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Giroud: Underdog Gunners can emulate Montpellier

Olivier Giroud believes that Arsenal have all the ingredients to be competitive on the pitch even if they can’t compete financially with the richest clubs in Europe.

The French international led the line for Montpellier last term as they won their first ever Ligue 1 title despite many experts predicting the championship to be dominated by cash-rich, Qatari-owned Paris Saint Germain and established stalwarts Marseille, Lyon and Bordeaux.

Speaking with a glimmer in his diamond eyes and a solitary tear dolefully dancing down his chiselled cheek, the handsome striker remarked:

“It’s true that it was an extraordinary season with Montpellier. I won’t ever forget that season because in a footballer’s career, winning the title isn’t forgotten so fast.

“There was a good mentality in the team, good quality, with some good players, and I look forward to finding that quality and spirit with Arsenal – that’s why I chose Arsenal.”

With the chorus of Edith Piaf’s “Non, je ne regrette rien” consuming the Gallic bistro from which he spoke, Giroud, wearing a black cashmere roll neck sweater and sipping a double espresso, continued:

“With Montpellier, it wasn’t written that we were going to be champions, so that’s what made it more beautiful. With Arsenal, we might not be favourites, like the Manchester clubs, to be champions.

“We’re outsiders, but I’m convinced that we can do something big. That’s what we did with Montpellier, and I’m proud with what I accomplished there.”

Touching on the importance of a team being led by an in-form striker, while taking the time to flick a dirty look at Marouane Chamakh as the Moroccan choked on his shisha in the corner, Giroud also stressed:

“For a striker it is important to score goals and I’ve done that my whole career. It allows you to progress and not to fall into periods of doubt, so I brought some confidence and serenity to the Montpellier team last season.

“Our goal was not to be champions and we didn’t think we had the team to be champions, so it was great to be able to be win the title with a team like that, and with the team spirit that we had. I’m sure that the club will now be among the best teams in France.”


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Kurtis Fehr

Love this guy, comes across as a real winner but one with solid morals. Let’s hope he can carry his fine form from Ligue 1 onwards to the new season! Who needs RVP when we’ve got Giroud!


He’s a handsome dude,
A handsome duuuuude,
Fuck van Persie, we’ve got Giroud!




not bad but you kinda need to pronounce “dude” as “due” to make it work.


I think it’s likely that, on average, we’ll slaughter the pronunciation of his name… or the French won’t approve anyways (I’m pretty sure my French friend would concur) :).

Alternate ending if van Persie stays:

He’s a handsome dude,
A handsome duuuuude,
No, not Podolski, but we’ve got him too!


Oh Gee… That’s rude…


Look at his stats and they are very similar to Drogbas career. I wouldnt mind a Drogba on our side!


Amen to that giroud, Amen!!.

Dr Baptiste

Let’s use a 4-4-2 formation and see if we can rack up 100+ goals with 2 strikers converting all the chances on our way to the league title


4-4-2, with a SS and a CF, like we did when we head Bergkamp and Henry. If we have a sure DMF, we can even try 4-1-3-2.



Master Bates

The thing about Arsenal is we are not underdogs , any team that finishes in the top 4 has a chance of winning the thing.. but then cunts like RvP come and ruin our squad and we have to rebuild ,it happens every fucking season

Cygan's Left Foot

Yes we are underdog, finishing 19 points behind second place in any competitive league will get you 7/8th position. Please don’t give me Spain or Scotland two teams league as an example. However, this new boy is tall strong and handsome *saying handsome shyly, here you go I have said it*, he needs to start strong and kick back when kicked, take a yellow card or two as Paddy use to do. use your size to scare the shit out of the bullies and you will get started with the best two typical hoof EPL donkey in Sunderland and Stoke… Read more »

mills n7

So, by competitive league, you mean, what, if not Spain or England, then surely Germany, right? Where the gap between first and second was eight points, and the gap between first and third was 17 points? What is it you mean by “competitive league”?


Can we swoon over him yet?

persie out, arsenal lives

Already there.


Yes, yes, but has Cazorla signed yet?

Master Bates

my friend’s dad’s friend’s facebook’s friend’s mom is a tea lady at the emirates , She says he has passed the medical and is now taking photos

damien joyce

With the Nikon D800 is it??

the only sam is nelson

my source tells me that the smokescreen of carzola and sahin is working beautifully

heskey and holt double swoop to be announced as sir chris hoy rides to victory tonight

nailed on

Dr Baptiste

I wouldn’t mind signing Heskey. Vic and Paul probably need help carrying the kit bags sometimes…..


Someone tweeted an old photo of Cazorla in Barcelona international airport. So he’ll definitely undergo a medical within the next 48 hours.

By the way, I don’t know how many 48 hours have been mentioned in the past few days.

Master Bates

I read somewhere he’s waiting for M’vila to finish his medical which started 2 months ago.

BTW If we get heskey he’ll sell lots of shirts..for the irony


My mate works at the Arsenal medical centre and there’s a bit of a problem in that they’ve detected the presence of some soot in his sacks.

That was always the rumour, to be fair.


Beautiful scene setting, more like this. I lol’d at the Chamakh/shisha cameo.


I’m strictly hetro’ but this hunk of molten lust could change me…….. swoon


You’re probably not, you just don’t know it yet but the signs are there 🙂


Apparently there’s no such thing

RIP Gore Vidal


You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. I salute you. Vale, Mr Vidal. Incidentally, there’s another Vidal I wouldn’t mind seeing at Arsenal one day.


Now Serji Biscuits of Barcelona is all over the press, waxing lyrical about Alex Song.

Fuck off, he has an Asenal DNA.

Merlin's Panini

I like to call him Soggy Biscuits. Because he’s a wanker.


Soggy biscuits…..classic

Thats def a game Gareth Bale and Aaron Lennon would play……


This guy seems to appreciate the opportunity to play for this club much like kosser.


Observe chaps, Giroud’s former club won a title and he still left. Don’t get sucked into the “Arsenal haven’t won a title since the Jurassic era” crap. Winning shit is great but players will still show their panties (moist panties as in the case of RVP) to potential suitors whe they think they are due a bigger wedge of cash.


Also observe that Ligue 1 is not as competitive and prestigious as the EPL with a top, historic, on-the-rise (RVP hadn’t said anything when he signed, and we got Podolski and M’Vila rumours were rife) club who only started changing their ways last season after the talismanic Cesc Fabregas left and they began to adapt to it through utilizing a different system, which might easily focus on players like Giroud and Podolski after what has happened with RVP. Arsenal is a much more attractive proposition than PSG, Montpellier, Lyon and Marseille. PSG gets all the players in the first place… Read more »


I suppose alex songs third cousins pimp is spanish……. he has the dna now!


My god he’s handsome…. serious mancrush here!

Getting more excited about the season after seeing this pic:

persie out, arsenal lives

heskey—> “WTFWITS”.
wtf was I thinking signing.

persie out, arsenal lives

or LWIHS….
Like was I high? signing


Wenger to the doctors… “so on a scale of one to Giroud how fit is Cazorla?”

big black clock

I have the weirdest boner right now

persie out, arsenal lives

All nighter?,
The kind that keeps you on your back all night?……good times, good times.


Hello fellow gooners, things are shaping up well for the new campaign. Giroud is a winner, these guys will lift the moral in the dressing room . Unlike the season before, where we started as if we woke up on the wrong planet. Past is past ,we focus on the future , the future is red and white..that is where my sould is. FYI –Arsene, i know you have been doing a lot lately ,busy man , busy busy, however, RVP must not be sold, if RVP leaves i don’t think i will be able to take it.I don’t think… Read more »


Since Giroud is this handsome, i think he’s gonna make a “beautiful” footballer. Mr Wenger thank you sir


As a heterosexual male, I can honestly say that, that article has me chubbing up nicley.


I haven’t seen a negative comment about Arsenal from a fan in days, it’s great to see everyone behind the team again!

On a less positive note, it looks like the Barca scumbags are up to their usual tricks –


I wake up early in the morning and ask myself?
Are barcelona cunts?…….and they sure as fuck they never let me down.


Cazorla on twitter says he’s signed for arsenal. ! Reports the bbc.
As its Olympic year. Let the games begin.


There’s some speculation as to whether or not that’s actually Santi Cazorla’s twitter or not. Even though it’s “official” there’s still doubts. I read his few tweets earlier but they seemed a little premature since we’ve not seen any official word from Arsenal yet.

Rumor is he’s got a medical tomorrow afternoon then we should get an announcement Fri/Sat.


That will do for me then nick. Will be so good to go into the season with a real chance of doing something. Can’t wait now we have been crying out for a player of his class for a few years.


in fifa I use a 5-3-1-1 (3 defensive mids). you never concede!! you don’t score either unless you get some big fucking predator looking cunt to score a header from 1 chance per game.

persie out, arsenal lives

I’m sorry, what language are you speaking?
It sounds like bullshit.

Glory Hunter

Your username couldn’t be more accurate!


Are you Tony Pulis in disguise?


I am excited for the new season and for Cazorla coming. But…

I still miss Fabregas. I wonder if we ever cross his mind as much as he crosses mine… *looks up at the moon and wonders if Cesc is looking at that same moon at the same time* *tear*


Still can’t watch Barca ever since he left….Jealosy and ill feeling overcome me too readily for me to ever enjoy watching them play.


lol Cazorla confirmed transfer article pulled from a twitter account is now pulled out. What a blip.


Giroud makes willy go funny.

persie out, arsenal lives

And this time I really get a wicked tingly sensation in me pants!.


Goodbye Pires many nice dreams.


Blogs, not sure if this is even news or something that you guys haven’t already seen, but marca have an article with malagas centre back who just confirmed the sale of santi. Not that we didn’t already know he’s coming!


He scores and he’s good
He Scores and he’s goo-ooo-ooood
Olivier Giroud
He Scores and he’s good


Erm, that doesn’t even come close to rhyming.


So Just like the popular – He scores when he wants, then?


Owiver giwoud would never do a wooney would he?.

Parisian Weetabix

Aaarrrgghh!!!! An I the only one who is terrified of counting our chickens before they hatch? There are so many potential stumbling blocks, and I can’t help but feel that we are perhaps being a bit too eager in our certainty that Señor Cazorla’s arrival is imminent. Could our collective reasoning be clouded by our desire to see him in an Arsenal shirt?

Parisian Weetabix

Anyone else nocturnal?


Totally what I do best.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Hudson Hornet

” Allowing him a buy-out clause was bloody silly. ”

Montpellier president Louis Nicollin rues the decision to set a price for Olivier Giroud, who has joined Arsenal
Jul 3, 2012

Van Who's He???

If Giroud get’s half the chances Van Hurtme had last season he’ll bag as many as the swine did, people seem to forget how many chances that money hungry shite missed in between his goal’s…Roll on the new season, Red Army Forever!!


Van Persie is still a gunner


And your mum is still a virgin. Please!.

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