off, apparently Man U not willing to take Bendter for free as part of the deal 🙂


Can’t believe Wenger is getting stick from some fans. All this talk about no loyalty in football and yet we have a manager who has been committed to the Arsenal since the day he arrived. Who neds RVP when we have Giroud *swoon* COYG!

Jack in the Box

I think people are more upset with Utd having him more than us not having him.


Yepp, he could’ve gone anywhere in Spain or Italy or France and nobody would mind… but Manure! I don’t know whether Citeh would’ve been better or worse in terms of his traitorous behavior. At least with Citeh there was a precident. But Manure!! Old Bacon Face!!! Judas!!!!!


Imagine if we’d sold off Vieira back in the day and bought Keane!


We’d better sort out Theo’s contract soon or he’ll end up doing a Flamini.

Jack in the Box

I can get over him going but to THEM?

Couldn’t we have just called Barca or Madrid up and said “€15m and he’s yours”?


a dutch striker playing for United??..Where is Keown when you need him

Jack in the Box

Nice. haha

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Let’s hope he gets the same treatment as the last two Dutch outfield players at Utd, Jaap Stamp & Van Nistelrooy showing the door


I am just saddened for the parents who named their kid after Robin.
Arsene the world you are looking for.

Midfield Corporal

I like to think that Robin is on his way up north thinking to himself ‘fuck, that didn’t go as I planned it in my head’. I get this under lying feeling that things snowballed out of controlled, he offended Arsene and wasn’t man enough to apologise. He may be great for another year but he won’t for 4 years, so we can afford ourselves a wry smile when he’s warming the bench/treatment table at Old Trafford that those mugs are spunking £200k a week on him and thinking ‘whose idea was it to sign an injury prone 29 yr… Read more »


I think that there is an exceedingly strong possibility he is having that thought. I also hope that he will be one of those former players who gets asked for a quote when the press wants to write a “I left Arsenal and it was a mistake” article like we see from time to time.


Arseblog, we all know Wenger lied with as you say “the best interests of the club in mind”. But regardless of our frustration, the bigger point now is that we need a new striker. What have we got now besides Giroud and Pod? We have these two guys who never played a PL game before who might take a while to get up with the pace, that Danish prick, a moving statue from Morocco and a Korean invisible man. RVP needs replacing. The sickener in all this is that the ambition shown in the summer has been dissolved by selling… Read more »

Cygan's Anal Beads

Yeah man and everything’s well terrible man! OMG WOT WILL WE DOO BLUD!?

Dr Baptiste

You say we need a new striker and then in the same comment say that “We have these two guys who never played a PL game before who might take a while to get up with the pace”. Now unless we get a PL striker, won’t any striker we get also have to “get up with the pace”? Also, bullshit to all that being let down by the manager bollocks. We had a striker that didn’t want to be there, that look so disinterested during the game with Koln that we may as well have put the statue of Herbert… Read more »


I love that visual. Although, it Wenger did indeed dress the statue for the game, I bet Marouane would have said, “C-H-A-P-M-A-N is not how you spell Chamakh. Have I become that forgettable?”


Well hey, let’s publicly state to every club in the world that we are now in the market, and desperate for a striker! That would be solid business. A capital idea! They’ll sell us one on the cheap because they have such charitable inclinations.

Fact is that Podolski and Giroud were bought as replacements. The Ox can play up I have to say I like his chances. And who knows, maybe Wenger will snap up Llorente or try to Hulk it up, but why would Wenger state that we’re in the market when that’s hardly sensible for your bargaining position?

Matt F

“16th August 2011 was another special day in my career. This was the day I was officially announced as the Captain of Arsenal Football Club. This is a great honour. I have been at the club for 7 Seasons now and I am humble to be chosen as Captain of our great Club.”

Oh yeah.

Midfield Corporal

You could write a book of RVP quotes that actually didn’t mean shit. Very disappointed in the man.


(sorry, i haven’t read the comment policy……………but i agreed anyway!)!
hahahahahahahahaha! I so love NB52, too bad hw won’t be leading the line for……….well too bad4me!!


Fuck him, hopefully in 6 seasons time he will repay Man u’s patience with a decent season.



Robin Van Persie,
I’m glad that he’s gone
glad that he’s gone
glad that he’s gone…..


Although it is good business to get 24m for him, i can’t see why some people are so calm about this. The gap between us and the Manc cunts was fucking shameful last season and we just sold the we just sold the prems best striker to the weaker one (not to mention our bitter rivals from the days not so long ago when we challenged for the title). I really do hope this money is reinvested but im skeptical from past experience because our net spend is still -10m and we’ve barely shifted any of the deadwood. And as… Read more »


Wenger is a flawed human being, like the rest of us. He has made brilliant decisions, and he has made mistakes, misjudgements, and errors. Fatgooner has as much right to criticise him as you have to blindly hero worship him.


Sorry, that was meant to be in reply to big black clock, and his ridiculous comment to Fatgooner that he’d rather have his family insulted than a man (Wenger) he doesn’t know, via an Internet forum.


Well said, Rich!


No I don’t think he does have the right to call Wenger a “lying cunt” for simply trying to be tactically astute in a very difficult situation. I can’t follow your logic. We just got 24 mil for a striker getting towards the end of his peak years but Wenger is called a cunt because he made the necessary manoeuvrings to get the best price for the club’s asset? What was he expecting? A hand delivered note explaining the situation personally. I can agree with you that people have just as much right to criticise Wenger as they do to… Read more »


Yes they have a right to call him a lying cunt. The lying was to Arsenal fans and that is inexcusable. You don’t think the bullshit lying in the media is actually necessary, do you?


Wenger is a lying sack of shit.

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