Thursday, March 30, 2023

Besiktas raid Arsenal. Take their time.

Arsenal have finally confirmed the sale of young midfielder Oguzhan Ozyakup to Besiktas for…wait for it…an undisclosed fee.

Having undertaken a medical with the Turkish side over a month ago, its almost as if the Gunners completely forgot to announce the deal. Indeed, the wait has been so long that it sort of feels as though we’ve sold him twice. Swap ‘signing’ for ‘sale’ and he’s a LANS of sort…

Weirdly Ozyakup hasn’t been the only player waiting to hear confirmation of his exit. Carlos Vela, despite being publicly paraded by Real Sociedad as their marquee signing of the summer, is still listed as a squad player on the Arsenal website. Will we ever get to use the headline ‘Goodbye Mr Chips’?

Anyway, Arseblog News waits with wobbling top lip to read of the sale of Charlie George to Derby and the exit of Frank McLintock to QPR. What’s more, you can be sure as anything we’ll go mental at George Graham when Rocky leaves for Leeds and Anders Limpar is snapped up by Everton. Why George? WHY?

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Haha. Funny.

Dr Baptiste

I reckon Fatgooner probably thinks it’s all Arsene’s fault


Thanks Ozzy Ketchup, and good luck and all that.

Midfield Corporal

Limpar and Rocky leaving, along with Merse were my 3saddest departures, RVP? Nah, not even close.


Charlie George and Liam Brady hurt like fuck at the time.


all of the above, plus Bobby after being subbed in 2006 Paris final.

Old Greg

Yeh, I was very sad about the departure of Merson. He still had a couple of good years left in him. He’s sort of tainted that sadness by being a bit of a cunny on Sky since that though.


I’ll never forget the day Cygan left.

What's my name?

My heart bled when Igor Stepanov left….what an effing legend!


I like my chips with a little pinch of gravy and a glass of fine carlos……….

the only sam is nelson

Juventus coach gets a 10 month ban

so that just leaves Ferguson vs Mancini in for RvP

Manchester tramp fight


come on barka take him stop playing with midgets. play the Arsenal way.

Dr Baptiste

Depends on who becomes Juve manager. Maybe we can still sell to them and he can be manager.
I mean, he has an idea of how to take a massive club forward and he has a list of transfers but has zero experience on anything other than medical procedures required on legs made of sponge

the only sam is nelson

Actually perhaps we should replace Ivan with Robin

The first ever player/CEO

one in the eye for cunt’s cunt, John Terry, as well. Player/manager? Hah, that’s old hat. You cunt.

big black clock

Or you know, we could not sell him and hold him to his contract. Keeping the ass > Selling him to the red nosed cunt


ManU accused of talking up RvP deal in run up to stock floatation on NYSE. Now that floatation is done we will see how serious they are.

Big Dave

Good to see Arsenal are still using carrier pigeons for communication.

The JD Flick!!

if only i was a stand up comedian, i`d rake it in just repeating these.

the only sam is nelson

I was checking the official Arsenal site the other day

Terrible news about the Titanic. Tragic.


Actually Frank Stapleton’s departure to ManUtd was far worse than RvP’s will be. Utd., were crap at that time and living on the reputation of past – Best/Charlton inspired – glories.

At least there’s a logic in footballing terms for RvP to go to Utd. as they currently are.


Aye, and while I was quite young at the time I seem to remember Stapleton being a bit of a cunt about it. The fee we got was pretty small in the end because of that.

I should ask ‘Holic, he’d remember.

the only sam is nelson

wasn’t it big ron flashing the cash back then?

my how times change

one is also reminded of viv anderson, who left highbury to “win trophies” at old trafford (where “trophies” are wheelbarrows full of cash)

Gunner Paddy

Rumour has it that Henry will be moving to Barcelona.

Dr Baptiste

Aren’t they buying Overmars first?


I heard we bought this french winger from Marseille as his replacement. He was a part of france’s euro and world cup wins, however he had some problems in his last season there. Interesting to see how it works out.


We bought Henry from Juventus?!


Who is this Henry kid? We should be buying experienced talent, not kids no-one’s ever heard of before. WENGER OUT!


Could You vote on match Arsenal-Sunderland for Gunners from Poland please?

Glory Hunter

How dare you label Chamakh a flop!! lol

Pedantic Dave

Oh no! have just announced the sad passing of Herbert Chapman

the only sam is nelson

What do you think about the move to Highbury?

I’m horrified at the prospect of moving from Woolwich. Heritage and tradition mean *nothing* to this Norris character!

Pedantic Dave

I’m extremely nervous about it.

Before you know it, our players will have numbers on the back of their shirts and will play games at night using candles or some other light source that might yet be invented


I don’t know about the change of name. I kinda like Dial Square.


Never mind all this bollocks, I’m so looking forward to the first game of the season at Highbury…


Oh fuck… Lol.


Boys, apparently we’re going to get that Ian Wright lad from Palace.

Dr Baptiste

I wonder if he’ll just be negative about all things Arsenal in the future…..


They still haven’t announced Vela leaving have they?


They just announced Vela’s departure.

Chris Yestin leebowski

This new French manager looks promising/ like Alan partridge .


Just heard Steve Morrow’s out for the rest of the season after Tony Adams dropped him from his shoulders after the CC win!

big black clock

Do you guys actually think we can beat Liverpool 2-0 at their own ground to win the title? Graham looks confident on the website, but I’m skeptical..


Graham looks confident on the website.


Eric Irish gunner

And it’s Thomas throught the middle it’s up for grabs now, oh fucking yes


WOW! We just signed our first professional footballer ever in Gavin Crawford. May he add some professionalism into this small club.


Arsene Who?

P.S: Invest in dotcoms!

Merlin's Panini

Yes! Chris Kiwomya! We’re gonna win the league this season…

I remember cutting his head out and sticking him on my spare Paul Davis’s body so I could have him in my sticker album. Sorry Paul Davis, you didn’t deserve that.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


VP not to go anywhere? We’ll find out soon it was all a brilliant ploy between captain and manager to divert all other clubs attentions away from our summer purchases! All eggs into the ‘we want VP’ basket and all they get a fax of VP’s arse with ‘only joking suckers!’ written on it! Arsenal through and through!! I can dream!

Brian Mendoza

Because he’s the captain Arsenal deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So, we’ll hate him, because he can take it. Because he’s not our captain. He’s a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Knight.

And thus, Robin took up the mantle of Batman. Boom.


Fee for Oğuzhan Özyakup is 405K sterling + 25% on any future transfer over 405K

the only sam is nelson

blimey, that’s more than Malcolm MacDonald cost!

although the website has yet to confirm that we’ve bought Newcastle’s talismanic no.9, obviuosly

Dr Baptiste

Alan Shearer? He could do a job if we just leave him up the other end of the field, although Arshavin might have something to say about it as that’s his position


Every1 has forgotten Gilles Grimandi. I loved that guy…..oh and what about this Diawara chap….next big thing?


who do ye think we should hold on to, Kevin Campbell or Andrew Cole…


I heard we’re in for Inter’s Dennis Bergkamp as he failed to settle in Milan. He can be an Arsenal legend if he moves.


Fee for Carlos Vela £2,650,000 / €3.34m.

+50% sell-on and €4m buy back option at the end of the 2013-14 season


Just Waiting to hear back from Nottingham Forest about borrowing some shirts…I hope they are Red

Persie out, arsenal lives

I will now go and burn my ashley cole shirt. I don’t know why but I have a cunt feeling about it. I will then buy adebayors……something doesn’t sound right here too.


Oh boy, I’m pretty young here.

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