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Chamakh, Arshavin and Sahin latest

As Arsenal remain busy in the transfer market, the signing of Santi Cazorla is expected to be made official tomorrow, there are irons in other fires with more streamlining of the squad expected.

According to Russian site, QPR have approached Arsenal with a loan offer for Andrei Arshavin. It follows reports last week that Fulham were also intersted in taking the former Zenit man for a season, but with Arsenal continuing to contribute to his wages. QPR’s offer covers the full salary and has an option to purchase at the end of the season and would allow Arshavin to remain in London.

Meanwhile, in Turkey, a Besiktas move to take Marouane Chamakh on loan has failed despite a £6m option to purchase the player. says that Arsenal have rejected the offer because the bank guarantees offered by the Turkish club are unacceptable.

And as Nuri Sahin’s future becomes clouded with Marca reporting Manchester United interest in the Real Madrid man, Turkish Football says that the only stumbling block to the deal is now wages. There’s apparent agreement between the two clubs, the purchase option issues seems to have been resolved, and perhaps we’ll get some clarity on this during the week.

Thanks to @siufay for the info

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United can fuck off, he’s ours.


Don’t worry, they only buy wingers.

Persie out, arsenal lives

I *anderson they also buy flop brazilians. Then try to replace them every other year with *moura brazilians.


For further interest check out this fascinating article at ‘Untold Arsenal’:


He’s madrids’.


Haha speaking of united,
It’s clear where rooneys £200k wages goes, the guy is a fat-fucking-fuck right now. Paid 200k and you can’t keep in shape?, overpaid footballers, they make me sick.


Bring it on.! We are on the up. Very optimistic for the season ahead.
‘You Guy’s’ am looking to come see two matches before Dec, when is the best time to be in London?


It’s always a good time to visit the Arsenal. It’s great to have international fans like you that will travel great distances to be a part of the magic that is the Premier League and part if the family that is the Arsenal.

Glory Hunter

What imbecile gave that comment a thumbs down?!?


Ooops!!, guilty. It’s my day out.


I travelled from Australia last season to goto the 0-0 Chelsea game at the Emirates.. no goals, still best day of my life.


Come whenever there’s a derby going on


Hope you make it fella. come to the bailey george or the wig n gown and we will sort u a ticket.


Hey, i also would like to travel to London this year for Arsenal game. I want to see gunners trashing spurs, blues or one of manchester teams. Do you think it will be hard to get a pair of tickets to that kind of game?

the only sam is nelson

wig and gown was looking shut down last time i walked past it about 10 days ago


Typical! We do all the had work then one if the moneybags clubs comes in a the last minute to gazump us. It’s almost like they say “Oh, Arsenal want him. He must be good. Quick, get the chequebook out, pay them what they want and give him the salary he wants.”


Well maybe we could just pay what players want once in a while? Sorry, what am I thinking?!


I’m glad in your world, Adebayor and Nasri would still be an Arsenal player (what the fuck)


Sunny, the reality is that they want Man City and Chelsea salaries. If you pay one player 150k a week, you will have to do it for the other “stars”. You could easily add 10s of millions to your annual operating expense. Carol, Torres, Adebayor, etc can be expensive mistakes that you are contractually bound to live with. In the Carol case, someone slapped on a 35m price tag, someone got out a chequebook and paid. I take comfort from the knowledge that Arsenal would have said no and offered 7m and then paid 8 or 9. Valuations are just… Read more »


I’ll give you £999.99 and not a penny more.


Well, I royally fucked that one up didn’t I… K not £


▂▂▂╰╮▂▂▂▂▂▂╭╯▂▂▂ OFF!!!!.


Hope we can get some great money on Arshavin, he still controls his great ability well.


The only thing arshavin is controlling is his diet. So it’s a start.


I just want to know why didnt we play the special talent card for silva or campbell is it we are going for a non- euro player?
But if messi comes he is aboveaged even though he is a special talent( would be ludicrous for some one to deny special talent to messi)
Exciting times a ahead and i just started a rumour.


You can ask Ivan Gazidis.


Holiday- ibiza- gazidis. Nuff said.


I heard we have applied for a special talent visa for wellington.


Campbell is becoming a fixture in the Costa Rican national squad, so we won’t need a special talent visa for him next year: he will almost certainly feature in enough games for the national team to get a regular visa.

Persie out, arsenal lives

No loan deals needed for arshavin, just permanent deals, it’s not like we’re waiting on him to redisvover his form or anything. Just flog him now before we get shit quid or no quid at all once the season is done. Chamakh hasn’t just showed enough to warrant a place in the team so him too would be a nice sell but only for the right amount.- no give aways( quality on his non-sheesha days). Nuri sahin is practically a done deal, marca are always very close with madrid and they’ve reported a deal is near completion plus mour us… Read more »

Persie out, arsenal lives

And squid needs to leave, we’re way too ambitous for him now. We’l actually pay bastia in gunnersaurus action figures to actually take him.


“No loan deals needed for arshavin, just permanent deals,”
I’m not sure if you’re aware of this or not but selling him requires someone who wants to buy him. Repeat after me: “No Matter How Good I Am At Championship Manager or FIFA 12, It Is Not Real Life”


A loan deal would just be an excuse for qpr to totally drain him and then flog him back to us with “the no funds to finalize a deal” speeches. He was at the euros and a succesful at that. We’l not get nothing near the £15 million we paid for him but atleast we will have got back the wages we are to pay for cazorla.


You mean to say that if we loan him to QPR they would actually play him? That’s completely mental!


Maybe a trophy is lurking in the next season? anyhow im pretty excited over next season.

Persie out, arsenal lives

Mo farahs’ gold sure got us started. Roll on the next season.


Sign him up Arsene


Has Park been linked to any club? Squillaci was with Bastia for a while, TGTEL with a raft of clubs, Arshavin as well, now Chamackattack… but what about our plucky Korean? I could see him provide cover and some nice chip ins for the Carling Cup. Anybody else want him to stay?




No offence to park, but I don’t exactly see him being used as a match changing impact sub for us, even in the carling cup. I’d imagine wenger would rather use that to blood through younger strikers. Park, Chamakh, the big bender, for their own good as much as ours should be moved an as soon as possible. Imagine a situation where due to our inability to move them on we can’t bring a player that we really want. That’s what I am worried about.


>use that to blood through younger strikers.
>Afobe seals Bolton loan deal
>Afobe the only out-and-out striker in Asia tour besides Chamakh
>Implying Wenger will give chances to young strikers

Also, Podolski, Walcott, Podolski, Giroud and to an extent Gervinho can all play upfront.


I would rather us get what we can for park bendtner chamakh and arshavin and with the saved wages by the best damn striker we possibly can. lets not forget we have also raised cash and reduced wages by shifting denilson vela botelho almunia hoyte murphy benayoun ozyakup whilst campbell and afobe have already gone on loan. i would still like to see squillaci replaced with a player that can play all across the back like yanga-mbwia and another like capoue mvila or toulalan so that frimpong wilshire diaby ramsey can be used sparingly as they fight their way back… Read more »


I saw him play at the Millennium Stadium last night. He was a constant goal threat and almost scored with a header. He certainly seemed more than capable as a player (certainly better than Ramsey). Technically able. Made lots of good runs. Kept getting into scoring positions. The only thing that I can think is stopping him playing in more games for us is that his play is more geared towards a 4-4-2 formation and not in a 4231 or 433.


6 thumbs down for giving concrete evidence of why Park is not shit. Some people really are dumb.

Concrete Evidence

Sorry, but I’m not in any of your messages. What are you smoking?


Any chance we could just leave them behind at that training camp in Germany, or release them into the German wilderness and see who can make it back to civilization alive. my money would be on Arshavin making it back and being the soul survivor, having eaten the other four, one by one. He would convince stupid squillaci to eat some poisonous berry’s, then he would munch him like a spicy Italian meatball, even though he is French. He would wait until night fall and when the rest were asleep, he would would gently drag Chamakh to the entrance of… Read more »


I was only joking by the way. I don’t really think we should have Andrey Arshavin EAT all of our under preforming players.


That’s the thing with Russians – they do what needs to be done…

Juan Msami

It is embarrassing to see MAN UTD not to make their own decision for incoming player but just to interfere Arsene Wenger’s decision. Nuri Sahin seems to be willing to come to Arsenal, Let the guy make the perfect decision without interference.


It’s up to Man Utd whether or not they want to hijack the deal. There are no written moral codes that you shall not offer a deal to a player who has been given a deal by another club.

We were all salivating at the thought of Kagawa in an Arsenal shirt when rumours flew around we could hijack it, and no one felt any need to get up on their pompous moral high ground.

But hijackers are cunts regardless.


If it works the way we true gunners feels, I think professor Wenger is in the right track. But pls, let us desist from speculations, it makes us confused. Kelechi daniels orji. Cheers to all the gunners.


Am I the only one who hates this professor name? Just curious, not taking a shot at you kelechi.


I guess so.


I like biscuits


Bloody Barca fans here now.

Lord Teddy Ears

lets move these guys on get some money for some of them and use the space in the team to bring on some of the youngsters along with a couple of choice talents like Sahin. I also think RVP should go as he has shown his true colours but 1st we strip him publicly of the captains arm band like he did with the hopes and dreams to the fans when he issued that statement. I feel the tide is turning for us now and we are attracting top talent so the likes of Darren Dien cant undermine our squad… Read more »


Great to see positive moves in the Transfer market from the mighty Arsenal.

Anybody know whats the latest with big head bendtner? Just out of interest does he share an agent with RVP!

Oh to be ! COYG 🙂


Cazorla is quality. What Spanish international isn’t! He has great vision, works hard to defend and is superb moving the ball forward. He can also hit a great free kick. Once he signs I will be most happy. At last it looks like we really are building a squad that can challenge for trophies. Just need to sell off some of the deadwood and those who show no commitment, ie Van Pussy and then lefts bring on the new season. Extremely optimistic this time round. Up the gunners


Van Persie did show commitment last season but then he ruined it by breaking our hearts. We DID love him before he started flashing his panties to the neighbourhood.


Really don’t need that image in my head, thanks…


Busquets…… quality alright. A quality cunt!.


He and Alves are gonna go for the gold in 2016 in syncronized diving. Cunts!


“what spanish international isn’t!”
Negredo is pretty shit and soldado should have been called up


Clubs know the longer arsenal have the likes of arshavin,bendtner,chamack and park without selling the better position they will be in to get them at a reduced fee due to the fact we need to make room for signings and reduce wage bill. Expect a flurry of activity last week of transfer window!!


Thanks for the negative feedback. Made my day!

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Arseblogger, please can you explain to me how Salomon Rondon’s transfer from Malaga was signed off and how Cazorla’s is still due to “financial problems of Malaga”? This is making me nervous about the whole deal. #getitdonequickly


No hashtagy business here.


Is that part of the rules? If so, my bad.


It is now.


Is this Santi’s real Twitter?

If so, he definitely thinks the deal is already done and has since Thursday?


Doubt it’s real. It only has 29 tweets that only start on the 30th of July.


There are 36 tweets and they start in December. Which is something that you would have seen had you actually clicked on the link before posting.

Persie out, arsenal lives

“Malaga midfielder Enzo Maresca has said
He [Pellegrini] is fundamental for us, just as
Cazorla and Rondon were fundamental and
have had to be sold. It is not an easy
situation for us and I think we are showing
we can put ourselves above these things.”

So no worries, it’s practically done!.


Thanks mate. Feel so much better now.


Why do all of these fucking clubs try and nick our targets,don’t they have their own scouts.Liverpool did it with babel Chelsea with mata and now united


Wenger gradually appears to be covering all positions just DM GK and defence to sort if sahin and cazorla are both done as rumoured.


The Mirror reporting we’ve snapped up greg van der wiel for £7mill……so If I were you I would stop reading this because it’s total mirror bollocks!.


Not sure we’ve covered all positions yet. Am worried about not having dependable back-up for Szczesny. What’s happening with Mannone, anyone know? No need to ask what’s happening with Fabianski – zilch, same as with TGSTEL. How much longer has Fabianski got left on his contract?


Fabianski isn’t going anywhere because Mannone is poo.


No you’re poo.


I did say gk needs to be sorted





@Robert..where the fuck is SONG ???


At the salon with his stylist……..
Oh right, right, We are serious here, come on where is song!!.


To be fair: with this squad ,there’s going to be a lot of rotation, so anyone’s prediction is going to look flawed.

That said, yeah, I think of Şahin as cover for Arteta.


How you gonna leave Song out for some Madrid reject?


– Walcott
– Sahin


OT, but this is the latest football news: Samir Nasri will miss most of the 2012-13 season because of his pending sex change.




“Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here the rest of the week!”


Nothing about na$ri is lame, that’s how pathetic he is.
So here:
Me: na$ri, where you headed?
Na$ri: To my gynaecologist, I have an appointment remember?


I’d prefer to make pussy jokes about Rvp. At least Nasir was always a money grubbing cunt. Now our boy robin, talk about a wolf in sheeps clothes. What a vagina he turned out to be.


So Samir is finally going to become a man?


It is still a little surreal to see us making all these moves. I honestly thought Giroud was going to be the last big-ish signing. I am normally annoyingly excited about the up and coming season (even after our buttfucking at manure last year), but everyday I am gettin more stoked about this squad. It seems as though we will be more prepared and have more talent and experience than in years past. Just hope our finances are still strong after splashing all this cash. Go Arsenal!

Persie out, arsenal lives

So the famous usain bolt 9 seconds are over, back to transfer talk.
Wenger you must sign M’villa, the press have told he’s good. Sign him!!.


Ha……..and he’s a very big person. Sign him!.


Can we just celebrate the Cazorla thing yet? I’ve used up my phone’s data quota from refreshing arsenal and arseblog news.

I think we can be pretty sure it’s happening now. On the other hand, Şahin seems like less of a certainty…

Clock End Mike

Don’t bother refreshing arsenal and arseblog news – follow them on twitter instead & save on phone bills.


Official FIFA site has said
“Rondon becomes the second Malaga player
to leave in the last two days after Arsenal
completed the signing of the Spanish
international midfielder Santiago Cazorla.”

So forgive me for this: HYFR!!, baby!


I gave you a thumbs because I assume you’re celebrating… otherwise I have no idea what that last part means.


thumbs up*


Waaiiiit a second… where does it say that?

All I found was this:


Damnit! And now I’ve listened to a horrible song on youtube because I looked up “HYFR”!

I might just go buy another computer to give your original message a thumb down…


I’m guessing it has been deleted ever since. Fifa getting ahead of themselves a little there, anyway we all know it’s a done deal (his teammates have even confirmed it). Just arsenal waiting on wenger to find his jacket pocket before they announce it. So start making songs people coz santis’ coming to town.
It’s up from here onwards me maytes. COYG.



is Cazorla’s real twitter account, then he’s signed. Or, at least, he thinks he’s signed.

Will this be enough to convince Chamakh to stay?


His tweets start on the 30th of July, I am skeptical, but I hope you are right. 🙂


Also, his picture of himself looks like it was created for a football game on an 8-bit console…


And honestly, why, oh why in gods name would you want chamakh to stay? We have Giroud, Podolski, (RVP) in that position already.


Substitutional irony or dramatic ambiguity. Either works for me.


Off topic, but did anyone else read the interview Manuel almunia gave? All I could think was “gee, bitter much?”

Sagna's leg

I went on le grove because I was bored and now I am sad for the up and coming season again. Why do it to myself. Anyway I kinda want Arshavin to stay he would be good back up if he re-discovered his form and even a shit fat arshavin has a moment of magic in him.


Hey guys!
Take a look at this one…………it’s totally legit.
Cazorla in the red and white!!!.

Oh and another thing, the guy is shorter than arshavin!. ‘Ooda thought?. 5’7


Shouldn’t that come captioned with “artist’s impression”?

[…] Arshavin is interesting QPR apparently, while the club have reportedly rejected a loan bid for Marouane Chamakh from Besiktas because they wanted to pay in poorly scrawled IOUs and Monopoly notes. There’s […]

[…] Arshavin is interesting QPR apparently, while the club have reportedly rejected a loan bid for Marouane Chamakh from Besiktas because they wanted to pay in poorly scrawled IOUs and Monopoly notes. There’s […]


So are they going to announce the signing of this wanker or what?

Red and White Stripey Socks

Happy Birthday Robin…………your cards in the post!


I hope to hear this is all tied up soon. I want Sahin on loan.

There’s reports that Lucas has decided to sign with PSG in Jan 2013 instead of Man U. If true Manure will surely be hot after Sahin!

Burak’s RSS feed keeps updating but it’s always about the olympics… I think they’re fucking with us on purpose at this point


Anyone getting worried can santi come already pleaseeeeeee


Blogs, if we get Sahin, please… whatever it takes… make this the article’s image:

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