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Cazorla absent from Malaga training

Santi Cazarla has not taken part in training with Malaga this morning, with speculation mounting he’s on his way to London to complete his transfer to Arsenal.

Diario Sur reports that yesterday was the Spanish international’s final training session with his current club and if he’s traveling to London it suggests everything is agreed between Arsenal and Malaga.

Cazorla would become the third high profile signing of the summer after Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud and the common denominator in all three is their age and experience. Although Arsenal still focus on youth it looks more and more as if those solutions will be found internally while the transfer policy has shifted somewhat.

The club are also hopeful of signing Nuri Sahin from Real Madrid on a season long loan deal but the absence of a purchase option appears to be the sticking point at this moment in time.

Meanwhile, Catalan daily Sport say that a Barcelona move for Alex Song ‘could’ be closed within 48 hours and despite the fact they list Yossi Benayoun as one of Arsenal’s midfield options, there’s a growing sense that the interest from Barça is real.

With Darren Dein as his agent, Song would be treading a well worn path to the Camp Nou, but it remains to be seen whether Arsene Wenger is willing to sanction such a deal. It seems unlikely given the injury problems we have in midfield and the development work Wenger has put into the Cameroonian, but stranger things have happened in football.

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Fuck off, Barca.

Song is ours.

k fruit

Ya fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck off barca, leave our only and only song17 alone!!!


Has the scuffle between Sahin and Podolski already been mentioned? I’m sure that there are no hard feelings!


I mentioned it about a week about in a couple different blogs but it got deleted from them….

It’s all heat of the game type stuff. Final whistle blows and it’s over with. Unless you’re Joey Barton! Cunt!

A. Wenger

big thing i got from that is how well lewandowski uses his hold up play… then again we still have giroud and chamakh…


no barca dna here you putos……. only red n white blood left now !!!!


I hate that cunt. They think they can whatever they wants?
Common Arsense, give them a “f*ck u”. (sorry i’m abit over react)

persie out, arsenal lives

I think busquits should just be gang fucked real hard by three surprisingly heavy built hobos……holy shit that fucking cunt!!!.


agree that biscuits is a cnut, but maybe calm it a bit with the rape, yeah?

persie out, arsenal lives

I understand you my good man, the only problem is that I fucking don’t care.
what’s a guy to do. sorry.


Oh tim quit being emotional and shit. trust me, we will one day play against barca and bisquits pulls the “bisquits ” move on us and we get the red over it. so fuck me, if I don’t think anything positive about bisquits and the whole cuntelona. CUNTS!!!.

Declan O, Donovan

For fuck sake, is it to much to ask for just one summer just one, when barca arent trying to take one of our players, send a clear message mr wenger please and tell them not so pollitely to go fuck themselves ha…

Nicky Wan

Sid Lowe re-tweeted someone posting a photo of Santi at the airport leaving for London?


Darren Dein is a cunt and can go and wank his dad


has darren dein ever represented a player that didnt leave the club?

Pedantic Dave

They eventually all go, it’s the nature of modern football, but it’s a valid question. Since David Dein left, have any of his son’s clients ever renewed their contracts?

why is my name required

van per$ie should apologize and have a rethink. Look at the new signings. this is a statement of intent from wenger. don’t listen to that moron darren dein. tell em to take that cheque, shine it up real nice and stick it up where the sun doesn’t shine


So true.


Van Persie should fuck off and take whatever money he wants, wherever he wants to get it.

He’s made it clear he doesn’t want to be at the Arsenal anymore, so get as much as we can for him, goodbye, good luck, fuck off and we move on.


Looks like Wenger has learned his lesson from the farce last summer.
Cazorla/Sahin will make up for the vacuum left by Cesc/Nasri
Cazorla should bang in a few free kick goals and I’m looking forward to the new season!

damien joyce

google sahin free kicks he’s not bad either with his left foot


Forget that, cazorla can hit it with both his right or with his left depending on where the setpiece is!!.

oops a boner.


Could it be that Cazorla will make up for the vacuum if Song leaves, not to fill the one left by Fabregas? And that the lesson learned has been more about being prepared for the worst?

If so, the club is still on the defensive; just that the reaction time is much better. In the end, Arsenal are still relatively vulnerable to their good players being tempted away.


I think Cazorla would be a more strategic “replacement” to appease fans if Theo leaves. If Song leaves we’re gonna go in for M’Vila as fast as we can!


Umm…Cazorla is a different kind of player from Song, isn’t he? I doubt it.


To hell with barca


Dein and Son: Milking the Arsenal Cash Cow ‘Till Its Tender Teets Bleed Dry.


Losing Frylock would definitely put a downer on the excellent news that the Cazorla deal appears to be done.

We’ve only got 1 song.

Mental Strength

This is great news. Cazorla is the kinda signing we need. Sahin, not too sure if we need him, we’ve got lots of players in the midfield now, unless Song does leave.

I still believe we need 1 more striker if RVP leaves, which he probably will. Maybe Lewandowski?


Forget Lewandowski. First, he’s their only striker and they’ve no intention of selling; second, he doesn’t want to leave; third (and if the first two weren’t true), he’d much too expensive for us.


Could be an option next xear though, his contract has two years to go and it seems he doesn’t want to extend. Could bedifficult depending on the comepetition though.


it seems like we already have a good relationship with BVB, so let’s keep off for now.


Yeah but apart from that, lets get him.


And fourth, he is not good enough.


I’ve watched him for two years now, I think he’d be great, works hard for the team, holds the ball very well, and is technically accomplished. His finishing needs work though, but he has been steasdily improving.
We’ll have to see what the comopetition is, Bayern seems to be out of the picture, they just bought Mandzukic for 15m, I think, unless he seriouosly flops, they’re all set. Plus Lewandwoski already said he would want to play in the EPL.


If the Song interest is real and we’ve known for a while, then that could be the stalling point on M’Vila. That we’d only move for the Rennes man if we sell Alex.


precisely what I’m thinking. I don’t want Song to leave but I’ve felt since the beginning of all the RVP leaving talk that if/when RVP walked that Song would follow him out the door quickly.


I agree Nick. Song is leaving. It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when. If we can get more money now for him, and replace him, then we should do it. I’d much rather that than go into next summer with yet another player entering the last year of their contract and holding the club over a barrel. Question 1 for these players – Do you want to play for Arsenal? If the answer is anything other than ‘Yes’, a la TV5 or Kos, fair enough. But in those circumstances, it should then be made clear to… Read more »

N21 Tone

Barca are not the Champions League holders!


I’m pretty sure the Champions League didn’t happen last season…


I have no idea what you guyses are on about.

persie out, arsenal lives

your username says it all.


But…..but….that would be in a world where Sp*rs are in the CL and in which I didn’t get to laugh myself sick at the end of last season. I *really* enjoyed that and the look on Hairy Redballs’ face it produced and the fact he was sacked ‘cos a rascist cunt and his sad mates beat the Cuntalonian Cesc-thieving bastards by being a bus-parking bunch of shites and that the gap they were minding turned out to be millions of quid wider than they thought it was and that St Totteringham’s Day was an even more massive kick in the… Read more »

gunn cabinet

all this transfer activity happening before the very eyes of van persie – who for the record thinks we have no ambition. his words not mine. or his agent’s.
the guy must be pissing in his pants at london colney. and he must be thinking of those gilt edged passes he got from the likes of arteta and song that made him “a world-class star” laste season.
eerr. robin. you leave, but the football stays with us. at the emirates.


No ambition my arse.

Robin van Piss-in-his-pants-ie

Gunner From Another Mother

“You leave, but the football stays with us. At the Emirates”

Fucking love it!!!


If anyone thinks it’s ambition and not $$$$$$$$$$ that’s driving Robin Van Fuckwit is deluding themselves, he doesn’t give a fuck about us or AFC, it’s all about that dirty cash, the cunt.


I would explode with orgasmic joy if we signed Fernando Llorente…


“would explode with orgasmic joy..”[ ]

Ooh..! I can’t wait!


Cant wait for this to happen.

If Song went I would be unhappy but midfield will be a toughly competed position next season and if Wenger doesn’t have him planned for a starting spot, maybe a sale is the best option. But I’d like him stay.


I would have song #1 on the teamsheet if I was Wenger. I truely hope he stays rather than getting mvilla


I’m a big fan of song , if Barca come in with big money then I would take it as long as we find a replacement . Coq is good for he future but he isnt ready , neither is Frimpong


I thought Barca would be in for a centre-back. Surely they have enough midfield options.


Barca don’t really do centre backs. They prefer to put traditional DM’s there because midfielder’s tend to be better ball players and because at Barcelona centre backs don’t really need to do that much ‘defending’.


They do centre backs enough to have made an approach for Koscielny and Vermaelen and Miquel… We should see it as flattering, I suppose.


and all three are CB’s who are excellent on the ball.


I believe they’re looking to replace Keita, who has just left the club. I have mixed feelings about Song: Mostly positive, but in my opinion he had a distinctly average 2010-2011 in terms of his defensive work; he was better in attack, but that came at the expense of defending, as might be expected. If we’re looking to get everyone on the same page with respect to defending as a team, I can understand, perhaps, why a positional maverick like Song could be sacrificed, especially now while we could still get a great fee. This may also explain our interest… Read more »


Darren Dein hates Arsenal or something? IF Song leaves, all his clients have ended up leaving Arsenal.

Santi Cazorla would be a brilliant signing. Bag loads saying he is having his medical this afternoon.

Local media in Malaga also suggesting Cazorla will not be the last player leaving Malaga to Arsenal. I wouldn’t mind having Isco joining. 😀


“Darren Dein hates Arsenal or something? IF Song leaves, all his clients have ended up leaving Arsenal.!”

If that is true then maybe Arsenal would finally cut ties with Darren Dein, so to speak. 🙂

Hugh Jarse

Why would Arsenal want to ruin a load of perfectly good ties cutting them up with Darr£n D£in?

Merlin's Panini

Go and bother someone else Barca you bunch of cunts.
Good stuff about Cazorla. It’s seeming more and more believable, though I still can’t go totally nuts until I see it on the official site.
Also, I saw something about Galatasary being close to signing Sahin, so who knows on that one. Would be nice, but if it is only a loan I’m not overly bothered if it doesn’t happen. I would prefer we went for someone permanent.


Barca really are amazing. That post on their official twitter a couple of weeks back about having made an offer for Miquel. I’m sure they did make an offer – of about 20p – they wouldn’t have had the nerve to say that they had if it weren’t true, but I’d guess the purpose of that twitter post was to alert Miquel and his agent to their interest in the expectation that he’d do a Cesc and put in a transfer request. Serves them right that he apparantly hasn’t. From what I know of Song, which admittedly isn’t much (except… Read more »


I believe the Champions League holders are Chelshit. Not Barca.


do tell chav that ,they start believe they are the best team in europe


What a comprar!

Malaysian Gooner

If Song actually does go to Barca expect his replacement (M’Vila or whoever) to be signed not long after.

One things for certain, if Arsenal actually sell, AFC have known of this interest for a long time. Hence the chase for a DM since last summer (when the Song rumours started).

I’d be sad to see Song go but as soon as he got Darren Dein on his advisory team, you knew where this was heading. On the bright side, Song will be the last player in Arsenal’s squad who has him as an agent.

roger b

Absolute rubbish. Just checked Malagas website and he was present at training today, no comment about him being excused pictures and video on the site of their training session today with him clearly at training


‘Santi Cazorla was the only player absent from this morning’s session, with permission from the Club.’


I checked too and it confirms he wasn’t there!

50 Shades of Ramsey

The Malaga website actually states that Santi Cazorla IS absent form training.


and now for a long silence ,failing that change name to ….

Merlin's Panini

dumb arse.

Dr Baptiste

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…. Either you are a muppet or a spud (maybe both)


If your one arnt you always the other by default?

Thomas B

Haha — troll fail.


“…..interest from the Champions League holders..” U dont mean the Chel $ea, right? Nway, Song’s situation will be a real test of how much Arsenal DNA we inject in our youth system. I suggest we give an overdose (If there exists anything like it) to the likes of Eisfield


Funny how you put down a site for listing Yossi Benayoun as one of Arsenal’s midfield options yet a line later you’re talking about Barca, the Champions League Holders!!! I’m sure Cesc and Co choked this year!


hey mr arseblog. do you have any idea why i am only able to view 5% of the videos that you post. keep up the good work. thanks

Dr Baptiste

Was Archer on the laptop again?

Dr Baptiste

What have you been recording blogs…..


Every time terry slips video would be nice……


God punish Barca with their f**k**g hell with Cesc a betrayal..Go to hell Barca..Song is our boy.. If Barca is truly good then they should traing a player from their fuckinh academy to be like Song.


Although, you know, I can’t keep wondering where they get the money from. Sure they’re a famous team, and all that, but surely no club on earth has enough money to spend like that? I mean, look. They signed Cesc last year for what, 35m? (dirt cheap for quality, though, in my opinion) Then there was Alexis Sanchez for almost 50m, again last year? Where do they get the bucks? I was told by a friend of mine that they don’t have enough money, and they’re using next year’s and the year after’s transfer budget.


Oh yeah, and Jordi Alba for 20m again this year.


you can find analyses of their financial reports here


I think its more likely we would go for Wanyama or Tiote if Song left.

I’d love to see Frimpong get given a go. True gunner, a player the crowd would get behind and you know he would give 100%. He is a player you wouldn’t want to play against.

Save 75 cents



Tiote would be massive. I’m hopeful that if Song does leave that M’Vila or Tiote are signed sharpish


Arseblog – one of the ads at the top of the page has Harry “he’s got a twicth” Rednuts advertising Sky something or other. It’s lunchtime you know, some of us have weak stomachs …


Some players are truly irreplaceable, but Alex Song is not one of them.


A defensive midfielder who can dribble, has the passing range of Pirlo and can fill in at centre-back?


can make a hollywood pass one in ten, doesn’t track back enough, exposes his back four and loafs a round with a permanent hangover……. mmm replaceable I think.


I agree he’s at fault sometimes, but I think it’s more to do with how we defend as a team. You can’t expect Song to cover when both fullbacks have pushed up. We are always open to the counter no matter who is on the pitch (just look at the pre-season games)

I reckon Wenger has been encouraging him to try those passes because we lacked creativity last season. The loss of Fabregas especially meant someone had to step-up.

We let him go at our peril. Not many players come with a skillset like Song’s.

Dick Swiveller

Actually, we can expect him to fill in there, that’s the responsibility of Song and whoever is next to him. If they don’t want to do it, we get someone who will because we ain’t gonna change our entire system for one guy who has too many rushes of blood to the head.

I think he still does it well enough to maintain his place alongside a disciplined and experienced partner though, wouldn’t complain at us finding more experienced backup but Song is very useful.


Those lofted passes are very similar. Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit.


Funniest post of the day ! Pirlo ? Hahaha nice one



But seriously, even Arsenal Column talks about the similarities between Song and Pirlo. I may be dumb but I’m not stupid.

Darren Dein's Nipples

Agents are the scum of football. Song has been a consistent performer over previous seasons and it would be a big loss regardless of who we bring in considering how close we are to the season.

I hope Darren Dein and Barca get told where to shove their ideas by Arsene, in the style of those french knights from Monty Python and the holy grail.

Merlin's Panini

“I don’t want to talk to you no more, you empty-headed animal food trough wiper! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!”

That would, indeed, be special


I would like to keep Song, but on the other hand he wouldn’t relly be missed if he left for spain. As much as i love his assist, as much do i hate his defensive fractures, an I do think the defensive part are the most important for a defensive midfielder. We would need to bring someone else in though..


ofcourse santi is absent from training he was travelling to london today and having medical as we speak.
please dont ban me .


I reckon Cazorla would be a great signing. I dont know enough about Sahin.

If Song wants to leave for Barcelona I dont think we can stop him. Im pretty confident that he’s replacable.

Dont get me wrong i think he’s a great player, but he does tend to “switch off” as much as he sometimes makes brilliant through balls..

I think we have a good alternative in the frimster or coq.

cant wait for the season to start and see podolski, giro, maybe cazorla in red and white


Sahin was an integral part of Dortmund’s win the year before. Real bought him because they saw something like Xabi Alonso; good passer, defensively able, etc.


According to Santi himself, it’s a done deal! Wahey! I’m having a drink!

Glenn Helder

Did someone say giro?

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


I don’t want Song to leave but if he is going to be another one on the conveyor belt of running down their contracts I would happily get rid now. If, and its a big if, we had a fully fit squad + reported additions of Cazorla/Sahin I doubt he would he be in first 11. Potentially a midfield of Arteta/Wilshere/Cazorla (Song does nt seem to be defensively employed so could envisage this trio). Would still leave ramsey, sahin,rosicky, diaby, coquelin, chamberlain in the middle- though some of those would nt be the most reliable!


Barca can go ahead and sign Rigobert Song.

damien joyce

It’s strange Song is now being linked away, at the end of last season, I actually had feeling we’d lose Song this summer rather than go through the same old rigmarole next year. I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if Arsenal accepted a bid in region of £20m+ for him, however I would be very surprised if that bid came from Barca, who 1. Are tight bastards, and seem to be saving up for Neymar 2. think they are Godly and everyone should give them what they want for free and 3. Are a bunch of cunts. I do suspect however… Read more »


@jamsey..I think you slept all through last season


at times i wish i had!


Please not Song! If we get Cazorla and Sahin on loan, I will be over the moon. But if we lose Song (without getting someone like Mvilla to replace him) I will be back to square one so to speak. Apart from RVP, Arteta Kos and Song were our most important players. Say what you want about his defensive discipline, but 11 assists from DM is something special. Apart from Yaya, Song is the best in the league at his position. He is very strong on the ball and a vital cog to our midfield. However, as said by someone… Read more »


If the only way for Arsenal to buy M’Vila is to sell Song then I’m totally against it. Very soon we will loose identity of the team. I even don t care if M’Vila is a better prospect for the club and a younger player. I want Song and Walcott and Diaby to stay… But that doesn’t mean I wouldnt like to buy M’Vila, actually I think we have to buy him. He’s a spirt which we are lacking.

Dr Baptiste

How will we “loose indentity of the team”? This must be the 6th of 7th different set of players I have seen play in the red and white of Arsenal. The name Arsenal FC, the Red and White colours and the powerful cannon on the chest are all symbols of our identity, not some overpaid prima donna’s that just want an extra zero on their bank balances (Yes I’m tarring them all with the same brush but a lot of modern day footballers that are so detached from reality that I just can).


Ha ha ha I can’t believe what you are saying. Players are not important anymore? So you think that Chelsea with Vialli and then Abramovich’s mercenaries are the same club? Or City and the City? No way. I can understand where you coming from (frustration over Rvp) but I’m happy that we are not in some kind of football manager reality yet. At least not Arsenal. I’m not against new players but I don’t want that we change 5 players every year. That’s stupid and we it is not good to loose core every summer.


The song link just smacks of lazy journalism to me. Details seem out of place, like Yossi still playing for us, etc. And if barca were interested in him, why would they be offering a new contract so publicly to captain caveman puyol?
I don’t think barca can afford anyone after buying jordi alba. I mean, they still owe us for cesc, not to mention about €50 million to banks.

Dick Swiveller

May I direct you here?

I believe Xavi is preparing his swab to test his DNA as we speak.


I wish I could put into words how much I fucking hate Busquets, Pique and Dani Alves!!! Biggest bunch of whining diving cunts there are!

Dick Swiveller

If anyone comes up with a word better than ‘cunt’ to describe Busqets I’d be very surprised.

Lord Teddy Ears

cliterious is a great word to describe barca !!!

Dr Baptiste

They also claimed that Song played against them in the 2006 CL final; he did not


this really is getting out of hand, why do arsenal fc allow our players to go with the Darren dein cunt. We will not sell song no way

Dr Baptiste

The club have no control over who the players have as their agents, so there is nothing they can do about it. We just have to let the players make the mistake of leaving themselves (Adebayor, Hleb, Flamini, etc…)

Bob Smith

Too many comments to read but the following could happen: Song: a midfielder caught in two minds (attack/defend) not a box2box player, yet M’Vila: a to the point DM If M’Villa comes in and as do Sant/Sahin is would give us stability. Arteta won’t bomb forward that much and neither would M’Vila this allows out one proper play maker in the centre of the pitch. If they move the ball fast enough and the forwards attack with pace we might have a better attack and with to anchors, less prone to be victims of swift counters. I’d prefer it is… Read more »


Oh Shit!!!!!! Look at this handsome lad in the Arsenal shirt! I think that’s Nuri Sahin!!!!!

Brohan Cruyff

I think that’s a mediocre job of Photoshop.

Breaking news:

Malaga allow Cazorla to be absent from training for a root canal…

Dr Baptiste

… at the new Arsenal medical centre. He will also have a medical while there

big black clock

If there’s no purchase option, then I’d say no to the Sahin deal.

Brohan Cruyff

Even for a year that’d be good business. Very good player, and would be great option to allow us to work Wilshere slowly back in, since Ramsey and Rosicky are probably also going to be limited for a while.

And seriously, Sahin is really good.


long time since we did business with madrid, sahin would be a great signing especially with the wilshere saga dragging on.

kiss my arsenal

julio baptista. nuff said

Midfield Corporal

It would be a shame for Song to leave as like Walcott he’s approaching his prime years, however if he won’t sign a new deal then sell him as we dont want him to get to the final Year of his deal next summer. However I wouldn’t be surprised if he says he wouldn’t leave Arsenal for anyone but Barca (on the advice of Darren Dein ) so Barca can try and get him on the cheap a la Cesc. Had to laugh at the daily express today, they report the Song/Barca link and conclude the story with ‘Song has… Read more »


What is up with football….? Barca in for Podolski, who only has four years of his current deal remaining!!? Song has two years left…end of.


“Damn Darren Dein! I wish I may never hear hear of Darren Dein again!”

–Arsenal fan Philip Nolan

persie out, arsenal lives

let’s hope he tweets the photo of him actually arriving in london!!!!.

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