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Usmanov hits out again

Alisher Usmanov has surprised nobody by once again making public his disagreement with the Arsenal board.

As the team arrive in Germany for a training camp, culminating in a friendly with FC Koln on Sunday evening, the Uzbeki has told Forbes that he believes the club are not being run properly and thus less likely to challenge for honours.

“Disregarding the series of trophyless seasons, you have to accept that a few of the current board of directors were at the helm during the greatest moments of the Arsene Wenger era,” he said.

“But the footballing landscape has changed. Our point of view on which direction the club is going today, and our disagreement with this direction, have been laid out in our open letter to the board.

“We do not consider just qualifying for the Champions League to be the chief ambition of the club, and with all our hearts we support the team and wish them well for the new season.

“Victory is absolutely not ruled out, but the current politics of the club’s management will leave Arsene Wenger and his team with fewer and fewer opportunities in the long run.”

Which all sounds lovely, as he fully intends it to, but he rather overplays his hand when talking about the Champions League being the chief ambition of the club. Use of an obvious straw-man to boost his side of the argument is page 2 in ‘Arguing for Dummies’, nobody has ever said that is the club’s chief ambition. And while declarations of love are all well and good, when they’re expressed not long before the start of the new season you have to question the need for him to repeat what he just said a few weeks ago.

Perhaps the renewed optimism amongst the support has sparked his new statements. Fans have been encouraged by the signings of Podolski and Giroud and anxiously await the confirmation of the signing of Spanish international Santi Cazorla (any time you’re ready, Arsenal, cheers). With talk of further additions such as Nuri Sahin on loan from Real Madrid, it signals something of a change in the way we’ve done business in the past.

For once more money is being spent than taken in on transfers. Usmanov might wish to take some credit, he might say without his pressure such a decisive summer might not have taken place, but either way the club look to be doing what fans have wanted and are investing money directly into the team.

Usmanov has vowed to purchase more shares, saying, “We plan to continue to buy shares in the club. From the point of view of investment, this has already been a successful policy: the value of the club has risen from £300-400million to £700-800million.

“But this is not the point. I am a fan and I am not going to sell these shares at any time, since this is the club that I consider the best in the world.”

It is clear that the billionaire has no desire, nor any need, to sell his Arsenal shares, so, given the impasse between he and Kroenke, the best we can hope is that, as a fan, he is appeased by a successful Arsenal team.

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trust me, i was largely indifferent to this man before now… but now i see him as the opportunist, power-greedy, anti-arsenal TOOL that he is

Cygan's Left Foot

No matter how “TOOL” you think of him, putting pressure on the board is not a bad thing. Those asses been comfortable for too long, in fact for 7 years long. If they can’t put The Arsenal back to challenge, more and more people would want them out and AU in.

The simple message to our OVER paid board, DO YOUR JOB OR GET OUT OF OUR CLUB.


Overpaid? I heard most of them are on yearly salaries in the region of £40-£50k, so your argument is dog’s bollocks.


Pressure on the board to do what? Buy players? They’ve done that. What else? Win trophies? They’re not actually the players. What else? Spend money we don’t have on hypothetical galacticos that Usmanov conveniently won’t stump up for himself or mention in public. What else?


This Usmanov is such a massive tool.


Please see note 7 (page 47) to the accounts: http://www.arsenal.com/assets/_files/documents/oct_11/gun__1318409853_Arsenal_Holdings_plc_-_Annual_.pdf
all directors are paid below market rate for commesurate roles

You may want to revist your comment.

Cygan in Japan

Seriously mate, you’re just making circular arguments and making stuff up.


I’m not sure why there is so mix disdain for this guy here – Opportunistic or not, he does own 30% of the club and doesn’t have a board seat?? And its not like silent Stan is working overtime to make things happen nor has he invested funds into the club so why the love for him? The board is underpaid I agree but nor have they invested a dime in the club in forever. And let’s be clear I’m not asking for it either but all I’m trying to point out is that if you owned 30% of a… Read more »


who cares?at the end of the day what happens on the pitch is what matters.we have done good some business so far and we have a tiny little piece left.let’s finish it.
hardly two more weeks of this BS and then people will forget everything.we’ll be more concerned about the team and how they perform.

ps:cazorla,giroud,podolski,sahin+resign Rvp,theo,song
let’s get on with it.
no more abuse.



I don’t care about what they all want! All I want and I think everyfan wants now is the confirmation of Santi and Sahin. I feel we’ll be good as the season runs out and not People telling Us something about shares.

Hudson Hornet

The amount of anti Uzbeki comments etc makes me feel like Im on a BNP board. Can we not ignore nationality and race?

For fucks sake.


Usmanov is damaging himself by making these statements. He is right about the club’s lack of ambition, but he is better off just going about his business and not shouting his mouth off.

Having said that, I fell sorry that he hasn’t been allowed a place on the Board; after all, he owns a third of the club.


Lack of ambition?

Podolski, Giroud, Cazorla, and the transfer of Sahin (and perhaps others) highly likely?

We’re spending money this summer like we haven’t done for years, and I suspect this represents a turn in our approach after the past six years of parsimony (for reasons which have been discussed ad nauseum).

Accusations of lack of ambition are starting to look increasingly hollow this summer in particular.

Collectively, we are stronger this summer than last, and that’s even if Van Persie leaves.


Hear hear .
Cazorla , Sahin + LANS will do fine for me. This squad can challenge , we are not favorites but this quad can definitively challenge.


You mean L2NS…


Why is it that whenever I complain about our lack of ambition I immediately get slapped down with “well, do you expect us to spend 500 million quid on players”? I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: my biggest problem with the club is the way that nobody seems to want to confront Wenger over the horrible mistakes that he’s made in recent years. We desperately need a chief executive or director of football who can properly manage Wenger and force him to do his job properly. We can do better than we are doing at the moment… Read more »

Glory Hunter

You’re not only fat, you are also stupid!
And that my friend is a dangerous combination.

Wenger is 1 of the reasons we have remained in the Top 4, if you cant admit that then there really is no hope for you.


“You’re not only fat, you are also stupid!
And that my friend is a dangerous
Haha…….i love it.

Fatgooner is a fat ass who swims in the pool with his shirt on. Stigmatized at the pool and now comes here with utter negativity. Haha.

Roll on the arse. Can you catch up fatgooner?.


This is bullshit. What happened to no personal attacks? 86 these cunts please blogs.


Hey hey!!, bad frog, bad!


Fatgooneer, how do you know that nobody is willing to confront Wenger? If I remember correctly, a stadium full of people were confronting him with chants of “you don’t know what you’re doing” at the beginning of the season. And what horrible mistakes has he made? Has he spent 50 million lbs on a striker that spent most of last season trying to find the net and failing miserably (Torres)? Has he failed in finding one of the best young English players and spending money on him(The Ox)? Has he made a horrible error in finding one of the best… Read more »

Cygan's Left Foot

Almunia as a keeper for three years and all the world and his dog can see he was crap but Arsene still trying to proof the world wrong and lost us three years of challenging because of believing in this clown, he should be held responsible for NOT spending 5/7 million (not 30 million and Man City and Chelsea excuse) for a decent keeper instead of wasting the little resources we have in a young 15 year old that never see the light. We all can see Denlison, Bendtner, Chamahk, Squillaci, Djourou, Ramsey and hell even Theo between 40 to… Read more »


Everyone makes mistakes, we are human after all so I can let off Wenger for the Almunia fiasco.. Besides I recall Wenger saying that what he used to produce in training is what he used to hope Almunia would replicate in games, shame it never came to pass. Anyway, it’s beyond me how you can write off Ramsey and Theo, that’s just stupid really since they both have a decade of football left in them, lots of time and room for improvement. Park is quite simply a financial decision, Im sure Arsenal’s Park shirts flew off the shelves in Korea… Read more »


You know that I haven’t always been a huge supporter of the current B. O. D. At the arse, but man, thiss guy is making himself out to look more like a snake everyday.

Ive got nothing bad to say about how the club has conducted business this far this summer. As far as I’m concerned, as of right now, this fat shit can fuck right off back to Uzbekistan.


You have made my day mate!

Hudson Hornet

Stan can fuck off back to Alabama,

the cunt.


I’ve never understood accusations of lacking ambition. Arsenal is a club that’s trying to build an extremely strong and sustainable youth system, the likes of which only exist in a few places. We’re trying to create a club that can stand on its own and not rely on the whims and death of a benevolent owner. We built a stadium that shall keep us ahead for decades. We’ve kept a manager who has a long view of things. We’ve invested massively into expensive and state-of-the-art football infrastructure. All to make sure that, 50 years from now, even if our ashes… Read more »


I’ve never understood accusations of lacking ambition. Well if you listen someone said this time last year :- “If you sell Fabregas and Nasri you cannot say we are ambitious !” And who said that ? Why dear Mr. Wenger – that’s who. Combine that with a bucket load of incompetence, that meant they sold them at the last minute so there was the least possibility of getting any planned replacements in – bar a dash down the supermarket aisle before closing time – and you have just the reason that some of us wondered where we were and are… Read more »

kiss my arsenal

bravo sir, great comment i agree 100%


We can’t seem to shake this guy. He’s like some creepy stalker that won’t go away! This may sound terrible, and I apologize for even suggesting it, but maybe we should do the Indecent Proposal thing and just sell him one night with Giroud in exchange for him leaving the club alone forever. That ought to do it.


What the fuck has Giroud done to you?

Cygan's Left Foot

Your fantasy about Giroud is really scary, imagine when you see him swapping shirts with other players what would happen to you???.

Please, can no one give Sim Sima Giroud address!!!.


I hate you

Cygan's Left Foot

Oh little Rob, now I can’t sleep just thinking why little Rob hates me lol.

Let me tell you this silly little boy, this is a football forum for US supporters to voice our opinion, you don’t know me I don’t know you. If I disagree with you, it doesn’t mean I hate you.

So grow up and don’t let this forum or my opinion effect your life and stick to hurting my feeling by thumbing me down lol.


Says the man who just ridiculed someone for their obsession with Giroud….


He must be properly fucked off that we gooners are all happy again!


I’m pretty pissed off with rvp but the joy that poldi, giroud, cazorla bring totally drowns that anger.

I fucking hate nasri so much though, nothing can take that away.


Oh he sounds oh so convincing a real fan , If only he had used “You guys” when addressing us.


I think he wants to undress us then eat us.
That hungry fat fuck!.


Jabba can fuck right off! It’s obvious to everyone he’s trying to stir shit up. The very least he could have is support the team and Arsene during this transfer window. It seems to me Arsene is intent on rebuilding and dropping some of the dead weights we have accumulated.


Jabba the Hutt continues to fish in troubled waters. Only the waters aren’t quite as troubled as they were when last he cast his bait.


Fishin in the kitchen sink.

Iffy da goon

Gooners should keep an open mind. Usmanov’s letter is probably partly responsible for the change in policy today. At the very least having usmanov as part owner will keep the board on their toes which can only mean a more successful Arsenal team which is something we all want


Look, when Usmanov issued his letter after the RVP statement, Arsenal did look a bit messy, so his criticism looked justified. Now we’ve signed who we’ve signed (you know the names), and everything looks bright again, yet here comes the cunt with no sense of direction trying to plow through with incredible bullshit that starts to get worse considering the circumstances. I get it if he criticizes the board when the mood’s gloomy, there would AT LEAST be supporting evidence, but in times of peace and relative optimism? What the fuck? As an ARSENAL FAN can’t you look past the… Read more »

Iffy da goon

look this wasn’t an open letter, it was an interview. He did not critisize the board, he only referred to his previous criticism of the board to explain his point of view. I tell all of you that hate usmanov that he is more important than you think. Do you remember this interview where kroenke said the following about the glazers: ‘Since they took over they have won and they have increased revenues by a huge amount. If I was a fan of that club, I would go there and go “Wow!” because how could you do it any better?… Read more »


Iffy, Kroenke hasn’t increased his shares, didn’t use the club for mortgage like the Glazers did and he is not doing anything to upset the Arsenal way. Between him and Usmanov – there’s no question Kroenke comes up trumps. 1st lesson Usmanov should learn is not to wash his dirty linen in public.

I’m happy with the buys Arsenal have made this window and if Usmanov is a fan and not a distractor he should acknowledge that at least!!

Dr Baptiste

What 200m is this? The amount he paid for shares? That money doesn’t go into the club, it fills the balance of the seller.
At no point does any money that Usmanov or Kroneke have spent on shares benefit or develop the club, as they aren’t buying from the club directly.

Iffy da goon

Clam just because he hasn’t doesn’t mean he won’t. Apparently his takeover of the club was leveraged on debt. What do you think will happen when he has the goodwill of the fans after maybe winning the FA cup and PL. He’ll do whatever he likes that’s what, and without the presence of Usmanov, he’d probably be able to get away with it too


Iffy, you don’t know what Kroenke will do neither do I we are supposing based on what we read. I’m old fashioned enough to still wish Arsenal was as it was before those two but I acknowledge things move on. Based on business model eg in sports ie the American and questionable business scrupples ie Usmanov I prefer the American. Also Usmanov having paid Dein and others a lot of money for their shares then telling me that he owns my seat because of that just hasn’t a clue. Anyway if he feels that strongly he should put his money… Read more »

Master Bates

oh! shit! so now we are signing player because of Usmanov , others are saying we are signing player to please RvP.

and here I thought they were signing players for ME 🙁


That’s the greatest thing about this saga: Apparently Wenger and the board had every intention of sitting on a beach with their thumbs up their arse before Usmanov came along and was all like “Hey guys, it’s the transfer window – you should probably buy some players!” And Wenger was all like “Oh shit! You’re right. But first we need some people who like, go around the world and look at players who might want to play for us.” “You mean like scouts?” “I don’t know what they’re called – just get me some. Make sure they have camera phones… Read more »


Don’t know how you got 17 (at this point) thumbs down for this comment, it’s bang on


“Which change in policy” are you talking about?

“At the very least having usmanov as part owner”

Which he already is, without the need to release double-edged press releases all the time.

“will keep the board on their toes”

In what way? Do you think Ivan Gazidis will drop PHW to the bench in the second half of the season and bring Usmanov on? How will it help if he does?


I go with Iffy Da goon, seems we cant wave off Usmanov’s last letter as not having any impact on our seeming lack of ambition, though that is also lend massive credence by tickets not selling rapidly from what I have read. I really are not envious of this owner of a third of our great club whose talk is always considered ill-timed. He spoke when the water was muddy – wrong timing. He speaks now that ticket money is coating Wenger with ambition – wrong time. I am liberal, I believe in criticising constructively as we match towards perfection.… Read more »

Cygan in Japan

It amuses me that the intelligence of a post on Arseblog News seems analogous to the amount of punctuation and spelling mistakes.


@Cygan in Japan. I thought this was an opinion poll and not an english class.


How is his letter partly responsible for any change? His first letter was released on July 5. Of the straight new signings (as opposed to the LANS), who had Arsenal signed by that date? Podolski and Giroud. Who has been signed since? No one, officially. Cazorla is all but done – but not yet done. Van Persie is still hanging around – doesn’t his dearth of eager suitors also belie a lack of ambition in other clubs as well? Sahin, should he come, is a loaner like Julio Baptista was. I don’t see a change in policy that directly flows… Read more »

O.S Ita-Ama

Certainly, this must be a sort of paranoia. He came out last month about this same issue. Maybe next month will see a third stupidity. And we might continue having this morass on our hands.
The simple truth is that he does not love The Arsenal, never has and never will. He is just sad that he is not taking money out of the club.
If he so loves us, then he should keep quiet. And support the club.

Last arse

Malaga, Pompey, Rangers, does the Uzbek think this clubs were run properly? To think Podolski, Giroud, Carzola plus others doesn’t show the will to win trophies, i wonder what does!

Daniel Pearce

Lets not forget that Usmanov & Kronke are there to make money…..they are not fans& both are involved for a power struggle for the club. Most of the big names sold all have Darren Dein as their agent, working his best to destabilise the club by stripping it assets. I think I may be a little paranoid!


Your picture frightens small children.

Daniel Pearce

lol!! 🙂


Let’s not forget that everyone in the club (including Arsenal players) are there to make money at the club to (guess what) make a living.

Achieving success in this high-profile sports is not parallel to making money.

And if Kroenke were smart, he’d make a lot more money if Arsenal FC succeeded, and considering who we’ve signed, I’m guessing if he’s had any hand in them he’s taking a shot.


Kroenke isn’t involved in a power struggle – he controls the club and that’s the end of the story. The only strategy Usmanov has available to him is to destabilise the club to the degree that results suffer and other members of the board start agitating for a change. He certainly can’t do it by purchasing shares that aren’t up for sale.

Thomas B

What if it’s personal abuse against Usmanov?


At least he never gets to read it.

What real fan/shareholder would scour through Arseblog to get people’s opinions of them right?

Fat twat.

Thomas B

Well, in that case — let me join the choir. I just found this very interesting little piece that sums up my feelings for Usmanov very well. I can’t take credit for it though. O Usmanov! O Usmanov Massive as can be! Your width covers all the land, As far as eyes can see O Alisher! O Alisher! You silly Russian blob! Your so-called love for Arsenal, is tiny as a knob! O Usmanov! O Usmanov Emperor of obese! We don’t need you dirty cash, So f#§@ off won’t you, please? O Alisher! O Alisher you Man U-loving quack! Can… Read more »

Persie out, arsenal lives

You’re not fat Usmanov, Now chin up!………..and the other one too.


Please see glory hunter and ref above.

Iffy da goon

Arseblogger do you think you could get a better comment system that uses a better algorithm to determine which comments should be hidden due to poor rating. Sure i got 58 down votes for my comment (at present), but with 28 up votes (at present) the ratio is just 2:1. A good comment system should consider ratios not absolute figures


I find the ‘hidden due to…’ system amusing. As soon as a comment is that unpopular I always have to ‘click here to see.’ Sometimes it’s just to laugh but more often it’s a comment that creates responses and opens debate. Even if I completely disagree and thumbs down it myself that’s what it’s all about. Imagine if we all agreed all the time; boring!


I heard the fat opportunist cunt supports Man Utd. I have no clue as to why people would want him as the owner of our club.


There is no point in allowing Usmanov a place on the board. He is being divisive and disruptive enough without board representation and this will only get worse if he gets what he wants. FatU has two choices: buy the club or sell his shares. i k ow what I want him to do. Memories are short. It’s worth remembering how perfectly timed was the release of his open letter immediately following RVPs bullshit letter to the fans. The smell of Dein lingers like a dog on a cheese diet. I accept the weaknesses of the current board. I understand… Read more »


What a bunch of pandering bullshit, shut up Jabba.


Well, thanks for kicking the boards ass into gear and helping to force them into spending some money! Even with robin van payme’s antics, this has been the best summer I’ve enjoyed for a while as a gooner. But now, if you wouldn’t mind shutting the hell up for about 10 months or so and letting the team “you love so dearly” focus on whats actually important, I will gladly see you again next summer so we can do the same sort of thing!
Cheers! now bugger off,




I did thumb you down, however I only disagree with one thing. I don’t agree he has kicked the boards ass in to gear, as you say, since we had already signed Poldi, lined up Giroud, and had approached Cazorla last summer. All Usmanov is doing is trying to destabalise in a fairly low risk situation, much like an opposing political party. If it works, it is great for him, and if it doesn’t, it still on the face of it he looks like a positive force by pushing the board, when in my view, he’s just being an opportunist.


And there’s nothing as bad as a fat opportunist.
Reckons he can talk once in a while and get everyone wound up that he’s the reason behind.our new signings!. A.U is just digging his way out of any chance of ever getting into the board. I’d love him there but it seems he’s the “I did it by myself kind.”


I hope he buys more shares and gets a seat on the board and shakes up a sterile and outdated boardroom. Kroenke has done fuck all to impress so far so lets see what he can do.


I think we all still need to keep an open mind. the three new signings have.never played in the epl. they might hit the ground running like chamakh did or they might take time to settle like gervinho has. Our recent record of signings outside england has not been great arteta chamberlain and benayoun performed well last year whilst the likes of the two mentioned plus mertesacker santos park have yet to convince while ryo campbell wellington galindo have hardly kicked a ball. then there is squillaci and botelho. the list of poor signings over the last couple of years… Read more »


You were doing so well with your argument (albeit on a very narrow frame of reference), until you mentioned Botelho. Putting aside my love for Mertesacker for a minute, I would remind you that the season we signed Squillaci (2010), we also signed Koscielny. Back to Botelho – who was signed in 2007. That year, we also signed Dudu Silva, Sagna and Fabianski. In 2008, we signed Coquelin and Ramsey. 2009 saw Vermaelen. And of course, 2010 we signed Squillachi and Koscielny. Just for the record, in 2006, we signed Rosicky, Song and Denilson. Not been that bad then, eh,… Read more »


First of all, why does this businessman know how to run the club any better than who is already in the board? I am not saying they are perfect, but if being a business man means you are great at running a club then let’s bring Donald Trump on next year. That makes sense. Maybe he ate a manager a few seasons ago and football osmosis is happening in his veins currently. That seems more logical. Second of all, good to see has a slightly balding replicant behind him so that he can harvest its organs when he so chooses.… Read more »

Save 75 cents

I think both Kroenke and Usmanov are terrible ideas but people need to look at Kroenkes background as well before bombarding Usmanov. Both candidates are disappointing….


I heard Usmanov is a spud…but he realised what a complete shit shower they are & decided to jump ship.
It must be true,it was on twitter.


I don’t think he actually “jumps” that often.


Personally I cannot see how its a bad thing him speaking out,, highlighting what a lot of fans feel is wrong within the club and subsequently keeping the silent one and the board on their toes. Its not as if he can make any decisions about the club…


With him in charge it would be as bad as Abramovich. I dont want my club to win plastic trophies.


This dude obviosly ve a point there! It’s high time Arsenal flow with the “Tide”, so it can be competitive…Get some made players, raise their incentives (wages) and watch em scratch their hearts out for the Club!!!…Though Arsene is still my Top Boss!

Dr Baptiste

“Get some made players, raise their incentives (wages)”… Let me introduce you to Portsmouth, Rangers and Leeds (the 3 biggest to be affected in recent history). All clubs that took that approach, spent money they didn’t have and now suffer for it. I’m pretty sure you can also add Southampton and Norwich (until recently) into the list


Add Malaga to that list. And see how we, the financially sound club, are the ones to reap the rewards. I prefer to be on our side of the fence Albion, than the one thirsting for a single drop of petro-cash to stay in existence…

Cygan in Japan

I disagree with everything you’ve said apart from the excellent advice to “scratch their hearts out”, some sound, solid advice from which to build on.


I notice by the number of “thumbs down” on anti-Usmanov comments that Jabba the Hutt does haver a number of fans. These are probably the same people who root for Darth Vader.


They’re the sort of people who think that every rich foreign owner is another abramovich.

Apparently they’ve not thought about how we’re signing someone from a “rich club” like Malaga , or what is happening to them to make the signing possible means for their theory.

Andy Ward


The very fact that you had to warn people to take responsibility for their comments says all you need to about Baron Greenback and the way he does business.

Why anyone would want him within a million miles of our club is beyond me.

The two worst things David Dein has done in his life?

1. Selling out the large-breasted Uzbeki
2. The night he mounted Mrs Dein and they created little Darren


Quality post


Quality reply to a post.


Quality reply to a reply to a post.

The voice of reason

Everyone hating on usmanov because he’s rich, get a life you cunting spastic tossers. Sugar daddy to blow a billion cash on 4 world class players


Dr Baptiste

What are you, 12? “Oh, how many swear words can I use in one sentence. I know, I’ll use spastic and tossers, that will gain me respect with… nobody”


Your name suggests that your comment is sarcastic. Your comment however just conveys you as a sincere fool.


You should add a question mark to the end of your name.
Such that it reads, VOICE OF REASON?
and then I will reply with a FUCK NO!!.

Cygan in Japan

Notice how supporters of Usmanov all seem to be complete and utter winkles.

Daniel Pearce

At least this season there seems to be genuine competition for places in the team & maybe this will rid the club of its current malaise. I’m feeling rather optimistic. Rather have a safe board than the big Uzbeke in charge.


It’s hardly a surprise that the value of Usmanov’s shares have gone up given that he and Kroenke are actively buying any they can lay their hands on at an ever higher price. He’s clearly working on the Greater Fool Theory in that he hopes to find a greater fool than himself to sell the shares to at a higher price.

As Kroenke is in no hurry to sell, any buyer would be just as much out in the cold as Usmanov is now. That being the case, it would appear that Usmanov is the greatest fool of all.


3 thumbs down for almost everyone’s comments. There must be some really bored Spurs supporters who come here and thumb every comment down. What tragic little lives they must lead.

the only sam is nelson

Usmanov points out that his “investment strategy” has been successful insofar as the value of shares has more or less doubled. Given that’s because he’s been fighting with Kronke to buy them, driving the price up, this is hardly surprising. You don’t need an MBA to work that one out. The facts are that we can only compete with Citeh and Chel$ea on the wages front by budgeting massive losses every year. It is equally true that doing this guarantees nothing with respect to trophies – the players still have to win the matches, whether they’re paid £500 a week… Read more »



Shut up.

Fuck off.

Then die.

Go see if you can get on Chelsea’s board, I understand they are fond of russian sugar daddies with questionable histories.


when we were fighting for a champions league spot,most people are calling for wenger resignation,one think I wouldn’t forget is that 8-2 against man u and I don’t ever wish to see that again. This man is trying to help us fight to trophies and not profit that we will not be able to use to build the club. The guy has the money,just allow him to spend it for God seek.


How’s he doing that? He doesn’t play in any games. He’s not kicking in any money to buy these amazing players we could apparently afford if we really wanted to.

What exactly is it Usmanov offers?


And why exactly would a club not be able to use profits to build the club? Unless I am missing the point of building the club, as opposed to buying players on vastly over-blown prices, aren’t we using profits to pay off our debts – essentially building the club? What else would a club that does not declare dividends do with it’s profits? Issue sovereign debt to the United States? Turn all that money into dollars and keep it in a large safe. In Duck-berg. So Gazidis could swim in it. Now, come to think about it, that might be… Read more »


I donno if anyone else agrees with me…i hope Blogger does..but does anybody see the resemblance between Usmanov and a tick that has just fed itself to glory on a fat dog?

Yea…told ya.


I think the majority view on Uzi is a little over hyped. He’s displayed disappointment with the way things were going. I shared his concern prior to the recent cobweb extraction of the transfer purse. Sometimes as fans don’t we feel like none is listening. for example, when we were screaming for reinforments to the team. I’ve no idea if pressure from slim shady and his cronies or not but when he spoke, people suddenly became accountable. In that alone he achieved more than a million internet forums ( you & me ) ever will. Let him remain the minority… Read more »


The club bought podolski and giroud on the back of an rvp transfer, we have bought cazorla on the back of a Walcott transfer. Admittedly both are yet to happen but happen they will. The only thing that has changed is that we have bought early and obviously that has to be welcomed. But anyone that is running away with the idea that we are not a selling club and that we can now keep our best players are wrong. Are we stronger with these new players ? Time will tell. But woudnt it be nice just for once to… Read more »

Dr Baptiste

In my opinion Arsenal are always better when we have 11+ great players that all contribute than having 10+ players putting everything through 1 player (Henry towards the end, Fabregas and now RvP). We haven’t won a trophy with that approach, so if selling out star player forces the team to work exactly like that, a team, then I’m all for it (It started looking that way last year with buying Arteta. He isn’t as good as Fabregas but he gives us a much better balance than Cesc did). Getting rid of the last of the old guard in RvP… Read more »


Darren Dein, David Dein + Usmanov equals Sell, Distabilize and Critisize. All working together + RVP but I bet you Arsene has a ‘cunning plan’ to win despite them.


We sold Anelka and bought Henry and a training center (and Sylvinho, haha). We sold Marc Overmars and bought Pires, Wiltord and Lauren. And this was in two consecutive seasons – 1999 and 2000 (I think). We sold Clichy, Cesc and Nasri and bought in Arteta, Mertesacker, AOC and Andre Santos. So now, we *might* be selling RVP and Walcott to fund Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla. I don’t understand why you are surprised. The share value of the club has gone up. So what? That does not change the ground reality and the money we have to play with. We… Read more »


So anyone who disagrees either with you or the way the club has or is being run should go and support another club? As a fan for over 40 years and season ticket holder for more than 20 that does make me laugh. Jesus some people on here have no idea about English football or how it works or what it means to be a paying fan instead of a Internet follower. You can disagree with how things are going at the club, it’s called democracy but you can still turn up week in week out and support the team.… Read more »


“As a fan for over 40 years and season
ticket holder for more than 20 that does
make me laugh.”

So……. you’re the arsenal JEDI, oh wise one.


Wonder if Usmanov’s preious open letter, forced kroenke’s hand into buying some good players.


Well it can’t have because Kroenke’s policy is that the club uses the money it has to buy players. And it’s Wenger and Gazidis who actually do the buying.


Wow wow, not so fast,robin van persie has taken up the part player, part chief transfer consultant role.


well, you seem to think that Kroenke has no say in what amount would be spent on buying players.

Wenger might decide whom to buy, Gazdis might sit at the table to negotiate. but the amount of money to be spent willl be decided by Kroenke!

Persie out, arsenal lives

Forget afobe for a while, I would like to see joel campbell alil bit more. Without this work permits shannanigans I reckon any english top.flight team would jump at the chance of loaning him.
Great at the international level, multiple call ups, outstanding young talent and still no work permit!.
Why you F.A, you!!

Persie out, arsenal lives

W.T.F!!!. This was meant for the next post on afobe.
I’ll go now, how embarrassing!!.


The whole special talent thing is a bit of a mystery as well. From the term used i’d kinda assume it to mean a player that could walk into any teamsheet in the land and excel for the enjoyment of the fans. As for Campbell i’m pretty sure he’s been described as a wonder kid on more than one occassion. Does that deserve any merit? I mean, what’s it based on?. Ryo – Yes ( thank fuck). Campbel – No ( In the name of fuck)To be honest i’ve no idea what it means. I just know, it’s confusing as… Read more »


im going to reserve my judgement on whether we,ve become a club prepared to spend money until sept 1st . personally under kronke i dont think we are and i think he will want to get every penny back from selling and he wont make that money back through selling the dead wood we have it will be players we should be keeping i.e walcott song .


Technically, we cant spend on 1st September. Go support a championship club.

Of course, if you meant deadline day excitement, I present the 4 signings we did last year, and Andre Arshavin… who was signed literally in February.

And lastly, we buy from our profits. Kroenke never put a single dollar in the club (he just bought ownership), so there is nothing he can want back from the club (according to your logic).

Persie out, arsenal lives

I think the F.A get to decide who gets it and who doesn’t. All this outstanding talent thing is just paperwork. I mean ryo had no international call ups but he secured a work permit quite easily. Loan at feyenood- comes back and he’s granted a work permit. Campbell- several international caps, goals too, loan at lorient (mind you, ligue 1 is far more superior than the eredivise) and still no work permit!!. Or does the fifa world rankings play a part in this or are the F.A cunts?. P/s. I think the F.A are cunts so thats not up… Read more »


Don’t worry DM and Penfold will foil his evil plans


Find it hard to listen to Usmanov’s PR rubbish- he is not a fan just a business man. Nothing wrong with that but really grates when listening to these fantastical statements as if he is the biggest gunner that has ever lived. I understand people making the point that his actions may have applied some pressure re our recent transfer activity. Not sure this is the case and overall its never a good thing to have such a split between the owners. Rarely ends well. | Glad wee are signing people- dont think we have changed poilcy as much has… Read more »

Bendtner's Ego

Go away, fat man.




I was skeptical of jabba after his first letter, but I believe this is a little more indicative of his intentions. I am not 100% against this guy, but am becoming more wary. And I do not know if this was necessary after picking up Podolski, Giroud, Cazorla and hopefully Sahin.

Sparse Grey Hackle

Malaga was sold to a “sugar daddy”….from the Qatari royal family. They acquired some good players, and did well last season…..and it appears the Qatari royals have lost interest and aren’t funding the club anymore, so there is a fire sale going on. This is an example of why running a club within its” means makes sense. When your sugar daddy loses interest, fans lose big time, and the club goes to hell. And now we’re in a position to pick off a very nice player from them at a very good price. The way business should be done at… Read more »


Oh please frog. Let me interact with my kind. Out!.






And you sit get a D for spelling.


And you sir get a D for spelling.


And you, sir, get a D for Double Posting.


I should get an F. I was being a dick about misspelling, an then, bang! I wrote sit instead if sir. What a cunt I am.


LOOK LEFT!!! ————————> you both failed terribly, y’all is just stupid!.

Naija Gunner

Why can’t he see a better side of how things are going on now at the club?

This man needs some serious attention.


Mr. Ali can go lick his own bum crack… That is if he can.

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Joe le taxi

Usmanov is doing the right thing putting pressure on a pretty useless board. The fact they are underpaid must also be a source of worry. On the one hand it must mean they don’t do anything to merit more and on the other does it mean that their rewards are coming from a different part of the club accounts.

Aussie Gooner

I think usmanov brings healthy debate to our club with a different perspective than those others on the board. Having him make statements such as this only helps our club grow stronger and have more whole perspective and well rounded decisions. Congrats usmanov for the push the arse needed!!

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